Nathen, 5' 9, brown hair blue eyes,a swimmer body to dream about, fresh out the slammer. He's a high class Con man. Caught by cheat scandle (other story). Since he was out 2 years ago, he got married and lives in a beautiful condo with his husband, 'The Mediator', who was also a con man with him. They quit the life together and have government jobs in Chicago:

Here is where we are "Hey honey how was your day?" said Nathen kissing 'The Mediator' on the lips.

"Today was fine, i ran in to a case about your friend, Sean".

"Really?", Nathen looking longly at the mail, what 'The Mediator' doenst know is that Sean was Nathens love on certian case as a couple or a duet case.

They were also the hottest couples at their 'Coverup Company'. "So what did the case say about him" said Nathen now keeping intrest. "I dont know, im not a criminal mediator, but it had 'till 6 weeks' " losing his words as Nathen bends over to pick up the mail slowly. "Till?"



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