I had always had  voyeuristic yearnings which I had kept hidden and latent but there comes a time when one has to act out on one´s  true desires. I was always looking for adventurous sex so I mentioned to my friend, Jhon if he and his newest part time lover, Camillo would like to watch me suck off a guy with them watching. I must admit there were ulterior motives for wanting to do so. Jhon had showed me a picture of Camillo´s cock that he had taken on his cell phone. Camillo had a beautiful 11 inch thick uncut cock with huge balls nestled in a nice bush of pubic hair. I tried not to show any interest but I must admit my cock started to harden immediately as I was gazing at the photo of his friend´s  cock. I wanted to suck Camillo´s uncut cock hell or high water and receive what I knew was in those big hairy balls. 

 I knew it would have to be a slow process of seduction of Camillo starting with something to break the ice. Jhon had mentioned to Camillo that I wanted to suck a cock and asked whether he knew of anybody. Camillo smiled at Jhon and said ¨What about my cousin, Oscar.¨ Camillo said I´m sure he would do it for the right price. The price being alittle spending money that Oscar needed to spend on his girlfriend. Camillo said his cousin  had a big cock because he and Oscar shared a room in his Aunt´s house and he had seen it many times. Camillo said he would approach Oscar with the idea and see if he would do it. Word came back from Camillo that Oscar was open to it, so it was arranged. Both Camillo and Oscar arrived at our house on a Friday night after work. Camillo said he wanted to take a shower so while he was showering Jhon checked out his cousin´s cock to the point his cousin had brought his cock out and was feeding it to Jhon´s eager mouth. I can attest to Jhon´s cock sucking ability because one time he wanted to suck my friend, Carlos´s  cock off having heard how big it was from me many times. I arranged it by installing a gloryhole in John´s room in the closet door.  I pretended that I had found it  by chance and told Carlos  which could utilize it when Jhon was away. He jumped at the chance since he had never had the experience of getting sucked off through a glory hole and it intrigued him to no end. 

   What Carlos didn´t know was that Jhon would be hidden all the time in the closet  and that Jhon would be the one who sucked him off. I told Jhon he was a fast cummer and also that he had a huge load of cum that Jhon would have to swallow his load since I always swallowed it. Jhon agreed  and got real hard thinking about it to the point he wanted to try the gloryhole out for himself. I got inside and waited til Jhon put his big black cock through the hole for me to suck. It must have been a real turn on for Jhon since to get his load from his balls one had to be a good cocksucker. I used all my talent on Jhon´s cock til he unloaded into my mouth.  Carlos arrived one morning before he went to church wanting to try out the gloryhole. I went inside  and closed the door. Jhon was ready as Carlos sent his big hard cock through into the Jhon´s waiting and warm mouth. I could hear Carlos gasp as he started to slide his cock in and out of Jhon´s sucking mouth. I watched intently as Carlos´s member would appear and disappear, almost withdrawing completely except for the huge head of his uncut cock. Then it would begin it´s journey into Jhon´s mouth again and down his throat. I knew by the grunts and gasps coming from  Carlos that he wasn´t going to last long. All of a sudden I heard a much more prolonged gasp and knew Jhon had achieved what he wanted. I watched as Jhon deep throated Carlos ´s cock as he released an enormous load of thick salty cum down Jhon´s throat filling his belly. 

   As I was saying Jhon was checking out Oscar´s cock while Camillo was  taking a shower. Jhon could hear the water running and knew Camillo took long showers usually at least five minutes. Jhon busied himself with the task at hand until Oscar unloaded a heavy load of cum from his balls into Jhon´s mouth. By the time , Camillo had ended his shower Jhon´s belly was full of his cousin´s cum and both were sitting on Jhon´s bed acting like nothing had happened. Before they left to go out to have a few drinks he told me Oscar had a huge cock and I wouldn´t be at all disappointed when they returned to the house later that night. I fell asleep and was awakened by someone entering my bedroom around 3 a.m. in the morning. It was Oscar who was alittle drunk as he strpped off his clothes and laid on the bed for my service. I hadn´t known Jhon had sucked him off earlier int he night until as I began to suck his 11 inch uncut cock and he said I was better at  sucking his cock than my friend, Jhon. He said not to worry though he had huge amount of cum in his balls and even though Jhon had gotten his load earlier that night there was at least two more loads for me. I knew Oscar was straight so I broke the ice by stroking his ego saying he had such a huge cock. He showed me how it even reached his belly button and astonished me by showing he could actually enclose the head of his cock within his lips. I began to suck his cock as he watched straight porno on his cell phone. I amazed him with my talent to swallow his huge cock and have my lips resting on his hairy balls, then withdrawing til only the head of his cock was within my lips. He had great tasting precum which oozed out continuously as I sucked his cock. I wanted to make it last so I savored his big balls and even went below searching out his hairy hole. I let my tongue gently massage his hole until I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying it. Then I speared my tongue into his virgin hole which did the trick. He shouted that he was almost ready to cum so I went back to his swollen cock. Oscar began to tremble and start to thrust up into my eager mouth in a staccato manner. All at once he shouted ¨You´re  going to get my sweet load of cum.¨ I deep throated his cock and let it explode within  I could feel the perastalic pulsations of his cum making its way to my mouth and ending up in my belly. That night I took two loads from his balls that pleased him and me immensely. Oscar said while I was sucking him that Camillo had even sucked him off and that he had only five blow jobs in his young life. One from a friend, the second from Camillo. the third from Jhon and the fourth and fifth from me. I said who was the best and he had to admit I had the hottest mouth, even though getting sucked off by his own cousin was a great turn on. I told him I had to agree that getting sucked of by your own  cousin was mind blowing excuse he pun. I asked him how it had happened. He said it happened innocently one Sunday when everyone had went to church leaving them alone in the house. They shared the same room so when Oscar woke he had a huge hardon. He said he had been out with his girlfriend who was on the rag and wouldn´t put out for him. I said why didn´t you ask her for a blow job and he said ¨Women don´t know how to suck cock.¨I said ÿou got that right as he brought his cock to my lips hoping for a third blow job from me. I told him my lips ached from taking such a huge cock whereupon he bent his body and showed me how he could suck his own cock. I watched in amazement as he sucked himself being able to take at at least two inches within his lips. I watched how his cock responded to his every move  knowing exactly how his huge cock wanted to be sucked. In less than two minutes Oscar grunted and I watched the spurts of his cum shoot into his open mouth. He then proceeded to get above my mouth and drip the second hand load drop by drop  into my waiting mouth below. It made me so hot that I took my cock out to jack off . In no time, this brought me to an incredible orgasm  shooting my thick  load on my belly and chest. 

   In the morning. Camillo pulled me aside when we were alone and asked how it went with his cousin. I said Oscar  had a huge cock and it was great pleasure to suck so a huge cock. All at once Camillo dropped his shorts and said ¨if I would like the pleasure of sucking this.¨There it was before me, the cock in the photo that made my mouth water staring me in the face almost angry. wanting to be sucked. Just as I enclosed the slimy  head within my lips as luck would have it I heard  Jhon coming down the stairs for breakfast and Camillo quickly put his cock away. I managed to say ¨I would love to have the pleasure of servicing his cock for the reward that was contained in his big hairy balls. ¨ Too bad it would have to wait til the opportunity arose once again. That´s when I came up with the idea of having an audience which I will convey to the readers in the next chapter.




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