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Training a Jock Slut – Chapter 10 

Brody gets a workout

Coach sipped his morning coffee and stared outside his window with a grin on his face. It looked like the Patterson kid was embracing his new role completely. The scrawny kid was wearing an outfit similar to what Coach normally wore, gym shorts and an old t-shirt. Completing the outfit was a red whistle, which Kevin was using to make his "athlete" run faster.

Brody ran back to his interim coach and skidded to a halt. The little punk was really putting him through his paces. Kevin had demanded that Brody wear a tight lycra shirt and some baggy sweatpants. He also ordered Brody not to wear anything underneath.

Kevin was giddy with excitement when he saw that Brody had followed his instructions. His white shirt looked like it was painted on, showing off his muscled tits and abs perfectly. And though Brody's grey sweatpants were loose fitting, Brody's meaty package was still filling them out nicely.

Kevin gazed at the jock's basket greedily. The thick cockhead was pressed against the fabric, making it obvious that Brody was going commando. Kevin spent all practice making Brody run and do pull-ups. He loved seeing Brody's meat swing between his bulging thighs.

Now, practice was nearing an end and Kevin almost wolf-whistled at Brody's appearance. His lycra shirt was soaked through and translucent. The stud's pouty pink nipples peeked right through the fabric. Brody's sweatpants were also drenched in sweat. They made his bulge even more pronounced. Kevin noticed that the pants were riding up Brody's crack, showing off his bubble butt.

Brody blushed when as he saw the kid ogling at him. But he knew Coach was watching and that he just had to take it. He felt the freshman eye-molesting him for several minutes as he tried to catch his breath.

"I'll need you to wear some green running shorts tomorrow and a tank top. "

"But I don't have those kind of shorts...Sir." Brody had nearly slipped up and called Kevin by his name.

"I've seen some for sale at Mr. Fields' shop. Go get them after school."

Before Brody could protest, his skinny coach was already scampering home, eager to shoot a load after the morning's excitement. Brody gulped uneasily. He had not seen Mr. Fields for a few weeks. He had been used by the shopkeeper and his friend like a five-dollar whore that last time they met. And Brody shuddered to think what the pervert was doing with the hundreds of photos he took of the jock. 

Brody walked over to Coach's house for his morning face fuck. Maybe he would be able to convince Coach to change Kevin's mind. Just thinking about going back to the store was making his skin crawl. Surely it would not hurt to ask.

Except it did. Coach fully supported Kevin's order and was furious that Brody had tried to undermine the kid's authority. As punishment, Coach secretly spiked Brody's water during practice with three times the dosage of the sexual stimulant, BottomsUp.

The stimulant had already worked wonders on his slut, making his body ideal for abuse. But Coach wondered if he could up the ante even more.

Unsuspecting Brody gulped down all his water by the end of practice. Jimmy kept grinning wickedly at him the whole time but luckily left him alone. After practice, Brody spread his cheeks in Coach's office for his after school dicking. When the furious prostate pummelling ended, the jock was left hard and leaking. 

Coach made sure he deposited his cream in his slut's cunt.

"Lube for later," he hissed into Brody's ear. Coached loved talking dirty to his bitch, making him turn red with humiliation.

He gave Brody a firm smack on his juicy ass and sent him on his way. Coach made his slut bike to the clothes shop to buy the running shorts. In the thirty minutes it took to get there, it appeared the drug had worked its magic. Every time his shirt rubbed against his nipples, Brody felt a jolt run through his body. He had a diamond-hard boner that was leaking like a tap. And there was an itch in his ass that was growing with every pedal stroke.

Brody opened the store front door looking flushed and uncomfortable. He sighed with relief to see that the store was empty. The front of his pants had an uncontrollable tent and a large damp spot from all his precum. There was no way he would have been able to hide it. But his stomach sank when he saw Mr. Fields at the counter.

"Brody! My boy! I was starting think you had forgotten me," Vance exclaimed excitedly.

The store owner had been thinking hard on how to get the jock back in his clutches. Vance had been dreaming about Brody's buttery pussy every night. He was using the hot photos of Brody for all of his jack-off sessions. But he craved the real deal. And it looked like today was his lucky day.

"Hi Mr. Fields, I just need to buy some green running shorts. I need to head back soon, my Dad is at home."

Vance was amused at the boy's rushed demeanour. But there was no way he was letting the stud leave that easily.

"Of course Brody. I am sure Hank must be waiting for you. Let's get you those shorts."

Vance made his way to the jock who was sweating bullets. The drug coursing through his veins was at full effect. Vance closed the store blinds and flipped the `Open' sign to `Closed'.

Vance then pointed the jock towards a row of shorts and placed his hand on Brody's denim-clad ass. He squeezed the mound of muscled flesh hard, eliciting a moan from Brody.

"My, my. It looks like you are thinking of more than shopping today, Brody."

"No.. no, Mr. Fields. That's...not it," Brody stuttered as the older man started manhandling his ass even harder. Every time his ass was being touched, waves of pleasure were being sent throughout Brody's body. He could not explain it. And despite his best attempts, Brody was moaning like a bitch in heat.

Of course, Vance took this as his cue to be more direct. He stood right behind Brody and pressed himself into the mass of muscle in front him. Brody felt Mr. Fields' hard cock pushing into his ass crack through their clothes.

Vance reached around and started twisting the jock-slut's tits, causing Brody to squirm maniacally. The squirming ass on his hard cock felt incredible.

Brody was desperate for release. He felt like his whole body was on fire with lust. He needed to shoot his load right then and there. He did not care how he shot his load. He just needed to cum. He felt a hand on his head bending him over the pile of clothes in front of him. He felt Mr. Fields unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. 

Brody was completely exposed in his jockstrap. The pants pooled at his ankles limited his mobility and forced him to present his ass to his tormentor like a gift. He felt Mr. Fields' breath on his ass as his jockstrap was also pulled down.

"Fuck! That is a pretty cunt. And looks like you got a load in there like last time. Who was it this time? Your coach? A teacher? The entire wrestling team?"

Brody burned with shame.

"Or maybe it was your Dad."

This caused Brody to bury his face into the clothes on the table. Despite all this humiliation, he was still incredibly horny.

Mr. Fields' moustache tickled his crack before Brody experienced a sudden onslaught on his hole by the older man's tongue. Brody eyes rolled back into his head. It felt absolutely incredible. His cock started leaking even faster. Brody though he was going to cum from just the rim-job when it suddenly stopped.

Then without warning, two fingers were rammed into him, knuckles deep. Another shiver of ecstasy ran across Brody's spine. He knew he used to get pleasure from an ass fucking before, but this was something else. And when Mr. Fields added a third finger, Brody lost it. He shot one of the biggest loads of his life all over the store floor.

Vance withdrew his fingers and got up. Brody heard the all too familiar sound of a zipper opening. To Brody's surprise, his own cock was hard again. And even though he had just shot a load, he was writhing in lust for another release.

Brody felt a thick cock barely kissing his hole.

"Beg for it." 

Brody spun his head around and saw Mr. Fields' looking at him with an evil glint in his eye.

Brody hung his head low. It was the ultimate assault to his masculinity to ask for a fucking. But he was desperate to cum. He needed that itch inside him satiated.

"Fuck me, Mr. Fields," Brody mumbled.

"What was that, slut? I didn't hear you. Beg for it like you mean it."

By now Brody was a beautiful shade of crimson.


Before he knew what was happening, a thick, six-inch piece of meat had been shoved inside Brody's pussy.

Brody squealed like a pig. He felt his own cock shoot instantly. He had never been able to cum so quick before. And to his horror, his cock was hardening again.

Vance fucked Brody like he wanted to destroy his hole. The sound of his balls slapping Brody's thighs with every thrust reverberated throughout the room, only to be punctuated by Vance's filthy talk.

"That's right you fuck-slut. Take my cock. I feel your pussy pulling on my dick like it needs it. Holy shit, I have never fucked such a hot pussy before. I'm going to stretch you out by the time this is over. You are going to remember this pounding for the rest of your life. If only your father was here to see what a good cum dump his son has become."

Brody was gasping with pleasure and pain. It seemed like every thrust was jabbing his prostate directly. Before he knew it, Brody had cum again.

By the time Vance had finished brutalizing the jock's hole, Brody had cum two more times. The floor under his spent dick was covered in spunk.

Vance roared as he coated Brody's insides with his own load. He let his cock soften inside Brody for a minute. He pulled out his cock and watched the wrecked hole slowly tighten up again like magic.

Vance wiped his sweaty face with his sleeve and pushed Brody to the ground. 

"Let me get you those shorts. They are in the back. But I can't let you leave with all your cum on my floor. Why don't you lick that right up like a good boy?"

Knowing that there was no point to arguing, Brody put his face to the ground and started slurping up his own boy-juices. He wanted to throw up.

Vance watched the high school hunk defile himself for five minutes before he went into the back to get the shorts. A large size would fit Brody snugly. But Vance went ahead and made the decision to get the kid a medium size. That would really make his ass and package pop. And it would be especially hot if Brody's cock popped out of the short's legs while he ran.

"Bet that kid will be cursing his cock for being so big," Vance chuckled to himself. 

When he returned the floor was spotless. Brody was pulling on his shirt and wiped his face with it. Vance noticed that Brody still had a large tent in his pants. He was sure that kid was given something but he kept mum. He had come to realize that the Coach had some control over this kid. And he was not going to question it.

Brody mumbled thanks as he grabbed the shorts. He grimaced as he heard Mr. Fields tell him that the ass fuck was payment enough. He had basically prostituted himself for a fifteen-dollar piece of clothing.

He walked out the store and to his bike. His throbbing cock was pleading for release despite shooting four loads already. And clueless Brody had no idea why.


Brody goes to the park 

Brody finally reached home and was exhausted. His ass was extremely sore from the rough fucking he received from Mr. Fields. And sitting on a bicycle seat for a few miles right after that sex session was brutal. He found a note on the counter from his Dad saying he would be away for two days. This was normal for Brody, who spent several days by himself at home often.

Brody felt gross from all the sweat and sex juices on him so he decided to take a shower. As he stripped off his clothes, he was nonplussed to see that he was still hard. He wanted to cum again really bad but he knew Coach would be mad if he touched himself. So he took a quick, cold shower and cleaned out his ass. It felt like a gallon of cum was falling out of him.

When he got out, he put on his required uniform, nothing but a jockstrap. Just then, the phone rang.

"Weathers' residence," Brody replied gloomily. He was in no mood to talk. 

"Is this Brody?"

Brody did not recognize the male voice on the phone. It almost sounded like it was being distorted. Brody figured it was his friends playing a stupid prank. But the next few words made his blood run cold.

"I know what you and your pretty ass have been up to, slut."

Brody swallowed nervously. "I am not sure what you are talking about. I will be hanging up now."

"Before you do, why don't you open the package at your door," the voice cackled before the line went dead.

Brody slowly put down the phone and opened his front door slowly. Sure enough, there was a brown box there. Brody knew it was not Coach behind this stunt because he had gone to the city tonight. And the Reverend would be at church for bingo.

He looked around the driveway before he quickly brought the box inside. Brody opened the package with shaky hands. The first thing he saw inside was a note which read:

"Hi Brody. I know that you have been servicing your Coach like a cum guzzling whore for several weeks now. And I would like a piece of the action.

I would like you to go to Whistler Park at 9 p.m. tonight. You will wear the clothes in this box. And before you put on the clothes, you will insert the provided plug into your cunt.

Once you reach the park, walk past the parking lot and turn left at the big oak tree. Keep walking until you find a clearing with a park bench. You will then take your shirt off, and get on your knees. Finally, you will put on the blindfold that has been placed in your shorts' pocket. You will not remove this blindfold at any time. 

Of course, you don't have to do any of this. But if you don't, I will place a copy of the enclosed photo inside every locker in school tomorrow. The choice is yours."

Brody quickly reread the letter twice and dug through the box frantically. When he saw the photo his heart sank. It was grainy photograph of him bent over the Coach's desk at school. And it was clear that he was stuffing his own hole with the ubiquitous black dildo.

Brody sat on the floor in silence. The hardwood floors felt cool against his bare ass. His cock was still straining in the jockstrap despite this terrible turn of events. He knew he had to go to the park.

He quickly rummaged through the box to see what was in there. He found a thick, three inch butt-plug. Just a few weeks ago, Brody would have thought that the sex toy would rip him apart. But today, he was able to cram it into his tight hole with only a few grunts. He immediately felt filled up. The pressure in his ass was beginning to feel good, much to his dismay.

 There was no underwear provided. Brody knew better than to go grab a pair anyways. This person obviously wanted him to go commando. He then put on a pair of jeans that had their legs cut-off. The jean shorts were impossible tight and barely covered the base of his cock. His blonde bush was on full display. In the back, a large portion of his crack was exposed. And the tight waistband made it look like his bubble butt was overflowing out of the shorts. Brody feared that even flexing his thighs would cause the garment to fall apart at the seams.

Brody then put on the black shirt provided. Of course, this was modified as well. The sleeves had been cut-off. Also, the shirt was cut across halfway down. So when Brody squeezed himself into it, the shirt ended right at his nipples. The rest of his pecs and stomach were left bare.

 Brody looked at himself in the mirror and wanted to crawl under a rock. He looked like a true gay hooker. His hard dickhead was peeking out from under one of the short's leg. It made it seem like he was enjoying this gross humiliation. But maybe he was. Brody shook his head to clear his doubts. No, he hated this. Coach had changed him somehow.

Brody turned around and could clearly see the outline of butt-plug's base through the shorts. He groaned and looked at the time. It was 8:15 pm. He quickly put on his shoes and took off on his bike. Luckily it was dark outside. Brody took extra care to avoid the main road. A car would have probably crashed if his ridiculous slutty outfit was seen. 

The bike ride to the park was long and uncomfortable. The bicycle seat would push the butt-plug deeper and deeper inside him. Every bump on the road sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout Brody's body. His hard cock stuck out his shorts completely as he pedalled. When he finally reached the park, Brody's left thigh was coated with a liberal amount of precum.

Whistler Park was not a very exciting place. It was too far away for any of the public to use. Which is why Brody assumed the caller picked it. But what Brody did not know was that this particular park had gained a reputation as the best spot for gay cruising in the tri-county area. In the state Brody lived, homosexuality was taught to be the work of the devil. So all repressed men sought out places like this park to act out their indiscretions.

As Brody locked up his bike near a tree, he noticed a car in the parking lot. But it was dark and it did not look like anyone was inside. So the jock quickly sprinted to where he was ordered to go.

Brody was disappointed to see that the clearing was uncovered and lit up by the moon. But he was resigned to his fate. He looked around and took off his "shirt". He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a strip of black cloth. He got on his knees and tied the blindfold around his eyes. 

Brody was immediately a bundle of nerves. The park was filled with strange noises that were making him jump. And the blindfold was not helping matters at all. It served to magnify his hearing instead.

And so Brody waited. And waited. And waited some more. After nearly twenty minutes, Brody heard footsteps. He nearly peed his pants. The person got closer and closer until he was right next to him. Brody could smell the man's cologne. It smelled familiar. Was it Jimmy?!

Brody tried to place the smell when he felt the man grab his hair and shove the jock's face into his crotch. Brody could feel the man's cock harden rapidly. It felt big. Then, the man unceremoniously unzipped his pants and shoved his cock into the slut's mouth.

"Oh yeah, I have been waiting weeks for this," the man hissed. 

It was a thick cock. And it felt different in the mouth. Brody realized that the man meat in his mouth was uncut. The jock was surprised at how different it felt. But he did not have any more time to get used to the foreign feeling, because the man had grabbed his head with both hands and started fucking his face furiously. He was making sure that every thrust was going down Brody's throat.

Brody gagged and sputtered. But the stranger never let up. Eventually, Brody got a rhythm going and was deep-throating like a pro. All the training Coach put him through appeared to be helping. He felt wiry pubes brush against his nose with every shove. The man was letting out soft moans to show his appreciation. He let go of Brody's head and reached down to his nipples. He grabbed one tit in each hand and twisted as hard as he could.


The shooting pain through his hypersensitive nipples caused Brody to scream with the cock in his throat. The man clearly enjoyed the effect because he continued to abuse Brody's tits for the next ten minutes. Tears started to flow from Brody's face. But at the same time, he never felt hornier. He thought his cock would rip right through his shorts. 

Brody jumped when he suddenly felt a third hand on his shoulder. He got up to run when the first man pushed him back down.

"Stay where you are, bitch."

Brody heard the second man whisper, "Mind if I join in?"

"Go right ahead," came the reply.

Now, Brody was sucking a second cock. It was smaller and reeked of cigarettes. Brody gagged at the taste but continued to suck haplessly.

The first man made Brody stand up. He got behind the stud and peeled his shorts off. Brody stepped out of his shorts and remained bent over, a cock still fucking his mouth. He was now completely naked in a public park. The man behind him reached between his crack and tugged at the plug's base. Brody moaned into the cock in his mouth before he could help himself. Both men laughed at their whore's reaction.

Brody felt fingers wrap around the plug's base. But before he could brace himself, the butt-plug was yanked out of his hole in one motion. Brody howled in pain. But the cock in his mouth muffled the scream.

"Fuck that felt nice," said the man fucking Brody's face.

Brody's spasming hole tried to close but the first stranger rammed his cock into Brody's cunt before it could.

"FUCK YEAH! Now that is a sloppy hole. And look, the bitch's clit is rock hard."

Both men laughed again. They continued plugging away at Brody's two holes when Brody heard more footsteps.

"Holy shit, is that Hank's kid?"

"Hank the Tank? Fuck, you're right. That is Hank's boy all right. I've seen him at the school wrestling meet. Who would have thought that homophobe's kid own kid would turn out to be a cum slut?"

"And this punk takes after his Dad. I've seen him calling another kid a fag at school. Who's the fag now, whore?"

Brody was petrified. These new men knew about him now. And they knew his father! The new stranger switched positions with the man fucking Brody and addressed the jock directly. 

"You know, kid. Your Dad gave me a really hard time in school for being gay. But now, I am going to be long dicking his son along with two other guys. I never believed in karma before but I sure do now. Get ready to take my cock in your boy-pussy, fucker."

Brody gasped as a cock that rivaled Coach's monster forced itself into his ass. Despite the day's several fuckings, Brody felt his sphincter stretch to accommodate the intrusion. When the cock inside him finally bottomed out, Brody felt like a hand had been pushed inside him. Now that he had felt its full length, Brody realized the cock destroying his ass was even bigger than Coach's.

But as much as it hurt, Brody was moaning with pleasure. His guts were squeezing the cock inside him, trying to suck it right in. Every few seconds, the familiar area inside his body would explode with erotic lust.

 "You want me to fuck you, boy?"

"Yes," Brody replied through gritted teeth. He could not believe he was asking a random man to fuck him. But he needed to shoot a load really bad. 

"Good boy", the man said in triumph. 

And when he started pumping his monster in and out of Brody's battered hole, the wrestler lost it. He had yet another orgasm. All three men cheered as they saw their bitch shoot a watery load, illuminated by the moonlight.

But it appeared the drug had finally worn off after the orgasm. Or maybe Brody's body had gone through enough. Brody's cock was red, raw and worn out. It softened and dripped sadly, refusing to get back up. However, the men were far from finished. They spent the next hour taking turns on the jock's two holes. They fucked him without mercy, ignoring his mewling and whimpers. 

After all three men had shot at least two loads into Brody, they were finally satisfied. As soon as they withdrew their cocks from the jock, he fell to the ground. He was completely exhausted. His ass, nipples and cock were burning in pain. He heard the men zipping up. 

"Now listen up, slut. You leave that blindfold on for twenty minutes after we leave. Then you can head home. You will find a note in your locker whenever I want you to show up here again. And you better bet your sloppy ass that it will be soon. You did good job today. I really underestimated your whoring ability. I can't wait to test them out more often. Now let's keep all that cum from flowing out of you. You only take this out when you get home understand?"

Brody felt the butt-plug slipping easily into him. It was dark but the bright red hue of Brody's face was unmistakable. Now even more tormentors were being added to the list. He heard the men walking away, laughing and high-fiving each other. Cars were started before finally driving away. He waited another ten minutes before he took the blindfold off. Being kept in the darkness for so long allowed him to see the park clearly.

He looked down at his body and saw it covered in sweat, spit and cum. He rubbed his swollen nipples and groaned in pain. He suddenly realized that he was still nude out in the open. He scrambled to find his clothes. He found the shirt and shoes, but he realized that his shorts were missing. It was one more humiliating prank.

Brody quickly put on what he had and ran to his bike. It was quite comical to see the ripped jock sprint with nothing on but a male equivalent of a sports bra. His raw cock flopped everywhere, making Brody wince. And his asshole was still loose from the punishment it received all day, almost causing the butt-plug to fall out. 

He finally reached his bike and hopped on before he sped away. There were two other cars in the parking lot. But Brody was just focused on leaving as soon as he could. Luckily, the ride home was just as uneventful. Although Brody was convinced his stretched out hole would swallow up the butt-plug due to the pressure from the bicycle seat, base and all.

He finally reached home and staggered to his front door. His legs had turned to jelly from overexertion. He took a quick shower and crawled into bed. It was almost midnight. Brody spent a few minutes racking his brain wondering who his new blackmailer was. The way the person talked made it seem like it was someone from school. But the voice was hard to recognize. Was it Mr. Henderson, his English teacher? That man hated Brody's guts. He had an issue with all the jocks. Or maybe it was someone from the team. Oh god, was it Jimmy?

Brody continued to fret before his exhaustion took over and caused him to fall into a deep sleep. He would try to figure it out tomorrow. But he needed his abused body to recuperate first.

Across town, Bob was fisting his lubed up cock. He was looking at the cell phone photos he had taken of Brody in the park. The janitor knew he was right in waiting before making a move. The kid would never suspect it was him.

He had wanted to fuck the jock silly ever since he saw the boy sucking his Coach's cock several weeks ago. And the fact that his new slut was a former bully's son was just the cherry on top. He was glad to give Brody his comeuppance, especially since he was starting to follow in his homophobic father's footsteps. Nip it in the bud as they say.

If Bob had his way, Brody would soon become a regular fixture at the park. He would make the jock service anybody who wanted to use him. No hole would be out of bounds to any man who sought pleasure. And if he played his cards right, Coach would be none the wiser.

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