BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm clock rang. The bright, morning, summer light shined through my window. 'I forgot to turn it off last night!', I thought to myself. 'Damn!' 6:30 A.M. On the first day of summer and I'm the only teenager awake in the U.S.

Since no one was up this early in the house, I thought I might take the opportunity to get myself off. I got out of bed to get some lotion and my laptop. I started a collage of porn videos that I frequently downloaded.

Watching a clip, I saw a resemblance to one of my best friends, and had one of the biggest orgasms of my life, shoot all over my bare chest and near my lip. With my 'outstanding licking talent' I slurped up my cum, and tasted it for the first time!

'Salty! Bleachy! Hmm.... I like it!'

After my little morning jerk off session, I closed my laptop and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Before I knew it, I awoke to the pounding sound of a knock on the door. Still a little flustered from my jerk off session earlier this morning, I peaked my head from under the covers, and checked the alarm clock, for the time. 1:27 P.M. Shit! I have been a sleep for awhile.

The pounding at the door came again. Louder this time. 'Gosh! They better stop before my dad hears this!' When I reached the door they pounded even harder. 'I am fucking, coming!' I whispered a little too loudly, then giggled at what I had just said . Freshman humor, I guess!

I opened the door to only see the bright sunlight.

When my eyes finally adjusted I saw my neighbors Bryson and Isaac. They were step-brothers. Usually they would call each other, 'brother from another mother'. It always made me laugh,

because it was true.

I could never decide which one was hottest! Isaac was very tan and very tall! His amazingly built, athletic body, usually had my vote for him!

Bryson on the other hand was on the more lighter side, and not very tall. Maybe even shorter than me! Although his shortness was kind of a minus, his good looks made up for it! His long wavy hair, his beautiful lips, and wonderful tight ass made me just want to jump on him!

'Hey...', they both said in unison as they looked at me up and down. Head-to-toe.

I had forgotten to put anything over just my boxer

briefs. Or did I?

'Nice, Justin!', Bryson said to me in his sexy voice. He was the one to always act so straight, but would always come on to me when no one was looking.

Isaac seemed to still be staring at me in some kind of lost world. I though I might give him a little extra 'something' by stretching out my arm to the door opening.

'Excuse me, Isaac!' I said. He awoke from his daze and said, 'Oh! Hey. Why are you only in your boxers?' His eyes went straight to my crotch. Bryson's eyes did the same, but only for a quick glance. 'Pssht! Like I couldn't see that!'

To be more of a little whore, I stuck my hand down my boxers and gave my dick and balls a little tug. 'I don't know. I just woke up!' I said.

'Oh, that's cool. Is...uhh James here?', Isaac stammered.

'Who?', I said trying to be a little tease!

'You know who we are talking about!', Bryson said while looking me straight into my eyes.

Smiling widely I said, 'No. I guess he's with Josh.'

Josh was another story entirely! He was probably my brothers' hottest friend.

'Oh...', they both said in unison. 'Are your parents home?, Bryson asked in a very excited tone.

'Well...' I turned and looked behind me to the empty house that was left unoccupied, except for me. The only noise I heard, was the sound of my T.V. playing VH1 music videos.

'I don't think so, Bryson' I said. 'Why do you ask?', hoping I knew the answer to that question!

'Can we come in?' Bryson said in that excited voice again.

My dick began to swell to full mast. Part of me wanted to show off my big dick, but another wanted to conceal it, for embarrassment could come of it.

'Sure' I answered partially scared, and partially afraid of what could come of this. Always, only trouble come from these two.

I turned my back and began to walk into the living room, when Bryson - of course - made the remark, 'Nice ass, Justin!'. 'Shut up, Bryson!', Isaac yelled

I loved when Isaac defended me! He was already acting like my boyfriend! If only... They plopped themselves on my bed. I walked to the kitchen looking for something to snack on.

'Yall want anything?!' I hollered from the kitchen with my Texas accent .

'Here in San Diego, we don't get to many of 'yall' Texas boys! I sure do love them!' Bryson yelled back at me.

'Why are you always such a little, immature, pervert?!' , Isaac commented at Bryson.

'Anyway - We could get you to put some clothes on!' Bryson said.

Aw! They want me to put clothes on?!

With a cereal bar in my mouth I quickly walked into my room to grab some basketball shorts and a T-Shirt. When attempting to leave the room, Bryson grabbed, and squeezed at my butt.

'YEEP!', was the very embarrassing, high-pitched sound that came from my mouth. Bryson and Isaac started laughing at me wildly.

When I finally made it to the bathroom, I started the shower and stared at myself in the mirror, while waiting for the water to get hot. I always loved my body. Nice face, big pecs, solid 6-pack abs, nice arms, and muscly legs. Pretty good for a high school freshman! I guess football, track, and lots of exercise does the trick. I pulled out my semi-hard dick, and gave it a few tugs to marvel in its beauty. Suddenly Bryson walked in! Dammit!

'Oh! Hey! Can we use your laptop?!' Bryson sticking his head through the door.

'Uh...Sure...' I said while trying to hide behind a towel. 'Can I please take my shower, please?'

'Sure! Go ahead freshman!' Bryson said sarcastically, while closing the door.

Scared out of my mind, I continued my shower. While showering off, I began to remember what kind of things I had on that laptop! I turned off the shower, and tried to dry myself off as fast as I could.

While pulling my shirt over my head, Bryson announced, 'Hey, Justin? I think we found something!'




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