I love seeing my new boy-toy Kevin Jonas squirm while Im playing with his fat boy-cock. It was a new sensation for him getting his boy-cock sucked since it was his first sucking. This was a new experience for him so he was drowning in all the new sensations my mouth was providing for his virgin cock. "Uhhhn yeah suck that cock! Fuck yeah! Im gonna cum!" with that I stopped sucking him and said "You can't cum until I tell you to cum boy! Understood?" "Please, suck me. It feels so good. Please suck me again!" He pleaded. Getting angry "I told you you can't cum until I tell you to! And you don't get to decide what I will be doing bitch! Im in charge here boy! You are nothing but a bitch boy to me! Understood huh boy!" "So-sorry! Yes, I'll be a good boy". "This is easier than I thought. This boy has so pent up lust that he will be begging me to fuck his tight virgin married ass to me! Hehe!" I thought.

Since I am wearing my leather chaps my 9" beer can thick black daddy cock is standing straight out and leaking precum. I stood up pointing my daddy cock in his face "Boy looks like daddy's cock is needing some attention from your lovely cock-sucking mouth! So why don't you start sucking boy!" I glared at him after a few seconds and he wasn't doing anything and just looking at my cock. He met my eye and he slowly started opening his mouth and slowly pointed out his tongue. When his tongue met my leaking cock it sent shivers down my spine. "OOOOH BOY that is a wonderful tongue you have there! C'mon suck that daddy cock! Yeah lick that daddy sauce. Right there yeah boy OOOHH UHNNNG lick that.Don't waste any of my stud sauce!" He was again getting into the swing of it and hungrily licking up my pre cum on the tip of my knob, in the shaft and even my balls didn't get to miss on his tongue action. After a minute I was getting bored with just his tongue doing all the job, I wanted more. I wanted to feel his whole mouth engulfing my raging hard on. "Boy I guess it's time to put that daddy cock in your mouth now" "I don't think that would fit in my mouth. That is just too big. Please" "Oh kevin you don't want daddy to get angry do you? I know you sure won't like it. So if I were you I will suck on that monster now!" He looked so torn whether he would suck it or not but I guess being punished for not doing so scared him a little bit more. Sohe reluctantly opened his mouth as wide as he can and too a big deep breath and took my daddy cock in his mouth. I almost lost control right there seeing this sexy Jonas brother's sexy lips around my throbbing daddy dick. "Play it with your tongue son." With that he tried swirling his tongue under my dick head which just sent me nuts "OOOOHHH YEAAAAH RIGHT THERE SON. FUCK THAT'S IT. YOU ARE BORN TO BE A COCK-SUCKING BITCH!" Oh this Jonas boy sure does have a talent with cock sucking, I bet his brothers are just the same. They were meant to serve men's cock they way it should be. "I hope your ass feels as good as your mouth is! Hehe!" I said while looking straight in his beautiful eyes. I can see the panic in his eyes and it just makes my cock harder and keeps me wanting to power fuck his butt more. "Take it all the way kid, c'mon you can do it baby. Fuck yeah Oooh your throat feels so good boy. Yeah like that take it all. Take daddy's cock whole son" Fuck this kid is taking my cock all the way til the base! Fuck this kid sure is born to be a cock-sucker! "Woah kid! No gag reflex! Yeah that's the way I like my boys!" He is starting to have tears in his eyes from having a hard time taking my dick all the way but he sure can take it whole! "Fuck kid, you sure you haven't done this before? You sure suck cock like a PRO! Hehe!" He is now clearly broken and he looks so degraded with all the things Im saying "Hmm What plans I have for you and your brothers, kid! Haha! I have so much in store for you, just wait and see. You'll get all the cocks you can get and I...I get to profit on your mouths and asses! Hehe!" I thought to myself smiling.

I was brought back to the present when I heard him coughing, I had been roughly fucking his sweet mouth and the poor boy wasn't able to keep up with my power fuck. "Oh sorry son. Forgot you are a newbie. Hehe! Don't worry you'll learn soon enough to take my daddy meat without any problems. Daddy will teach you everything baby. Don't worry! Hehe!" Still coughing and catching his breath he said "Huh Huh Please I need a break. My mouth is sore. Please let me rest for a bit." "I think for your first time you did well with sucking this daddy cock. I guess you deserve a reward how's that boy?" "Ok" He answered still panting. Kevin was just so tired and his mouth was sore from sucking that huge man meat that he just said whatever that could help him rest even for a bit. He already knew that he could not change his fate tonight so he just tried to keep his captor happy, "with that maybe he won't hurt me and would just let me go" thought Kevin.

I raised Kevin's legs up and the air and the look on Kevin's face was sheer fear "No you are not yet getting fucked boy" I thought smiling. And I dove for his ass rimming his tight, moist pink hairy virgin asshole. "OOOOOOOOHHHH WOOOOOOOOW AAAAH SHIT THAT FEELS INCREDIBLE OOOOHHH YEEEES PLEASE FUCCCCCK YEAAAAAAH!" screamed Kevin. "Hehehe yeah enjoy it Kevin boy cause later I'll be the one enjoying this hole!" I thought to myself. I kept rimming and making his tight pink hole wet with my saliva "This will be the only lube you'll have baby. So better enjoy it" His hole tasted of sweat, but to me it is the sweetest tasting sweat I've tasted before. His boy musk was like an aphrodisiac to me. The more I was rimming him the more intensed I got with eating out his hairy boy hole. "Fuck your ass taste so good. It's fucking the sweetest boy hole I've ever eaten! Fuck! I can do this for days Kevin!" I said in between eating his virgin hole. "Fuck that feels so good, yeah eat it out!" He was lost in ecstasy. I then took out my tongue and hardened it to tongue fuck him "OOOOOH YEAAAAAH!" He went ballistic with that. "you love getting your boy hole tongue fucked boy?" I asked "YEAAAH FUCK THAT HOLE. USE YOUR TONGUE. OOOH YEAH USE THAT HOLE. UUUNGH USE THAT TONGUE, FUCK IT! FUCK IT! FUCK IIIIIIIIIT!" He was now overpowered with lust. Kevin was so fucking horny, he needed to get off He needed to shoot his cum. He had been saving his cum for his wedding night It took him all his control just to stop himself from wanking himself. It has been 2 weeks now since he blew his fresh boy cum and now his pent up lust had taken over his tight body and he just needed release no matter what kind of release he just needed to cum, he needed to cum BAD!

After I knew he was overpowered with lust, I spit on my middle finger and I started poking it to his pink boy hole. "Oh, Wha-aat i-is th-at? What, No-o N-oo! Don't!" He protested. "Hehe! Don't worry baby Im sure you'll love this and soon you'll be begging for more!" I grinned. I started pushing my finger past through his tight virgin boy hole. "Woah Boy! FUCK! YOU ARE FUCKING TIGHT! OOOH YEAH BOY HAHA! I LOVE BREAKING VIRGIN BOY CUNTS! HAHAHA!" "OOOOOH NOOO PLEASE DON'T IT HURTS AAAAARGH NOO OOOOUCH THAT HURTS PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT! I—I-I C-AA-AN'T! OOUUCH OW OW! PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!" He was struggling and wiggling his bubble butt so hard it just made me harder and hungrier for his virgin boy cunt. "You'll get used to it baby! Well you have no choice but to get used to it but im sure you will and you will love it and be fucking begging for it! If you can't take my finger how would you take this daddy cock? Huh boy? HAHA!" He looked so scared but I can't help to lick my lips because I can't wait to fuck him. But I have to wait and get him ready for this daddy meat. I have to be patient I don't want to rip his tight boy hole apart. So I slowly started pushing and pushing until my middle finger was all in his hairy virgin boy cunt. "OOOH FUCKING TIGHT! IM ALL IN DEEP INSIDE YOUR HAIRY BOY HOLE SON! CAN YOU FEEL THAT HUH, SON? YOU LIKE THAT BOY? YOU LIKE MY FINGER DEEP INSIDE YOUR HAIRY BOY CUNT?" I started circling my finger in his hole searching for his special spot then "AAAARGH AAAH WHAT'S THAT? OW OW" He started screaming. "WHY DOES THAT FEEL SO GOOD? NO IT SHOULDN'T FEEL GOOD. No i can't. It's not supposed to feel good. Im not supposed to enjoy it. I can't. No NO." Kevin thought. He is now starting to feel the pleasure inside his ass, the pleasures of having his asshole played. "OH PLEASE DO THAT AGAIN, THAT FEELS SO NIIIIIIIICEEEEEE OOOOH YEAAAAAH OH THAT'S IIIIIIIT YEAAAAH OOH AAAAAAW THAT FEEEEEEEEEEEELS GREAAAAAAAAT!" Kevin was drowning in lust that I grabbed that opportunity to slowly stick another finger inside his boy hole. "OW OW OOOOH WHAT'S THAT? ARE YOUUUUU? IS THAAAT ANOTHER FINGEEER? OOOOOH!"

Deep inside Kevin he knew what this man is doing is wrong. He was raised as a christian and he knew this was wrong, but he can't help but feel so much pleasure with what the man is doing his bum. He can't let this happen to him he can't let the lust overpower his body. He remained a virgin until his marriage because that was what was right according to his upbringing and this all that is happening to him right now is wrong. He's not supposed to let a man touch him so lewdly and do things to his body. Nobody had touch his body like this before. Hell he hadn't done anything like this before. Nobody had touch his cock before this night although Danielle had felt his cock through his pants before but that's it. Now he had done a lot of things that he isn't supposed to do. He had his cock sucked by a strange man and he almost came with that hot mouth "No did I say hot mouth? Fuck what has he done with me!", He had a cock in his mouth and it felt good and now his ass is getting licked and eaten and now he had 2 fingers up his bum and he is practically begging for it now. "what has this strange man done to me? I can't let this happen. I have to stop now but how? It feels great. It feels so good and I have not felt this way when I am Jerking off. This is the best I have ever felt. I need this. 22 years I have controlled myself to control these urges and now it is happening to me. I want it. I want it bad. And now i am badly needing to cum.

It has been a few minutes now since I started rimming and tongue fucking Kevin's sweet virgin hole and having his prostate massaged with my fingers and it took all my will power to take my mouth off that. "Woah boy! I guess now that's enough for that!" I said grinning at him and he looked upset that it was over and relieved thinking that he didn't get fucked and everything turned out to be fine. But that look didn't lasted long when he saw me smiling and spitting on my cock and rubbing all the spit around my daddy cock. "No please don't fuck me. That's too big. I don't think that will fit in my bum" He pleaded. I just smiled and said "Oh how cute you are still calling your butt a "bum" HAHA! Now I guess you "bum" needs a cock, don't you think boy?". "wait please, I don't think that will fit in me. " "Oh don't you worry son I will make sure it will fit and it will fit just fine. It will hurt a bit but I assure you will love it and will beg for more before this night ends HAHA!" The look on Kevin's face was pure fear. "Oh don't be scared baby. Daddy will take good care of you. Daddy will make you feel good with this..." pointing to my cock "why are you scared? What are you scared of? This thick daddy cock or you are afraid you will like it even more? HAHA!" I could see that Kevin was starting to doubt himself, He was starting to lose himself more and more the farther the night goes. Kevin was lying flat on his back with his legs up in the air, I placed his legs on my shoulders and I grabbed my black daddy meat in his pink boy cunt. I started to push my dark meat in his pink virgin boy cunt "FUCK BOY DON'T TIGHTEN UP. I'LL GET INSIDE YOUR TIGHT BOY HOLE NO MATTER HOW YOU FIGHT IT!" He was sobbing uncontrollably now "Please don't it hurts. Please stop. You're too big!" "Relax son, push out and it will be easier for you. If you tighten your boy cunt it will just be more pleasurable for me hehe! So if I were you, you better relax your hole now" I aimed my black cock in his pink hole again and started to push harder. "Relax boy, Fucking tight. I LOVE VIRGINS! HAHA!" And I pushed harder and half the head of my daddy cock entered his virgin boy cunt. "YEAAAAAAAH FUCKING TIGHT!" "OOOOOOOOOOH OW OW OW PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT! I CAN'T TAKE IT! PLEASE OOOOOOUCH IT HURTS SO BAD! TAKE IT OUT MY BUM! PLEASE PLEASE IT HURTS! YOU ARE TOO BIG I CAN'T TAKE YOUR COCK! HU HU HU! PLEASE DON'T FUCK MY ASS! STOOOOOOP" Kevin is sobbing uncontrollably now. His face is so red and tears are flowing in his eyes now. I pushed even harder and got the whole head inside his virgin ass. "OOOOH FUCK KEVIN YOU'RE FUCKING TIGHT YEEEAAAAAH BOY! IM GONNA USE YOUR FUCKING TIGHT VIRGIN ASS TONIGHT! IM GONNA FUCK YOU AND BREED YOUR TIGHT HOLE! YEEEEEEEEES TAKE THIS BLACK DADDY COCK! FUUUCCCK YES! KEVIN LOOK AT MY BIG BLACK COCK PUSHING PAST THROUGH YOUR TIGHT HOLE, TAKE A LOOK AT IT BOY!" I grabbed his head upright so he could take a look at my cock entering his tight hole. Seeing my black cock slide inside Kevin Jonas' tight pink hole almost made me lose all control that I have from cumming instantly. I just love seeing the contrast of my black cock with his pink hole it is just so erotic and almost sent me over the edge! Im using all control to stop my self from ramming my black cock all the way in in his tight ass. So I slowly eased my way in in his tight chute. "FUCK KEVIN YOUR TIGHT VIRGIN CUNT FEELS SO GOOD. CAN YOU FEEL DADDY'S COCK THROBBING INSIDE YOUR TIGHT CHUTE HUH BABY BOY? DADDY POPPED YOUR FUCKING CHERRY!" Kevin just continued crying while my lust just went over the top. Once my whole 9 inches of daddy cock was inside his tight boy cunt I remained still for a few seconds letting him get used to the thickness ofmy cock. I whispered "Shh baby it will feel better soon. Relax your cunt and it will feel good in a few. Can you feel daddy's hard cock inside your tight hole? Can you feel it throbbing? It's hard for you baby. Fuck your ass is so fucking tight. Your ass is like milking my big black cock, oooh your ass is so silky soft, tight, and hot." I started blowing soft kisses in his ear and I licked his tears from his face. "You taste so good baby. Im honored to pop your fucking cherry. You have the tightest asshole I've fucked." I twisted his head and started french kissing his delicious lips. My tongue went inside his mouth and started tongue it's inside. I then slowly started rocking back and forth. I AM NOW FUCKING KEVIN JONAS' TIGHT VIRGIN MARRIED ASS! It feels better than I imagined it to be, the nights I spent from jerking off to pictures of the jonas brothers in their tight baseball uniforms, their tight fitting slacks or jeans and also those pictures of them wearing boardies in hawaii was my favorite! And now I have one of the Jonas' ass right here in bed and fucking it! It's unbelievable that I was able to pull it off but I did hopefully things will turn out as well when I will be popping his brothers cherry!

I had been slowly fucking kevin's ass for a while now and now he is moaning a little clearly now getting into it. I started pushing deeper and forcefully to see how he would react, he cringed a little but he is taking it like a man. "Argh!" Kevin screamed "Boy, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!" He was lying on his back so I flipped him over and I then grabbed his sexy curly hair and then started fucking him doggy style. "YEAH KEVIN TAKE DADDY'S BLACK COCK! TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! FUCKING TIGHT! YOUR ASS IS PERFECT FOR FUCKING AND TAKING BIG COCK! YOU LIKE IT DON'T YOU? YOU LIKE BEING MY BITCH! YEAH MOAN FOR DADDY! FUCK YES!" I am now fucking him like a mad man, I dropped all the controls I had been taking back this whole time. Now I am fucking him like a bitch should be. "Unnngh fuuuck oooooow ah ah!" those are the word that were coming out from his mouth "You like that boy? You love daddy's cock fucking your tight "bum" huh? Haha" I took his mouth in mine and started a tongue fight again now he is fighting back with his tongue I must say! This boy is getting feisty and I am not complaining!

I had been fucking him doggy for about 5 minutes when I decided to switch positions I stood up a bit abruptly so my cock came a bit fast out of his ass "OOW! Easy! That hurt!" I didn't respond rather I took him carried him and pointed my cock up his hole. I am fucking him standing up now and the penetration had been deeper. I'll push him up and let him slide down my cock, it felt so good. "Fuck baby your ass feels so fucking great on my ass. By now he had been moaning and it is clearly that he is loving it now. "UNNGH FUCK YES RIGHT THEEEEERE! OW OW YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME SHOOT MY CUM RIGHT NOW! FUCK YES RIGHT THERE RIGHT THER-" He stopped mid-sentence when he realized I stopped fucking him "why did you stop?" Kevin asked "Well I get to decide when you will cum I don't want this to end so soon baby the night is young and I intend to fuck you all night long" "Please fuck me I need to cum badly my balls are so tight. I need to cum, please fuck me I can cum again just fuck me! I haven't cum in more then 2 weeks now. PLEASE MAKE ME CUM. LET ME CUM I'LL CUM AGAIN I PROMISE JUST FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" "HEHE I TOLD YA KID YOU'RE GONNA BEG FOR MY COCK BEFORE THE NIGHT ENDS! C'MON BEG FOR DADDY'S COCK! BEG FOR MY BIG BLACK DADDY COCK!" "PLEASE DADDY FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK DADDY COCK OF YOURS! PUT IT IN MY BU- IN MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS DADDY! PLEASE I NEED YOUR FAT COCK IN MY TIGHT PINK HOLE! FUCK MY TIGHT HOOOOOOOOOLE YEAH LIKE THAT DADDY FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT FU-UCK I-IIIT! YES YES YES!" I placed him on his back again and started fucking him like it his last which im sure it wasn't. "FUUUUCK YES THE-ERE RI-IGHT THE-RE! OOOOW AAAARGH YES FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER USE MY FUCKING TIGHT HOLE! POUND THAT TIGHT ASS! YEAH OPEN UP THAT VIRGIN HOLE! OPEN IT UP! FUCK IT FUCK I---IT! YE-AH RI-GHT TH-ERE! OOOH OOOH YES PLEASE DADDY FUCK THAT HOLE!" "FUCKING TIGHT! YOU HAVE PRIME ASS BABY! YES IM GONNA OPEN YOU UP AND BREED THAT FUCKING TIGHT HOLE OF YOURS! C'MON SCREAM FOR MY COCK! TAKE MY COCK, TAKE IT ALL THE WAY YOUR FUCKING TIGHT BOY CUNT! FUUCK YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM! YOU WA-NT ME TO BREED YOU BOY? YOU WANT DADDY'SEED DEEP INSIDE YOUR FUCKING HOLE? HUH BOY YOU WANT MY CUM INSIDE YOU? IM GONNA CUM! OOOH YEEAH MILK THAT BLACK COCK! OOH YES YOUR ASS FEELS AMAZING MILK DADDY'S COCK, BITCH! MILK THE CUM OUTTA MY COCK!" "FUCK I-IM GO-GONNA FUCKIN' SHO-OOT MY CUM! HE-RE IT CO-CO-OOOM-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"Kevin's tight hole became more tighter when he shot his boy milk in his abs. He kept shooting and shooting like he never came before. It was like 8 or 9 shots and it all splashed in his abs and chest and some even got to his face. I wasn't able to hold it any further causehis ass was still pulsing and it is so much tighter and I just let go "FUUUCK HERE IT IS BOY! TAKE IT TAKE MY BLACK DADDY STUD SAUCE! TAKE IT UP YOUR TIGHT FUCKING WHITE HOLE! DADDY'S GONNA BREED YOU! FUUU-UUCK H-EEERE IT IS! TAKE DAD-DY'S CU-UUUUUUUUUUM!" I must've shot 12 shots of cum inside his hole that som of it came out. "Fuck you are cumming inside my bu- ass, fuck I can feel your cum inside my tight ass. Fuu-uuck it feels so warm aaah your cum is inside me! You're still cumming fuck that is a lot of cum oh my fucking god! You are still cumming inside me! Fuck!" When I stopped cumming I started licking his boy milk from his abs to his chest and I paid special and extra attention to his large pink nipples which I found to be sensitive, really sensitive then I finished with his licking his cum from his face. After I took every drop of cum I kissed him and we swapped the cum. "Woah boy you sure are a fast study!" He then had this look of panic in his eyes like everything is just sinking in, everything that we did is just starting to dawn on him. "Wait I have to go. I have to go back this isn't right. This isn't right! Let me go you pervert!" He pushed me down the bed and he started to rush in getting his clothes. I knew I had to take action "Hey there wait for a while. Im sure you do not want to go yet. Well Im not done with you boy. Im just starting!" He seemed to not listen to what I was saying then I said "If you go now well Im not sure I can stop myself from giving the press the video tapes of how you begged daddy to fuck you, am i right?" I asked grinning. He stopped on his tracks and the look of panic turned into sheer terror. "What? Wh-at tapes? You video taped this? You are a pervert! Fuck you!" "Fuck me or should I say You're Fucked? Hehe! I got everything on tape. Every single bit that happened tonight is in record and I must say it is one hell of an issue if it gets to the wrong hands...say the papparazzi? Hehe!" "You wouldn't do that! That would destroy my career and my...my marriage!" "Well I MIGHT not do that if you do what I WANT boy! You are all mine now. Your tight body, your fucking tight hole. All of you belong to me now. YOU ARE MY BITCH NOW!" He fell to the floor and started sobbing. I came to him and carried him to bed and started kissing him. "Im just getting started Kevin boy, Im just starting" I thought to myself.



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