It was Summer of 2012. I had just turned 18 years old, wrapping up my freshman year when I started smoking weed heavily. I put emphasis on heavily because I had been smoking weed since I was about 10 (It's really 9 but people don't believe me lol). I introduced weed to my best friend, whom I'll call 'Meek', and my other best friend, whom I'll call 'Chris'. So Meek had a little brother, who I'll call 'Jared', that was a year younger than him but only a few months younger than me and Chris. I had known my best friend Meek since two years prior; however I had known Chris and Jared since the 5th grade, or about 4 years prior. I knew Jared through Chris, as we were both his best friend, but I never really talked to Jared.. Probably because he was a grade under us. Complicated? Lol bare with me...

Now, the story. So everyday, after school, me, Chris, and meek would meet up at Meek's house--

Okay I feel like this part should be included: when I first met Meek I thought he was gay; he was masculine and had a girlfriend and everything, but he did alot of suggestive things at the beginning of our friendship. He was really sensitive, he kissed me once, he always showed us his ass which was one of the biggest asses I've seen on a muscular 5'5 mixed boy. He even occasionally told me I shouldn't 'switch' when I walk because I had a girl's ass. Pretty gay right? But he's not; I came to the conclusion that he was socially different, not gay.

Chris on the other hand, does act feminine sometimes; he was a gossiper. People who met him got a first impression that he was gay. But trust me I have the best working gaydar in the world--he's not gay either. He's the result of being raised by a single mother.

--Continue. We'd meet up at Meek's house everyday after school to do homework, smoke weed, eat all of Meek's food, and play video games. It was certainly like an after school program. After about a month of doing this daily, Jared started to visit after school as well. He wasn't there to smoke, because he played sports, but he was there simply because it was his mother's house.

When Jared would come over, I began to observe him and Chris's friendship. Jared was this short, muscular, caramel skinned cute lil guy with a fat ass booty just like his brother's. Observing their friendship, I noticed that they would periodically slap each other's butt, followed by a 'You gay'. It was the norm amongst teens at that time, so that wasn't my first Que. Instead, they'd actually grab each other's penis' through their basketball shorts or sweatpants. Not so much Chris; it was Jared doing most of the grabbing.

So, one day, I took a bold chance and slapped the ass of Jared, who I barely knew. It jiggled. He look back with the cutest smirk and said, "You gay." I kinda figured he was gay but my gaydar wasn't as developed at 15 as it is now.

So fast forward to the actual summer time. It was mid-july. Me, meek, And Chris had been smoking and playing football daily--

Second fact I feel that I should include: I was not known to be gay. In fact, I didnt consider myself gay at that time..I knew something was different but I was the only one that knew. I had bitches in high school, especially during my freshman year.

--Jared would play with us, but only when he wasn't at football practice. So one day, we all came in from a hot game of football and gathered up in their basement. Chris got on the computer, meek went to shower, and me and Jared were just sitting around. I looked over at him. He seemed even sexier than before. I couldn't take my eyes off him.  "You looking like you wanna get your ass beat," Jared said. I smiled. "By who?" "By me nigga." He stood up and started walking towards me.

We started wrestling. Taking into consideration that we were barely friends, this seemed odd to me that he would randomly wrestle me. So, I decided to slap his ass mid-wrestle. HIS ASS JIGGLED. My dick was instantly hardened at the sight of the jiggle. Than I purposely became submissive and he started grabbing my ass, which wasn't much smaller than his. Then he started inserting his fingers in my booty; not in the hole just between my cheeks. I took it a step further and pulled his shorts down. He took it even further and grabbed the penis of a guy he barely knew (through my shorts though).

Chris saw us, but wasnt paying us any attention. However I felt like it should end because my dick was about to explode and I didn't want Chris to notice what was really going on. So we stopped. Chris got off the computer and went upstair to accompany a sleeping Meek. Jared got on the computer. I was going to continue molesting him, but then I noticed something. He was smelling his fingers in disgust. I was devastated. I knew I hadnt showered since the day before, and it was a mixture of yesterday's sweat and today's. I was so embarassed, I left and got in the shower as soon as I got home.

A couple weeks later, I went over to Meek's house one morning. I was sure Jared was done with me after that bad experience. So, on this particular day, it was only me, Meek, and jared in the house. Jared was sleep, and their parents were at work. Chris was supposed to come but he wasn't there either.

Meek and I started the day by getting high. We smoked two blunts and saved our third one. Anyone who smokes weed knows it can make you abnormally horny. So, meek and I went back inside and started playing Call of Duty MW3. Meek kept saying how he needed some pussy at that moment. So meek called a girlfriend over. Once she arrived, he told me to 'be cool' and that he was going in his parents' room with her.

I continued playing COD in Meek's room until I beat it about an hour later. Then I was bored and horny. At that moment, Jared walked in. "Where's meek?" "He in your moms room," I said nonchalantly. He left and closed the door.

I was about to leave, but I remembered that I had funded the third blunt so I was going to stay until Meek was finished and ready to smoke again. I timidly knocked on the already cracked door of their parents' bedroom. I could see that Meek and the girl were both sleep. I became upset and decided that I should

leave. I went looking for Jared to tell him that he should tell his brother that I was going home and that he should call me when he was ready to smoke again.

I found Jared in the basement, alone, in the dark, on the computer. I walked over to him. "Tell meek I left and to hit my line when he ready." "You couldve texted him," he said with that same cute ass smirk. I smiled and playfully pressed a few keys on the keyboard to mess him up. "Just tell him." "Alright, but dont touch me," he said. "I didn't touch you, I touched the computer." I stated. "Okay, but I'm just saying, don't touch me," he smiled and said. THIS CLEARLY MEANT 'TOUCH ME' So I did. And we started 'wrestling' again. This time, he was extremely submissive, considering the fact that he was stronger than me and couldve easily overpowered me. He was on his back and I was between his legs trying to pin him down. He was laughing as if he was on a calm amusement ride. I started humping him as in missionary. He was even pushing his pelvis up towards me.

I WANT TO MAKE THIS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR: dry humping was the norm for straight teenage boys during that time. No one was considered gay because they dry-humped; so there was no way to officially label Jared gay. Jared actually had a girlfriend too.

Anyways, we stopped for some reason I don't remember, and went upstairs. I followed him, because my dick was rock solid and could be easily seen through my shorts; so I had to readjust it because I didn't want Jared to freak out.

So we got upstairs. I peeped to see if Meek was still sleep. He was. So I went into the room Jared was staying in and sat on the bed. He was in the bathroom; I assume he was readjusting himself too. He came in the room and said he needed to get ready for football practice. I said okay, and that I was about to leave anyway. I hopped off the bed and was about to walk out when he grabbed me and  threw me on the bed. He was strong as shit!

We started it again; the wrestling. He was on top of me between my legs and I could feel his breath on my neck. I sniffed his cologne. He smelled so good. I grabbed his ass cheek. His booty was so soft and perfect and BIG. It couldn't fit in my hand it was so big. I wanted to kiss him so bad, but I didn't know for sure if it was okay. I instead licked his face for some odd reason. He laughed out. I then slipped my hand down his pants and grabbed his bare ass cheek. It was cold and even softer. I pulled him closer. My dick was throbbing even more, I knew he felt it. He then reached in my pants and grabbed my bare dick. He started going up and down slowly. AT THIS MOMENT I KNEW.

I was about to make that kissing move when I heard his front door sensor go off. His mother was home.


We stopped instantaneously. I readjusted myself, grabbed my stuff and left. I spoke to his mom on the way out.

I was so fucking upset. I'm getting mad thinking about it lol. But had his mom been just a minute late, she would've walked in on her son receiving good oral sex from her son's best friend.

As for Meek, he got caught in his parents' room, but he pretty much ran the house so they didn't do nothing.

I am still, to this day, unsure if Jared is gay.

What do you think?



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