TL 2

After Biology, I have athletics. I head to my locker and stuff some binders into my bag. I make sure I have my cleats, socks, girdle, and an undershirt. I walk and find my car in an area shaded by trees. My 2005 dark gray Toyota 4runner sits idle next to a cherry red mustang. I start up my car and pull out of the school. I head tote field house which is a few miles from the school. I usher out of my car and walk into the varsity locker room.

Some of the other guys are already there. I look around and don't see Chase. I undress quickly and put on my girdle over my underwear. I pull on my undershirt and my football pants. I slip into my cleats and put on my shoulder pads. I sit on a bench and wait for Coach to talk to us.

I watch as Chase walks in. He catches me staring and smiles. I quickly look away. I use my hand to brush my small bangs to the side so my hair doesn't look as bad after I put on my helmet.

I sneak glances at Chase as he undresses; not wanting to get caught looking again. After he's done, he comes an sits by me. I so surprised but I try to contain my joy. His thigh rests against mine as he sits next me and electricity shoots from my thigh and toward my dick. I smile nervously at him.

"So about our project," he starts, "Where do you want to meet to work on it?"

"Ugh..." I start to think of something to say, but Coach walks in and everyone quiets down. Coach is sort of old and is kind of outdated when it comes to football. He also is strict on grades and behavior, which is probably a main reason why I start.

"Okay guys I have two things to say," he pauses,"One: we have our first game in two weeks. We are far from ready but we can get better today in practice. Two: we have five guys who had classroom problems today. Your teachers keep me posted on how you act in their class. The rest of you: good job. Now the five of you, who I will see individually, will run after practice. Now lets have fun and practice hard."

We all head outside to the field. We go through warm-up and then work on position stuff. Which for receivers, consists of catching, blocking, and running routes. After position stuff, coach calls all the skill positions over to him. To those who don't know, skill positions are all except linemen which are the big guys. Coach tells us were going to have a seven on seven session. It's where all the offensive skill positions: quarterback, receivers, and running backs play against the defensive skill positions: linebackers, safety, and cornerbacks. They call out first team. It's a running play to my side which means I have to block for Chase. The play starts and the cornerback back pedals and sees the handoff. Chase runs toward me. I turn and block the cornerback inside giving Chase a gap to run up the outside. The cornerback almost slips out of my grip. 'Don't let Chase get hit!' I scream to myself and I plant my feet and push as hard as I can. The corner stumbles back and falls.

"Nice block Slater!" The coach yells.

I jog toward the sideline as new players switch out. Chase heads toward me.

"Nice block buddy," he says with a gorgeous grin. My football pants get a little tighter.

"Thanks, didn't want the star running back getting hit," I say.

"Well, Coach says that was good and he wants me to always run it to your side. He said your the best receiver at blocking that we have," he says.

"Yeah right," I laugh.

"Seriously and you need more confidence in yourself. Your good."

The next time I go in its a screen play. Which is where I get the ball thrown to me behind the line of scrimmage. If I get a good block I can get far, but if I don't I get crushed by either a linebacker or a corner.

••• Chase's POV

The starters get called in and they call a screen to Justin's side.

I think about what I said earlier. I did mean what I said, about him being good. Ever since eighth grade year, I had developed a crush on him. I tried to ignore him and went out with lots of girls to prove I was straight, but it didn't work. I just got sadder, so freshman year I talked to him more. We became closer and were pretty good friends now.

The yell of hike shakes me from my thoughts.

I take a step forward and then go into pass protection. I look over as the quarterback throws the ball but there's a problem. The other receiver got the corner but the linebacker has no one to block him. Justin's going to get nailed. Everything slows down as Justin catches the ball and secures it in his hand like a good receiver (what did I tell him). He runs inside through a gap and starts to take it upfield. The linebacker is closing in. I sprint as fast as I can. Being the fastest player on the team has its advantages. I lower my shoulder and plow right into the linebacker sending him flying back. Justin sprints upfield and scores. 'Yes!' I think as Justin trots back to the assistant coach, handing him the ball.

I watch his round bubble butt until someone smacks me on the helmet. I turn and see coach smiling.

"Nice job, Granger," Coach said beaming with pride, "You protected your teammate and allowed him to score. Good job." Coach walked away.

I headed to the sideline and people smacked my helmet in congratulations. I ignored them and looked for the man I really wanted to see. I saw Justin getting a drink of war from the squirt bottles. Water dribbled down his chin and his short hair was a little messed up, but he looked beautiful.

I walked up behind him and smacked him on his round ass. My dick immediately got hard from the contact. I chuckled as he jumped and grabbed a drink of water myself.

He stared in mock anger at me and pointed his finger accusingly.

"My ass is for looking, not touching," he said with a straight face until he couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing.

"I'm sorry, but I don't agree with that rule," I laughed along with him. 'Oh shit, why did I just say that?'

•••Justin's POV

'What did he say?' I thought to myself. 'He was probably joking.'

We finished practice with some wind sprints. Then the five guys who got into trouble stayed after to do extra.

I took off my pads and hung it nearly in my locker. I bent over to pull of my cleats. I heard a couple cat calls and I turned. Chase was laughing and walked up to me.

"Dude your underwear was low on your ass." He chuckled again, a wonderful infectious sound. My embarrassment was the only thing that kept me from smiling. My cheeks and ears became hot as I blushed. When I pulled of my pants it must have brought them down a little.

"Dude, it's fine. No need to be embarrassed." His smile faded to a look of concern," Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I say his concern helping me get over it, "Just fine." I fix my underwear and return to putting my school clothes back on.

I start to put on my shoes when Chase sits next to me.

"You want to come over to my house this friday and work on the project and hang out?" He asks.

"Sure, I'll have to ask my parents first though." I said.

"I texted my mom and she said it was okay for you to come over," he says with a grin.

"Okay, thanks."


When I get home I ask my dad if I can go. He says yes if I don't do anything stupid and get in trouble.

Yes, now I have a study date with Chase.


Okay, so how was the second chapter? I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I did while writing it. These places and people are fictional. And sorry for no sex yet there will be some in the next chapter.



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