i was very suprised he had got on the wrestling team. i had some muscles but not many with short brown hair and a tanned skin. i was sure it was because he looked great in a wrestling singlet with my 9 inch cock, but i didn't coment and besides i might have his first ever gay experience. hopefully with another sixteen year old.

It was my first training session when i saw him. A cute blonde with a muscly chest. his skin was perfectly tanned and his cock filled the wrestling singlet perfectly. i have to fuck him, i thought to myself.it wasn't until a month later that i got my chance.

'Hey Joey i'm Alex, want to stay back after practice to do some extra training?' Alex asked.

'Yeah sure why not,' i told him.

we were the only ones that stayed back after practice, not even the coach stayed so we would have to lock up.

we wrestled for half an hour. i was in my favourite red singlet and he was in a dark blue one. i purposely rubbed my junk up against his body a few times hoping something would happen but nothing did.

'hey joey im gonna hit the shower,You coming?' Alex asked.


we went into the locker room and i sat down at the bench and started taking off my shoes.

Alex wasn't wearing shoes and immediatly took of his singlet right in front of me.

He was weariing just his jockstrap and had a raging hardon!

oh no that had done it. i could feel my cock filling with blood and precum coming out.

he looks down at me and smiles.

'You know you don't hide your looking very well, i've seen you staring at me. i know your gay.' He says.

'Im sorry it's just your so damn hot!'

with that he reaches down and removes his jockstrap.

'Well what are you waiting for?' he asks. i cant believe this is happening. i take off my singlet and jockstrap and start sucking his nice and juicy cock.




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