I woke up with a raging hard-on. Damn I was fucking horny. I had been dreaming that I was being fucked by a hot stud with a huge cock. He was taking me to heights of unbelievable pleasure. He was using my ass the way I liked it. He was just ramming me deep and hard the way that I liked. Then I had woken up.

Fuck what a bummer; I was really enjoying what he was doing to me.

Well now there was only one thing to do. Get out my toys and work my butt over. I climbed out of my bed and went to the washroom, took out my edema bag and douched my ass so that it was good and clean.

Then I stepped into the shower and gave myself a good cleaning. My body glistened and my hard on just wouldn't quit. It wanted attention.

I reached into the drawer beside the shower and took out my Ken Ryker Dildo; you know the one that is twelve long inches and thick as a beer bottle. I grabbed the bottle of poppers that were also there. Then I took a tube of KY lubricating jelly and uncapped it. Then shoving it up my ass, squeezed out a about half the tube deep inside my hole.

There now my ass was ready. I uncorked the poppers and took a few deep sniffs. My head started to get a good rush and I re-corked the poppers, placed them back on the counter and then positioned good old Ken Ryker against my eager hole. Then I started to talk dirty to myself.

"Oh ya what do you want you little fucken slut pig? You want that big fucken cock rammed up that ass? Talk to me boy." I ordered myself in an authoritive voice.

Then I answered myself in a subservient meek voice. "I want your big hard cock rammed in right to my eyeballs. Fuck the hell out of me Sir; make me into your butt boy. Please I beg you Sir."

I didn't hesitate, I just roughly rammed the dildo right deep into my ass. There was a momentary blast of pain, but that subsided and then there was just pleasure, pure pleasure. I worked my ass good and hard pulling the dildo out and ramming it back in with all my might. That is how I liked it, good and hard.

I kept it up for a good ten minutes, I was screaming out in sheer glee. Then I decided it was time to go to my play room and continue there. Maybe pop a porn video in the DVD player and let me imagine that I was getting fucked by a hung stud stallion dressed in leather. Making me into the sex pig I was.

I got to my playroom. I should mention that where I lived was in a secluded part. Usually there was no one around for miles. I could have all the fun I wanted and no one would see or hear me. I had on my construction boots and a black jock strap. The room had wall to wall wimdows to let the light in from outside. I put my favourite DVD in the player and turned it on. Two guys were on it and one was dominating the other one and fucking his ass good and hard. I lay down on my back on the workbench and raised my legs high in the air. Then sniffed some poppers and placed the head of the dildo against my awaiting hole. I proceeded to fuck myself. Pushing it all the way in and then pulling out only to ram it back in. I was quivering with such lust it was almost overwhelming. I was screaming out in pleasure just totally immersed in my sexual lust. I had been working my ass for about 20 minutes while I watched the guy on the DVD getting fucked. I was imagining that it was me being ridden.

Then I heard a noise. I leaned up on my elbows and looked around. Holy shit there was a guy leaning against my window and was looking at me as I fucked myself. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Damn what was I going to do?

Where the hell had he come from? The road was at least a quarter mile away from my place.

I had the dildo still buried in my ass. He rapped on the window. What was I to do?

I quickly pulled the dildo out of my ass with a loud plop. I climbed off the work bench and sauntered over to the door. I unlocked it and there stood this gorgeous hunk of man stallion in his work clothes. He had on no shirt and the strap of his overall's hung down over his magnificent chest. His muscles bulged.

In a deep sexy baritone voice he said to me. "The name is Jake, sorry to bother you. My truck broke down and I thought perhaps I could get some help from you. I see you were having a bit of fun, sorry to have disturbed you Mate."

I looked him up and down, God he was truly a fabulous looking stud.

Then he continued, "Maybe this was a blessing that my truck broke down just here and at this time. Are you alone? Would you like some company?"

He dropped his hand to his crotch and started tugging on it. I got the message.

I immediately answered him, "That would be wonderful. You look so hot. You must be horny after driving. Maybe I can help to relieve you. Please, come on in. Make yourself at home. I am Darian."

I stood back and gestured him in. He strode through the door. I had turned to move out of the way and my bare butt stared him in the face. He looked down and made an approving noise. With his masculine hands he bent closer and gave my ass a nice slap. My butt cheeks rippled for him. Then he motioned me over to the workbench and said, "Why don't we continue where you left off. Climb back up there and let me see you fuck yourself with that dildo. Damn it is big though isn't it? Probably only just little bit bigger than my cock."

I climbed back up on the work bench and took some sniffs of poppers and then raised my legs and shoved the dildo back in where it belonged.

"Damn," he exclaimed in an amazed voice. "You took that like it belonged there. No hesitation. Your ass must be made for huge cock. Mind if I take control."

I relinquished control of the dildo to him. He grabbed it with both hands it was so big and then he proceeded to plummet my ass with it. I was screaming out in pure ecstasy. He rammed it in and out moving it around in circles making my hole open up completely.

I grabbed hold of my legs and held them close to my torso.

He then switched the position of his hands and held the dildo like a plunger. Then he started plunging it deep and hard into my ass. I was in heaven. My ass felt so good as he took me.

He pulled it all the way out and then rammed it back in. I could almost feel it in my throat.

He was making animal grunt noises and then he growled out in a hot authoritive voice,"Damn, you are a little fuck toy. Look at the way your ass just gobbles that dildo up. I bet you could take more than just that up there. I was moaning and groaning as he worked my ass. He towered over me like a God.

Then in the heat of a passionate rage I screamed out at him, "I want you to take me Master Jake. Please give me your cock, I want your cock. PLEASSSEEE!!!"

He noticed that I had some leather gear on the workbench behind me.

With a great booming husky voice he looked down into my eyes with his radiant ones and commanded me, "Let me dress the part. I am going to put on some leather and act the real part of a Master. You will become my Slave. You will obey my every order and command without question. Your ass is now my possession. Do you understand Slave Darian?"

I immediately replied in a subservient voice, "Yes Master, I will obey you. You are my Master, you own me. I am yours to control, to use as you wish."

"Good." He growled at me, "Now get up, I want you to put on a harness. I too am going to put on a harness and a leather jock, and then I am going to take your ass. I am going to ram my cock deep inside your ass, fuck your brains out. Make you crave me, want me. Need me.

We donned the leather gear and looked at each other, damn we looked fine. Then Jake grabbed me by the harness and bent me over the workbench onto my elbows. My ass spread wide.

Jake then said in his baritone authoritive voice, "Now Darian, my little slave. I am going to fuck your ass. You will take it without hesitation. You will relish it crave it. What do you want Master to do, slave? Answer me."

"Oh Master, I want you to take my ass, your ass now, Take it as a possession I give to you freely. It is yours to use. I am completely under your control Master." I answered him in a quivering docile voice.

He placed the tip just inside of my moist eager hole and paused a moment. Then grabbing hold of the back of my harness he roughly pulled me onto his awaiting monster cock. He rammed it all the way in to me till his heavy cum filled balls slapped hard against my ass cheeks.

I let out a yell of pure joy and lust.

With his free hand he slapped my ass bringing more joy to me. My ass cheeks stung from the slap and then he repeated it again. With each thrust he slapped my ass and it tightened around his pole. Hugging it firmly, bringing him imminence pleasure.

"Fuck, Boy. You have one hell of a nice man hole. It was made for my cock. You are my good little slave boy. Take your Masters cock." He called out in his deep manly voice as delighted smile crept onto his face.

I couldn't help but smile myself. He was making me feel so good. I really had become his slave; I was made to be his slave. He was my Master.

I whimpered out a passive reply to my Master, "You are my God, Master. I am yours. I give myself to you totally and completely. You have broken me, made meinto a true slave. And I thank you for that. I am where I want to be."

"Good, that is what I want to hear from you. That you are now my possession. Completely and totally mine. "He spoke out in a Masterly commanding voice.

Then he pulled out his hard cock and flipped me over onto my back. In a matter of seconds he plunged back into my ass. It was like he had never left it. He grabbed my legs and pulled me roughly onto his cock as he took me to levels of passion that were unbelievable.

He looked deep in my eyes; I could see an ember of passion and heat building up in them as he took me. I could see such lust and want as he rammed his hard cock deep inside my/his ass. I never wanted him to stop. I needed him. I don't know what I had done without him all these years.

I had never though it could happen that someone could own me. But for this stud I wanted to be owned.

I was his.

Then with a loud animalistic growl of pure lust he yelled out, "Oh fuck, Darian my slave, I am going to shoot. Fill you with my love juice. Take it Slave, take it like a man.

He got this hot commanding authoritive look on his face and he rammed deep and hard all the way into my ass. His balls slapped loudly against my butt cheeks. He began to slap my ass with his manly hand. Then he started to spurt. With each slap I tightened my ass muscles and hugged his cock tight. Then it happened, his hot lava juice Start to gusher inside me. I could feel it hitting the walls deep inside me. It was pure rapture. I couldn't hold back and I let out a loud cry of pleasure and shot my load high into the air. I had never cum like this before or so much. It just kept spurting out covering both our manly chests. I was in my glory.

As the passion subsided we were both panting heavily, sweet sweat was pouring off of our bodies. I never wanted this embrace to end. But it wasn't over. Master Jake was not done with me yet.

He pulled out of me and climbed up onto the work bench and lay on his back.

"Master wants his slave to ride his cock. Show master how you live for his cock. Masters cock wants to be back in his new home. Ride me slave, ride me now, Obey" He uttered out his command to me.

"Yes my Master, to hear is to obey. You order me and I comply." I answered him in my new found Slave voice.

Then I nimbly jumped up on top of the work bench and stood astride of my Master. I lowered myself onto his stiff rod. I sat all the way down in one steady thrust. He was again inside his home. I rode him like there was nothing better in this world than his cock deep inside of me. My ass was stretched wide open. I had become his, completely and utterly his.

As I rode him I began to chant, "Thank you Master, thank you for taking me. Thank you, I thank you with all my heart. I never want to be anywhere else. You have made me complete."

Master Jake purred to me in a possessive voice, "There is one thing more I want to do to you, slave. This will prove that you are mine undeniably and completely. I am going to fist fuck you."

I got a shocked look on my face. I had never been fist fucked before. But he was now in control of me. I had to obey. I hoped it would not hurt too much. But I really had become his Slave. He was my Master; I would willingly do anything that he asked.

In a subservient voice I replied to him, "Master, I can do nothing but obey you. But I beg of you, Please be gentle. This is a first for me. But I want to please you. I need to please you. I have to prove that I am your unconditional Slave. Thank you for being my Master."

Master Jake spoke in a gentle voice, "Darian my slave, do not worry, I will be gentle and take it easy. I do not want to hurt you. I think in the short little while that I have known you I have come to Love you. It is our destiny that we join and become one. Master and Slave for eternity. Now up off me get your ass ready for your masters fist."

I climbed down off my Master and got onto the floor on all fours I spread my ass cheeks for his entry and glanced over at him. He was so handsome, so in command. I was his little fuck toy. He slipped on a black latex glove, spread lube all over it and then placed it against my awaiting hole. I quickly took a number of deep sniffs of poppers and as my head started to spin.

I called out to him," Master, I am now ready. Please take me, I am yours." He slowly started to twirl his fingers as he pushed them steadily and firmly into my ass. I was surprised. There was no pain just a slight tension as my ass spread open. I guess that his vigorous fuck had opened me up. I felt like I could do anything. He pushed deeper until his fingers were all the way in then he curved his thumb to them and it started to enter too. I hunched up and pushed my ass downward onto his hand. It went in deeper. My ass just opened and accepted him. I could feel it entering the second hole opening inside my ass. I was letting out load joyful whimpering noises and I mumbled out to my Master," Oh God my Master, what are you doing to me. What are you making me? I have never felt like this before. It feels so good. Please don't stop. Take me totally."

I went back down on my knees and then he was in. His hand had slipped through the final hole and was nestled deep inside of me. Unbelievable sensations were flowing throughout my body. It was stupendous, exhilarating.

Then he started to twist and turn his fist inside of me. I was shaking and quivering in excitement. My ass had become a true fuck hole. I would never be the same again. I had become a total sex slave. Master Jake played deep inside my hole for what seemed like hours and then I felt the urge to cum again. I didn't even have to touch my cock.

I let out a loud submissive cry and screamed out, "Oh God my Master you are making me cum again. You are my God, My Master. Then my cock exploded, I actually saw stars before my eyes. I was in so much pleasureful glory.

I began to spasm and shake and I came so much that I passed out. When I came to my ass felt so empty. Jake had taken his hand out of me and was gently caressing my forehead. He had a concerned look on his face.

There were tears streaking down his face.

He spoke to me in a soft trembling voice, "Oh Darian, I thought that I had killed you. Are you all right? Do you hurt? Please tell me you are OK. I just found you, I can't lose you"

I felt quite week but managed to mutter out in an exhausted voice," Have no fear Master, Jake, I am fine. Just a little bit weak. That is all. You were amazing. I feel so amazing. And my poor ass feels so empty so alone. You have done things to me that I never thought could happen. And it was great. I think I have fallen in Love with you."

Tears were now flowing in streams down my face. Jake leaned forward and grasped me in his arms. He held me so tight. I felt so safe in his masculine arms. We had joined. Become one.

Jake spoke out in a tearful voice, "I think I love you too Darian. You are my destiny. My future. I am yours; please tell me you will be mine?"

I hugged Jake tighter, "Forever my Love, and Forever." I stammered back to him.

And it was. True Love had happened. We had become one.............





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