Who the fuck told you that shit? I bet he did a bitch assed nigga. That's why I can't stand them fem mutha fuckas they can't keep shit on the hush!

Well you fucken know it now ain't no need to deny it. Oh, you want to hear details; nigga you scrait crazy. Aight, I'll tell you. Let me get another hit of that blunt first.Goddamn this shit is potent.

Anyway, Yeah I fucked that faggot nigga, Keon, last Friday when the campus was rained in. It won't some shit I started out to do. It ain't like I woke up that morning and decided I was gonna do some ole homo shit. Truth be told I had never done no shit like that before. Like I was saying, it was raining like a mutha fucka last Friday and lightning like a bitch. You know cause the lights kept going out and shit.

Anyway, my girl and me was arguing on the phone. She was trippin, going on and on about hoe if I really wanted to I could walk across campus and come chill with her in her dorm room, since her roommate was gone for the weekend. She was crying and shit talking about I didn't really love her. Real talk my nig I wanted that pussy like my next breath, but I won't about to trek through no downpour, lightning and hale to get it. Shit, I ain't had no pussy yet was worth all that, and I've had a lot of pussy. Been stroking since I was eleven_________Nigga I ain't lying; my dick was big enough to fuck at eleven! Anyway, you want me to finish telling you this shit? Anyway, my girl pissed me off so bad before I knew it; I called her a stupid bitch and slammed the phone down on her. I was mad as a mother fucker cause my girl was trippin and I was horny as shit and couldn't get what I wanted.

. Damn nigga, I'ma get to the part where I smashed old boy; I'm really starting to wonder about your ass. . Anyway, as you know, Keon Lane's bitch ass is my roommate. The whole while I was on the phone with my girl, his bitch ass was on the floor doing yoga. I ain't lying; I swear on my dead grand mama that nigga was doing yoga, and he had on a pair of pink booty shorts with the words candy girl written across the ass.

Man don't start that laughing shit; you gonna get me started, then I won't be able to finish telling you this shit. Pass me that blunt anyway; your ass bout killed it while I was talking. Damn, this shit is power.

Anyway, ole boy was doing yoga in his little pink panties. I was mad as hell, it ain't have shit to do with him, but for some reason I said 'Bitch assed nigga.'

Keon sat straight up on the floor and said to me as easy as mother fucken Sunday morning, 'Why you calling me names Quami seems like you would be nice to me since 'm gonna suck your dick and let you fuck me in my ass tonight.'

What the fuck you mean was I taken by surprise; hell yea that shit took me by surprise, ain't no nigga ever came out of his mouth like that at me.

What did I do.? First I told him, 'Nigga stop trippin; I know you a faggot and all, but you gotta know that not every guy gets down like that. Then I went on to say'So your little faggot fantasies are gonna have to stay in your head. '

No he didn't get mad, he just looked at me like he knew some secret I didn't know and sais 'Nigga this pretty red ass is just as tight and right as your girl's puss, The only difference is my good ass is here right now for the taking and her snatch is several yards away.' He smiled It's a boring rainy night, everybody's shut in tell me Quami, what's two horn assed niggas gotta do on a night like this but each other?

'I ain't getting poked.' I said realizing without realizing that I had just agreed to do some homo shit.

'Of course you're not.' He smirked

Next thing I knew my dick was out of my boxers and half way down that nigga's throat. Could he suck dick good? Nigga, is you black and high?

I was trying not to like that shit, you know just think about it as getting a nut, But that nigga had me moaning, especially when he ran the tip of his tongue across the head of my dick in a circle real fast. I made a mental note that I was gonna get my girl to do that shit the next time she gave me head. What you mean that's grimy, nigga whatever.'

Anyway, my right hand found its way down ole boys little candy girl draws, and dude homeboy's ass was as soft and round as any female's. Shit. Better than many. It was nice and smooth not all hairy the way you'd expect a man's ass to be Yes my ass is hairy nigga; why you asking, I swear your ass is suspect. Now stop asking questions and let me get back to the story

By this time my boxers were off and kicked to the side. My dick was like a limousine on prom night; long, black and shiny. I had to keep myself in check by telling myself, 'Quami, don't enjoy this too much cause you ain't doing no more homo shit after tonight.'

Shit starting getting so good I was standing up and fucking the hell out of Keon's mouth, and his bitch ass was enjoying every stroke. I'd ram my pipe down his throat and hold it there till he was choking then pull it out. My girl would never let me do no shit like that

. The reason I hadn't busted yet was both a blessing and a mystery to me cause I wanted to tap that bubble booty.

'Yo' ass better be good.' I warned as I threw him down across my bed. My dick was so coated with spit; it just slid up in that thang. Nigga let me tell you that was some mind blowing shit! I had never even got my girl in the ass cause I thought it wouldn't feel right, but dawwg, shit felt Gucci.

I thought dick sucking was ole boy's greatest talent, but nigga let me tell ya, Keon could throw that ass. I loved the way his ass cheeks would ripple every time my dick pushed in.

Then Keon was like, 'Yo Quami, let me ride that shit.' My legs were catching cramps anyway, so I was happy to lay back and let him ride. You're asking me if he could ride nice dick; nigga, ole boy need to round up few bitches and teach a dick riding class cause he got mad skills. Mutha fucka was doing the eagle on my shit. He had me straight up questioning my sexuality. Could another dude really turn me out like this? Was I gay of bi? Then I realized that Keon had the mind and heart of a bitch, so It made sense that I would be pleased by him.

I could feel my nut about to erupt. Keon, nimble as hell from doing yoga, sprang up off my dick, grabbed it in his hand and jerked it til I shot jism all in his open mouth. I had to put a pillow over my mouth to stifle my screams of pleasure. I had just been sucked and fucked like I'd never been sucked and fucked before, and probably never will again cause my good word on my dead grandma , I ain't doing no more homo shit.

So, that's what happened that night, I thought for sure his bitch ass would have kept it a secret, especially since I got a girl and all.

What; what you mean Keon ain't told you nothing. Man that's grimy as hell; you got me to tell you all that shit. Nigga this shit ain't funny; you better not tell nobody else.

What you mean on one condition? Ah shit; nigga, I knew you had some shit with you. You played my ass good, I'll give you that. Grimy ass down low nigga, come on here and suck my dick. Ah shit, you about as good as Keon. Goddamn you got a soft ass too. You better not tell nobody this shit. Goddamn you got me good nigga. I shoulda known you was bullshitting cause Keon don't be talking to you football cats. Damn I'm stupid! Well at least I got some weed, head and maybe some of your nice ass out the deal. Keep sucking nigga you wanted this dick. You better enjoy it too, cause my good word on my dead grandma, after today, I ain't doing no more homo shit.




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