The last time, Camillo has visited with his big cock to fuck Jhon´s hungry ass, I surmised Camillo would be open for getting sucked off by my talented mouth, especially after on our way to the bus station I  decribed how his cousin had given me three luscious loads of fresh cream the night before. Two directly from sucking his tremendous cock and the third dripped so gingerly from his mouth to mine while jacking my cock off. The third was incredible since he had sucked himself off. Upon arriving at the bus station Camillo exited the car I noticed right away that he had a huge woody tenting his pants. It was now time to put my plan into motion if everything turned out as I imagined I would soon be sucking his 11 inch uncut cock. I had plans to give him the best blowjob that he had ever had in his life.

   I had mentioned to Jhon whether Camillo had another person besides his cousin who he could bring along so I could suck off. I said to Jhon I wanted him and Camillo to  watch while his friend was getting his cock sucked off through the hidden gloryhole in Jhon´s closet door. Sure enough after mentioning this to Camillo he was more than willing to bring a friend along and he had the perfect person in mind. It was a married friend of his that he had himself sucked off. Camillo said his cock was´nt as big as his only about 9 1/2 inches but was so thick and had a huge head that it was hard to fit it in his mouth. Camillo said his mouth and lips ached for days after being stretched by such as huge member of hard male  flesh. Camillo also said his friend would talk dirty to him as he was sucking him off only to end with his friend shouting explitives  as he shot his load into Camillo´s waiting mouth. 

   I could tell Jhon was excited  about watching someone from the outside  getting his cock sucked off. He said he had always been inside so he could never see what the reactions of the guy who was having his cock sucked. The day arrived when Camillo was coming to Medellin along with his friend. Camillo had told his friend about me sucking off his cousin, Oscar and how talented I was by sucking Oscar off two times in ne night and making him cum in such as short time. Camillo and his friend arrived at the house later that night and at first I was disappointed by the fact that Camillo´s friend  seemed like a¨ farmer from the sticks¨ especially after conversing with him. All four of us had a few beers to break the ice to what was going to happen later. I could tell right away he was anxious to get things going since when he got up to take a piss he had a huge bulge in his jeans. For that matter Camillo  had the same reaction as he stood up to have a cigarette, his excitement was obvious by the outline of his cock and   his anticipation of what was going to happen before his eyes shortly. 

   After downing our beers all four of us went upstairs to Jhon´s room. I went inside the closet and got ready. Camillo´s friend  took out his already hard  cock and approached the hole as Jhon and Camillo laid on the bed watching intently. Camillo´s friend pulled down his jeans and underwear in front of the closet door exposing what I dertermined would take all my talent. The thickness of his cock was extraordinary along with its huge head already peeking from its hiding place enclosed in the foreskin. As he entered the hole I could see the diameter of his cock rubbing against the side of the three inch hole. Luckily I had lubricated the hole with vaseline expecting this was going to happen along. As he entered my mouth he gasped, Jhon and Camillo was watching how as he first entered his ass muscles contracted producing dimples in the surface of his ass as he thrust  to send more of his cock into the  mouth inside. Camillo´s friend started to thrust and withdraw his member relishing in what he was feeling. From inside, I could see his huge hairy balls coming toward me as he pistoned the hole. His friend looked back at his audience and exclamed how great his cock felt in my warm sucking mouth. Camillo upon hearing this had taken out his huge cock and was conversing with Jhon about something  that I couldn´t hear with all the grunts and sounds fromthe guy I was sucking. 

   All of a sudden he withdrew completely after being tapped on the shoulder by Camillo. I knew right away my plan was a success because Camillo was telling his friend he wanted to try out the gloryhole. I watched his friend step to the side replaced by Camillo standing in front of the hole. I could see him peel back his foreskin and expose the precum laddened head already dripping from his cockslit. I noticed Jhon was on the bed with Camillo´s friend, making out and fondling each other. Then my view was cut off by Camillo´s 11inch cock sliding through the hole into my mouth. I could hear Camillo gasp in pleasure as his balls hit the opening of the hole sinking his whole shaft down my throat. Each time he withdrew I would caught a glimpse of what was happening between Jhon and his friend. John was lying back receiving head from Camillo´s friend who seemed to be really adept at sucking cock. My attention was on Camillo´s cock my real true target. I took my cock out and starting to jack off to what my mouth was feeling. I could feel his loose foreskin skin peelback depositing more lubricating precum in my mouth. After five minutes he withdrew completely saying he was about to unload his balls and wanted it to last. 

   His friend, got off the bed and took Camillo´s place and as he entered I could tell Jhon had been sucking him since it was covred with a mixture of sticky saliva and slimy precum. He all at once began to slam his body against the closet door and I was inconsciously  thanking Jhon for getting him close to shooting his load  since he had my lips streched to their limit. He began saying´Suck my big verga¨¨Take it all inside your mouth¨¨You´re going to have swallow a huge load from my balls¨ As he withdrew I could see Camillo fucking Jhon´s ass while watching his friend get sucked off. I heard Jhon say he was going to shoot and Camillo thrust his cock in and out of Jhon´s ass until Jhon´s orgasm subsided. I knew Camillo wanted to unload in my mouth after his friend had finished, especially after being interrupted a week before.  I saw Camillo  peel off the empty condom and drop it to the floor. Camillo proceeded to get next to his friend and start sucking and tweeking his teat nipples. Camillo put on another condom and entered his friend´s ass. Each time Camillo sank his cock into his friend´s ass it thrust more of the cock I was sucking inside my mouth.  It wasn´nt  long til there  was a guitteral grunt telling me to be ready. I soon was rewarded by Camillo´s friend´s hot load filling my mouth immediately. I could feel each spurt add to the amount of cum until I had to let it slide down my throat into my belly.  I waited til he had milked out the remaining cum left in his cock. I watched as he waited til Camillo had withdrew from his ass and stepped aside  and then Camillo´s cock was entering the hole- I could feel it had grown in diameter since my mouth was around it before. I knew right away he soon would reward me with his rich thick cum. 

Camillo started to fuck the hole with abandonment. I watched as John and his friend watched every second consume Camillo . All at once he grunted and said¨Here it is like you had wanted all along.¨¨Now eat it my whole  load fresh from my big balls.¨¨Oh I´m coming so mucjh  cum I feel like I´m going to faint.¨I shot  my load all over the inside of the door as he finished feeding me his sweet cum. That night I sucked them both off again through the gloryhole til ¨there wasn´t any toothpaste left in their tubes.¨I left the closet belly full and satiated plus very pleased my plan had worked so well. 





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