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I floated home from the park like all the troubles of the world had just been lifted off my shoulders I was on cloud nine, God only knows what Mum thought, I had left home about two hours before slamming the door and vowing never to be back, she was trying to take my bedroom off me, Our John was going steady with a girl and was now bringing her home for overnight shags, when he did Jamie had to sleep on the sofa in the living room, so Mum in her great wisdom decided that I should move into the double room with Jamie, and John would take my room. I was fighting the move with all I had, there was no way I was giving in on this, I would not be able to have a wank in peace, and if my PC was in a shared room then Jamie would be on it and might discover my gay pic collection, and if he found them then the internet that I had fought so hard to get would without hesitation be disconnected, I could not allow this to happen.

So when she said it is her house and she makes the rules, I told her to give her blue eyed boy the fucking room as I was moving out, so I took my dog and set off to god knows where, but ended up in the park with a cock in my mouth, then the next time she sees me, I am grinning from ear to ear like the boy who got the cream ok, I never but Greg got mine and that was near enough for me.
 I went home fed the dog then went out and met my mates and Karen my girlfriend, we hung around on the street corner just messing around kicking a ball about and telling bigger and better lies than my mates did before me, I had the biggest cock, I had shagged more burds than them, I fought off a full gang from another scheme, fuck I was superman or at least any outsider listening in would have thought so, but my mates knew I was talking just as much shite as they were, hey teenagers don't really have a lot in their life to talk about and lies are better than standing staring at each other, of course I had a great adventure that afternoon probably far more exciting than anyone else in our gang had but of course it was not a story I could tell.

I still had my single bedroom that night and fuck did I take full advantage off the privacy, I was seriously Greg'd up, my every thought was Greg related I stripped off as soon as I got in the room and lay on top of my bed, I closed my eyes and I could feel the warmth of his skin on mine as he gently lowered himself on to me, our belly's touching then his hard throbbing cock was rubbing against mine our pre cum mixing and with each others, helping us slide up and down each others bodies our lips met our legs locked around each others, my imagination worked overtime as I stroked faster and faster, I could feel him I could smell him I could taste him Fuckkkkkkkkkk, I let my first load go but not my last that night, I lay for hours just thinking about him, Girls or guilt never entered my head, all of my dreams felt right, I hoped that he was dreaming the same things about me, it was very late or should I say early morning when I fell asleep exhausted and happy.

 It was just after 10am when I woke the next morning, my first thought was Greg then my morning hardon, then Greg then a piss, I decided the piss was more urgent and went to the bathroom without having to worry about covering up, It was the school holidays, I was alone the house was empty apart from me and the dog, Mum, Dad, John and Jamie were all at work, I pointed my solid cock towards the pan pushing it firmly down so that it could not spring up and give me an eye full of piss, I imagined it was Greg's hand pushing my cock, then as the piss drained he began stroking my willing cock, I could feel him pushing up against me his cock sliding up and down the crack of my arse, one hand running through my hair while the other wanked me furiously, Jesus it felt so real, it might not have been one of the biggest loads I let go but fuck it was intense, every muscle in my body stretched then quivered on impact my whole body was shaking as I squeezed the last drips from my worn out cock, little blobs of squeeby all around and over the toilet seat, fuck it would be another 3 hours before I would get to feel his touch and warmth for real.

I turned on the shower and got in, even in the shower Greg took over, he soaped me all over my shoulders then down my chest his thumbs massaging the soap into my nipples down my body he went washing me as he went, he bypassed my cock washed down my thighs he was on his knees his tongue licking, his lips kissing my balls and cock, his fingers working the soap between my toes, the warm water hitting of the tip of my hard cock was intense I had to keep what little spunk I had left if any for my Greg, but I so wanted to cum again, I managed to stop myself but it was hard.

I dried myself off walked back to my room and fell on to the bed a gentle draught cooling my naked body, I dozed off again it was almost 12 when I came too cold and disorientated, I got up and pulled on a nice fresh pair of white CK boxers that I had got for my birthday, they were my most expensive pair and I wanted to keep them good so had only worn them twice before,
 I sprayed plenty of lynx all over then pulled on fresh socks and tee shirt finally I put on my white Nike Trackies. The nerves in my stomach started to roll with butterflies, my mind went into overtime, what if he does not turn up, what if he wants to shag me, what if I cant cum, Fuck I should not have had so many wanks last night, my head was all over the place. I checked myself out in the mirror about ten times, I fixed my hair about the same amount, I sprayed more lynx over myself all the while the dog is running around me choking to death from deodorant fumes and desperate to get out for a piss.

12.30 on the dot I left the house I had arranged to meet Greg in the park at 1pm, it took about 20 minutes to walk from my house to the park the dog was in a sniffing mood so we stopped at every pole for him to mark his scent, then disaster I bumped into my mate Gary he was on his way up to mine to see if I was coming out, Fuck I had to think of an excuse fast, I told him I was just taking the dog out then I had to go and meet my Dad at his work, Gary asked if he could come with me but I said that he would not be allowed.

I said that I had an interview with his boss for work experience, I had to turn back and head for the house, Gary walking with me all the way, I went inside and watched for a few minutes until I knew he was gone then got out and sprinted all the way to the park praying as I ran that Greg would wait, Tyson saw Jack Greg's dog and ran towards him, fuck relief he had waited, I slowed down trying to act all cool as I walked towards him, but in my head it was like watching those scenes in movies when the guy and woman go towards each other in slow motion, I heard Greg's voice

"awe right mate how's it hanging"

"it's not bud it's pointing and hard "

Without saying another word to each other we walked towards the woods the dogs following us this time.

I have to admit I was very nervous walking into the woods with Greg, It is one thing lying in the privacy of your bedroom dreaming of making mad passionate love to the guy of your dreams as you wack one off, but in real life when you are as inexperienced as I was your head is spinning with thoughts, I am shite at sucking?, what if I cum too soon?, what do I do if he try's to fuck my arse?, what if I fart when he is down sucking me?.

We walked towards the tree that we had sat on the afternoon before, the dogs were running about wildly having great fun, we were stood there two 15 year old hormone riddled teenage boys waiting on the other making the first move, the day before I was completely comfortable in Greg's company, today I was a nervous wreck, we sat and smoked, more watching the dogs running about than looking at each other, I had a raging Bonner in my trackies that I needed and wanted taken care off, but Greg was not showing any interest, fuck it, I made the first move I slid my left hand on to his right thigh rubbing my hand back and forth a few times working further up towards his balls, the soft tracksuit material letting my hand ride up smoothly, eventually my thumb hit his package, unsure if it was balls or cock it did not matter I had touched him and he never pulled away, my whole hand cupped his package his cock was hard his balls warm and firm I could feel the sticky pre cum oozing out my own cock,

I looked at him he grinned, fuck it I could not stand it any more I moved my hand up to his waistband and forced my hand down under his trackies and boxers, I felt the soft foreskin his warm sticky pre cum on my fingers, I worked down feeling the whole length of his cock, because of the way he was sitting it was hard to reach his balls, I wanted him badly, after a few uncomfortable seconds we stood up our lips came together and we kissed hard, our lips crashing our tongues searching each others mouths, I had his cock in my hand sort of wanking him inside his boxers he had one hand on my head the other feeling my bum, I put my thumbs either side of his waistband and pushed down as I slid to my knees his hard dripping cock springing free, my mouth moved to the head of his cock my tongue licked up the oozing pre cum my mouth moved over his cock taking in about 2 - 3 inches, I sucked and slurped at his solid throbbing manhood, fuck I was in heaven again I was not gagging the feeling of his soft skin in my mouth was fantastic, my hands firmly gripping his arse cheeks I did not want this to end, I took a little more then another inch, I gagged and took the opportunity to lookup,

his eyes were closed, his head back, I firmly wanked him a little then moved my mouth back over his cock, he began to fuck my face I could smell his musky balls as he moved back and forth, he grabbed my head and forced his whole length into my throat, I gagged and pushed him away, he pulled my head towards him he was wanking his cock furiously, then he let out a whimper and my face was covered, it was in my eyes on my nose dripping down my face he was whimpering away, "yes yes yes" as he squeezed the last of his squeeby out of his cock, my tongue licked up the last of it tasting the salty bitter taste of his cum in my mouth, I pulled some from my face down into my open mouth tasting more of the thick globby goo, I so wished that he had cum in my mouth, then to my disappointment Greg pulled up his boxers and trackies then shouted on his dog and walked away saying,

"Catch yea later I have to go" and got off.

I called after him "you be down tomorrow "

"I don't know might be if I am I will see yea then"

fuck I was left there in the woods, with a still raging hardon all alone and totally confused, had I done something wrong? was I shite at sucking? had he got upset because he had to wank himself off?, I was well pissed off, I suppose I felt used and abused, but it did not stop me whacking one off, spilling my muck over the fallen tree just where he had been sat, but that was no compensation for the blowjob I had been cheated out off. I walked back up the road with the dog, the knees of my trackies bogging right through, my face all sticky with dried in cum trying to work out what had went wrong and wondering if I would ever see Greg again.

Thankfully I never bumped into anyone I knew.



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