Chapter 2 - The Next Days

That night, I dreamed of my experiance with Mr. Banner. I had to face it, I was in love with my English teacher, I was gay. I still had to make sure of it. I got on my computer and clicked on the first gay porn site I saw. It was awesome.

In it, a man named Bill was going to his friend, Fred's house. They got really drunk and started kissing. They didn't do anything else. The next day after Fred got over his hangover, Bill came over. He admitted he liked what happened the night before. The two men kissed again, and one thing led to another, and they ended up having anal. It was pretty cheesy, but me being newly gay, it made me cum all over.

The next day, was even more tempting. During english class, I wanted to fuck Mr. Banner right then, right there so bad. But I couldn't, not in front of the whole class. Mr. Banner brought me my report card. All A's. Yesterday it was all D's and F's.

After class, Mr. Banner called me up. 'So,' he said 'You have to admit yesterday was fun, but do we just wanna be fuck buddies, boyfriends, or just pretend like this never happened?' I thought about what he said. 'I love you, Mr. Banner' 'Call me Steven.' he interrupted. 'I love you, Steven, and I would love to be your boyfriend. But what if someone found out? What if you got fired.' 'Let me take care of that.' Steven said calmly. He laid his lips on mine.

This time, he wasn't demanding. He let me try what I wanted to try. I could tell how he felt about me was different, compared to yesterday.

We kissed for a while, and we really showed we loved eachother. After a good fifteen minutes, I started taking off my shirt. He took off his. I felt his chest, he had been working out overnight. I sucked on his nipples. He took off his pants. I took off his boxers. I put my mouth around his penis, sucking. He cummed in my mouth, this was the first time anything like this had happened to me.

Suddenly Steven stopped. 'You do realize this doesn't mean I'll still let you slack off in class, does it?' he said. I laughed. 'Of course not, but why did you change my report card?' He thought. 'I'm in the honeymoon stage, new boyfriend, heping him go through his first gay experiences. Pay attention, we're having a test on this.' I laughed again. 'I'm serious.' he continued.

In the next days, I could tell Steve was getting a little annoyed with me sometimes. When he called me a 'twink' and a 'cake boy' I seriously thought he was talking about desert. I had a lot to learn.

We finally went on a date. We had to go somewhere that nowhere we knew would be. Steve decided a gay bar would be fun, and nobody else from school would be there.




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