John, Charlie, and Dave asked their coach if they could all stay together just thinking it would be a fun time. Coach said yes and the guys were excited. They went up to their room to rest. Charlie suggested they all go down to the pool later that night. Charlie is in the closet along with Dave. John said no but Dave jumped on the idea thinking he could maybe score. So later that night the two of them, took the elevator down to the pool. When they got there it was empty to both of their delights. They jumped in the pool and decided it was to cold. So they got out and ran over to the hot tub. Dave turned on the jets. They were relaxing and then Charlie says out loud 'i wonder what its like to be gay?' With that Charlie put his butthole up to the jet and let water flow at him. He enjoyed it and soon Dave joined. They were both loving it. Then Charlie swam over to Dave and kissed him.



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