Reluctantly, I backed away from him and crouched down for our eyes to meet. I kissed him and kneaded the back of his neck. 'Adrian, I want to finish what I started,' he said in a whisper. 'I wanted you to, but I needed to kiss you more.' Again, we embraced and I dragged him closer. Longing to see his bare chest again, I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off him. I slanted forward to nibble his neck. 'Adrian, damn I want you so bad right now.'

'What do you want to do to me?' I whispered after biting his neck a little harder. He twisted my left nipple making it hard as glass. 'I need to be inside you Adrian,' he said between breaths. Curious, I let my hands fall down to his waist undoing his jeans and pulling his cock out its holding place. Again, he crushed his lips on top of mine sending shocks to my system. He reached behind me and probed my bud a bit. 'David...' panting, that was the only word I could muster as he continued fingering my ass.

'Adrian I love my living room for sex but I figure the bed would be better for our first night right?' I nodded and kissed him again. He stood up and finished taking off his pants. He extended his hand and I used it to get off the floor. 'Hmm, I guess dinner will wait, unless you are hungry now.' I stepped closer and brushed his cheek with my fingertips. 'I'm not hungry for food now David, I've dreamt of this moment and I don't want to delay it anymore.' He returned the touches then walked into the kitchen to turn off the oven. After he flicked the kitchen light off, he came back to me, and led me by the hand to his bedroom.

We fell on his bed with him on top of me. Slowly, he planted kisses on my neck, chest, and stomach. 'Oh David, damn...' *I love this foreplay but...* The further he went the more excited I got. Before I knew it, he was swallowing me again. My eyes went into the back of my head preparing for the explosion that David had created. 'OHHH GOD, David, ahhh!' Forcefully, I pushed his head into my crotch to make sure he wouldn't move. When I let go, David shifted upward sucking my tongue and lips. Aroused, I held his head tight and massaged the nape of his neck. He broke our kiss, got up, and opened his nightstand drawer. For a moment, I thought about the first dream I had of David. I closed my eyes and waited for my desired to come back to me.

'Adrian, I can't wait any longer to be inside you.' I felt his lips on my chin making my nipples erect. My drained dick twitched slightly at the idea of David's cock filling me. Again, he fingered my bud but this time, his fingertips were wet and slick. 'Something to loosen you up a bit,' he said as he pushed one finger in. My breathing quickened as he pushed another inside. 'Relax babe, take a deep breath.' I opened my eyes and looked at him as I tugged on the bed sheets. *Damn, I never realized how tight I was till now.* 'Are you ready?' he said with a raised eyebrow. 'Yes, David. I want you inside me.'

Within moments, he straddled me and rested my legs on his shoulders. Slowly, he teased my ass with his length with the tip of the condom barely touching me. 'Relax baby, I'll ease into you.' He brushed my torso with his hands and tangled his fingers with my chest hair. I closed my eyes ready for him to infiltrate me.

Again, I pulled on the bed sheets to brace myself and took a deep breath. In seconds, I felt his manhood inside me. Even though the pain was intense, I loved every moment that he thrust himself into my canal. 'Ahh, Adrian you feel so good. Shit!' he said between pants. 'David...ohh...' Methodically, he continued to drive inside me; my body was no longer hurting but instead enjoying the feeling of his dick hitting my spot. *God, what on earth took me so long to do this?* He knelt down and crushed his lips against mine which caused my virility to stand at attention.

Frantic about what was to come, I rubbed his neck and hissed in his ear; 'Go faster babe, I know I'm close.' Almost immediately he rode me quicker and deeper. 'Adrian...' was all he said after the last few thrusts before I felt the condom slightly bigger inside me. 'Oh my GOD!' My body convulsed as my own volcano erupted once again. Reacting to me, he pulled out and spurted on my stomach which gave me goose bumps immediately. I mixed my own cream with his rubbing it in like lotion then licking my fingers to taste.

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of me kissing my neck and combing my hair with his fingers. 'Adrian I...that was incredible!' he said in my ear. I ran my hands over his now wet back messaging the sweat into his skin. My mind raced from all the emotions that I felt. *God, I want this man. I don't want anyone else but him.* I wanted David to know how I felt; I want to be his man and only his. Unbelievably, I'd fallen for him on the first date. *I'm ready to commit.*

I fondled his neck and breathed in his lightly. 'David, I want you; only you. I know it's only been a couple of weeks that we've known each other but damn...' He rose up and my green eyes met his sexy blues. 'Adrian, are you sure?' I caressed his cheek with my finger and rested my legs at his sides. 'Yes, I'm sure David. I want to be your apprentice in more ways than one.'

Once the last words left my lips, his were on top of mine; his tongue darting in and out of my mouth. Again, my groin sent signals to my brain that this was the one. The one I'd been waiting for since high school, the one that forced me to make up my mind about which side of the fence to be on. Now I knew that I liked men more specifically David over women, I felt that I should not waver anymore. Besides I've waited long enough for Mr. Right to come and sweep me off my feet. My teacher had arrived and I have so much to learn.




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