Meeting Greg and my First Suck

Ok time to move on a little here. We continued to go to the Caravan site most weekends over the next few months, I continued to perv in the Shower block, the closest I ever got to Barry was touching him up while he slept when I slept over at his van one night, I think he realised what was going on, he pushed my hand away and went on the defensive cupping his balls to deny me access, that was the only night we shared a sleepover, it was never mentioned and the opportunity to get any further never presented itself, I became quite close to the twins but never got anywhere with them either, then their parents sold their caravan a couple of months after we got ours and I never saw them again.

I had many more fumbles with Gary in the old house while dogging school and eventually in my bed during sleepovers with him and a few other mates from time to time but a quick grope, and some body rubbing and wanking was as far as it got with any of them, Gary's was the first cock I ever touched and will always remember the thrill of that first touch but I should have realised that it was never going to be anything other than reluctant fumbles on his behalf to keep me happy, rather that any desire to have sex with me, it might have saved some of the problems later on but then again if it was not him it would have been someone else who outed me.

GREG .....

It was weird how I met him, I had just turned 15 and was out with my dog in the local park, It had been one of those days I was right pissed off with the world, my hormones were going crazy, although I was still lusting after cock I had a girlfriend, I had given myself a right good talking too, all this perving after guys was not normal I would have to get a girlfriend and be normal so I did, I am not claiming that I was some kind of hot stud, but I was pretty popular with the girls in the crowd I ran about with, I knew there were at least 3 girls that would go out with me if I asked.

I picked Karen to save me from my dirty sick poofy thoughts, she was a nice looking girl, Thin neither tall nor small she had shoulder length dirty fair hair and more importantly her brother Stu a year older than us was one fucking handsome cunt, so going out with her had it's bonuses, any way I had been going out with Karen for about 3 months, the closest I got to sex was a feel at her tit and even that was rationed to a 2 minute grope twice a week.

I was totally sexually frustrated, I would try my hardest to think of Karen or half the teenage girls in Glasgow when I wanked, and although I had no problem getting hard I would never cum until I gave in and thought of some random guy then within two minutes I would be cleaning up my mess.
 Anyway back to the story I am down the park in one of my pissed off moods me and my best friend in the world at the time a Staffy /Lab cross called Tyson (miss Him)
 as I threw sticks for the dog I noticed another guy who looked about my age was also in the park with his dog a wee Jack Russell, Tyson ran to him and they began playing about, The dog's owner came over to me

"Nice dog mate, what age is he "the guy asked

Me.. " He is 3 years old mate"

The guy .. " Is he a pit bull"

Me .. No mate just a mongrel"

Guy .. He looks like a pit bull"

Me .. "Yea a few people have said that but he is just a lab cross"

Guy .." Does he chase the rabbits and squirrels"

Me.. "Mostly rabbits mate but he is too fucking fat to ever catch one"

 I don't know what it was about the guy, I had never seen him before in my life and although I lusted after almost every guy who looked in my direction at that time ( Still do ha ha). There was something about this guy that gripped my attention, he was not some handsome god, infact it would be fair to describe him as a little over weight average looking teen age guy, but fuck there was something about him that sent shivers through my body within minutes of talking to him, I felt he was my friend from the second I met him, maybe it was gaydar but I have never felt so comfortable in a strangers company in my life as I did with this guy.
 Guy .. "Awe shit he is after a rabbit"
 The wee Jack Russell was bounding into the woods Tyson my dog about 50 yards behind trying against all hope of keeping up.
 Guy .. "I had better go and see were he went, when he go's in there he won't come back for ages are you coming?"
 The guy headed towards the trees and I followed, the woods were quite dense probably just about half a mile square but a lot of trees packed into the space, there were paths through the woods created by years of dog walkers and wild life and had it not been for the traffic noise from the nearby road you would have thought you were miles out in the countryside.

We walked into the trees and although we could hear the dogs barking we could not see them, a few minutes walk into the woods the guy sat down on a fallen tree took out a pack of cigarettes and offered me one, I took it and he gave me a light then lit his own.

Guy .." I am Greg mate" He offered his hand

Me .. "Teddy pleased to meet yea "

I shook his hand fuck it was like getting an electric shock, he held my hand a little longer than was necessary I am trying to think of away to explain what I felt but cant describe it fully, Imagine how in a movie just say for example someone gets touched by the hand off God you know that sort of peace that is projected that's the nearest that I can come to describing it. Hypnotised might be a better way to describe the feeling.

Me .. "You live local bud"

Greg .. " Yea Cranhill "
 Cranhill was another housing scheme in the East End of Glasgow about 3 miles from the estate that I came from, and although I knew were it was I had never had any reason to go there, The dogs came back then ran off again we finished our cigarettes and just sat talking about general teenage things, then Greg stood up and took his cock out from his trackies and began pissing right beside me.

I am talking less than a foot away, fuck I did not know what to do, I looked at his face then his cock then his face again, although he never said a word the way he looked at me I just knew that he wanted me to take my cock out, I pulled my cock out my own Trackies it was fully erect, I just stood there trying to piss but nothing was coming out my eyes darting from Greg's Cock to his face and back to his Cock my heart was racing, I looked down at his cock again it was solid maybe about 4 .5- 5.0 inches uncut, he was riding his hand up and down the foreskin covering then uncovering the bell end of his cock. I followed suit spat on my hand for some lube and began wanking in tandem with him, fuck it was crazy the cold air hitting of my cock and balls.

I was ecstatic, God only knows were I got the courage from but I just reached out put my hands behind his back and pulled him close to me our cocks touched, I pushed my trackies down to my knees then pushed Greg's down the feeling of the heat from his lower body against mine was amazing, I had one hand on his arse, with the other I pulled his face to mine and we began kissing, fuck it was intense we must have stood like that for a good five minutes, then the dogs came back sniffing around us, nothing like a dogs nose in your bum to turn you off , we chased the dogs away and I dropped to my knees I took his throbbing hard cock in my hand then moved forwards and kissed it on the bell end then the shaft then his balls, I could smell that musky ball smell although this was the first time I had smelt it fuck I knew it was a smell I loved,

I licked back up his shaft to the tip and for the first time I got to taste cock, as my mouth moved over the tip of his cock the softness of his foreskin on my lips and tongue was mind blowing, I took some more of him in then gagged, I cleared my throat looked up at him his eyes were closed he had a great big smile on his face and I went back to work on his cock gagging and trying more, fuck I was in heaven I could taste his pre cum I wanted his spunk but could not build up a proper rhythm I was far too inexperienced to make him cum but fuck I wanted to learn how.

Greg stopped me from sucking him and pulled me back up, our lips met once again this time tongues bouncing of each others in a proper long deep hard sensual kiss, then I felt him slide down to his knees and then the warmth of his mouth as he took almost all of my 5 inch cock in one go, fuckkkkkkkk it was mind blowing, I am sure my eyes were turning in my head as he worked my cock fast and expertly, there was no doubt this guy had done this before, I began to ride his face the cold air hitting off my backside and balls, the warmth of his mouth around my cock my legs began to tremble I could feel it rising I knew I was Cumming, I tried to push him away but he held on to my arse tight and Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk I shuddered then blew shot after shot my lot into his mouth, fuck my balls shuddered so much I was sure they had jumped up into my stomach, Greg just kept sucking and swallowing the tenderness in my cock was indescribable.

I could hardly breath or talk, fuck that was defiantly the most intense orgasm that I had ever had, Greg got up and once again our lips and tongues met, we stood there holding each other tightly in the most passionate of kisses, fuck I had only known this guy for less than an hour and he had changed my life so much, I was totally smitten by him, the two dogs lay looking at us like two teenagers watching there first porno talk about love at first sight, instantly I was madly in love with Greg, we talked a little standing there in the woods our trackies and boxers at our knees holding each other as natural as any young couple in love, we arranged to meet the following day then tidied ourselves up and went our separate ways, God a happier boy you would not have found that day than me.



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