"Don't cum on me; please don't cum on me" That's the thought that pumped through my brain like a piston as I saw the sweaty muscle bound nigga that spent the last 15 minutes pounding my ass stroking his shiny black cock. With an animal like groan his climax gushed forward and struck me full blast in my goddamn face and chest. I wanted to scream; I wanted to throw up! Most of all I wanted to jump on him and beat his trifling black ass for not aiming at the floor or at least hitting my leg or stomach if he had to cum on me.

As soon as the director yelled cut I raced to the bathroom where I puked up the donut and Cinnamon Toast Crunch I ate for breakfast. I hated this shit. This was not the life I ran away from home for. Shit, I could have stayed home and had some brollic assed nigga fuck me and nut in my face. My step bother did that shit from the time I was nine, until a few months ago, when I ran away at 16. The only difference is nobody beats my ass and I get paid.

The mother fuckers who produce these movies know I'm a minor. How many times can somebody forget to bring his ID card to work in six months? They don't give a shit, and I don't either long as I get paid. That's a lie. I hate this shit and regret it more and more each day.

The warm water felt good on my face. I scrubbed maniacally to remove the nasty white residue.

"Want a bump?" asked Cedric the set director when he entered the bathroom.

"No thanks." I declined. I was disgusted all over again. He packed his nose right in front of me. I didn't know how true it was, but rumor around the set was that old boy had AIDS. He damn sure looked the part if he didn't. He was all pale and gaunt. His hair was coming out and he piled on foundation that only made his skin look chalkier. I hated to even look at him. He was nice though for a white guy. I just couldn't get with that snorting shit. I guess the fact that I'd seen my mom do that shit all my life put me out with it. I never did drugs, not even weed.

"Your lost sweetie." He said as he got ready to do another round. Damn, I needed to get out of that bathroom. "You know Kylo really liked what you and Bison did today, he wants to produce a whole series of scenes with the two of you."

"Wow." I said trying to hide my repulsion.

"Honey be happy; you're going to be making mad money. Trust me if the rest of your scenes are as hot as the one you just filmed, you're going to make a lot of money. Only a few models at BGB have had a featured video series."

I thought that it was a crock of shit that we were referred to as models. We were a bunch of whore ass niggas licking and sticking each other on camera for money. Fuck this shit! I wanted to be a movie star, not a porn star.

I started to tell Cedric I had no intention of ever fucking Bison or any other nigga that wasn't my boyfriend again, but his ass was sitting on the nasty damn bathroom floor, his eyes were glazed over. The cracker was way over the fucken rainbow. He was even drooling. The hell with this. I made up my mind; once I got my money, I was never stepping foot in BGB studio.

Raul (Jamonte Cruz).

"Oh my God; look at that body." The handsome dark skinned man practically salivated at the sight of the young, lean naked specimen before him. "Nice ass, and a nice thick dick; do you have any idea what your size is?"

The boy shrugged "Never measured." He said shyly.

"We'll that's got to be done; you say you're a top then it's a must that we know your dick size. I hope it's as long as it is thick." He foraged through his desk drawer for a ruler."Goddamn it!" he shrieked in frustration when he couldn't find one. "We'll measure later for now make your dick hard_

"Sir?" the boy asked

"Stroke your dick and get it hard, I want to see what you're toting."

For the first time since he filled out the online application and submitted a nude picture of himself, Jamonte Cruz started to have second thoughts about going into the porn business. Now was the perfect time for him to say "Mr. Cross; thanks, but no thanks, I'll find another way to help pay for my grandmother's medical care." But, the reality was his 18-year –old functioning illiterate ass was not going to find a job that would allow him to adequately provide for him and his son and take care of his sick grandmother. He calmed the butterflies dancing in his stomach and stroked his dick to its full ten inches. The length and the girth had Kylo Cross seeing dollar signs. God had blessed him with a sexy blatino kid with a tight body and a nice big sturdy cock.

"Young man; you are going to be a big star if you can fuck as good as you look. You are perfect for our Footie Fuckers series."

"Footie Fuckers?"

"The rage in gay black porn is sexy slender built boys wearing only footie socks; We haven't had a real big Footie fucker star since Cream Royale left the business a couple of years ago." Two years and the name still burned in Kylo Cross's mouth. Royale Creamer or Cream Royale as he was known at BGB was Kylo's biggest star after Tank Thrasher killed himself. The thought of the millions Kylo could have made if he still had the popular model kept him awake at night; that and the ongoing plot for revenge. "Put your clothes on young man, we have some serious matters to cover, the first being what to call you."

"My name is Jamonte"

"Stupid Fuck" thought Kylo "In this business one does not use his real name, besides you have very distinct black and Latin features, we need to name you something more exotic and less, ( Ghetto as shit) African American. "You remind me if a boy I once courted in Brazil, his name was Raul; he was so damn sexy." Quickly the image of Raul's half missing face flashed before Kylo's eyes. He had to grit his teeth, hard to thwart the violent shaking spells that usually followed the flashbacks. Vomit teased his throat.

"Mr. Cross; are you Ok?" asked Jamonte, now Raul.

"Yes." Lied Kylo wiping away the outbreak of sweat on his forehead. "Now come, Raul, we have a lot of things to go over.

Tyson King

Tyson King did not know what was going on. As soon as he got to work the principal, Mr. Shooke told him to come to his office, and a sub would be teaching his class for the day.

"Sit down, Mr. King." Said Mr. Shooke in a more authoritative tone than Tyson was used to out of him.

"Mr. Shooke; what's going on?" asked Tyson.

"Funny", Shooke's eyebrow rose. I was about to ask you the same thing; what the hell is going on Tyson, my office has been flooded with calls about a video of you that's on the internet."

Tyson felt his throat tighten, His one fuck up in life was finally coming back to haunt him. The brutal, bloody ass pounding he took on camera five years ago to get himself a car his freshman year of college was now coming to light a year and a half into his professional career.

"Mr. Shooke, I'm not going to lie; a few years ago, I really needed some money and I made the idiotic decision of performing in a pornographic film, I only did that one scene."

"One scene, five years ago; you and I both know that that's a load of horse shit Tyson."

"Mr. Shooke I swear___________

"You mean to tell me that you don't know that there are over 38 sex scenes uploaded online of you and some guy; the most recent posted at 3:00 a.m."

"Mr. Shooke, I swear to God there must be a mistake." Tyson was nearly in tears. Who on earth could have made such accusations, and since they were obviously false, he had unnecessarily disclosed the truth about the one sex scene he had did.

"Mistake; after the fifth parent contacted me this morning I checked out that website; now I'm as straight as a board, so you can only imagine how uncomfortable I was to see a star math teacher getting fucked doggie style by some thug in a skull cap, while Prince's song Pussy Control played over and over" Mr. Shooke pounded his desk with his fist. "Goddamn it I loved that song; my wife stripped to it on our wedding night and every year on our honeymoon, but you have forever ruined that song for me."

Tyson didn't hear shit Mr. Shooke sais past the description of the sexcapade him and Royale had had the night before. How the fuck did it get online. Don't be fucken stupid Tyson; you know goddamn well how.

'Mr. King! Mr. King!" Tyson snapped back into focus on Mr. Shooke. "Mr. Shooke, effective immediately, you need to resign, before this becomes a full blown scandal."

The tears were staining Tyson's mint colored shirt and matching tie. He'd worked so hard to become a respected teacher, and now that was snatched away from him by the person he'd shared his life with for the past two years.

"Ok." Said Tyson completely defeated "I know this might be a bit much to ask, but can I at least say goodbye to my students."

"I have to protect these students, that's why I'd appreciate it if you'd go ahead and leave while everyone is in class that should lessen your chance of running in to one of them on your way out; I'll have security escort you out of the building."

"I am not a goddamn child molester!" hissed Tyson. "Dude fuck you and this school." Tyson gathered his back pack and stormed out of Mr. Shooke's office. It wasn't until he'd made it home that he finally released the scream that had built up inside of him.

Karomale (Carmello)

I don't give a shit what mother fuckers think about me. I own the fact that I am a faggot. I also own the fact that I am a boss bitch. That's right the fabulous Karomale born Carmello (No last name cuz I'm a star) is a mother fucken boss bitch.

Some bitches think that they are the shit; I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am what niggas want to see and who niggas want to be with. I am a petite five foot five 102 pounds, nice caramel colored skin and an ass that makes most real bitches envious. As if I wasn't pretty enough, I recently dyed my hair blonde, something Chris Brown couldn't pull off but the Boss Bitch Karomale made it hella sexy.

My twitter and my Facebook stay flooded with admirers who love the way I milk a dick. I am the most popular and highest paid bottom at BGB. That's because I'm not the bitch that's gonna whine and whimper about how it hurts or it's too big; fuck that shit, it's so fucken 90s gay porn. I'm the bitch that's gonna urge a nigga to go deeper, fuck me harder and make my pretty ass shake. I love dick, especially those thick assed jungle snakes. I haven't met a one I can't tame yet. So I knew that this new cat had better been prepared.

I went in the green room, to size him up (No pun intended), to make sure he understood that he might be a top, but I'm the bitch running the show. I had to admit, old boy was sexy as shit. My mussy was already starting to get hot.

"Hi sweetness," I said turning on the old Carmello charm."I'm Karomale, and Cedric told me we're going to be playing together today."

"Yea, hi, I'm Jamonte, I mean Raul"

"Well which is it baby?"

"My real name is Jamonte, but my porn name is Raul."

"Raul actually suits you; what are you part Puerto Rican."

"Probably, but I'm not sure, I never knew who my father was."

"Well sweetie are we going to be using rubbers or raw dogging."

"I don't know; I don't like using them, but we don't really know each other___

"Can you keep it up good with condoms?"

"To be honest; I've never worn one, the instructions for putting them on are confusing, I always ended up just ripping one trying to put it on.

Wow; talk about a stupid mother fucker. God truly looks out for fools and babies, all of old boy's tests were negative.

"We can go without them, just make sure you let them know when you're gonna cum."

"How will I do that?"

Now old boy left himself wide open for a Boss Bitch Karomale read, but he was too fucken cute and sweet so II simply explained. "When you feel it about to happen, you yell out 'I'm gonna cum' make sure you do it a few seconds before you start so the camera can catch the whole thing." Then I added "You can cum on my ass, back, stomach or chest, if it's real good I'll let you cum in my mouth, but never, never do you cum in my face; understand."

"Yes; say I'm gonna cum a few seconds before I do it, and cum anywhere but in your face."

"Very good, now I'ma go take a shower and get ready for you baby, make sure you shower too; I can't stand no musty balls when I'm sucking dick."

I left the green room silently praying that Raul's fucking ability was greater than his IQ.

"Oh Shit!" I moaned as Raul plowed his enormous dick through my pretty ass. He had my legs spread wide as shit as he laid the mother fucken pipe. I didn't have to tell that nigga to go deeper of fuck me harder. He was up to his balls in my ass and ramming it like he was mad at it. My freaky ass loved every ass quaking thrust. I usually didn't get hard during these scenes, but his long, thick dick had me rock hard and leaking precum. Twice he had to be reminded to keep his face to the camera, and what a face. Even with the serious as scowl, he was still a sex mother fucker.

I could feel his nut approaching, but he was still slamming away in my ass.

"Raul, you're gonna cum.' I whispered as best I could. Kylo hated to hear anyone giving directions in a video.

'Oh Shit" he said as if just realizing it "I am gonna cum." He had already busted some inside me but pulled out in time to give a decent money shot. I thought it was over, but old boy actually took some of his freshly shot cum and began jacking my hard dick. In true boss bitch fashion, I started bucking and moaning as if every stroke was sending me to the brink. I nutted like a mother fucking horse, my whole body convulsed as I sprayed. Damn that was some mind blowing shit. When Cedric yelled cut I was still twitching and moaning. Not since Cream Royale had a top made me feel so good. Goddamn Raul.

"That was too fucken hot." Said Cedric handing Raul a towel.

"I'm sorry I didn't say I was coming on time."

"It's fine, Karomale don't mind a little cum in his ass every now and then."

He had that right. I damn didn't mind, especially when the cum was shot by a fine stud mother fucker like Raul. Old boy was on had the potential to be BGB's next big star, and this boss bitch had every intention of riding him all the way to the top.



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