'Gay' was a word that had no meaning to me. Used as an insult, nothing else. That is it had no meaning until Mr. Banner, the new teacher.

Mr. Banner was directly out of college. He was twenty-four. I was suprised they let him in, him being so young. I had a great liking to Mr. Banner, he was funny and nice in class. He was also rather attractive and buff, but I didn't notice...yet.

I was walking from Basketball practice to Mr. Banner's class. He teaches English, and I was way behind. I hadn't done my homework in weeks. I was ashamed to show my face to him.

Class had the same feeling. I was ashamed, hiding my face in a book. After class, I heard those dreaded words. 'Mike, would you please come up to my desk?'

School was over, nobody was in sight. Nobody was in the school besides me and him. 'Mike, I haven't seen homework from you in over a week.' he said. 'I know,' I began 'I've been really busy with basketball, and football, and working out.' 'And that's more important than school work?' 'Well, no. I geuss not.' 'How do you expect to bring your grades back up?' I pondered this. 'I could do some extra credit.' He looked at me briefly. 'How can I expect you to turn in extra credit if you can't trun in your homework in the first place?' 'Please sir, I'll do anything.'

'Anything?' Mr. Banner asked. 'Yes!' I said. 'You said you've been working out?' 'Yeah.' He paused, as if making sure he wanted to say what he was about to say next. 'Show me your abs.' I was confused. 'Isn't that against the rules?' 'MIKE!' he yelled 'You said anything.' He was right, I had.

I unbuttoned the top of my shirt and took it off. My chest was smooth, still a little sweaty from basketball. 'Not bad, not bad indeed.' He said, looking over my chest. He slowly lifted his hand and put it on my chest. He began to rub my nipples. 'Mr. Banner, are you gay?' 'Yes.' he said 'Aren't you?' I thought. 'I'm not sure.'

Mr. Banner thought of his next command. 'Kiss me.' he said. I hesitated. 'Kiss me.' he repeated. I leaned in slowly, and put my lips softly to his. I liked it more than I thought I would. 'Open your mouth.' he said. I obeyed. He put his tounge into my mouth, tangling it with mine.

He took my hand, and put it on his crotch, still wearing pants. It was hard. I felt a sensation, it was great, actually. He took his hand and put it on my crotch. Without thinking, I took my pants and boxers off. I was now completely naked. Mr. Banner was amazed. 'Does this make me gay?' I asked. 'Do you want it to make you gay?' He asked. 'Yes.' I said. I leaned over to kiss him again.

I used my hand to pull of his jeans. I didn't know what had come over me. I took off his boxers. I had never seen another mans dick. I touched it. 'Suck it, if you want.' Mr. Banner said.

I leaned towards his dick. I opened my mouth.



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