The hardest thing to do when in another place is to decide whether to rent a car and get continually lost or whether to rely on taxis and get taken for a financial ride every so often. The good thing about taxis, even if they increase their fares by a few dollars, is they know where they're going and, given a time constraint, will usually get you there before the deadline. The best taxi ride is the last one to the airport. It's usually the most expensive but much of it will be spent on freeways or expressways and you can relax and enjoy what little scenery there is. Usually a continuing row of warehouses or strip malls running parallel to a surface street that's littered with fast foot places, gas stations and the small businesses that line every byway. But this day it was a longer ride. I'd been told before I even arrived to expect an hour or more-depending on the traffic-each way.Remembering that, I left the hotel early giving myself plenty of time. I've learned to generously tip doormen with the request to get me a cab with an English speaking driver, one who looks reasonably bright and clean. On many occasions this has saved me from using my cell phone to get directions from where we were to where I was supposed to be. Today my generosity had paid off, a clean, relatively new Ford Crown Victoria and a driver who, from the tattoos on his forearms, was ex military. Sharp looking guy, T-shirt, real camo pants and boots he'd probably worn in other places. He loaded up my bag and my demonstration equipment, the doorman put me in and off we went.

The usual bullshit cabby talk, where was I from, when did I have to be at the airport, what carrier, as I said, the usual. I asked about his tats and he told me about Iraq and the "Sand Box" as it was called and how he got out to come home and make something of himself and now he was driving a hack, and some bitter laughter. I pointed out that bouncing around the country doing demonstrations for new, improved self-opening cans wasn't much better, at least he got to be out and about and could dictate his own schedule. We both laughed realizing what nothings we were. I've got on a coat and tie but they're both cheap and he's got pants and a t shirt, equally inexpensive. I loosened my tie and shrugged off my jacket. As a joke he said, "take it all off, it's a long ride" and laughed that strange sardonic laugh. "In fact I'm thinkin' of slidin' out of these pants". With that he pulled into the far right of the road where you went if you had trouble with your car. Stunned-a little-I watched him reach down, unbutton his camos and pull them off, first removing his boots. "That's better. Your turn. It's guys on the road, hot out and only a little cooler on the inside. I'll pull off before we get to the terminal and let you fancy back up for your ride in coach." And laughed again. So I did. Just socks, boxers, and a t shirt and it did feel better. He let the window down and the air flowing through actually didn't smell like carbon monoxide or steaming pavement or bus exhaust but almost fresh.Almost.

"Now that's better, isn't it. Comfortable and you'll stop wrinkling your suit. Best way to drive. Back home I'd just wear a jock or go commando but do that here in town and you get stopped right beside a bus or something. If you got shorts and a top, they don't even notice. You can take your cock out, shuck it down and they still don't notice 'cause it's a cab and who looks in cabs on a freeway, right?" I shrugged in agreement. The visual he'd given me of jacking off in the back seat had made me tent my shorts and I wasn't following the conversation.But his eyes followed my elongating dick in the rear view mirror. "Go on, haul that prick out and play with it or milk it, won't bother me.Fact is, I'll join you. Sort of a front and back seat round pound."And he laughed again. "Go on, get started. Sorry there's no grease to offer you, this is an economy cab. Move over to your right, so you're not behind me and you can get a better look at your competition." So I did. And why I said it, I'll never know but I did. "Fantasy of mine...." and I laughed..."beat off in front of a stranger while....." I hesitated, this was a deeply held, perverted fantasy and I was on the edge of revealing it. His eyes made question marks. "Hey, buddy, I got some things like that too.Every guy does if they're honest with themselves. I want to be sucking on a cock while having my head shaved. By a stranger. With my hands tied behind my back." and he kinda grinned. "Too much to ask if the cock had a tat on it, but that's what I see, a good hard cock with some sort of design that I gobble down. The razor starts on my head...." I couldn't stop myself. "Electric or blade?" He never missed a beat, "Gotta be blade and whatever slick stuff you use to slide the blade through. Course, first I'd haveta get a haircut. You can't just shave a head with a full head of hair. A buddy of mine tried that, all most pulled his scalp off." I fingered my business man's cut ruefully. "Yeah, that's what you have to do. And you have to take your time, no use rushing a good time." He agreed.

No signs for the airport yet which meant we weren't even close. At least far enough away to keep the conversation and my hand going. "What're you using? Two fingers? Backwards, full hand? I'm doin' thumb and forefinger on the head. Wish I had a cock stopper. Save the gizz for later, case I want a snack." He laughed again. "You eat yours?" "Yeah" I croaked, "no one else around to sample it." Keep it light I told myself, this could be a set up. There was a silence while we enjoyed ourselves and I thought about something.

"You have to be back in town any particular time?" There. I'd said it. No turning back. He looked in the rear view mirror. "No, no time in particular. 'Course if I don't return the car in a day or two there'd be trouble but today, no, get you to the airport....or somewhere,...and then I'm on my own time. Maybe pick up a fare out there, or somewhere....who knows." It was non-committal but also slightly suggestive or provocative. I thought of another question that didn't contain specific words but had a point. "We on the same wave length here?"A slow smile. "Call me Gabe and, yeah, I think we got some things in common. Shame you gotta catch a plane. We could talk about it some more."

I'd already calculated that missing the plane was no big deal. For money I could change the departure to later...or tomorrow. I fumbled for my cell phone, flipped it open and as I started the weary task of getting through the self-serve reservation service I looked at him..."Know a good motel, maybe with a pool or a steam room. Good restaurant, big rooms.Cabbies always know...." He laughed, picked up his cell phone and started dialing a number. "So happens I do. Just off the freeway about three miles back. Take the next exit, pause behind a dumpster to put on some clothes and we're off. That is... if you want to." I just smiled and gave myself an extra hard down stroke.

The next exit was almost upon us and we pulled two G's making it down to street level on a steep curve at high speed. "Gotta get some supplies, there's a Walgreens just up the street, big selection of men's grooming products" And again he winked. He pulled into the store and, far from the main entrance, stopped so we could get dressed.

Our shopping trip was quick and specific; Foam, scissors, clippers, razors, after shave, lotions, whatever we thought we might need. "Condoms?" he looked at me. "Your choice but I'm cool without. Why save good cum?" He smiled broadly. "Better get some petroleum jelly, cheapest, best slide stuff there is." So it all cost over a hundred bucks but so what? Gabe and I were headed for a low, fun experience and that seemed little to pay for a big cock to handle and....I'd seen his when he'd taken it out in the taxi.

The motel was a surprize.Just far enough from the freeway to not attract truckers and tourists but near some local attractions so it was more than just a row of rooms with a window air conditioner and lamps nailed to tables.Luckily we had my luggage so it looked sort of like two business men checking in. Upstairs into a good sized room with, I was pleased to see, a large shower separate from the tub. More good news, we'd taken a deluxe room and this was a steam shower.

"Want to tell me your name or should I try and sneak a peek at the registration?" That smile again, but this time more genuine. "Gawd, I'm an idiot, it's Ken." We shook hands. "Shit, we forgot some booze. We may need a little liquid encouragement. Whattaya drink?" "Bourbon? Beer?""Man after my own heart. There's a liquor store next door that caters to cheap screws that don't want to pay bar prices." "I, uh, don't think of myself as a cheap screw." And I laughed.

He was back in ten minutes with a bottle of Makers Mark and twelve Coronas. Good enough for a drunk but not too much unless you were drinking short term and it was only now just after two in the afternoon. Gabe opened two beers, we clinked the sides and he said, "Here's to taking it all off, yeah?""Yeah. All off. All over." And I said it, the last of my fantasy, I wanted to be shaved all over. Head to toe. Pits, Eye brows, all the fur I had which, as it happened, was a fairly good amount. I'm no grizzly but you had to part the rug on my chest to see my tits.

"All over? Well, what a happy surprize. I've always wanted to peel someone and now I guess I'm going to get to. How do you want it? All at once or one place at a time? We got until tomorrow. Check out isn't until noon." If I ever had a salacious smile, that was the time I had it. "Well, Gabe, why don't we start at one end, and see what develops. Wasn't it Mae West who said, 'I like a man that takes his time'?"

We both stripped down and showered. After the heat of the taxi the water felt good and the shower was just big enough for both of us but small enough so that we had lots of body contact. Not to mention hands here and there. I made a mental note that before some serious hair removal got started to call housekeeping for more towels. Lots of them.

Lounging nude in some big chairs we watched a bit of porn on pay per view while we slowly jacked each other off. Gabe had a good, thick slightly stubby beer can of a cock. Meaty with pronounced veins on the outside, a long piss hole and cut fully back. Don't like to brag but...he was getting eight inches of hard, straight dick. Not as thick as some but enough to scare a bratwurst. My balls, like his, hung low. Mine from a field of fur his from what almost looked like a crotch that had been professionally clipped. He also had a tan line that revealed he sunned in a minimal bikini. I went him one better and had been able to develop an all over color. We were both happy I could tell. The porn was so soft as to make Disney cartoons look dirty so we turned it off and turned to each other.

Now, to me, one of the best things you can do with a partner is the old fashioned "69".Doesn't require much energy but allows long term contact while keeping your potential fuck buddy up and interested. Also we were postponing the treats to come. So we attached ourselves to each others' hydrants and lay on the bed like two babies sucking on tits."Want to go all the way?" he said after some little while. I didn't even bother to answer just showed him by increasing the face fucking and ball handling. He did the same.

That first burst of man cream is always the best. It's going to be the fullest and has the most flavor. The little hints of piss give a more human taste and feeling the cock pulse as it shot was proof you'd done your work. We both squirmed as we tried to get every inch of cock in but pulled back enough to get a mouth full, savor it and, spontaneously, swivel around and share with each other. Just a bit but it led to a healthy session of feeling each other out, pulling on balls and stretching cocks. He got up, stretched and, for whatever reason, scratched me behind the ears. "You give good head".

He wandered around the room and finally stopped and said, "Hey, there's a pool. Feel like a dip?".

"No swimming suit....."

"There's a mall around here, got to be a store selling them, whaddyasay we cool down on the way over, get a pair and come back and cool off in the pool?"

Ten minutes later we were in the men's department of a big department store picking over a rack of bathing suits, none of which seemed appropriate for adults.Neither he nor I wanted one with figures from either Star Wars or some tribal pattern that would have been great if you were a skate boarder. We were not. Finally a reluctant kid who was acting as a sales person jerked a finger towards cabinet where, apparently, suits for those who didn't overly identify with the young lived. We each bought a basic boxer style trunk, mine navy, his gray and both on sale. Back to the motel and the pool.

It was a big pool as motels go and deserted, also as motels go save on weekends when parents with children showed up. We bare footed from the room having first changed and then found a room cleaning cart in the hallway which we stripped of towels and anything else we thought we might like. On to the pool where we discovered the one nod to service that wasn't immediately apparent. A bar man showed up and asked if we wanted anything to drink. We ordered a bucket of beers which he brought with a couple of bowls of pretzels and chips and, as he said,"...some nuts in case you needed extra..." and winked. "Stand up and wave your tails if you need something else and I'll come a cummin;..." Gabe looked at me and I looked at the receding bar keep. Clearly, we'd been "made" but in a good, one-of-the-brotherhood way.

We plunged into the pool, swam some laps and, staying close to the deep end wall, jacked each other off. Interesting to watch the stream of sperm not fall apart as it does in the air but like a small snake caught, wriggle and twist almost seemed alive. Gabe ducked his head under the water and siphoned up some of my cum as well as a good dose of chlorine.

Later, after we'd finished the beer and had another swim we stood up, waved our tails in the direction the barman had gone, waved and went back upstairs. On our way Gabe was thoughtful and said, "Lets get cleaned up and have a real drink in a real bar."

"The one downstairs?"

"The very one. I think we need to make some new friends."

After a shower we dug through my clothes and found somethings that sort of fit Gabe, at least they weren't tired camos and a T shirt. He wore my flip flops and I left off my socks and wore only a dress shirt, unbuttoned, and then unbuttoned some more by Gabe, some slacks and, for whatever reason, my sunglasses pushed up on my head. If we didn't look like we'd just finished buying the local bank, we also didn't look like trailer trash come to see what the inside of a real bar was.

Our friend from earlier was still there and seemed pleased to see us. As dead as the place was, he probably would have been glad to see an armed robber. We insinuated our selves onto bar stools and looked at him A plaque on his red jacket said his name was "Nick".

"So, Nick, thanks for the good service. Appreciate it."

"Thanks for the big tip, it's probably the only one I'll get today...."

"What're you pouring these days....?"

"Whatever, it's all good. House special today is anything with Bourbon so if that's your flavor, you're in luck."

"It just became my favorite, Old fashioned and hold the fruit...."

"Times two", I chimed in. Gabe was up to something but had neglected to give me the playbook."

"You two guys passing through or what?"

" Kinda depends. Every place in town this dead or is there a temperance convention in town?"

"You know how it is, big motel, tries to be fancy but it's still just a big motel. The pool and the fact that the paintings aren't screwed to the wall and this bar is what makes them think they're big time but for action....of course, depends on the sort of action you're looking for. Buying or selling makes a big difference."

Gabe smiled a secret, mean smile. "Don't believe in spending money myself, neither does my partner here so I guess that means we're...selling." Nick matched Gabe's smile with one of his own that seemed to say, "Welcome to the trade....Right?"


Nick put a couple of drinks down plus one for himself in a paper go cup. He sounded almost conspiratorial in one way but in another it could have just been conversation, bar talk. "The actions not here, never has been could be. New meat always draws at least lookers and I've got some buddy's who could kinda fill out the crowd, 'cause, you know, everyone wants a selection. That is if you're here tomorrow night."

"Could be we're here. No definite plans, just tickets in our pockets and another place to see.Yeah, we could be here." Gabe smiled, "You want to hear me say,'IF'?"

"No but I was expecting it. Just go easy on me, you can see what a success I'm not."

"And that could change, easy. Get some clientele, get some workers of a certain've got a full bar and even lookers gotta buy at least one drink. Right?"

"Great but how you gonna get lookers?"

"In just happens a buddy of mine owns a taxi service here in town and with the right word, he'll deliver 'em to the front door. Hell, maybe they'll even take rooms."

Nick looked both suspicious and greedy. "You still haven't filled in the 'IF'".

"Nope, we haven't yet but we're gonna go upstairs and talk and fool around and see what we think. Just give us something to think about beyond what we're already thinking".

"Free rooms?"

"We like a suite much better. A dump like this always has a suite even if it's just used for salesmen to show their merchandise. Some places go all the way and call it, 'The Presidential Suite'". And suddenly we all laughed at the idea of the President of anywhere staying here. But Nick got serious. "Okay, a suite, take me till tomorrow, Assistant Manager I know is off duty."

"We'll look forward to moving." Gabe knocked back his drink, threw a twenty on the bar, put his arm around me so that his hand was on my butt and out we went. From behind us Nick said, "I think I better rearrange the prices on the menu......"

"All that's horse shit if you want it to be." We can be out of here in the morning and never have to wonder or worry. Whaddaya think?"

"Can lid openers, bottle openers, never have to demonstrate them again. That's what I'm thinking. You'd never have to drive a hack...."

"Not so fast, that'hack' you refer to is now a business tool. It's how you pick 'em up and put 'em down." It's how we control the market flow. After tomorrow night, the cards for the cab are handed out and I never have to sit at the airport at midnight waiting for a fare to get me back into town."

I didn't know quite what I thought. I wasn't drunk and I was seriously considering some sort of sex business that, I gathered, revolved around me selling myself. I looked at Gabe."I don't know how to do it, I mean, I know the basics but anything beyond that...."

"You're a man's fantasy, fucking a virgin in a whorehouse although by then you won't be a virgin and I doubt if you are now...."

"You mean have I been fucked? Yeah but it wasn't anything. Just a buddy stuck it in and then pulled it out. I sucked him out until he was gonna cum and then he pulled out, he wanted to drip on himself."

Gabe gathered me in his arms in a way that I'd never been held. "Don't worry, after tonight you'll have it all down pat. Cause I've got all night to teach you a few things you don't know. Okay?" I didn't answer just wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard with full tongue.

"That's one lesson you don't need but lets do it some more, just for practice. We need to get a little heated up and that's the best way to start." To my surprize he picked me up and gently laid me on top of the bed. "Don't say anything. Just lay there. Let me do what I know how to do." And that's what I did.




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