Tag Along Boy

The following story is an erotic fantasy about consensual and nonconsensual sex, and domination and/or humiliation between men and boys, sometimes rather violent. This may include using force and inflicting pain and various forms of humiliation. If this is not your thing or you're not of legal age, don't read it, go somewhere else. However, if you're legal and like gay muscles and domination, read it and enjoy it.

Chapter One

"You want to get your clothes wet, pup?" he asked, his hand on his still hard prick as he stood up next to my lounger. Obviously he wasn't asking, but just letting me know what was coming.

"Ahhh, no, ahhh, what?" I sputtered, as I looked up at him. It took me a couple seconds to realize what he meant, but when I saw that look in his eyes and that smirk on his face, I knew

I knew what that look in his eyes meant but before I could even move, before I had a chance to react, the first stream of his piss hit me in the chest. By then it was too late to do anything about my clothes, so I just relaxed as the warm piss soak my shirt and then move up to my face.

Rick aimed his stream down my body to my crotch, soaking my shorts, letting me feel the warm wetness seep in, and them back up to my face again as I lay flat on my back accepting his gift.

His gift? Yeah, his gift. I mean it. I love it. I love anything from Rick.

Come on now. Don't think that way. I'm not crazy. You've just got to know about Rick and me. So, before we really get into this, I gotta tell you about us. Me and Rick. Here's the story.

We met when my mom was cleaning house for his mom. It didn't last very long because his mom is a bitch, but for some reason Rick took me under his wing and I've been tagging along after him ever since. Rick was older than me, better looking than me, bigger than me, much more muscular than me, smarter than me, more popular than me, and, well, you get the idea.

The truth is, I love Rick. Or maybe that should be: 'I adore him.' Is that the word? Maybe. Perhaps 'revere' or 'venerate' might describe it. Actually, I think 'I idolize him' is better. Yeah, I think that's the word: Idolize. He's my Idol. Rick calls it 'puppy love,' so does that make me his puppy? As a matter of fact, I suppose it does to some extent, but that's okay; I'll be Rick's puppy anytime. Besides, he calls me his pup sometimes and I love it when he does. I'd do anything for Rick. Hell, I'd jump off a bridge if he asked me to.

Why, you ask? Why would I love him with such passion? Simple answer: Rick's a god. In every way possible for a human being to be a god, Rick is a god.

His face is pure magic. Just walking down the street, he draws everybody's eyes. He is strikingly handsome. And his body! He works out like a fiend to build his muscles although he was naturally husky to begin with, so his build is somewhere between excellence and perfection; somewhere between Adonis and Hercules; and he's only seventeen. His muscular definition is absolutely beyond belief. Absolutely dazzling.

And I'm a wimp. Yeah, I can say that about myself. Well, maybe, kinda wimpish anyway. At least I am compared to Rick. Oh yeah, I work out. I work out with Rick, and you better believe that I've got a better body than most any others at my school. And I've had people tell me I'm kind of attractive; my mom does all the time. I don't owe my good looks to Rick, but I sure owe him my body. He's the one that got me working out and building my muscles and driving me like crazy to excel. I owe him.

So, maybe I'm not a wimp. I'm built and good looking, but when I'm with Rick how can I not compare myself with him? Rick is perfection and I'm the low-life admirer of that perfection. Rick draws attention from people like honey drawing flies and they don't even notice that I'm even there. Honestly, I don't have a self-esteem problem; I just have a hero worship problem. Of course that's not really a problem, that's an asset. I'm just thrilled that I'm attractive enough that Rick likes to have me around.

Rick is not only perfect on the outside, he's perfect on the inside as well. He has a sparkling personality so he's one of the most popular guys at our school. People are drawn to him and automatically like him. And that's what I find so amazing. Even as prevailing as he is, he still likes having me around. Yes, I tag after him like a little puppy, but he likes it; he wants me with him all the time. Why he would have given me a second look in the first place, is beyond me, but he likes me. No question about it, he really likes me. And I can't really describe how wonderful it is for me to be allowed to hang around with him.

Of course, in some ways, he keeps me around as his own personal admiration society, and you can believe that I feed his ego with superlatives about his magnificence all the time, but I only tell the truth as I see it. Does that sound corny? Of course it does, but I did say he was a god, didn't I? Of course I feed his vanity. Why would I not? I'd do anything for him to be allowed to be with him. But he gives me a lot of attention. He says I'm his best friend, and he includes me in everything he does. I'm always with him. Always. Yeah, like almost every minute of the day.

What more could a guy like me ask for? Rick is my god and I'd do anything for him.

So Rick pisses on me? Yes. And that's so cool. He only did it once before, but there was no question he liked doing it and that alone made it okay with me. If he likes it, I like it. If he likes it, I love it. But, besides that, it lets me know that he's still happy with me, he appreciates me because he's giving me attention. I'm thrilled that it turns him on to piss on me, and I let him know it, because it shows my deference and my devotion to him.

"Thank you, Rick, you son-of-a-bitch" I giggled as he grinned down at me and aimed his stream up and down my body.

Yeah, so he was pissing on me after his blowjob. Yeah, I'd just given him a blowjob. But let me back up just a little and tell you about this particular Saturday. I told you he only pissed on me once before, but that Saturday started out just like any other Saturday. Here's how it went.

We worked out at the city gym, 'Men's Fitness' that morning. We work out in the school weight room during the week, but at 'Fitness' over the weekend. This morning there was some guy there, late teens or early twenty's that caught Rick's interest while we were blasting arms and shoulders. Actually, I guess it was the other way around since the guy couldn't keep his eyes off of Rick. So when we finished and were ready to head to the showers Rick gave the guy a nod, and he came over. When Rick is pumped after a workout and dressed only in snug shorts and shoes, his muscles glistening with sweat and with that glorious smile of his, everybody is pretty much overwhelmed and easy prey for anything Rick may have in mind, and this guy was no different. He seemed speechless as Rick took his hand.

"i-I-I'm ..." I swear, the guy temporarily forgot his name. "I'm... ah... I'm Steve" he finally said as Rick smiled and shook his hand.

"Glad to meet you, Steve" Rick said. "I'm Rick." When he quit shaking they guy's hand, he still held on to it, and slowly pulled it into his crotch.

"Ahhh ... hi, ahhh ... hi, Rick" the guy said as Rick looked into his eyes. Letting go of the guy's hand, Rick put a finger into the waistband of the guy's shorts and pulled, forcing him to step closer. Then he casually reached behind the guy and grabbed his ass. Yeah, this is true. I was watching.

Can anybody be any more brazen than that? Probably not, but Rick is a god. Rick can do anything, and it's hard to believe that he can get away with some of the most blatant actions or comments just because he is so bold and challenging, and so incredibly good looking.

"We're heading for the showers, Steve" Rick chuckled. "Want to come along?" He still had his hand on the guy's ass as he said this.

Without waiting for an answer, Rick put his arm around the guy's shoulders and led him towards the locker room. Luckily, there was nobody there, but I doubt that it would have made much difference to Rick anyway. He immediately pulled off his shoes and half socks, and then his shorts and jock strap. His dick was about half hard and hanging down and I saw the guy gulp. Who wouldn't, with a dick like that?

"Well, strip" Rick said. "You can't take a shower with your clothes on."

"Help him, Pup" Rick said to me as Steve just stood there like a deer in the headlights. He was standing next to the bench, so I gave him a push forcing him to set down, then got on my knees and started to remove his shoes. Rick came over, straddling me, with his dick a couple inches from Steve's chin, and grabbing Steve's hair with one hand and his dick with the other, he started rubbing his growing monster all over his face.

"You want some of this, Steve?" Rick asked rhetorically. Yeah, rhetorically. I knew and Rick knew, and I'm sure Steve knew too, that he was going to get some of that dick, no matter what.

"P-p-please, Rick" he stuttered. "I don't .... I don't think ... I ah ..."

"Good" Rick laughed. "Don't think." By now I had removed Steve's shoes and socks, so Rick grabbed him by the front of his t-shirt and literally dragged him into the shower room. "Pup" he said as he pulled Steve into a stall and turned on the water. Then he snapped his fingers by Steve's butt letting me know that I was to get him ready.

I'd done this before, getting Rick's tricks ready to get fucked. I mean, what was I here for if it wasn't to help him out? Rick was simply too big to fuck a guy without some preparation, and why should he have to prepare a guy when he had me there and I was eager to be able to participate.

Rick pulled Steve's face into one of his bulging pecs. "Kiss it, baby" he said softly. Steve put his arms around him and started kissing that bulging muscle.

I got on my knees and pulled Steve's shorts and jockey's down. Spitting into my fingers I rubbed them against his crack. I knew Rick was getting hot and wouldn't want to wait so I had to get Steve ready in a hurry. Spitting again, I jammed a finger into his butt and wiggled it. That got a grunt from him. Spitting a couple more times, I wiggled the finger again and then inserted a second finger. This really got a grunt from him.

"Sniff it" I heard Rick say, and as I glanced up I saw that he had Steve's face in his armpit. His very sweaty armpit. 'Yeah, that's it, now lick" he said as he pushed Steve's face into his pit. Steve started moaning.

I knew Rick wouldn't wait, so I spat once more, jammed my two fingers into the tight hole, trying to open it up a little, and then backed off. Rick immediately grabbed Steve's shoulders, jerked him around, and pushed him against the stall wall. Putting one hand on his neck holding him mashed against the wall, he grabbed his middle with the other hand and jerked his ass back.

His ten inch prick was fully hard now as he took aim at the tiny pucker of Steve's ass. He pushed, and Steve squealed.

"Shut up, damn it" Rick growled. "You want the whole world in here?" I was still on my knees, only a few feet away, but I wasn't going anywhere. I loved this. I loved watching Rick overpower a guy and fuck him. The closer I was the better, watching Rick's enormous prick slide in and out of a tight butt.

Steve was trying to control the noise, probably biting his lip, but could not complete stop the moaning and whimpering as Rick pushed four or five inches of his donkey dick into his butt. Putting his hand around Steve's middle again, Rick jerked him back against him as he banged his crotch forward, forcing Steve's ass to swallow several more inches of huge man meat.

Keeping his hand there, around Steve's middle, Rick now started to pump. He was still mashing Steve's face against the wall with his hand on his neck, but now he grabbed his hair, jerked his head back hard, and slammed his prick into him at the same time.

This got a squeal out of Steve, but all ten inches of Rick's prick were now jammed up his ass. I was only inches away and totally mesmerized, so much so that I leaned in and gave Rick a kiss on his hip. I just couldn't help it, he was such a stud. He didn't say anything so I guess it was okay, so I did it again, this time on his muscled thigh. God, I loved him.

"Shithead" he said as he looked down at me, grinned and gave me a light slap along the side of the head. I laughed because I knew he appreciated my worship, and he knew how much I loved watching him fuck someone. I kissed him again, on his ass cheek this time. "Okay, pup, go ahead. You can do it" he said to me, which was the sign that I could jerk off while I watched. This was sheer bliss, his allowing me to jerk off while I watched him. I stepped out of the stall and ripped my wet clothes off as quickly as I could.

Did I need his permission to jerk off? Of course I did and he didn't give it all that much. Not for one second would I consider jerking off without his specific permission. As far as I was concerned, he owned me. I belonged to him. I was his most obedient servant.

I got back into the stall and started jerking my very hard six inch prick while Rick slammed in and out of Steve's ass. He still had his hand around Steve's middle to hold him steady while he banged it to him, and his other hand occasionally gave Steve's hair a jerk. The water was spraying down on all of us, and Steve still had his t-shirt on, and his shorts and underwear were down around his ankles.

I knew I'd come first because watching Rick fuck someone was just the hottest thing imaginable and made me almost crazy with lust. This god, this superman who had the whole world at his feet, was mine. I belonged to him and he belonged to me. How could I not be hot and ready to spurt?

I started shooting. I never once looked at my own prick, because my eyes were glued to Rick's enormous pole driving in and out of Steve's butt. Ten full inches of man meat sliding almost all the way out, and then slamming back in. I'd seen this many times before and it always enthralled me; there was nothing hotter than watching Rick's prick pounding in and out of some hunk's ass.

Steve was grunting each time Rick slammed into him, and yelped each time he had his hair pulled. As my ejaculation ended I could tell that Rick was now getting close. Grabbing Steve in a bear-hug, Rick bent his knees slightly and rammed his cudgel up into him, almost lifting Steve right up off his feet. Then slamming up into him one final time, he started to shoot his load. Steve let out a yell that must have been heard throughout the gym, and probably the whole neighborhood, as he started to shoot as well.

Rick was not a screamer but he let out a grunt with each ejaculation: "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh" as he fired over and over into Steve's ass.


Now, don't get the idea that Rick fucks somebody every time we're at the gym, it hardly ever happens. But when a cute guy's available Rick is not about to pass up the opportunity.

You've also got to understand that one ejaculation was barely a warm up for Rick. He had to cum three times a day, or more likely, four or five times. And I was always there ready and willing to take him anyway I could get him. This Saturday was no different from any other.

So after we showered and went back to his house, we skinny dipped in his backyard pool. Rick's parents were divorced but his father was loaded and gave his mom some huge alimony payment, and an enormous child support check came in every month, so he lived very well. Even better, his mother was a socialite and was involved in more events and charities than you could count, so she was hardly ever there. A housekeeper came by every afternoon to clean and cook Rick's dinner, and usually mine too.

My parents didn't mind my being with him all the time. In fact, they liked it. They liked me associating with one of the richest and most prominent families in town. Even though my mom didn't work there anymore, she still respected them; at least she respected their money.

Rick was really smart too; nearly an all 'A' student and very popular at school, so my parents were thrilled that he had remained my friend. I was pretty smart too, but not up there in the stratosphere where Rick was.

I guess they hoped that some of his 'smarts' or 'coolness' would rub off on me.

After swimming for a while we lay down on the lounge chairs, getting some sun. Rick was lying back with his eyes closed, but I was keeping my eye on him. I always kept my eye on him in case he needed something, and after only one fuck so far, I was pretty sure he'd be wanting something from me. I was always ready, and knowing what was coming now, I was hot to trot.

You may think I was his flunkey, and of course I was. But Rick was a year and a half older than me, fifty pounds heavier, all of it muscle, and he was very popular. My popularity only came from my relationship with Rick. I mean, I damn near glowed with pleasure every time Rick looked at me. Just the fact that he liked me and allowed me to be with him was overwhelming for me. Me, a young kid and a nobody, being allowed to hang around with the most popular guy in school.

When he opened his eyes, he glanced at me and nodded down toward his prick without saying a word. This was my invitation and my command. I hopped off the lounger and got on my knees next to him. He spread his legs wide, actually putting his feet on the ground, leaving access for me to get between his legs, so I crawled in between them and looked up at him. He had closed his eyes but he had a smile on his face, encouraging me and making it clear that it was okay to go.

Rick was not only wonderful and beautiful, but he had a prick that was a cocksucker's dream. And I was one hell of a cocksucker. I'd been sucking him almost daily for most of a year now, and I was damn good at it. I knew exactly what turns him on, and how to make him hot. I knew how to build him up fast or to build him up slow, and I recognized his moods and knew what he wanted, sometimes even before he did. Rick was my lord and master except when he just lay back and I had his dick in my mouth. Then I was in charge.

Actually, there's no doubt that a good part of the reason he kept me around was because of my great blowjobs. He'd always said that nobody sucked him like I did. Let me tell you, I put my heart and soul into doing him, determined each and every time to give him the greatest, most spectacular ejaculation he'd ever had. I knew how to bring him off like nobody else.

Like now for instance, he's already had a fuck at the gym, so I knew he'd want a slow drawn out blowjob. Since we were just relaxing in the back yard anyway, I knew he'd want an easy going, intensely pleasurable suck, getting him right up to the edge and just holding him there, like, forever. Rick loved it when I not only sucked his cock, but actually made love to it, rubbing it against my face; licking it and kissing it, deep throating and holding it, blowing him like only I knew how to blow him. This was my favorite activity and I would spend all day worshiping his cock if he'd let me.

Lying down flat between his legs and looking up at him, I started lapping and slurping at his balls. I did this for a bit getting them good and wet, and then started rubbing my nose and face against them as I blew air into his ass crack, showing my deference to him. He didn't move or react, so he was leaving the decisions of how to suck him up to me this time. He and his cock were all mine.

Bracing myself with my hands on his muscular thighs, I raised my head, still looking up at him to see his reaction, I licked up and down his almost fully hard prick a few times. Then I got my lips around that enormous dick, and swallowed it. Yeah, the whole thing. I told you I was good. I'd trained myself to take all ten inches of him deep into my throat so my lips were pressed tight against his crotch, and I could hold him there; for maybe a full minute or so.

Then I backed off with just the head in my mouth and started playing with it, fluttering my tongue against the tip. Rick tended to be sensitive on the tip of his prick, so sometimes this was torture for him; delectable, exquisite, torture. Keeping the head in my mouth I stuck my tongue into the slit over and over as I stared up at his glorious abs and chest to his beautiful face.

There was no reaction from him except for maybe the faintest of smiles, but I had no doubt he was enjoying it. Pulling off his prick, I started licking and kissing up and down its ten inch length again. I knew what I was doing; Rick loved hearing loud smacking kisses and slurping sounds while I licked and sucked him; it showed my true devotion to him and to his prick.

Keeping my eyes on him, I scooted back down and started sucking on his balls again, waiting for a sign from him. Yeah, waiting for a sign. I hoped he'd let me lick his ass. I loved showing him the true fervor of my devotion by licking his ass.

And I got it. I got the sign. He raised his legs from each side of the lounger and draped them over my shoulders. This was my sign, my green light. Putting my hands under his muscled thighs I raised them slightly, lifting his ass, and then stuck my nose in. One of Rick's favorite diversions was getting his ass licked, so it was my favorite diversion as well.

Rick braced his feet, holding his ass up, as I crammed my nose in even tighter and started licking. Rick moaned and I went crazy with desire and pleasure; desire to please him, desire to show him my dedication to him. Pushing harder on his thighs, giving me better access, I crammed my nose and mouth into his hot muscled ass. Using a very wet tongue, I lovingly licked up and down his crack. Jamming my face in tight, hardly able to breath, I licked up and down and up and down.

Knowing how much Rick loved this, I could go on worshiping his ass for hours. Anything to give my lover the pleasure he deserved. As I licked and sucked his ass crack, I occasionally backed off and kissed the hard muscled globes, before going back into the crack.

This was all a lead in to fucking him of course. I always gave him a big build up, like now, over fifteen minutes of ass worship. Rick was now holding his ass up for me, so I let go of his thighs, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart to give me total access.

Pressing my face in tight, I pushed my tongue into his hole; and I fucked him. Keeping my tongue rigid and sticking out as far as it would go, I started banging my face back and forth into his crack. I knew this was Rick's favorite activity so I knew I'd be at it for a while. Licking someone's ass is something, but tongue fucking is a different matter altogether. Rick said that having my tongue up his ass was like getting fucked but still remaining on top, and as you have to know, Rick is always on top. Rick says there is nothing he likes better for me to show my love and devotion for him than fucking him with my tongue.

So I kept at it until he finally stopped me which was almost five minutes. He let has ass sink back down on the lounger, pushing my head back.

"Way to go, pup" he said, grinning down at me, and I felt a warm glow of pleasure. Jesus, I loved having him smile at me. I so much loved giving him pleasure. You have no idea what a charge I get from his smile of appreciation. Even after almost a year of blowing him and worshiping him, I still get chills up and down my spine when he groans in pleasure or smiles at me in approval. "Now get it done. We've got things to do." So much for a drawn out hour long blow job. He wanted a quickie

So I grabbed hold of his very hard pole and bent it down to my lips. Then, very slowly, just to show Rick I was willing to do it, I forced it back into my throat all the way and just held it there for maybe twenty seconds. Then, pulling back with only five or six inches in my mouth I started sucking. Sucking him like only I know how to suck him.

Rick, however, had other ideas and after only a few seconds of sucking him he stood up with his legs on either side of the lounger and I was forced to get up on my knees in order to keep his prick in my mouth. Then I felt him grab two handfuls of my hair, so I knew he was going to take charge. He was obviously very hot and was not willing to wait for one of my super blowjobs, but was going to fuck my face.

Holding my hair tight, he jammed his prick in almost all the way and moaned. "Oh shit, pup. You got a throat just made for my prick." Then he pulled back, and just standing still, he started pulling my head back and forth in a nice even rhythm, forcing about six inches in and out of my mouth.

I ended up with a sore throat sometimes from sucking him, but when he fucked my face I could almost bet on being sore, because when he got hot and really got into the fuck, he wasn't very patient. I tried to look up at him as he fucked my face, as he pulled me back and forth, and I could see that his eyes were closed and his lips were pursed. I think he was close already.

Then he started to speed up. This is where I said he wasn't very patient. Once the heat began to build up in his balls, Rick had little awareness of anything except his coming ejaculation. Still standing completely still, Rick continued yanking my head back and forth on his throbbing monster, getting faster and faster.

Then he actually got into a frenzy of fucking, jerking my whole upper body back and forth like a rag doll, and I loved it. Yeah, I loved it. My ultimate in acceptance from Rick was when he was out of control and in his crazed domination mode, and although I may have occasionally ended up with a bruise or two, wow, it was a bruise to be cherished as a gift from my own personal god.

Really jerking my hair he dragged my head back off of his dick, and as I watched, his enormous dick pulsed once, and then twice, and then three times, finally firing an enormous wad of cum which hit me right in the forehead. Then another pulse and his second shot went clear over my head. I had to close my eyes just in case as the throbbing dick fired over and over into my face. Rick sometimes let me swallow his cum and other times let me have it in my face, but I loved it either way. Being allowed to bring him off was such an honor and a privilege that I was always thrilled no matter how he released his load.

"Oh, shit. You are so good, pup" he said as I opened my eyes and looked up at him. "Your mouth is like heaven for my prick." Bending down he gave me a grin and a kiss on the forehead. Then, scooping up some of his cum from my face, he started feeding it to me. I lovingly licked it off of his fingers.

We were both panting from exertion as he rubbed his hand over my face smearing the last remnants of his cum all over me. "Go ahead, pup. Bring on the gusher" he chuckled as he lay back down on his lounger. My own prick had been throbbing and right on the edge ever since Rick was in the final throes of his ejaculation, so it was only fifteen or twenty seconds before I was shooting out onto the lawn.

And did I ever shoot. When Rick gets me hot, really hot, I really do shoot a gusher. And I'm a screamer too. "Yeeeaaaoooh" I howled as I fired a good foot or two into the air, followed up by major shots out onto the grass. "Ohhh, Rick, Rick, Rick" I yelled as I fired shot after shot after shot. "Oh, shit, Rick. That was fabulous" I said finally as I tried to get my breath back.

Rick smiled at me, blew me a kiss and then closed his eyes, beginning to soak up the sun again. As I began to recover I finally crawled over to the other lounger. I didn't want to take the chance of getting a sun burn, so I put my T and my shorts back on, and lay back.

It ain't over yet. If you remember, this is where I told you Rick got up and came over to me.

I had my eyes closed so I didn't know he had even gotten up when he spoke. "You want to get your clothes wet, pup?" he asked.

"Ahhh, no, ahhh what?" I sputtered, but without giving me any time to react he started pissing on me.

His gift to me. Taking pleasure from using me. Indulging me with a show of affection and perhaps marking me with his ownership of my body.

I loved him so much. And nothing gave me more pleasure than giving him pleasure, or in this case, allowing him to take his pleasure from me. It's true, it's true, it's true. I loved him so much it almost hurt sometimes.

Rick continues to piss, on and on and on, emptying his bladder and soaking me from head to toe. That smirk does not leave his face and I cannot help but to smile up at him. I revel in the pleasure of receiving Rick's attention and his piss. Being allowed to serve Rick is a pleasure beyond description.

"Okay, pup, into the pool" he said as he laughed at my bedraggled condition. I laughed along with him as I followed him and jumped in. I didn't bother to strip because my clothes were wet from his piss anyway.

We swam and Rick wrestled with me, pulling my clothes off, and allowing me kiss and worship his muscles. God, I loved him.

.....to be continued..... maybe

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