The Shower Block

I was up pretty early the following morning it must have been about 8.30 am. although our caravan had a built in shower the tray was leaking and Dad had removed it and was going in to the nearest town to buy a new one that day, so we had to use the campsite showers until it was fixed, I pulled on the clothes that I had been wearing the night before, stuck on my flip flops, grabbed a pair of boxers and socks from my bag, and a towel from the bathroom and headed for a shower,

Fuck I am so glad that I did, the first sight I saw when I walked in the door was a cock, this man who I would say was about 30 years old had his towel over his head and face drying his hair and these big fucking hairy balls and cock were bouncing about all over the place, as he dried himself in front of the bench that had his clothes on it, I froze to the spot my mouth agape as my cock sprung to life, Just then the guy removed the towel from his head, he then lifted his foot up on to the bench to dry his feet and legs I swear his big hairy arse was only inches from me, my cock was rock hard by this time, I had never expected to see anything like this on the caravan site.

The shower room had four cubicles without doors, or anywhere to get changed, you had to strip off lay your clothes on a bench and hooks fixed to the wall about 5 feet from the showers, then go into the shower cubicles.

I turned my back to the man and undressed slowly hoping my hardon would go away, or that the man would dress and leave before I was naked, until then I thought that I had a big cock with plenty of hair around my balls, but seeing that man's cock and balls showed me that I had a lot of growing to do.

I counted to three in my head whipped off my boxers and swiftly got into an empty shower cubicle, then realised I had not brought any soap or shampoo I felt like a right plonker, I washed down as best I could with just water, all in all I was in the shower about 3 or 4 minutes, I got out and began drying myself off when another guy came out of one of the other cubicles, he was probably about 18 years old, I never actually got to see his cock but got a right good look at his arse and dangling balls, half dry I pulled on my clean boxers and trackies as fast as I could, I did not want him to see my little Peter growing hard again, fuck I had saw more real living cock in only ten minutes than I had in my whole life.

I had not been impressed when Dad had said he had bought a caravan as a weekend getaway, I was forced to go down that first weekend because it was Mum's stay over weekend at the care home she worked in, and as Dad was going, me and Jamie never got the option to stay home, but now I was delighted that I had came, I had met Barry and then saw two naked man bodies, fuck I could have happily spent the whole weekend in the shower room alone.

When I got back to the caravan Dad was cooking breakfast and Jamie was lying on the sofa in just his boxers watching TV, he asked what the showers were like, I told him that I had forgot to take soap and shampoo and that there were no changing rooms he laughed at me saying

"ya wee dick your scared of soap any way".

We had breakfast then Dad was going into town to get the new shower base, he asked if we wanted to go with him I said no, but Jamie went with him, Just as they were leaving Barry came out of his caravan, I walked towards him he told me he was going to the camp shop so I walked with him, I told him about going into the shower without soap he laughed;

"fuck I have done that loads of times, the shower in our van is crap the water has no pressure so I use the camp showers most of the time, but keep your flip flops on in the shower or you will get foot sores, there are some right dirty cunts use them"

Barry bought some bread and a newspaper from the store, then as we walked back to his caravan I told him that Dad and Jamie had gone into town to buy a new shower base and invited him into ours to play on the Play station, he agreed to come.

My heart was racing, I was going to get him alone all to myself, oh thank you Dad buying this Caravan was the best thing ever I thought to myself.

It was a very warm morning, the sun was blazing not something that we get a lot of in Scotland, but when we do we take full advantage of it, Barry said he would take the bread in to his Mum get changed into his shorts, then he would get me at our van in ten minutes, I went in to ours and pulled on a pair of white nylon football shorts, then decided to be a little bit naughty, I pulled the shorts back off removed my boxers, then pulled the shorts back on, although the shorts had lining I had cut it under the balls part to make them loose, I don't like tight things against my balls, but cut lining is also handy for two other things, it makes it easy to get your tackle out for a quick wank and of course deliberately exposing your self. ( Yip I was born a pervert )

Barry was true to his word and was at the door of the caravan 10 minutes later, he also had on a pair of Football shorts, his were green, topped with a white Nike tee shirt, we settled down on the floor in front of the TV and played Gran Turismo for about half an hour, sitting on the floor with your legs crossed under you is a great way to allow a stray ball to have a peek outside, as we chatted, Barry told me that he had a rowing boat and often went out on the loch for a row and a swim, I was very interested in this information, out on boat alone with him sounded good to me, I told him I had never been out on a small boat and would love it if the next time he was going out he would let me go with him, he said that he would take me out anytime I fancied it, I grabbed the opportunity and asked if we could go right away

"Yea why not let's go" Barry replied.

Boating with Barry

I wanted to get away before Dad and Jamie got back, or Jamie would want to come with us. or even worse Dad might not let me go out on a boat without adult supervision, I scribbled a note for Dad telling him where I had gone.

Barry kept the oars for his boat under his caravan he pulled them out told his parents we were taking the boat out, and off we went with is mother's voice calling

" Be careful out there "

The mooring was only a short walk from our caravans, we got in the boat it was a typical fibreglass dingy, with enough room for four people two in the middle one at the back and one at the front, Barry told me to sit at the back of the boat and he would do the rowing, I had never been on a boat this small before, a couple of times I had been on ferry's, and a day trip boat once, but they were massive big things compared to Barry's

This little thing was quite different to be honest I was a bit scared that it would capsize or sink or something, and although I can swim, I am not the strongest swimmer in the world, But being alone with Barry helped calm my fears, Barry was a fast rower and within 15 minutes we were a good bit down the loch, I kept glancing down between his legs in the hope of getting a flash at his tackle up the leg of his shorts, but his legs were pretty much firmly held in one place to give him resistance as he rowed, so I never got a flash, on the other hand I deliberately had my legs open and kept leaning my head back pretending I was trying to get a suntan on my face, but the truth is I was flashing my goods, I knew he would get a flash if he was interested in looking.

All of a sudden Barry pulled the oars into the boat and stood up, he pulled his tee shirt over his head taking it off, as he did so his package was almost in my face, and the shape of his cock was clearly visible through the thin material, I was sure that if not hard he must at least had a semi, Fuck I just wanted to grab him pull his shorts down and get stuck into his cock, even though at this point I had never sucked a cock I was constantly fantasizing about sucking one, Barry had a light hair trail going down into the waistband of his shorts even that was a turn on to me, I was fucking rock solid in my shorts, and if I had stood up it would have been very obvious, thankfully it was pointing up to the waistband rather than down or it would have been popping out the leg of my shorts.

Barry sat back down pulled off his trainers and socks, he then stood up and jumped out of the boat into the water, shouting for me to join him, I pulled off my tee shirt kicked of my trainers took off my socks and did the same 30 seconds later I was beside him, The water was freezing it was honestly the coldest water I have ever been in, We messed about in the freezing water for a few minutes, but I was glad to get out of it,

I tried to climb back into the boat but it was not an easy thing to do, I thought I was going to pull the boat over as I tried to get my leg up first then my arm hoping I could sort of roll my body up in to it, but that failed as well.

Barry told me to let him go first, he got back into the boat without to much of a struggle but he had obviously done it plenty of times before, once he was safely in the boat he put his hand over to help pull me in beside him,

His shorts were stuck against his cock the shape was clear to see, I was mesmerized. as he pulled one of my arms I pulled on the boat with the other to pull myself back on board, then just as my waist was clearing the water disaster struck, my shorts came right off, I tried to catch them with my legs then my feet but they escaped I was now half in, half out the boat, my shrivelled up tackle on the edge and my bare arse exposed to the sun, I was totally mortified, as Barry gave one last yank and pulled me into the boat arse down and cock up, Barry was killing himself laughing as I tried to cover up my very shrunken cock and tiny tight balls, I cant ever remember being so embarrassed.

Barry dived back into the water and got my shorts, he threw them back into the boat then climbed back in as I covered my bits ( Don't ever get in cold water if there is a chance the one you have the hot's for might get to see your bits )

When Barry got back in the boat he slipped his shorts off took off his boxers and stood pissing over the side of the boat as he wrung the water out of his boxers, as natural as if he was standing fully clothed at a bus stop, even though his cock was obviously cold and water shrunk, it was still bigger than mine, and his pubic hair was very impressive being dark haired he had a thick wiry bush, I just sat open mouthed staring at this wonderful display, my cock rapidly coming back to full hard size. honestly if I had died that moment I would have died a happy happy guy.

Barry pulled his football shorts back on and rowed back to the campsite we laughed and joked about what had happened, but he never mentioned my little cock, God I was so in love with him I would have been happy to stay in that boat forever

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