My name is Ken Wallace, I have had to work hard for everything I have gotten.

I was from the poorer side of the tracks so to speak, but I had worked hard, saved, and gotten my chance to get a partial scholarship, and a grant to attend a nice university to get a good education and have a fairly nice chance at a good life.

I was fairly nicely built, I remember shoveling gravel off trucks at a concrete company, working hard down at the saw mill, offbearing cut lumber off the saw tables and, doing anything and everything I could to make a few bucks to put away for my education.

I was nineteen, rather backwards and naieve, mostly I guess a country boy.

My father had been killed on his job at the railroad in an accident when I was eleven, I had a great Dad, but I was just kind of the man of the house as I grew up, my older brother, who was nine years older than me, had joined the Navy and was gone.

Mom worked hard at the laundry six days a week and struggled to provide what she could for us three kids still at home.

I was the one in the middle, and as I grew up I began to have these funny feelings, I was told by my school student counselor that is was what they called Puberty, or changing and becoming a man, my hormones were raging inside me, I started getting hair all over my body, my dick was always hard and had really gotten bigger all of a sudden which I really didn't mind that.

I watched other guys at school, and began noticing them instead of the girls they were chasing.

During Gym in the locker room, dressing for class, I would get almost stomach cramps when I would see an nice firm ass on one of the other guys, and I would sprout boners like crazy, I had a time hiding it too, I was bigger between the legs than most of the other guys, and my dick still had its skin covering the head, the school coach told me I was uncircumcized, most guys in the class were cut with their cock head exposed, but untill then I never knew there was any difference.

All I knew is I had these feelings like I wanted to touch their cocks and rub their asses and bodies, I loved the ones that were hairy too, they were my favorite.

I was about sixteen when I had my first experience of sex with a guy, if you call getting your cock sucked off till the top of your head felt like it was going to explode from the sensations zapping your body.

I was at a Saturday afternoon Ball game at the local community park.

I had to take a dump really bad, so I got up from the bleachers and walked over to the mens room, went in and there were aout six urinals hanging on the walls and four crapper stalls with doors at the end of the long mens room.

I entered the last stall, closed the door and sat down to do my business, I had been there a couple minutes when I noticed a guy, never saw his face, but he came in and sat at the next stall, I looked up to read the graffietti on the wall, there were a lot of request for guys to get their cocks sucked and so forth, and there was a hole about four inches in diameter in the stall wall between the crappers.

I sorta nonchalantly looked thru the hole and got the shock of my life, this dudewas leaning back, his shirt was undone and his chest and stomach was open, and he was jerking off, his cock looked like a ponys cock and he was rubbing his balls with the other hand, he was like me he still had his foreskin.

I was mesmerized by what I saw and very aroused, I just could not stop watching, I felt my cock rising upward with each heart beat, and the next thing I knew I had my hand down between my legs, and I began stroking my hardon.

It was so exciting knowing this guy was watching me and I was watching him.

After we stroked off a few minutes he put his finger in the hole and whispered 'Put it through'

I was a little stunned, and just thought 'It can't hurt I guess, something new.'

I stood and pushed my cock thru the hole, and I thought I would pass out, the most incredible feeling of my young life started taking place, the hot, wet mouth of this man was an 'unbelievable' feeling, out of sight. I was feeling my nerves dancing and the sensations were flowing thru me like wildfire, I didn't want this feeling to ever stop.

But I knew I wasn't gonna last long, I could feel that feeling down deep in my balls and groin as the climax slowly built with each suck of this guys mouth, and I was on tiptoe as I passed the point of no return, my hands were gripping the top of that stall wall and my ass had shoved my cock and balls as far as they could go thru that hole and he was working my cock head with his tongue and lips, sucking just that right amount of pressure taking me to the realms of heaven with his expert sucking skills.

I let out a moan loud enough to have been heard on the ball field,I yelled, 'AWE FUCK' and I felt my cock start belching out its nutsauce into this guys mouth and he just took every little bit of it and swallowed.

After I had finished and he finished draining my last little bit of cum, I sorta fell back on the toilet seat.

I finally got my composure and I wanted to know what that felt like and I put my finger thru the hole.

The next thing I knew here came this uncut at least eight inches of thick man meat sliding thru the hole and the balls were thick enough they barely fit thru the hole.

I leaned over and took the pre-cum covered tip and licked it off as he groaned a little moan.

then I took the head and tightened my lips around the shaft just behind the head and sucked the head and shaft deeper into my mouth, causing his foreskin to retract and expose that awesome redish purple head, I began to do to him what He had done to me.

I for some reason, I guess it just came natural, feeling this guy getting closer to busting his nut, I wanted it, I wanted to taste his cum, feel his reaction to my mouth, and feel his cock as it erupted into my mouth.

His balls had tightened to a nice tight ball against his body, and his cock had swollen up tight like rock, and he was thrusting with each suck like he was face fucking me or something.

Finally I heard his voice as he 'Groannnnnned a long Gutteral grunting moan, and I felt that tube on the under side of his cock began jerking in my mouth and I tasted this coctail of musty, bleachy, salty, sweet cum filling my mouth and slideing down my throat, it was awesome.

This guy was going wild as I finished his cock off and licked off every little drip of his pearly white cum.

WE got finished and wiped ourself off with tissue, and went out, His name was Gary and we chatted for a few minutes and he had to go, he was twenty nine, and he was handsome, married and had two kids, but every now and then he wanted to suck cock and get sucked, he said his wife would not suck his cock, so he goes on the look.

I knew from that experience what I wanted in the sexual part of life.

It was the third of Sept, a new Fall Semester at the University, I had just checked in, and I was assigned my dorm room number, they said as soon as one came available I would be given a roommate and we would be sharing a room together.

I was walking out of the room when I saw this Rolls Royce Silver Cloud pull up to the steps and out stepped a chauffer, he opened the door for a young man about my age, he called him sir, and the young man got out of the Limo, wearing a dark blue blazer, with the monogram and crest on the pocket, and creamed colored slacks and white shoes, looked like a pretty over indulged, spoiled young lad from a very wealthy background.

I could tell from the young mans looks and actions he didn't want the chauffer fussing over him, he was sort of embarrassed from it all, he just kept motioning for the chauffer to wait untill he was finished.

Well I let it all pass and went out and found my Dormroom and got my things unloaded into the room.

I was in the midst of putting things on the bed, choosing which side of the room I wanted to sleep on, when I heard this noise and the door opened, I saw that young rich kid step into the room look around and smile, 'Hey man how are you, I guess I'm your new room mate for the year, I hope you don't mind, Oh Sorry, my name is Tate Worthington,' and he stuck out his hand to shake,

I was shocked to say the least, this kid could have gone to a private school, and had a very pampered life at college yet here he was going to stay in the mens dorm, wow, thats a switch.

I held out my hand to shake and we shook hands as I said. 'Im Ken Wallace, hope you don't mind, I took this side, but if you want it you can have it.'

'Heck no man, this one is as good as the other to me, Hell its just a bed to sleep in,' then he smiled the most beautiful smile.

I Felt this little twinge in my stomach and my cock gave a stir, but I was sure it was just a fluke. I looked at this kid and thought he has girls falling overy him.

Well I helped the chauffer get Tates things and bring them in.

'Now Remember Master if you need anything, you have your cell phone, and theres plenty of money in your account and the credit cards are there for a you to use for any incidentals you might need.' the Chauffer said.

'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know, alright, I'll be o.k. Tell my parents I said I love them o.k.' and get on back,, I'll see you all soon.' Tate said.

Tate just threw his shit on the floor and Flopped back on the bed, 'Finally I'm away from all that poor little rich kid shit, I hate the constant being watched and pampered, I just want to be a normal guy with friends, My parents would even choose who I could have for friends, every one in my life was checked out by the police and an investigator, I hate that bullshit.' he said.

I kinda felt sorry for Tate, he even said that untill he was thirteen he had a butler give him his bath, hell I could have had them jerk me off if I had wanted them too, but there are just some things a guy needs to do for themself.' he said with a giggle. 'Freedom, thank god for freedom,' he said.

'Well tell me about yourself Ken, what do you like to do, got any hobbies?'

Tate and I just kinda hit it off really well and the more I got to know him the more I liked him, and visa versa I guess, He really didn't act like the rich kid, with a everybody bow to me attitude.

One thing I did know he had the very best of everything, I felt out of place, with my K-mart, wal-mart clothes and supplies and he had Neiman Marcus, Sacks Fifth Avenue etc, the finest of everything.

Tate was exceptional and very well educated, I was having problems with my calculus and Tate became my tutor, and was helping me breeze thru it, he was awesome, we would set around the room in just our well me in my Hanes boxer briefs and him in his Abercrombie briefs, and oh yeah I was noticing his body a lot, he had those hairy legs, and a treasure trial dropping down from a slightly hairy chest to his briefs and his slightly muscular not overly or like athletic built but nice alround nice build but that bulge in his briefs was unmistakably large, he had that cock that came out, from his body and was about two inches thick looking, and hung straight down and sorta went back under his large nutsack between his legs, I asked him about it and he was embarassed, 'Well My butler/caregiver said it was huge compared to other guys but I was privately tutored and never got to see many other guys except in the malls restrooms and parts bathroom.

One of the things I enjoyed most was his letting me massage his back I don't think he knew it was a turn on for me, as I set there in my boxer briefs with a huge boner as I was rubbing on his back and legs, slicing my hand up under his buttocks and touching his ball sack under those tight briefs I think I even noticed his cock stiffen up and touched it a few times but he never said anything, I was enjoying it a lot.

Tate and I was just chatting and I discovered he had never had a girlfriend or sex, just enjoyed rubbing his thick cock every so often.

It was on a friday night about six or so, we neither one had any previous made plans, And since I had a car, Tate invited me to dinner his treat and we got into my Toyota Camry and took off into town, and he took me to a nice expensive place, we had some wine, and a very nice dinner, he even let me wear some of his expensive clothes, eventry a pair of his Abercrombie underwear, he thought I looked hot in them.

We went back to the Dorm room after going to a mall and just walked looking around, just to kill time.

It was about ten when we got back and we just sat there in our Abercrombie briefs and chatted, I opened up to Tate about sex and he told me he had never had anyone touch him in that area.

I told him about getting my cock sucked off in that mens room, he thought that was fantastic, 'Does it really feel that good?' Tate asked.

'Hey man, words cannot express and tell just how awesome it feels,' I said.

'Wow' he said with a desirous look about him.

'I looked over at Tate and just admired his gorgeous body, that hairyness of his chest, that treasure trial, and my mind went wild, could it be that I will show him just how awesome it is?'

I took Tate by the hand, 'Would you like to experience that feeling Tate?' I ask.

'Oh Yeah, would I ever?' he said.

I walked over to his bed as he lay there, my cock now hard as a steel rod, even leaking a little anticipatory drip of pre-cum coming thru those Abercrombie briefs. I sat on the edge of the bed and as Tate looked into my eyes I leaned over and kissed Tates sweet, moist hot lips for his first kiss from anyone except his mom.

I heard this slight moaning from Tates voice, and I knew he liked what he was feeling. After a few of those hot wet tongue touching kisses Tate was into it.

I began to work my way down to his chest, taking time to kiss his sexy neck, and nibbleing on his nipples, making him squirm and almost writhe, and when I finally got down to his briefs his cock was swollen like a fence post, god his cock was big, it had pushed his elastic waist ban up from his stomach and the head was sticking out from under the waist band about four inches.

As I licked and nibbled his awesome treasured trailed stomach I felt his hips push upward in anticipation and his beautifully cut cocks' awesome thick head touched my lips and I slightly opened them and licked the slit tip and heard him moan and I shaped my lips like I was kissing and gently sucked his cock head to the rim into my mouth, licking and sucking on just the head.

Tates wimpering voice spoke such sweet words 'Oh My God, thats fantastic.' he said.

I reached down and thru the material I began to rub his thick tight ball sack, and Tate's hand was on the back of my head running his fingers thru my hair.

I was in Heaven as I slipped his briefs off and felt his body as he lifted his hips upward and his cock slid almost all the way down my throat.

I could hardly get it all in my mouth, I stopped to ask, 'just how long it this thing anyway,'

'just about nine and a half inches long and six and a quarter inches around, along the circumcision scar, my caregiver measured it once for me with a sewing tape.

His cock was a thing of pure sexual beauty, and it tasted as good as it looked, and by now my briefs were totally wet from excitement, and I was enjoying the flavor of Tates sweet cock.

It took me about ten minutes to bring him off on his first Blowjob climax and he went spastic as his body began to react to the impending cum.

I thought he would choke me to death when he finally came deep into my throat, it was so far back there I hardly got a good taste of his love nectar.

His body was jerking, as his cock unloaded into my throat,I swallowed as he just jerked and moaned, I knew by his reaction he had enjoyed it immensly, but then so did I.

After about five minutes of just laying there recouping from the experience, 'Holy Shit man, just think of all that I have been missing.'

I was just laying there leaning over licking off his beautiful cock.

'Tate looked up and smiled at me, and what about you, can I try it on yours?' he asked,

I slipped my briefs off and lay back as Tate said,'I havent done anything like this before but I want to learn, Its awesome and if giving is as good as getting I'm going to love it.'

Take smiled as he licked the pre-cum from the end of my cock and he seemed to love the foreskin, sliding it back and forth, then licking on my swollen head as he was in the process of learning I was in the process of enjoying.

He was a natural at it tho, this rich kid got the hang of taking it to the max and I'm right at eight inches of pretty thick cock too.

I was almost there when he slid a finger under my balls and began to play with my asshole, it was aweome feeling, and as I got closer to the nut, he wet his finger and slid it into my asshole and I went off like a rocket, 'Where the fuck did you learn to do that?' I ask.

Tate started giggling, 'My butler did it to me once in the bathe tub, I was jerking off and he said it would make it feel better so while I jerked off he fingered me, and when I got to the climax he slipped his finger up my asshole, and it took me over the edge and I blew a huge nut in my bathwater.'

' Holy Fuck it felt good.' I said.

Well needless to say Tate and I began to sleep together, and we sucked each other off almost every night. Tate learned to swallow, but I began to wonder if a cock up the ass would feel as good as the finger, I know it would be bigger.

I was in the midst of sucking TAte one night I had gotten some lube in the anticipation .

I was sucking Tate's cock and he was into it big time.

I stopped and he looked bewildered, 'I want to try something new O.K.' Tate looked at me and said, 'sure, whats up?' I want you to fuck me in the ass, instead of you putting your finger up my ass, I want it to be your cock.'

Tate smiled, 'Are you sure, my cock is really big.'

'I know and I want to at least try it.'

I lubed up his thick cock and put some up my hole and then I got up and slowly set down on his incredibly big cock, to say it hurt was an understatement, it HURT LIKE HELL, but I wanted it all, so I slowly let it go all the way to the nuts deep inside me, and Tate had the biggest smile on his face, 'Holy Fuck Ken,I can feel every movement of your insides around my cock, and I smiled, 'hows it feel?' 'Fucking Indredible,' he said.

I began to got up and down and the internal feeling was awesome as the pain left and was replaces by the most intense pleasure, only being filled by a man you love can give.

I fucked his cock with my asshole for almost forty minutes untill he came up off the bed and nature took over and he rolled me over on my back and began to fuck me like a breeding horse, and he fucked me like you would not believe, he was rubbing that spot up inside my asshole and I knew I was gonna blow without even being touched.

I watched Tate's face as a serious side took over and the pile drove his cock deep into my asshole like mad withe each thrust, I was into it, he was in la la land and then He grabbed my hips, thrust his cock to the balls and held it there as his body convulsed in climactic bliss, moaning and grunting as his cum filled my bowels. I shot my load as his cock began flexing against my prostate in the most earth shattering cum of my life, God was I in love with Tate.

WE lay connected like that for almost an hour not wanted to seperate or disconnect, Tate was just wiping the hair away from my face as he kissed and made love to me, with his now softening cock still holding my rectum open.

That was the second most incredible night of my life to that point.

Tate and I went thru College as roommates and never saw or dated another person during our whole four years and we are now living together in our own home and Im an accountant with my own business and he has become one of his DAd's executives in his corp. and we cant wait to see each other at the end of the day either.

Tate Worthing and I have taken our vow's to each other, and his family accepts me as his life's partner. Life is good.



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