Caravan of Lust

After breakfast we met up with Barry and the twins and a few of the other lads for a game of football, then after a while it started raining so we went to hang around in the games room for most of the morning, it was raining heavily by the time we headed back home to Glasgow about 2pm.

I now needed to convince my Dad to get me internet access, Barry and the twins chatted on MSN during the week and although I had a PC we did not yet have internet access, I needed and wanted it and I was going to get it no matter what, I just had to get Mum on my side.

It broke my heart leaving my new mates, and the shower room behind and was I already counting the days until next weekend.

Back home in Glasgow my head was totally pickled, if I was not wanking to Barry, I was wanking to the twins or some other random guy who looked my way and when I was not wanking I was needing a wank.

My head was full of what I had saw over the weekend, I realised that my fascination with other guys dicks was wrong, ok the wank I had with my mate Gary while dogging school was a little pervy, but nothing heavy, but now I was planning ways to get to see other guys cocks that was fuckin heavy.

I did not want to be a bender no way could I be, my Dad would kill me if he knew what I was doing, Jamie and especially my oldest brother John would make my life a living hell if they found out, and I would become the school joke constantly getting hassled if anyone found out, I had to pull myself together and stop thinking about guys.

I tried to concentrate on girls when I wanked, but always ended up thinking of Barry's naked body. I tried not wanking but still thought of Barry or the twins or the various cocks I had saw in the shower room, if I closed my eyes I saw cock if I opened them I wanted to close them again to see more it had took over my whole life, I lay tossing and turning all night I doubt if I got more than four hours sleep that night it was very worrying.

Next day at school the first few classes I was tired and could not concentrate, at the break Gary my best mate and the guy that I had wanked off beside in the old farm house.

Gary told me that he was pissed off and was fucking off out of the school, I said I would join him so off we went wandering the streets, after about an hour of walking about and getting nowhere I suggested going up to the old farm house, Gary agreed so off we went it was probably about 1.30pm in the afternoon, we had about 2 boring hours to kill, we talked about all sorts then the conversation got on to girls and sex,

Gary told me that he had got a wank off some girl he had met at his Grans while I was away at the caravan, he said that she had nearly ripped his cock off, he was pulling some right weird faces as he described it, but I knew he was talking rubbish I just played along, had he been to his Grans or had met a girl he would not have waited until now to mention it, I said that I had heard that the best wank ever is off another guy as they knew how to handle a cock, he told me that he had heard that too, then there was this awkward silence, I think the fact that we had acknowledged that guys might wank each other took us both in to an uncomfortable zone, and none of us was sure how to get passed the awkwardness . I broke the silence

" fuck all this sex talk has made me horny ah need a wank, yea up for it "
" Fuck it why not" Gary replied
I wasted no time I undid the waistband and fly on my grey school trousers, Gary done the same and less than a minute latter we had our fully grown hardons in our hand stroking, I watched Gary's cock it was different from mine he had skin over the tip of his that came back and forwards, I could not keep my eyes off it, Gary stopped wanking saying he had wankers cramp his hard cock was just standing there pointing straight up, I moved my left hand over to his cock he looked at me and just sat there as my hand wrapped around his manhood and I began stroking it up and down, my heart was racing my whole body was shaking the feeling of his soft skin over his hard warm rod sent waves of shivers through my body, I looked at him and he had his eyes closed I was in fucking heaven, his sticky pre cum was on my fingers, I bent over and kissed his cock, I wanted to taste it I was just about to lick the tip when he pushed me away and wanked himself furiously coming within seconds, I finished myself off just as fast shooting spunk up onto my white shirt and my tie and I even managed to get some on my trousers, ah fucking miracle considering how much I had wanked the night before.

My heart was racing my cock was throbbing we both lay there for a couple of minutes getting our breath back, our cocks still out going soft and oozing the last of our squeeby, then we snapped back to reality we heard voices nearby, in sheer panic we sorted ourselves out and carefully looked out the window, there was an old guy with his dog nearby we watched and waited until he was out of sight before heading back towards school again, we never even spoke a word to each other until we got near the school we still had about ten minutes to wait before we joined the crowd leaving school as we sat on a wall Gary said

" it's true guys do give better wanks than burds"

My face went red but I had a grin on it like a Cheshire cat, I had wanked off (Well partly) another guy and it was brilliant I was in love, fuck I was head over heals my Gary was amazing.

My life was on a roller coaster, Sex was taking over my life or at least the want of it was,

I was lusting after almost every guy I saw, I wanted at least 2 teachers to fuck me almost every guy in the school could have me if they had wanted, bus drivers guys on the bus who looked in my direction infact lets just say I would have went with anyone with a cock, but wanting and getting are two different things. I saw Gary every day at school and we hung around with each other at night but he did not have the desire I had for a repeat of our farmhouse fun, we wrestled often and I got the odd grope at his hard meat sometimes we lay there gripping each other our hard covered cocks touching through our clothes but that was as far as he would go, the only thing that came close in my desires was getting connected to the internet, I had begged Mum and pleaded with Dad but was getting nowhere, Dad used the excuse all the spare money they had would be spent on the caravan site fees, but Mum gave in to my constant pleading and promises that I would get a paper round or job stacking shelves at the supermarket to pay for it knowing I never would.



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