'What's up?' Leon said as we walked inside school together the next day. 'Ahh, nothing I guess just still in shock from yesterday' I giggled out. 'You better believe it baby' he said in a flirty, sexy voice. 'Whatever' I smiled. Except for first period I didn't have him in any other classes. Oh math. What would we do without math. The teacher for some reason decided to give us new seats that day and move me away from my loved one. Haha. I was now sitting as it seemed miles away from leon. 'Alexes!' The teacher screamed out as I wasn't paying attention in the two step equations. 'I'm not very good with algebra' I studdered out. 'Hmmm?' He said. 'Well leon would you mind teaching our average student, alexes over here in the other classroom next door. Maybe he'll feel more comfortable.' 'My pleasure' he said in a seductive voice as he turned to me and winked. I worriedly turned to look to see if anyone had seen the wink but everyone was to busy staring at me. During that period the other classroom was empty, which gave more time for us to talk. 'I really don't get it' I said. He asked 'will some inspiration help?' As he grabbed my hand and pulled it down to his crotch. 'No! Stop' I said pulling my hand away from him. 'Haha you know you want it' he said slowly rubbing my thighs. 'seriously stop!' I said in a serious way, or atleast trying to be. 'Haha calm down bab....' The teacher walked in seeing how we were doing leon surprised started saying random stuff and weakly kicked my ankles to play along. 'Then you subtract negative two from both sides' he said making It up. 'Oh well that's easy' I said acting. As the teacher saw I got it she left. 'Damnn we almost got caught' he laughed out. 'Ugh, you see what you do?!' I said in a annoyed but excited voice. He slowly reached to kiss me but I pushed him away looking towards the door. I started biting my lip and he just pushed down on his crotch and said 'that's really sexy'. I said 'of course it is' in a flirty voice. As the day went on about the last class 6th period went by super fast as I heard the dismissal bell ring. I walked out fast and started searching for Leon. Seeing all the buses leave I started on my way home upset. As I turned the corner someone came up behind me and covered my eyes. Surprised I started moving trying to get free I turned around and face to face maybe an inch away from our lips touching he said 'boo! Did I scar ya?' I said 'what are you doing? I thought you'd be home by now, and noo you didn't scare me!.' 'Naww, I had to go try out for football, except I forgot the fucking physical to try out' 'oh' I said blankly. 'Yeah, wanna come over my house my moms working tonight till 10pm, she probably is leaving right now' I said 'mhm sure...' 'What's wrong?' he asked worried. 'Ehh. Nothing' I said 'you sure?' he asked again. 'Yup' I said. Even though something was wrong. I had been trying to forget about the threat one of his loser friends had made. Telling me if I didn't stay away from leon I would regret it, followed by an insult. We went to his house, and as we got there we saw his dad home, 'shit, I forgot he's not working today' he whispered. 'Oh its fine, I have to get home anyways' I said a little upset. 'Alright,' he said 'but come with me first' he said leading me to his room. he shut the door and pushed me towards the walls in his dark room, only the TV echoed. He slowly started grabbing my neck and pushing me harder towards his lips. As he kept one hand on my neck he slowly led the other towards my ass. He slowly started rubbing it, and squeezing it. He let go of me still making out as he was about to take his shirt off his dad knocked hard on the door 'what's going on in there?' He asked. Fortunately the TV was on as well as his Wii. We hurried surprised to the flat screen TV and I started playing a game as leon opened the door to his dad. 'What are you guys doing?' He asked. 'Nothing dad' leon said annoyed. Being this the 2nd time he ALMOST took his shirt off but being interrupted, I laughed. I lost the game and said 'oh no, I lost again, well I should be heading home' 'bye leon' I said bye mr. Laven' I said once more as I walked out the door both said bye at once, and as his dads back towards me facing leon I smiled at leon blew him a kiss, and winked at him. While walking out I made sure he was looking and not his dad and I softly spanked my ass and he smiled and without his dad noticing he grabbed his dick, and right then and there I knew I needed his dick now more than ever.... well atleast we both wanted the same thing, him to be sucked of by me, and me to suck him off. Two negatives equal a positive. Two negative thoughts will lead up to a very, very positive answer....



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