Colombian guys are complicated in their wants and needs sexually. I discovered this first hand when  Jaime and I had went to a mall to book a flight with a travel agent.. I remember we were busy with the booking agent when Jaime asked to use the bathroom. The agent said the bathroom was located in the parking garage area. I didn´t think anything of it until after fifteen minutes Jaime hadn´t returned, I thought maybe he had gotten side tracked  and was checking out some of the stores. Finally he came back and acted real strange and seemed disheveled in appearance. I asked him what took him so long and his answer perked my curiosity to no end. I asked him where the bathroom was since I had to take a piss. Jaime said it was real far but the ticket agent piped in and said it was just a few yards from their offices. I decided to to investigate and went in search of this bathroom. It turned out to be like the ticket agent had said located a few yards from their offices. As I was standing taking a piss a guy in a stall came out and joined me at the urinal. He began to look at my cock and run his tongue across his lips. After I finished urinating, my cock started to get hard especially since this guy continued to cruise me. He motioned  his head to the stalls behind us, telling me to go inside one. Once inside he took the stall right next to mine. I sat down and waited, in no time  a hand  came from the other stall and waved me to kneel down. 

   At this point , I knew why Jame had taken so long, he had gotten his cock sucked off  by this guy or vice versa. I guess I didn´t respond fast enough because all of a sudden he knealt  showing me what he had to offer. He had a huge uncut cock, around  10 inches , a real horse cock and it was still partiially soft. I got up and knealt showing my nine inch  hard cock already dripping precum on the floor. When the guy saw this, he said to slide my legs farther under which I was eager to do since my balls were full of cum and wanted release. All at once, I felt his warm lips envelop my cock  and he took my entire shaft inside his mouth. He started to suck my cock like a real cocksucker wanting nothing more than my thick cum from my balls. Within two minutes he had my cock ready to shoot but I wanted to taste his cock also. I motioned him to slide his legs underneath and he cock was at full staff. I started to suck his cock until he said he had just nutted alittle while before and it would take a while til he came again. 

   I asked him whether the guy had ate his cum and he said yes. He said not only had the guy sucked him off but fucked his ass and  his load was still in his ass.. I asked what the guy looked like and whether he had a huge cock. The guy described Jame to the tee including a desription of his huge uncut cock. I knew then why Jame had taken so long. He said the guy was so into sucking his huge cock that he had gotten up  and entered the stall  with him. He said the guy made him stand on the toilet while he sucked his cock. I asked whether he was a good cocksucker and he said yes, He said within two minutes the guy was receiving his load of cum, After releasing his spent cock, the guy wanted to fuck his ass. He said his ass still hurt from taking such a huge cock but it was worth it since after five minutes he filled his hungry  ass with a huge load. 

   I had my answer and now I wanted to empty my balls down this cocksucker´s throat like he had filled Jaime´s belly with his thick load. I slid underneath wanting him to continue sucking my cock and hopefully giving him enough time to come after I shot my load. I told him if he wanted my cum he would have to work fast. I would say within one minute of sucking my cock I could feel my balls rise up and he was eating my heavy load. I guess eating such a big load got him real hot since after I finished he slid underneath and said he was ready to come. I let my lips encircle his cockhead and was on the way down his shaft when he filled my mouth with the thickest load which I eagerly swallowed like Jaime had done. It took us less than five minutes to finish this deed.

   When i returned to the travel office Jaime asked whether I had found the bathroom. I said yes smiling within. I made it a point to go back to this bathroom after that day, hoping to run into the cocksucker but he wasn´t around but I wasn´t  disappointed since  a group of young students had come in still having their school uniforms on. I was in a stall and watched through the crevice as one was showing me his cock. I opened the door and he slipped in and stood in front of me with his huge young cock ready to get sucked off. His classmates had left. He had a good size uncut cock which I immediately went to work on. I could feel his thighs start to tremble letting me know I was milking his balls real good. We were interrupted by one of his friends coming back in and asking him to hurry up. I went back to sucking him with his egging me to continue to suck his cock. Within the next minute I was feasting on this young student´s thick  ball juice. When I finished and released his spent cock he wiped the sweat from his forehead saying it was an incredible blow job.

   Within two minutes of him leaving another guy arrived and after showing me his cock  I let him into the stall, I found out quickly that he only wanted to jerk off together so we did. I jacking my cock  and him his. I wanted to suck his cock so bad but he wouldn´t let me . Only when he was ready to come he told me to sit down on the toilet and watch him jack off. I sat there and watched as he jacked his cock to eruption, only then did he bring  his cock to my open mouth to receive at least seven heavy spurts of  his thick deposit of cream. I let him shoot his huge load within til I had to swallow which pleased him to no end. I figured he was straight and just wanted to get off and empty his balls. After he left the stall a guard showed up and to my surprise showed me his hard cock when he was pissing. I hadn´t come yet as he entered the stall. The guard had a nice size cock and wanted me to suck him off. He said to hurry since he didn´t want to get caught by the other guards on duty. I had his huge load within a minute while shooting my load between his legs on the floor. Not one minute passed until the guy who had gotten a blowjob from Jaime and who had eaten my load arrived at the urinal. I told him too bad he wasn´t here a few minutes before because my load was wasted on the floor. He said wasted no and lapped up my load still puddled on the floor. As he stood up he brought his thick huge cock to my lips and started to face fuck my mouth while savoring the taste of my cum from the floor. I new he was going to shoot fast since I massaged his heavy balls as he stood in front of me. I managed to swallow his cock to his hairy balls where upon he grabbed my head and held fast as he fed me mis load of cum. He said he had hoped to run into me again and even mentioned Jaime saying he had surmised Jaime was my lover with all my questions  It was a great return to this bathroom and thanked Jaime for letting me know it existed, even though I had caught him cheating. I never told him that I had discovered his secret and to this day he doesn´t know. 







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