Friday at school, I pull up in my 4runner and see Chase's car in the parking lot. I park beside his gray Nissan Titan truck with black rims. His car is amazing. 'Fits him,' I think to myself. 'Tough, big, and good looking.'

I walk into the school and head toward my locker. Chase stands a few lockers down, talking to his friends and then sees me. He excuses himself from the group of pretty girls and stands beside my locker.

"What's up buddy?" He says in a deep sexy tone. It's almost husky and I love it.

"Nothing much, you?" I ask immediately smiling.

" Just thinking about tonight. Can't wait for us to hang out." He smiling back.

"I can't wait either."

"We'll have fun, I promise," he says and walks away.

Later I see him in English but the teacher has assigned us partners for a worksheet and Jordan works with me. The class ends without me talking to Chase.

The rest of my classes leading up to biology are agonizingly slow. I wait in each one trying to contain my excitement. It's terrible how long the wait is.

•••Chase's POV

I wanted to talk with Justin some more in English but the teacher have us too much work. After class, I try to catch Justin at his locker. He's not there.

Talking to Justin feels great. It's like I'm charged with energy and extremely nervous. I love the feeling he gives me. I think he likes me back, but I'm not sure. He acts nervous and excited around me, but sometimes he completely ignores me. I just hope I can figure is he's gay or not tonight.

In math, we go over stuff I've already learned so I let myself think about Justin. I think about his amazing smell. It's like a mix between dove soap, sport deodorant, and fruity shampoo. I think about his smile. I think about his arms wrapping around me. There lean muscle flexed as he pulls me in for a kiss. His full lips locking on mine. I reach my hand around and grab his-

"Chase Granger, will you answer this equation?" Mrs. Caudle says as she notices I am day-dreaming.

I look at the board and remember how Justin helped me last year and greatly enhanced my math grades and understanding. "F of x equals 12." I say easily.

"Correct, I know you're ahead, but try to pay attention." She says the corners of her mouth turned up. She's trying not to smile.

"Yes, ma'am," I say politely.

After math, my other classes go on super slowly. Finally, I make my way to Biology. I walk in and sit by Justin. Justin looks over and smiles.

"Hey Chase," he looks at me with those beautiful eyes.


"We're doing a lab today. Do you want to work together?" He asks slightly nervous.

"Yeah," I say a little too eagerly.

Throughout the class, we share laughs and smiles. We talk an have a bunch of fun testing samples of DNA to decide the parent of a known child.

After Biology, we grab our bags and head to the parking lot together. He parked beside me and I immediately smile.

"Do you know what we're doing in practice?" I ask before I get in my car.

Justin unlocks his car and turns to me. "Coach told me we were working out. They're better than practice."

I nod and we both get in our cars an pull out of the parking lot.

He was right the workout was better than practice. Justin worked out with Jordan, and I worked out with Grey, another running back.

I drive home after workouts and get ready for Justin to come over. My mom left me a note:

Dear Chase, I hope you have a fun time. I left money for you to order a pizza. Get as much as you want. I won't be home til early morning. Love you! Be good, Mom

I call and order a pizza. I grab a bottle of wine from the cabinet and pour us both a small glass. Justin arrived about fifteen minutes later. He sets his stuff down and sits on the couch.

We work on the project for about two hours. We eat pizza and sip wine as we work. It's not enough for either of us to get drunk, but I'm a little buzzed. Justin gets up and goes to the bathroom. I ask of he wants to spend the night and he texts his parents. They say yes and we eat more pizza. We finish the project in another half hour.

I put in a romantic comedy and we watch it for another half hour. I start to feel brave and decide its time to make my move. I scoot closer to him and slide my arm on the back of the couch behind his head. He lays back and into my arm. He moves his thigh closer to mine. I take this as an invitation to go farther. I pull into me and have him lay his head in my lap.

He smiles with his eyes closed and says the most surprising thing, "I can feel your boner on the back of my head," he says laughing. I immediately blush. I start to shift away, but he puts a hand on my thigh and pulls me back, "I never said I didn't like it." He says with a sexy smirk.

I pull him up so he sits in my lap and we face each other. I lean toward him and plant a kiss on his lips. He hesitantly gives a quick peck and then a longer deeper kiss. I press my tongue between his lips and his part. Our tongues swirl together and fight for dominance. He lays his arms around my necks and wrap around his waist pulling him closer. Our chests are flush.

We pause to breathe. "I've wanted to do this to you since eighth grade," I say.

He laughs and traces his fingers on the back of my neck. "I think I've liked you since we met," he says shyly. I lean in and kiss him again.

"So what does this make us?" He asks as we catch out breath again.

"I want to go out with you, but I don't want everyone to know. They might not be accepting." I say.

"Me too."

We kiss again and I reach lower and cup his ass in my hands. Its solid and the touch makes me hornier. He shivers a bit and presses into my touch and embrace. I feel his lean, defined torso against my bigger, muscled one. He moves his hands to rub my sides and leans away to rub my chest. I lean in and kiss a path along his jawline. He moans in pleasure. I press a couple fingers into his crack through his jeans. He arcs into the pressure and moans again.

"I-I w-want you in me." He stutters.

I smile and say, "Bedroom, now." He nods.

•••Justin's POV

I walk with Chase upstairs up to his bedroom. I walk in his room and he pushes me onto his queen size bed. He lays on top of me.

He kisses me with ferocity that can only belong to him. He lifts up on his knees that rest on the bed. He pulls his shirt off over his head. I see his muscular pecs and his toned six-pack. He pulls me up to him and undresses me, revealing my slender, muscular torso. His hands work my cock through my jeans.

He unbuckles my jeans expertly and pulls my jeans and black briefs down to my knees in one motion. My hard cock springs up to full attention. He steps off the bed and pulls off his sweat pants and boxer briefs. His naked body is now in full view. His cock is at least ten inches and pretty thick. I grin and lick my lips.

He gets back on the bed and I pull my pants and briefs the rest of the way off. I push him flat against the bed and get on top of him. We grind against each other. Our cocks produce glorious friction. It feels so good and we both moan in pleasure.

He flips me on my back and lifts my legs. He stares at my pink pucker. His eyes give him a greedy, hungry look and he licks his lips. He pushes my legs up further and dips his head low. I feel something strong and wet push against my hole. Pleasure racks my body and I moan loudly. He tongue fucks my hole until its slippery and wet.

He reaches into his nightstand and pulls out lube and a condom. He squirts some on his fingers and slowly presses into me. There's not much resistance since I've been fingering myself since I was a sophomore. He pushes in another and moves them together. He thrusts another in and there's some burning sensation now. He finger-fucks me until my ass relaxes. I moan and Chase grins at me.

He opens the condom and slides it on his dick. I look at its beauty and am awed. It's ten inch length is so amazing. I can't wait until he fucks me with his gigantic tool.

He lubes up his cock and pauses by my entrance. A look of concern appears on his face. "Are you ready? I don't want to pressure-"

"Shut up and fuck me," I say. His look of worry transforms into a grin.

He slowly thrusts into me. He pushes until the head pops in.

"Agh!" I moan in pain.

"Are you okay?" He asks and I nod.

He continues to press into me the pain turns into a dull ache and he stops.

"Why'd you stop?" I ask confused.

He laughs, "I'm all the way in baby. I just popped your cherry."

I laugh and grin. He pulls until the heads the only thing in. He thrusts back in hitting my prostrate. I moan in pleasure. He pulls back and thrusts. He plows into my ass over and over again. We both moan and sweat trickles down our bodies.

"Fuck me Chase! Harder!" I shout.

He nods and his thrusts become deeper and harder. I am in ecstasy and it feels so good. He reaches his hand forward and jerks my cock as he fucks me. I moan even more.

"I'm g-gonna come, Justin!" He shouts my name. We both come together. My seed sprays over our chests and my face.

He steadily slows down and collapses on top of me. He pulls out and there's a considerable loud 'pop'.

"That was amazing; you're the best boyfriend ever." He smiles and looks at me. He kisses me and licks off my own cum from my face. We kiss swapping my come in our mouths.

We climb under his sheets. He snuggles up against me and wraps his muscular arms around me. I feel his still hard cock press against me.

I laugh and he looks at me questioningly. "You're still hard," I answer still laughing.

"It's just because I'm next to you." We kiss and slowly fall asleep.


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