When I was 18 years of age I used to go to my sister's flat on a Thursday night while she was still at work so that I could meet the young guy, (Dan) who used to sell her the cancer and polo charity ticket each week. I had been doing this for my sister for about a year. So I knew the Dan well although he was about a year or two younger than me and smoking hot. I still get hard when I think of his massive package. Any way, for a year I kept staring at his package and one day his asked me what I was looking at. So I swallowed hard and told him that I just loved looking at his massive package. I always made sure that I was wearing my tight blue jeans to make sure that my own package was standing out as much as possible when I met him on a Thursday. It was a massive risk admitting to a younger guy that I liked him but he was just to hot to not take the chance.

Any way he must have liked what he heard and told me to lock my sister's flat and follow him. We took the lift to the 15th floor roof space. He told me that if I wanted to suck his cock I'd have to get completely naked. In seconds my jeans and briefs were on the floor followed by my T-shirt. True enough his cock came out and he told me to drop to my knees. I remember thinking that it was the best cock I had ever had in my mouth - I had been sucking cock since I was 16 years old. He shaved his pubes, which is something that I liked and it made him seem bigger. I loved to shave my own pubes as well because it meant that I never got any tugging from wearing my tight briefs. I liked wearing them tight because I loved the crushing feeling of them.

I had that lovely cock sliding to the back of my throat for a good half our until he started shooting long thick ropes of cum down my teen throat. If I am honest he was fucking my throat and I was just a whole for him to get of into but I really didn't care. I was in heaven. He knew I wanted his cum and I knew it.

He pulled his cock out and asked me if I wanted his cum. Yes, I told him of course I did. He told me that he was happy to give me his cum but I would have to do three things in return.

So I asked what they were and he said, "firstly, I want to piss down your throat and you are to drink my piss. Secondly, I want to kick you in the balls and cock for twenty minutes or until you cum and finally, I want to watch you jerk off using Deep Heat on your balls and cock." (In the states it's called Icyhot or Bengay)

I should have felt horrified but in fact I was so turned on that my own cock throbbed and bounced. My cock leaked pre-cum and I just knew that I wanted to agree to his terms.

So I said yes and now I understood why I was naked so that he could watch me react naked to his requests. I couldn't hide how turn on I was.

Having that young cock go into my throat and shoot his load was just amazing. His jets of cum felt like bullets because I think he thought I was going to just run away or something so this turned him on even more. His cum was just out of this world but his piss was every bit as nice. I knew then I would always be into drinking younger guys piss.

Being kicked in the balls should have hurt me but some how it felt so erotic. Blow after blow landed on my balls and I loved it. I begged him to kick me harder and harder. I made it last 45 minutes before I shot my load because I just didn't want the kicking to stop. After I shot my load all over the floor he told me to lick it up. As I did so he kicked me from behind even though I was going soft. I knew he could have damaged my balls but oddly that felt appealing by this hot boy. At that moment I would have gladly offered my nuts to him.

While I was still naked he tossed me a tube of deep heat and I squeezed a big load of the cream out into my hand. I made sure he could see really well as I rubbed the cream into my balls, into my cock and especially into my cock head. He loved that bit. My balls were on fire in a second but my cock was leaking pre-cum again and he couldn't help himself and kicked me in the balls again. "Tell me what you want," he said.

"Kick me until I cum." I screamed.

It was the most intense thing I had ever done in my life but I loved it. I was hooked on Dan and what he did to my balls.

He told me to put my briefs back on. Which is what I did. Then he coated the insides of my briefs in more deep heat. Then he told me to pull them up and put my jeans on. I faced him and he gave me another ten kicks into the balls with the deep heat really cooking my cock and balls.

He gave me the tube and told me that every night I would have to cream myself in the same way if I wanted his cock again. I bought tubes and tubes of deep heat.

This was only the beginning of our adventures. Things got even hotter when he brought his friends along with him.



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