Captain Pugwash and Wankmania

The boat tied up in the mooring, we walked back up the site towards Barry's Caravan he had his oars over his shoulder, with his Grey boxers hanging over the end like a fuckin flag not caring who saw them, as we got to Barry's caravan we met our Jamie, he was with Emma the girl that he had been sucking the face off the night before.

" My Da is Gonnay kill you Captain Pugwash, for going out on a boat."

he shouted to me

" Fuck off"

I replied giving him the spin finger, when he caught up with us he told me I had better go and tell Dad I was back, as he had been down walking along the side of the loch with the dog to see if he could see us, Barry went in to his caravan to get some fresh boxers, our shorts were dry by this time, but now that Dad and Jamie where back I needed to put on a pair myself, I went into see Dad, He yakked in my ear about how dangerous the water in the loch was and how I could have been drowned, I don't think he was that worried about me dying, he was more worried that my Mum would have killed him if I had died on his watch, but anyway lecture over I went to my room pulled on a pair of boxers and replaced my shorts, done a quick exit and joined back up with Barry, Jamie and Emma, all four of us went to the games room.

We messed about with the video machines then had a game of Killer on the pool table.

We got bored after about an hour, by that time we had been joined by most of the people we had been with the night before, and two other guys who were twins, they were both the same age as me 14 and well fuckin sexy, they were identical twins called Craig and Dean, Jesus this caravan lark just kept getting better and better, my hormones were going crazy.

One of the lads had brought a ball, so we all went down to the spare ground and had a bit of a kick about for about an hour, then just lay about soaking up the sun for a while.

Around 4.30 the gang began breaking up to go for dinner, by 5pm there were only me ,Jamie , Barry and one of the twins Dean left sun bathing, Barry announced that he was going to grab a shower then get his dinner and would catch us in the games room about 6.30.

" I am gonnay grab a shower myself but with soap this time" I replied.

We all began walking back to our caravans, Fuck I wanted to be in that shower room when Barry was stripping, Jamie decided he was going for a shower as well, I had no interest in seeing him naked, but could not object to him going for a shower, I stalled for a while pretending I was having a meaningful conversation with Dad about dinner as Jamie left for the shower block, I had one eye looking out the window watching for Barry coming out his van, and the other on Dad pretending I was interested in what he was saying, he was going into the village for some Chinese take away and asked me what we wanted, I gave him our order Jamie would just have to have what I was having, just then I caught a glimpse of Barry towel over his shoulder coming out his van, I grabbed my towel and shower gel and was out the door a second later,

Barry was already in the shower room and had began stripping as I got in, 3 of the 4 cubicles were being used, Barry had stripped off and I was in the process, he did not give a fuck who saw him once he was bollock so once again I had a full view of his goods, he entered the free cubicle, Just as he went in this old guy about 50 came out one of the other ones, I took the vacated cubicle just as Jamie came out of his, I was only in the shower a few minutes, when Barry came out the one next to mine, I quickly rinsed off and joined him at the bench to dry off, only as he dried off his hair, I dried of my legs, taking full advantage of his swaying cock and balls as he dried vigorously, I swear it was like being in a real life porno, ok no sex was going on but the food for my imagination was plenty, a guy in his mid 20's came out of another cubicle and wow what a fuckin cock he had on him, it was swinging about like a fucking Tarzan rope. my eyes were every where, I was eying up Barry and the tarzan rope guy, while trying to pretend I was drying myself off, trying my hardest not to get a fucking raging hardon from seeing all this cock, so I quickly dressed still half damp as Barry was now dressed and was leaving.

As we walked back to our vans I told Barry we would catch him later, I went into the caravan I could swear I interrupted Jamie battering one out, he got all that stupid panicky way when I opened his room door to ask him something, and he had that embarrassed look on his face, I could have left and let him finish, but why should I, if it had been the other way round he would have teased the life out of me, I just sprayed up with some of his linx deodorant while he got dressed for the night, before going to my own room to do the same, we both went through to the living area just as Dad came back with the Chinese meal.

As I sat eating, my brain was working over time visualizing the amount of cock I had saw that day, thankfully I had a tray covering my crouch area, how sick would that look, a visible hardon while eating with your Dad and Brother, I so needed a wank but could not think of any excuse to disappear for 10 minutes, we ate then cleaned up the dishes, we then sat about talking to Dad for about 20 minutes, he was going to fit the new shower tray while we were out.

We still had some hash left from the bit we had bought back in Glasgow and Dad had gave us £5 each before we went out so we were sorted, this would be our last night in the van, we would be going home on the Sunday afternoon as Dad had work on the Monday. We spent some time in the games room, then when the rest of our new friends had gathered we done the same as the night before, we went to the village got some booze and then back to the same spot in the woods to get mad with it, The twins were from England and I struggled to understand their accent, but from what I could make out I liked both of them, they were hot and had the same nature, I could not work out which one was which but they where used to that, they told us that even their Dad struggles sometimes to work out who is who, they said that he just looks at them raises his eye brows and tries his luck with a name, they have to tell him which one of the twins they are if he gets it wrong.

They told us some of the tricks they play on people, they had a great sense of humor and kept us laughing most of the night, I was now in love with both of them as well as Barry, fuck my poor cock would be getting a right abusing later that night, it was a good night we all got pretty out of our nuts, Jamie went off into the woods with Emma then Dean one of the Twins went away with another girl, Anna was sitting on Barry's knee all romantic like, but they never went into the woods or even kissed I don't think, I went to the tree line for a piss and big Terry followed me to do the same, I got to see his cock a little but to be honest for a guy so big his cock looked smaller than mine, but even though I did not fancy him, Of course if it had been on offer I would have still have given him one ha ha.

Any doubt that I had in my mind about being bent, was blown out the window that weekend, I had done some heavy cock watching over that couple of days and fuck the desire to suck on one was taking over my life, I so needed to touch and taste cock.

Dad's job on the shower was a waste of time, he said that it would take us a week to have a shower the pressure was so weak, so it would be best to just keep using the site showers until he could find out if there was a pump of some sort he could get to increase the pressure,

There is no doubt I over wanked that night, thankfully Jamie fell asleep quite quick, I heard him batter one out through the thin wall that separated our rooms then minutes later he was snoring, I would have to keep my socks and boxers well hidden until I got home and make sure I put them in the washing machine before Mum got her hands on them they were well spunked up.

God only knows when I fell asleep, but my cock felt as if it was on fire it had been rubbed that much over the previous couple of hours, Sunday Morning I got up early and went straight to the shower room to perv, but no joy the place was empty I got undressed, showered and was redressed when I heard the door opening, so I decided to go through the process again as if I had just come in for a shower, getting my much needed dose of cock viewing and I was not disappointed,
although all my prayers that a dirty young pervert, or for that matter any aged pervert would come into the shower room and molest me never happened, I still got to see so many cocks of all shapes and sizes that I would not be stuck for fantasies for months.



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