Dan had given me his mobile number so that I could send him pictures or videos of me following his orders. So every morning after I had a shower I would video myself squeezing a rather large amount of Deep Heat into the pouch of my briefs. I made sure that there was enough of the ointment to coat from the bottom of my sack to the very tip of my cock. I pulled the tight briefs up and recorded the ointment coating my package. I then pulled my jeans up to crush my balls into the ointment. The heat from the ointment was a bit like placing my balls onto a BBQ but I really didn't mind. That is what Dan wanted and I just knew that I'd do everything Dan asked me to do. I'd then send the completed video to Dan.

I never considered myself good looking even though other people did. True, I did have the blonde hair and skinny body but no muscle as such. My legs looked average and hairless, as was my body. My cock and balls just hung down in the void because my thighs were very slim as well. Some people used to say the only big thing on me was my big balls next to my long but skinny cock. I had been circumcised as a baby and as a result my cock head showed in all its glory as soon as I was naked. I did like being naked and I liked the freedom to walk around in the woods naked. Like the most teen boys in my year I liked to wear briefs, sky blue were my favourite colour because they really showed off my package. I also liked to wear ball crushingly tight jeans which were also very light blue. All the boys in my college wore very tight jeans.

I rode my bike to college and every leg movement spread the ointment around my entire groin. Dan was very pleased with my obedience.

I had one more day to go before I was to see Dan again. On Wednesday morning I got a text message from Dan telling me to meet his best friend, Luke, in the college locker room at lunchtime. Luke had been sent a picture of me and I was to follow all his orders.

I arrived in the locker room about 11.45am because I didn't want to miss Luke or upset Dan in any way.

'Follow me, faggot,' was barked at me like an order, which of course it was an order. This very tall boy who must have been my age give or take a month stood before me. He wore the same tight light blue Levi's as I was wearing but that's where our looks ended. While I was as skinny as hell, he was massively wide at the shoulders leading down to a very tight waist. The classic "V" shape. I could feel my cock filling with blood at the sight of Luke. His skin was perfection and his smile was just a killer and the eyes looked right into my hidden slutty nature. I would have cum on the spot just because of his beauty.

He pointed into one of the larger changing cubicles and I went in.

'Strip everything off,' he commanded. I complied while he recorded the action in his phone. He pointed to the floor and I assumed that he wanted me to kneel but I was wrong.

'Stand upright and hold your cock upwards, towards me.'

Out of Luke's college bag he pulled what looked that a hypodermic needle but wasn't. The barrel of it was like a hypo but the tip wasn't a needle but a flared nozzle. The barrel was filled with a white substance. He walked towards me and inserted the nozzle into the tip of my cock. He recorded everything and pressed the plunger and slowly changed the camera angle to rotate between my cock and face. The moment it hit my urethra I knew that it was the ointment. The burning feeling travelled up my entire shaft and made my cock root feel as though it was cooking. My cock instantly went hard and stayed hard for the duration that Luke stayed with me and longer.

'Kneel', the order came.

I kneeled with my cock waving at him from a very ninety-degree angle. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his very large cock and shoved it with great force down the back of my throat. Moments later I felt that ever so wonderful taste of fresh hot teen boy piss.

My cock pulsed with excitement and my balls churned their cum ready to exploded. Luke still had his cock in my throat and I knew he wanted me to rid him of his own cum. His cock slid, perhaps once or twice in my throat before letting go of volley after volley of thick creamy cum.

He stepped back and delivered a few solid kicks to my balls and worked my cock over real good. He took great pleasure kicking a fag cock. He knew his own cock was by far superior than my own.

He whispered in my ear, 'you know, faggot if you want me to I can get rid of that useless thing for you. You don't need it as a faggot. Why torment yourself keeping something that you'll never use. A few quick slices with my knife and its history. Do yourself a favour and little me help you out!"

I'd never thought about being with my cock before but my cock betrayed me and shot rope after rope of cum from its tip.

'You're all the same you faggots', he said. 'You never be able to use it on a real man gay or straight and yet you have them between your legs. They only thing its good for is pissing and kicking,' he laughed as he planted ten more seriously hard kicks into my nuts and an especially harder kicks to my cock.

'Anyway, faggot; Dan says that's a little taste of what is coming tomorrow. He also wants you to be a good fag and wear this.'

Luke pulled from his bag a very large penis shaped butt plug. I stood up and bent over spreading my legs to give Luke access of my well used faggot hole.

Once Luke planted the butt plug in my butt nearly past my rings he told me that he had to go. He produced more Deep Heat and squeezed the ointment into my briefs and told me to put them on. I pulled the briefs up and put my jeans on. Meanwhile, Luke had put his football kit on and was ready to leave when with his studded boots he delivered his final kicks to my battered balls.

I never found it a problem walking around with a plug up my butt for the rest of the day, even sitting in class but riding the bike home proved to put a lot of pressure on my passage, cock root and balls.

There was no way I was backing out of tomorrow night. I really hoped that I was going to get fucked but who knew, perhaps they didn't consider a fag worthy to fuck only to torment. Don't get me wrong I wasn't complaining because I enjoy drink piss and having my nuts kicked but just like any fag I just wanted more.



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