These guys were good!  Before I knew it, as I was getting out of my Lamborgini, these two Cuban guys grabbed me, knock me semi-unconscious and had my hands and feet bound with those plasti ties in no time.    Tape was put on my mouth and a black hood over my head made it imopssible to see who was attacking me and where the hell I was going.  That was the worst part. Being thrown into a back of a Van and not knowing where you were going.  To an unknown grave where I would die alone and no one would ever know it for a long, long time, and my body was never found.

Inside the Van I was warned several times if I cooperated everything would be alright, and once they got the money I would be let go unharmed.

Since this was nothing new to me, I had been kidnapped before.  After all I was a popular Rap Star and I was in the news all the time as Rastamon The Rap Singer.

Though I did have a couple of million dollars in the bank, I was not as rich as the papers and news made me out to be, another reason I was being hit up for kidnapping alot.  I had to take a lot of precautions against it, and still 'nothing was foolproof'.

"Take off all his clothes, so if he thinks about escaping he will be butt-ass naked in the streets, make him look like a looney tune."  They laughed and I felt rough hands unsnapping my pants and taking off my t-shirt.  They tugged my underwear down and took off my shoes and socks.  My naked ass hit the carptered floor of the Van, the black hood still on my face.

I felt a strong hand grabbed one of my asscheeks.

"Mutherfucker got a dic on him!"  He laughed.  "But look at a piece of that ass!" He grabbed my asscheek again, making sure he could see my puckered, virgin, pink asshole.  "You straight!?" He yelled at me.  "You straight!?"  I was sure if I told him 'yes', and I really was, he might have mercy on me and let me go.  I shook my head yes.

"Good!"  He said, rubbing his crotch.  "I'm gonna bust the shit out of your cheery ass, boy!"

"He does have a nice ass."  The other Cuban said.  "I bet after he feels my 13 inch cock fill him full of cum, he will be begging for more just like a bitch!"  He also rubbed his crotch, {I could hear it}, I think they were trying to scare the hell out of me, but they did not know I had a deep secret, and maybe this was my lucky night after all!

They took the Van to a excluded location and I could hear them taking their clothes off.  The driver said he as going to find a store and get some cigarettes and make the randsom call, while his 'fag friends had their way with me'.

Again I was warned if I screamed or tried to escape I would be killed.  Taking the black hood off my head I could see the guns next to their pants and boxer shorts.

I saw two long dick Cubans standing in front of me, buttass naked and muscular as if they had lifted heavy boxes of grapes all their lives.  About 18 and 25 these two guys could had been fashion models or prono stars.  One did have a dic over 13 inches long, and th eother one had a dic at least 12 inches long.  And both were rock hard and uncut.

"Suck on this amigo."  He said.  "You look hungry!"

He shoved his hard dick down my throat and started pumping my face.

"Oh shit, this mucherfucker taste good, hommie."  I could bearly catch my breath.  I held his hips just to keep from tipping over.

"My turn! My turn!"  The youger guy said and pushed the big guy off of me and rammed his cock down my throat all in one hard thurst.  I gagged and coughed but he kept pumping his hard dick into my face, his balls slapping my chin.

"Fuck ya, hommie!  Shit!  I'm about to cum right fucking now!"

My arms were out stretched his dick was so big I was suffocating on it and he kept pushing it deeper in my mouth.  Foam was around my lips and the other Cuban spread my asscheeks and buried his tongue deep into my puckered virgin asshole.  I nearly came that time.  His tongue moved around the fold of my hole and I could tell my ass was opening up to take a big dick in it.  So I sucked on the other guys dick harder and he went to a new level.

"AOhhhh shit, hommie! Turn that bitch around!  I'm gonna fuck his tight hole right now!"

Whewwww, I was so glad he gave me time to get some air.  His long, anaconda dick slid out of my throat and I gasped for air.

"Now, take it easy guys," I said, "My girlfriend only uses a small ink pen on my ass.  I'm sensitive back there you know!"

They forced me to the floor of the Van and threw my legs up in the air so that my butthole was sticking out midway in the air. It was all wet and sweaty from the other Cuban guy licking it.

I was still tied up so I could not protest to much.

"Hang on hommie!"  The guy said as he aimed his cock at my hole.  "Get me some vasoline."  He said to his friend who pulled a small jar out of his pocket.  With a had finger they shove a slab of vasoline into my butthole and opened up my hole a little bit.

"Awwwwww!" I said.  "Take the fuck easy!"

The next time I knew the guy aimed his cock at my hole and once the head of his dick got in , he pushed forward as all 13 inches disappeared down my asshole."

"Awwwwwwwww!" I screamed.  The first time always hurt the most. "Goddamn bitch!  I said take it easy!"  My butthole was on fire!

His cock slide into me like a piston in a engine going 220 miles per hour.

He was pumping my ass for all it was worth and in less than a minute he jammed his cock so hard into me we both fell on the bed as I felt his hot gism shot up my ass canal like hot lava.  I almost came too, but this guy exploded in no time.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Ohhhhhhh  shiiiiit!"  He fell on top of me as his cock continued to pump the cum off his dick.

"Move mutherfucker!"  The older guy said.  The guy on top of me was semi-conscious, so the other guy just pulled him off of me and I felt his long dong come out of my ass. Soon a load of cum shot out my ass and bathed my buttcheeks.  The other Cuban took the cum on his fingers and licked it and shoved two fingers of cum up my ass and next he inserted is dick and was pounding away, dicking my like a bitch!

The other guy had recovered and got in front of me and shoved his asshole into my face so I could lick his hot hole.

I began to eat his ass like I used to eat pussy.  I was going to make this bitch come again, it could be the difference between life and death.

It was a wild experience.  The one guy fucking my ass in long hard strokes that shoved his 13 cock deep in my ass till I could feel it in my guts!

The other younger Cuban guy pushing his virgin asshole into my mouth so I could suck on it  and eat his Straight ass out.  He jacked his cock  The other one pounded my ass sending electic shockwaves thoughtout my body.

'i'm gonna cum!"  He yelled.  "Fuck!  Me too!"  I heard the other one said, "And I was going to fuck him again.  Awwwwwwwwww!"  

His cock exploded and cum was all over my face, and he grabbed my face and shoved his cock down my throat again.  "Fuccck!  It feels so fucking good!"

The other guy was making these monkey noises and I could feel his hot cum in my ass like hot buttered cream. Damn it DID feel good.  Both of these men had fucked so hard that they were now passed out!

I laided there and fucked myself on the unconsciousness Cuban on top of me before his cock went soft.  I moved up and down and felt his hard cock dick me deep in my ass canal going into my guts!

I didn't cum.  I had to get out of there before they woke up.  I grabbed their guns for my collection and stuck the end of one in the one Cuban's asshole and fired.  I did the same to the other one, stucking the gun noozle deep in his ass before I pulled the trigger.

I was ready to leave the Van when I ran into the Driver.

"Forgot about me?!"  He said with his gun on me.

I knew I was dead for sure.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out a cock at least 18 inches long.  For 18 inces of flesh, his cock was rock hard and dripping cum fliud.

"Those guys were assholes.  Suck on this for a while hommie and I bet we can cut some sort of deal. Or would you rather me to fuck the shit out of you with this?"

I pulled down my pants.  I would have to kill him later.


bert lavey


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