Shit! This was crazy. I was just out of high school by

a couple of years, barely 18-19. I went to study with a

buddy at his place, on campus, well probably not, most

likely off campus. Yeah. We were in his apartment off


We were studying. Then this woman crashed into the

apartment, drunk as a 'shit house mouse,' as daddy used

to say. She was babbling like mad, in many meanings of

that word.

'Ah, damn it, I didn't get fucked tonight,' she

slurred. 'Went to the bar. Not a man fuck in there. Not

a real man wisth a cock, big, little.'

Hey, baby,' she slurred to me, grabbing at my crotch.

'You wansh fuck?'

I was a bit puzzled, so I asked my study buddy, my

friend from Kentucky, 'What's up with this? Who is


'Oh, never mind,' he said. 'It is just mom. My mother.

She is down to visit during final exams, then take me

back home.'

'Okay,' I agreed, but she was hot looking, slender,

blac-khaired, really hot looking in a near see-through

blouse and tight blue jeans, well defining her butt.

'Don't fuck wisth me,' she said to her son. 'I want

cock. I am so horny. You want to fuck me baby, like we

ushuallhee do since daddy left us, or do you want him,'

gesturing to me she continued, 'to fuck me?'

My cock was hard, straining now in my shorts since it

was summer. I was wearing only shorts, no underwear, a


'Damn it, mother,' he hissed at her. 'We are studying

for a final exam in this course. Leave us the fuck

alone. Go stroke off,' he ordered her.

'You go stroke off you simple fuck, son of your

father,' she said. 'I am going to suck and fuck his big

cock,' she added, sliding her warm hand up and down my


In less time than I can tell the story, she was naked,

totally nude, had me naked from the waist down, was

sliding her warm, tender fist up and down my shaft,

thumbing my corona, smearing my pre-cum over my hard

cock. Then she leaned in and kissed my cock helmet,

slurped off the clear juice, covered my knob with her

lips, tongued my pee-slit, taking up the juice, had a

slender finger up my asshole.

Helplessly, I looked over at Bill, and said, 'Sorry


He grinned back at me as he took off all his clothes.

'We are going to fuck mother,' he said. 'She wants it,

and we cannot deny her, I cannot when she wants it.'

I was raised in a rather strict religious family. It

had never occurred to me to fuck my mother, that a son

would fuck his mother, watch, or participate in her

being fucked.

Bill's mother, I didn't even know her name yet, pulled

and pushed me out of my student study chair onto the

floor, my cock still in her mouth and going deeper into

her throat, her hands on my ball sack, on my nipples,

pressing on my butt-cheeks to push my cock deeper into

her sucking mouth.

She whipped around and put her hairy pudenda on my

face, her smooth thighs against my face cheeks.

I licked up her slit with my tongue as she sucked me. I

grasped at her big titties - big - only 32Cs by any

estimate. She rocked and rolled up and down on me,

making her titties on my mouth, her belly, navel, hairy

pussy. My cock going in and out of her mouth, up onto

my nipples, tonguing my navel, down over my aching

balls in their furry sack, her tongue laving my crack,

lips kissing my puckered hole, tongue driving into it.

I was going to cum. Then Bill's balls draped over my

nose, his cock went into his mother's mouth as she

released mine. Both of our cocks went into her mouth.

He pulled his back. I pushed mine. I pulled mine back.

He pushed his into her mouth. Our slimy pre-cum coated

her lips, chin.

Then like more magic my cock was up her twat, all the

way in, balls deep. She was humping, crying, begging,

pleading, 'Fuck me, men. Fuck me good, Shoot your cum

in me. I want your cum.'

I was under her as her pussy pocket rode my cock. Bill

was on top of her. He steadied her with his hands on

her velvet-smooth hips. He slotted his short, fat cock

to her anus and pushed into her. I felt his cock slide

up her back chute along the thin membrane between her

cunt with my cock in her baby hole, the hole from which

Bill had been born.

We fucked her. She fucked us, fore and aft. When she

rode down on my rod in her front hole, Bill's cock slid

along the insides of her rectum. When she lifted up,

Bill's cock fucked her ass, my cock eased along the

sleeve of her gripping, pulsing cunt.

Bill stroked her clit, finger-fucked her navel, mauled

her little tits with his hands, slimed with our juices.

She was cumming over and over, squealing, yelling in

her ecstasy.

Bill shot his load up her ass channel in seven or eight

bursts of his creamy, hot cum. I filled her womb with

an equal or larger load. We collapsed together, sweaty,

cummy, near fucked out.

Bill rolled away, his cock plopping out of her back

hole. I rolled Tina, yes, Tina, Bill had yelled as he

came in his mother's ass, her name, Tina. I got on her,

between her legs and ate her creampie pussy, my own

cum, and then Bill's out of her ass-twat.

Bill sat back and watched this - me slurping out,

swallowing the cum. He brought his cock and balls to my

mouth. I cleaned his rod and the overflow on his furry

sack. Bill fucked my mouth and ass. I fucked Bill's

mouth and ass.

For the rest of the weekend we forgot all about

studying. We repeated the scenes with Tina, over and

over, her drunk or sober; Bill and I fucking, sucking

her and each other.

Bill and I got 'A's' on the test and in the course. So

fuck, fuck your mother; your friend, fuck and suck you

and your mother.



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