My name is Justin Slater and I'm a senior at Fairview High. Im five-foot-eight, 150 pounds, and a straight A student. I have short light brown-almost blonde- hair, tan skin, and a solid bubble butt. I play wide receiver in football and start on varsity. I have defined, slender arms; long, lean legs; strong pecs; and four-pack abs.

That's what most people know about me, but what they don't know is a secret for a reason. I'm bisexual and only I know it. I also have a crush on our stud running back, Chase Granger. He has slightly curly, dirty blonde hair, tan skin, and a thick muscular build. He's about an inch taller than me and probably weighs around 175. He has perfect straight teeth, and a great smile. He has dreamy hazel eyes that's very cute. He has chiseled, handsome features and muscular arms and legs. We had been good friends because of football and some mutual friends. He was nice to me and always joke-flirted with me. Chase was funny, smart, gorgeous, and nice. We had studied together with me helping him with math and him helping me with science. He told me he wanted to be doctor and that's why he took Latin and Biology. We had met in seventh grade from an advanced learning class. I was into sports medicine and he wanted to be a doctor, so we worked together and tried to improve a medical boot. That's when I realized that I liked guys and girls. We didn't finish the boot and both of us didn't take the class again.

So at school, we've been friends since middle school. We have talked a lot at practice and in our advanced classes. In the past, we have gotten one to two classes together. This year we had AP Biology and AP English together.

I walked into second period English with my best friend, Jordan. Jordan has dirty blonde hair and is my build. Jordan and I usually get around a 4.5 GPA each year. Jordan is also on the football team and plays cornerback. I would never think of Jordan in a sexual way because of us just being friends. I just don't have feelings for him at all. Jordan and I had sat down in the back row of the class and started talking about practice. I was talking about some of my catches and he was taking about his interception. Then Chase walked in and I immediately felt self-conscious. I spiked up my short hair in the front and straightened out my shirt. He walked over taking to one of his friends and sat down in front of me. He talked to his friend for a few minutes.

He turned around, looked at me, and smiled, "What's up, Justin?"

"Nothing really, you?" I replied.

"I'm fine, great actually," He said with a grin, " I saw some of your catches yesterday. You did good."

"Thanks, man," My smile widened, "I saw you run over a few linebackers."

He laughed, "It wasn't that great."

"I thought it was awesome." The bell rang and he turned back around to face the board.

The teacher gave us a boring lecture on grammar and reviewed the chapter we were supposed to read last night. As the class ended, I walked out with Jordan and headed to my locker. Some jerk wasn't looking and bumped into me and sending my books flying. I dropped down and started to pick up my books. I looked around and couldn't find some of my stuff. 'Shit!' I thought to myself. I stood up and felt someone tapping my shoulder. I turned around, and saw Chase holding my missing books.

"Here you go," Chase said holding them out to me with a smile.

I grabbed them, "Thanks."

"You're very welcome." Chase looked at me and we started walking. I stopped at my locker and he went a few lockers down and opened his.

"See ya, Justin," Chase said as he walked away.

"Bye," I replied.

I went to history and listened to a boring lecture about some war and how it affected its citizens. We did an activity where we described the war with pictures. I'm kind of artistic so it wasn't that hard. I drew a bunch of things that affected the war like weapons, equipment, famous battles, and strategies.

"Read Chapter 17 section 2 tonight for the quiz tomorrow," my history teacher, Mr. Hanes, reminded us when the bell rang.

I headed out and went back to my locker. I saw Chase standing there talking to some friends.

I headed to my next class.


I had one more class before I left for athletics. It was AP Biology. I closed my locker and saw Chase standing beside me.

"You want to walk to AP Bio with me?" Chase asked smiling (does he always have to smile that gorgeous grin).

"Sure," I said.

We started to head to the staircase due to the class being on the top floor. We talked about football for a bit, then he surprised me,

"So you got a girlfriend, Justin?"

"Nope," I said.

His eyes widened, "How is someone as hot as you still single?"

I laughed, "I don't know."

"I bet you could easily get one."

"Maybe," Then words just came out of my mouth, "I don't think the person I like likes me back."

"I might be able to hook you up," he said with his cute grin and wiggled his eyebrows in a mischievous look.

I laughed again, "I'm good."

He stopped and looked at me. I thought he was questioning something but then I realized that we were at our class. We walked in and he sat next to me at one of the lab tables. Our science teacher, Ms. Heldrage, was a sexist woman. She liked me because I actually paid attention in her class unlike a lot f the other guys. She was quite attractive, but her personality was terrible because of her outlook on boys. She taught us about the reproductive system of males and females. She explained sperm and eggs and actually made it really funny.

Near the end of class, she explained a project we were going to start with a partner.

"Your partners are already picked," she said and the class groaned. "Now, Now it will be fine unless you are paired with a boy. Okay so you will choose whether to do the male reproductive system or the female reproductive system. You will each write a paper together and create some sort of presentation."

She pulled out her roll and looked at us, "Now I will tell you your partners. Remember no trading, complaining, or choosing to work alone." She read off a bunch of names until she said, "I paired my best male students together to see how they compare to the girls: Justin Slater and Chase Granger."

'Yes! Yes!' I thought. I looked over and Chase grinned at me.


Okay, so I hope you enjoy my first story on GayDemon.

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