'Good luck!' I hear my mom say as I shut the door of the car and walk in, into what would turn the best adventure of my life. 'Good Morning' I hear the principle say , Mr. Bell. 'Hi' I said shyly. I walked more into the school everything being so new, since it had been a new school to me. I was so nervous I crashed into the boy that would change my life. 'My bad' he said 'I'm sorry, didn't see you' I studdered. Looking at his beautiful big brow eyes. I kept walking, and as I did I turned back and at that moment our eyes met, and I felt something I had never felt before. The bell rang as I made my way to class. 'Hello, what is your name' the teacher asked. 'Alexes' I said. She said 'oh sit next to Leon, on the last row back there' as I turned I saw him. The perfect boy. The one with the tan skin, and the big muscles maybe 5'6? And the 6 pack which I learned on later ;) he smiled at me as I made my way back. 'What's up?, aren't you that boy who crashed into me earlier?' 'Yeah' I said with a shy smile. He giggled. 'Class up here! Alexes, and leon are we going to have issues already?' 'Maybe, its a little hard to give you my attention' leon said . 'No ma'am' I said with a smile on my face. She rolled her eyes and went on teaching, at that moment I knew I was the only not straight boy in there. My first day in the 7th grade went well, except when the teacher moved Leon to a different seat. But I immediately made new friends! Couple of days went by fast! Leon and I soon started talking less, and less. And it turned into never. As I walked home one day I looked towards the football field and saw leon at practice. At that moment he turned and look at me and smiled. I thought just then, and I say thought, that he winked at me and went back to practicing. I smiled and kept walking home. Days turned into months and soon summer was here. One friday night as I was on IM with him I said 'wow surprising you're home on a friday night' he replied by saying 'no I'm not home you stupid bitch' I realized something was wrong then and I asked what he replied with much more insults that really got me upset so I just decided to log off and ignore him. I never confronted him about that, but I knew he felt guilty. When school started again I had (bad karma) to sit next to him in my 2nd period. He at times when I looked at him would be looking at me and I knew then he did feel something for me. In the halls we would have awkward looks at each other that kind of made me smile. I soon realized he was a jock, if that's how you say it. I secretly fell more for him and he felt ,and he later on confirmed, something for me.

I walked in the door humming Taylor Swift's song 'fifteen' as my first day of my freshman year would be great! I walked into my homeroom and saw that Leon was sitting down. Curiosity that we had the same class again?! I went and randomly sat down, that half day went by fast as through all the first day he stared at me while the teacher explained the procedures. When school ended I was on my way home when he stopped me and said 'I need you to come to my house'. By surprise I agreed. We walked to his house about 1 mile, since he usually rides the bus. as I entered his home he asked 'why haven't we talked?' I simply smiled and said 'because of what you said to me, you insulted me and maybe that told me to stay away.' he then pushed me against the wall and got so close to me I thought I'd melt. He whispered 'I want you all to myself' I could feel his hot breath over my neck as I pushed him away. I said 'wait? The boy who every girl wants(true fact)? The football quarterback(true fact)? Gay? What?! No?!' 'I'm not GAY!' He yelled. 'Well I'm a guy, like it or not and that makes you GAY!' I snapped back. 'I like pussy, and you! You made me feel different! The way you acted the way we talked everything about you made me fall for you. I wanna fuck you' with that I stopped and asked myself is this real.? I turned around and tried to walk out he then slammed me onto the couch and started kissing slowly my neck. I pushed away while saying 'stop I don't want to do this' at that moment while he was about to take his shirt off his moms car pulled in the driveway and he quickly put his shirt back on correctly. And said 'you say something, you will regret it' and with that I shut my mouth. I stayed there, and apparently his mom forgot something and soon she left. As the door shut closed Leon apologized to me. He said he really cared about me and wanted me. Me trying to act like it was nothing suddenly burst into tears and told him I had felt the same way. With that he said 'I want you to be mine'. I quickly leaned in to kiss him, and hugged him. With that I walked out as he led the way. He said 'I'll see you tomorrow at school??' I smiled and said 'of course you will' on my way out he slapped my ass and as I turned he said 'can't wait to get that nice tight ass of yours', but unfortunately we were long from that....





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