The night was not wasted on useless sex, not that any sex can really said to be wasted. I was fucked until my ass hurt and that's what he said he wanted. Then, as a surprize, I got a spanking so I'd have a rosy red virginal seeming butt. One that would allow me to wince when some lucky bidder-as yet unknown-got first shot at a virgin hole. Of sorts. Gabe said, and laughed, that I was now a professional virgin but one who could endlessly break their amateur status. It was his opinion that some guy who's liquored up enough isn't going to be as perceptive as someone sober. I looked young-unfortunately, that had been the reason I hadn't gotten jobs, I didn't look old enough to be experienced with the product-but not cute, just a sort of "young innocent good looking son of a bitch, the sort who has a "round ass and a promising future" as he described it. If innocence hurt, then I was innocent.

I also got a name change. Apparently my own wasn't good enough for professional purposes and so, after he gave it some thought, I became"Butch". And then he got me down on my knees, told me to get him hard-without using my hands-and learn to suck and swallow. Sitting on my butt hurt but so did having my hands tied behind me, so I wouldn't be tempted. He also snapped a heavy elastic band around my nuts to help me concentrate. He wasn't wearing pants so I could reach up and pull his briefs off with my teeth and there was my target. He grabbed my head by my hair and shoved my nose into his crotch. "Lick the fur, I want you to learn not to gag when you get hair in your mouth.Pull some of it out, swallow it. Now start on my balls, bottom to top. Take your time, we've got to get you trained."

He had big nuts but I have a big mouth and could almost swallow them. I also thought a little pain might help him get up and so I chewed and gnawed and, as I had my mouth pretty much closed, he couldn't pull me back without doing some damage to himself. He also was getting hard.He had the sort of dick that doesn't go slightly left or right, but curved up, the best fucking position for a man's cock to be.Eventually I let his well tasted eggs fall out and moved on to the sausage. I strained up a bit to catch it in my mouth and got the head and gave him a bite just behind the head to remind him he wasn't totally in control. It wasn't a big, throbbing cock, just a good six inches, thick, well veined, and surrounded by a thicket of black, curly hair. He strained to push in but he was stuck on a canine and I was deciding whether I wanted to lick him or chew him or suck him first. I planned on all three but I figured this was a lesson and we'd both learn some things. I suddenly released him as he tried to fuck in further and it caught him by surprize, so much so that he stumbled and fell flat out on the floor. Never one to not seize an opportunity. I hopped astride him, the oozing tip of my cock just over his crack. I knew I couldn't keep him down too long but the interesting thing is that when gravity grabs mass, it gives the object on top and, just then, it was me, a certain advantage. Also, given some basic wrenching and pulling I was about to gain an adversarial postion and I did when the rope untied itself giving me both hands andsome rope. Moving quickly, I flattened myself diagonally across him effectively cutting off the use of one arm and one leg. No reverse scissoring and with only one arm, and it palm down, he had not much to do but wonder. I only needed one hand to dig deeply into his carotids and that gentled him quickly. I let him hang on the brink of unconsciousness and slightingly rolled him up on his side, just enough to get his loose foot into a slip knot and then tightly draw it up and secure his cock and nuts in the other end of the rope. I let him come back up and just sat there, waiting for him to howl, which he did, so I stuffed his briefs in his mouth. Not the best gag, but it had staying power. I'll give him credit, he tried to buck but with one leg out of service all he did was give me a sharp tap in the testicles and collapse on himself. I leaned over so we were mouth to ear.

"That was a game changer, wasn't it? Now, the only thing I've got to do is decide how I'm going to use you and how much it's gonna hurt. And it will hurt, sort of pay back for the ass pounding." He might not have thought of it but I had a predicament myself; If I released him, even slightly he'd get loose and then we'd be going X falls out of X rounds and, I figured, Virgins don't have rug rash. As a rule. So I leaned in again.

"I'm going to untie your ankle but the rope around your crotch stays and I'm holding the end of it." I gave a medium sized yank just to dress up my point." You're gonna roll over and I'm gonna drop my nut sack in your mouth and you're gonna love on that, lots of tongue, but no teeth.." I yanked again, harder. "Understand?" It didn't require an answer as I could feel him muscles begin to shift to roll over. Still astride him-damn I wished I'd had boots with rowels, a riding crop and a bridle with bit..maybe another time-I moved forward, reached down, pulled the gag and, instinctively seemed to pull back and then dropped my thumb toward his teeth. As I'd thought, he snapped and almost instantly knew that was a mistake. I wouldn't mess up that pretty face for anything-don't spoil the merchandise-but I punched him on his breast, making sure to center on his nipple and, when that was done and he groaned more from surprize than pain, I popped the other one. I was grateful to my dentist who'd just complemented me on what sound strong teeth I had as they were useful as an alternate to a nipple clamp. So, chomped down on one side and pinching the other, I considered what to do to further hurt and humiliate the shit head. I wondered if I could nibble my initials on his tit, or at least draw blood in the effort and, sensing body movement, I double punched him again and gave the rope a pull and didn't release the pressure. I'd seen nuts pulled down, and weighted, but never pulled up as if they were on a rack and I was the ratchet.I dived for his face with mine and deep throated him with my tongue.All the pressure on his tit was released and that caused a smarting as I slapped my free hand across the just released blood seeping nip. You can't talk when kissing someone and he surrendered in either gratitude or enjoyment. Maybe both. When I broke off, he only said two words, "My Turn". Seemed as fair as we were likely to be with each other so I rolled off him,stared at his face and tried to look puzzled, curious. Just like a virgin. He wasn't buying it. As we got up he threw me my arm behind my back and made me walk on my tip toes to the bed. I remembered, again, that I needed to buy a bridle and bit. And a crop. Just for moments like this when I wanted partner up with him, with me being the boyish young cowboy and he being the stallion that needed breaking.

It was back to floor duty only this time he'd abandoned his faith in rope and gone onto to cuffs plus a spreader bar for the ankles standing me up on my knees making a triangle, the strongest of the geometric shapes. I pointed that out, he pointed to his dick which was, I admit it, looking pretty good thanks to the roughhousing and, now that I was in full "beg" position was at a more convenient height. I'm new at this, sort of, but I can tell when a fella needs a friendly slurp job so I did the old "glad to see you master dog trick" and panted. I don't have the tongue to let it loll about but he caught my drift. He said, "Good Boy", I arfed and panted. A lot. With bright eyes, but lacking any tail to wag other than the one that was attached, I leaned forward and gave him a long, sloppy lick.(I'd saved up spit) He got a stupid smile so I tongue washed the other side and looked up expectantly still trying to wag a non existent tail. He was into this and kept saying, "Good boy, you want it, huh, big fella, you want it? Huh?" And I'm getting closer to growling and letting slop fall down my cheek and he's turned on by this. Who knew? Heavy panting-now by both of us (I almost hyper-ventilated) and he's calling me Butch and half way expect him to lose it and try and throw something for me to go fetch. I go for the Coney Island specialty and I'm lucky. Before he can scratch me behind my ears, I've got him deep throated and am sucking in a way that would make Richard Dyson wet himself with merriment. Gabe seems pleased as well. He'd gotten to that part of "hot" where he's dropped verbal communication and is sort of grunting and trying to beat off my nose thinking it's my muzzle. Even triangulated, I can roll on my side which makes him slide out of my mouth but now I'm offering him my ass in our doggy play even if it's not Doggie Style.He seems not to notice. He mounts me like a pit but and reaches under to start giving me the old eight (or five or six) to the bar. He's into me and I'm into the whole fucking scene. This is great. If this is the road to losing your cherry, I'm going to grow an orchards of the tart little devils. He's caressing my nuts and going for the long strokes which makes me bark, or what sounds like a bark. I can feel the muscles in his gut start to contract meaning it's time to get out the milking stool but I'm damn near close as well. Might as well get him off and so I howled, clenched my ass, shot, he joined me, throatily, and shot and we both bayed at the moon.

Not that it hadn't been fun-it had-but we still had some ground to cover before my debutante presentation. Okay, it was in a bar and I was going to be auctioned off as the door prize but this had the ear markings of a business without taxes, few expenses and allowing me to sleep in. We showered, jacked each other again just because a dry stroke hurts like hell, still feels good and it becomes a game of I will if you will. Turn loose that is. Dried and back in bed it was conference time. Though the hour wasn't quite right for social calls, he rang up Nick who wasn't unhappy to hear from us. God Bless Speaker Phones. He, too, had been "working out" or, more specifically, working some guy over who wanted it and had paid for it. Nick was in a great mood and had expanded our horizons for the next evening. He'd "made a few calls" and some of the classier working boys would be there, a couple with specialties that were always popular and drew a small but high spending crowd. He'd further decided that although it was my night, my sponsor was going to be on offer as was Nick himself. Gabe had called some taxi buddies and pickups and deliveries were on the house. There was a detailed conversation as to what I should wear which struck me as odd. But I wasn't dressed to thrill-others got that privilege however I was kitted out to attract the highest bidder. Gabe knew a cleaner who did quick tailoring and so it was decided that I'd wear a conventional button down shirt, darted up the back to make it hug and some dark trousers, also tucked in to put my butt in bas relief. Socks and penny loafers and only a whisper of white silk underwear, for the virgin in me I suppose. They also agreed on their sales pitch, as mine was preordained: Fresh Cunt a la expensive. It was agreed that I rented by the quarter of an hour with a non-refundable fuck-the-virgin surcharge of five hundred dollars, cash, no checks, no credit cards no jewelry however expensive it might be. Nick said he had something in mind for the Leather crowd that always showed up and Gabe felt a night of bondage and discipline, with just a hint of S&M thrown in would about do it for him.

There wasn't much left to do, or so I thought, than sleep. I learned a part of male virginity that I hadn't exactly thought about and that was virgins were expected to ramrod their cherry picker as they would know other way than ramming it an ass. Gabe greased me up, used some for himself and we were ready for the instructions on how to be a shy, cringing virgin, schlong in hand, ready to screw my thanks for losing my modesty to the fucker who'd just done it to me. You will easily see how virgins don't know how to do this so they're on a sort of straight shot trajectory with no fooling around the edges. Gabe grimaced and told me to shove it in him as hard and fast as I could.So I did. In the back of my mind was the excessive plowings I'd had earlier and this seemed a good moment to see if his field was ready for planting seed. It was. Two or three missile attacks on ground zero and he decided that virgins could wing it and I'd do alright.The only instruction he gave me, before rolling over and almost instantly falling asleep was that virgins don't do suck jobs. I could be sucked-not all the way-but my lips were sealed. As it were. And then he was breathing deeply and almost completely relaxed.

But I was not. Somewhere in the past twenty four hours I'd broken bad with no seeming regrets or consequences. The only petty thing I had left to do was, somehow, return the damn demonstration equipment-along with my resignation (I was torn between "Fuck You" or "Fuck Off"). I made a mental note to call UPS and have them pick it up at the front desk and ship it back collect. So much for my career in big business and now on to the vastly more profitable and entertaining career in the sex trades.I wondered if, down the road, and after some practice, I might be asked to do films, series of pictures, studio work. While I thought about this I let my hand wander to my nuts and turn them over in my fingers as one might a coin. They kept coming up heads and so I went onto the balcony, still naked, and jacked off. With the porch light on. Just to discover what doing it in public might be like. I'd always had a streak of exhibitionist in me and it would seem I'd found the perfect career to accommodate that. I left the small bit of cum that finally dribbled out on the table to dry, went back inside, flopped down next to Gabe and, as I'd never done it, hunkered down and tried to tongue fuck his ass. He squirmed as if he was enjoying it so I went on and completed what may-or may not-have been my first try at ass rimming. I felt sure I could find someone to give me a lesson or two. And then I went to sleep.




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