I open the door to receive a welcome home from Jess and Steve who are cooking together. How cute.
 I tease them “What are you two cuties cooking?”
 “Food” replies Steve, keeping a straight face.
 “Don’t mind him; he doesn’t like being called cutie. It’s a lasagne”
 “Yum yum!” I reply
 “Where have you been today?”
 “Out at the parklands hav’n a kick with Billy. Why?”
 “Oh nothing, just knew it wouldn’t be study” explains Jess with a knowing expression.
 “You two should join us next week, we’ve decided to make it a regular thing on Thursday” I reply.
 Steve interjects.
 “We wouldn’t want to invade on private time with your new boyfriend”
 Jess glares at Steve and I notice he looks angry or somewhat disappointed for some reason.
 Puzzled, I remain silent and an awkward silence ensues for a moment.
 “Well I’m gonna go get changed”
 “I’ll come with you” replies Jess.
 "Umm. What?"
 “Err, rather I need to ask you something before you do” she continues, laughing awkwardly.

 “Whats up with Steve” I whisper as I walk upstairs toward the bedrooms.
 “I’m not completely sure, but he seems jealous…” explains Jess in a whisper.
 She sighs and pauses, clearly debating with herself whether to make her next point.
 “You see… the time you’ve spent with Billy this week… You guys used to do that before Steve dropped out”
 We walk through the door to my room. Now able to talk at full volume.
 “Ohh, I see”
 “Yeh, it’s not your fault, but he told me last night that he misses you two spending bro time together... or something… he considers you his best friend still despite what happened”
 “We both moved on from that, I don’t regret anything, and I still feel the same way about his friendship”
 “Just consider finding some time to spend time with him… okay?”
 “I will, it’s not like me to ignore him. I remember him ignoring me for weeks when he first met you in junior high, it wasn’t a nice feeling, but I am glad he met you” I reply, smiling.
 “I’m glad you were his best friend” adds Jess. Both of us smile and hug.
 “Better let you get changed. I need to help Mr Grumpy” says Jessie, heading for the door.

I quickly get changed and head back downstairs. Hearing me approach, Steve turns toward the kitchen door; looking worried he looks me in the eye and opens his mouth.
 “Sorry I was a douche before  – I guess I’m just jealous of you and Billy” he admits.
 Jess gives me the ‘I knew it’ look
 “Hey don’t worry about it, it was nothing”
 He stands there looking confused for a second and then concludes
 “I’ll join you two next Thursday. I-If, that’s still alright?”
 “Yeh we need someone to show us how to play properly”

After sorting things with Steve and eating a warm meal, I begin to feel tired; I decide to turn in early, thinking about tomorrow.

I awaken to the sound of my wristwatch alarm. 8:15AM. I must have slept through the first alarm.
 I set another alarm: 5:15PM, ‘don’t forget the date’.
 Friday is packed with lectures. I pack energy/brain food accordingly and head out to catch the train.

I walk into class at 9AM on the dot and recognise Billy’s hair – he is already waiting up the back.
 He turns around before I get to him.
 “Hey!” he says excitedly.
 “Hey! You are here early, that’s uncharacteristic”
 “I slept well… all that running” he explains.

The lecturer starts the lecture talking about a field camp for a whole week during mid semester break.

“I love camping” Billy says to me in a whisper.
 Great, another thing I can like about him.
 “You do? Me too, too bad it doesn’t take up class time”

“...You will be able to allocate yourselves into dorms or bring your own camping gear. I would recommend if you can camp, then please take that option, as it leaves room for others in the dorms…”

“Wanna share a tent?” Billy asks.
 “You got one? Mine is so old”
 “Yeh man, I’ve got a two person tent, has a huge amount of space so we can fit two beds in” he replies, straight faced.
 I know instantly that he is teasing me.
 Drawing on my awful acting abilities, I reply in the most serious way possible:
 “Well I don’t have a portable tent bed, so unless you have a second one, we probably won’t be able to share a tent, I’ll just use my one-man”
 “I’ve got a second bed, don’t worry”
 Damn my gamble didn’t pay off…
 “How about we share a bed, I’d much prefer that” I suggest candidly.
 “Me too, I had no intention of letting you get away with your own” he replies, winking.

Billy heads home after finishing his morning study. I spend the second half of the day studying and going to class myself, it’s a welcome lack of distraction and I get a lot of work done. I do find myself counting the hours down 2PM, 3PM, 4PM. I pack up and head home to suit up.

The dress code for this particular Mexican restaurant is smart casual – the style I ‘think’ I pull off the best. I slip on full length pants with a leather colour belt, neat dark brown and rust orange shoes, and a blue 3 quarter length button up shirt.  I tuck the shirt in, leave the top button undone and roll the sleeves of the shirt over once. I style my hair and apply cologne. Ready to go. I grab my keys, run downstairs and leave a note explaining where I am for the evening.

I arrive at Billy’s house and knock on the door. He opens the door, looking handsome, model worthy.

I’m quick to compliment him on how good he looks as he locks up the house.

He drives us to the restaurant, talking to me about something. I can’t help but stare at him and zone out, I don’t know what he is saying, but I am enjoying the sound of his voice.

“Don’t you think?” He asks, snapping me out of my daze.
 “I uhh…  ummm…. sorry I was distracted by your good looks” I tell him. Unafraid to admit how I feel.
 I notice he blushes slightly
 “You scrub up pretty nicely yourself, but I can’t be distracted while driving”
 We both laugh.
 “So are you excited for your date tonight? Is she pretty?” I ask him playfully.
 “Maaaaate, she is soo bangable, and has an ass to make any man drool” he replies, playing along.
 “Damn, I guess I have no chance tonight then if she is that good” I reply, acting disappointed.
 “Sorry… got the pronouns mixed up” he added. Both of us laugh.

Arriving at the restaurant, we are shown to our table in the corner away from too many people. We order food to share and start talking about each other and our life goals… I’m intrigued by his, he passionate enough to talk about the subject for hours. I don’t mind just listening, it’s what I do best. After we both finish eating and the plates are cleared, the restaurant begins to empty. I reach out across the table and grab hold of each of his hands, he looks at me slightly surprised at first but quickly relaxes and smiles. No words are spoken… we just look into each other’s eyes, as I gently rub the palms of his hands with my thumbs. He continues talking after I interrupted his train of thinking.

 After a minute or so of talking he stops to apologize for rambling.

"Sorry... i'm rambling"
 “I like guys with a purpose and a passion” I tell him. “I’ll tell you all about me later, don’t worry, for now I want to hear about you” I add, smiling. Before he can start again a loud group of 8 alpha type guys come bursting through the restaurant doors and occupy the table next to us, swearing and carrying on about something childish and forgettable. They are so loud that we actually couldn’t continue talking.

Still talking loudly, laughing and cursing, they don’t notice us sitting next to them.
 Billy tries to pull his hands away from me, but I hold onto them.
 “Why? They don’t matter” I ask and explain.
 He answers quietly “They don’t sound like the fag friendly type”
 I chuckle.
 “Yeh, but like I said, their opinion doesn’t matter, besides…. they are too busy talking about a girl none of them will ever get with” I explain, after catching onto their messy conversation.
 “I’m jus-“

One of them half yells.
 “Look at these adorable…”
 We turn around as the guy pauses to emphasise his last word: ”…giiirls”
 It is a guy carrying 8 bottled beers approaching their table, looking at us.
 I think to myself ‘8 beers in 2 hands… now that IS impressive’
 The other faces turn toward us.
 One of them says even louder “Shuddup dickhead youu sexist prick, they will be enjoying each other’s pussies later…  and that’s none of your business”

The whole group of them start laughing, he continues, looking at us this time...
 “Amirite girls?”
 These guys make it too easy.
 I turn to the second guy, look him straight in the eyes and reply with a smile:
 “That’s right mate… the ‘pussy’ we are getting tonight is more than you will get in a lifetime”
 They fall silent. I break eye contact and smugly have a sip of my drink, turning my eyes back to Billy’s.
 He looks terrified. After a split second of silence they all burst into laughter, one of the guys stands up pointing mockingly at the dude I just insulted… who is not laughing. The first guy passes the beers around, and sits down, taking it as a joke. 

The angry alpha smirks which turns into a smile. He stands up and approaches me, puffing his chest out… he instructs me to get up.
 “Get up”
 “Why?” I ask bluntly.
 “So I can see how pathetic you are”
 I comply, “Alright”, I stand up.
 By this point I am expecting him to swing.
 I calmly walk to the other side of the table, grab Billy’s hand, and walk to the counter to hand in the bill book. We walk for the door, I know he is following because I can hear the other guys calling him back. Obviously this one is a loose cannon.

“Just let ‘em go mate”
“It’s not worth it”

As we leave the restaurant Billy whispers in my ear
 “Why did you do that?” he asks, frightened and annoyed, beginning to pick up the pace.
 “Don’t worry, we’re safe, there are police everywhere here on Friday nights” I reply
He relaxes, trusting me.
 I hear loud footsteps behind me and we stop to turn around.
 “Come back here you little faggots”
 He is clearly intoxicated by the way he is running. I gesture Billy to move behind me.
 Still stumbling toward me, he swings as soon as he is in range.
 I quickly move out of the way, grab his arm and let his momentum carry him into the ground. He hits the bitumen hard and seems unable to get up.
 “Enjoy the dirt” I gloat

Witnessing the brief exchange, two officers come running over from the other side of the road. One puts his hand defensively on his weapon while the other grabs my shoulder gently – unsure of my intentions.
 “What was that about?” the female officer asks sternly.
 A brief explanation from us and discussion with restaurant staff and the guys watching from the window and they clear us to leave.
 “He will serve community hours for this, enjoy your evening boys”
 “Yeh, sorry boys, some of us get out of hand after a night out” adds one of the guys who were conversing with the police.
 In acknowledgement Billy and I nod simultaneously, almost perfectly in sync.

As we are walking back to the car I feel the need to apologize to Billy. I ruined the date.
 “Sorry, I should have just ignored his comment, it was a stupid thing to get involved while on a date with you”
 “It’s okay I guess, just don’t do it again, I hate confrontation” he replies with that cute smile I find so adorable.

 “I hope I didn’t ruin the date, I am really sorry” I apologize again, feeling increasingly guilty.
 “It’s not over yet, you are coming back to my place to make it up to me” he adds.
 “Gladly” I reply.

What does he mean by that?

We pull up in his driveway, quickly getting out of the car he grabs my hand and leads me into his home.
 “Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, do you want a drink?” he offers.
 “Just water please”
 “Wanna watch TV?”
 “Yep. Let’s cuddle up and watch”
 He lays down on his couch, switches the TV on and opens his arms, inviting me in.
 I lay in his arms, placing my head on his shoulder. We stay like this for a while, chatting and telling him about myself as I had previously promised.

I wake up to find myself still in his arms, my watch says 7:12, I notice he is still asleep and I drift back to sleep for a while longer.

I awaken again with him gently nudging me with his arm. I look at him and return his good morning greeting with a smile. I notice that my ass is in his crotch when his dick twitches in his pants.
 He winks at me and gently pushes his hips up against me.

“I still haven’t made up for my mistake last night have I?”
 “No you haven’t” he replies with a cheeky grin.
 I feel his dick twitch again as I begin to gently push back into his crotch, gyrating my hips and grinding against his package. He kisses my neck and moans into my ear.
 “That feels good”

His encouragement is all I need to continue, I slip my pants off to leave my boxer briefs. Trapped behind me he awkwardly does the same. I can feel the heat of his manhood pressing against my ass. He’s breathing down my neck and passionately grabbing my hips at this stage, clearly as horny as I am. He grabs my head and turns me around to kiss me on my cheek, then goes back to biting me neck.

I sit up, grab his briefs and pull them down around his ankles. Without hesitation I put the full length of his cock into my mouth and he starts moaning louder. I flick my tongue across the bottom of the head, tasting the salty pre-cum coat my mouth and tongue. My nose is in his pubic patch and I can smell the musty, manly smell of his body, turning me on even more. I work my warm mouth over his cock, feeling every contour of his slightly veiny, 7 inch penis. His head begins to swell as his moaning gets more frequent.

The pleasure increases for Billy and I grab my own cock through my shorts to please myself. He gets me to stand up to let him off the couch. He pushes me back onto the couch and stands over me with his massive cock. With one leg on the couch and one hand on my head he shoves his rock solid cock into my throat, I can feel the pre-cum once again coat the back of my throat as he face fucks me. With each thrust, my nose is enveloped by his neatly trimmed pubic tuft. Before long his head begins to swell again, he starts grunting and talking dirty to me.
 “You like being face fucked don’t you?”
 I let out a moan with “Mhmmm”

 His swelled cockhead continues to hit the back of my throat, he picks up the pace, fucking my face with passion. He grabs my right nipple and keeps his left hand firmly on the back of my head, grabbing and clawing at my short hair. This continues for a good 5 minutes, by this time my entire mouth is flooded with his pre-cum and his climax is building. The room smells and sounds like sex as his grunts become louder and deeper. His cock is so thick by now it barely fits in my mouth.
 “I-I’m gonna cum” he breathes. “Keep sucking, I’m gonna shoot down your throat”

 His cockhead swells to the point where it’s so big he cannot pull out of my mouth. He lets out a huge grunt and thrusts to the back of my throat as I feel his meat pulsate, erupting the first stream of hot love goo directly into my throat. I can feel it coat my inside as some of it flows into my mouth, he shoots the second shot which is powerful enough to make me gag and withdraw slightly. He forcefully pushes my head back down on his meat as he continues to moan and shoot the remainder of his load into my throat. Each time he shoots I feel his cock pulse inside my mouth. He hunches over my head as he drains the last of his goo from his cock into my stomach. He holds me there firmly for a good 30 seconds… as his cock becomes softer in my mouth he pulls out, straightens his back, looks me in the eye.
 “That was so hot, I haven’t gotten off in days” pausing briefly and adding: “sorry if it was a bit much”
 Still feeling stretched and funny in my jaw I manage to reply with a laugh “You can definitely shoot, but I enjoyed every moment”
 “I’ll return the favour later, hot stuff” continuing: “Go get cleaned up, I’ll make you brekkie”
 “Where is the shower?” I ask.
 “Thadaway” as he points me toward the back of the house.

I’m not usually one for giving blowjobs but that was hot, I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on.
 I didn’t get myself off because I just wanted to please him and show that I’m sorry. I’ll save myself for later, I think to myself, remembering his promise – I want to have a nice big load saved up for him. The warm water quickly cleans off the mixture of saliva, sweat and escaped cum on my face and chest. Out of the shower I grab a mint to freshen my mouth and prepare for breakfast.

I walk back to the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel, he gestures me toward him, and he kisses me on the cheek.
 “Thanks again… I’ve made food, help yourself while I grab you some clothes”
 I nod and smile, lapping up his gratitude.
 He runs his hands through my messy morning hair (I love people touching my hair) before running upstairs to grab some clothes; he is slightly skinnier than me, so hopefully they will fit.

I barely notice him approach with my face practically inside the bowl of oats – what can I say, giving head makes me hungry. He places the clothes down on the table in front of me laughing briefly.
 “That good huh?” he asks rhetorically.
 “Well here are your clothes, I’ve gotta go call my Mum”
 I swallow my mouthful.
 “All good… and thanks for the fresh dacks, they’re cute” I reply with a wink.

Amusing… he wants me to wear these tighty whities. His bum would look better than mine in these.

We spend the rest of the day playing games and watching the television when a network advert pops up briefly and reminds us of the local game on tonight.
 “Oh shit I’ve got season tickets I almost forgot… wanna go?” I ask.
 “You do!? Let’s do it!” he replies enthusiastically.
 “We can drive there…. I reckon leave by 5?”
 “Sounds about right from here”
 “I’ve gotta call Jess and Steve and let them know where I’ve been”

“Yeh no problem”

We turn up to the footy game, the atmosphere is great on a Saturday night, its loud and busy with live entertainment. But best of all, the quality of play never disappoints in front of 55,000. Our team gets off to an awful start with the opposing team completely smashing ours 55-14 at half time. In the second half our team begins to rebound, the score line progressively becomes tighter as time passes, the intensity picks up. Eventually it reaches 88-89, trailing by 1 point with 2 minutes on the clock. By this point the entire stadium is buzzing, the noise is deafening. People are screaming and shouting all around us.

50 seconds to go, the ball floats into the opposing teams forward 50 meters, carrying all the way to the goal square. As it makes its journey to the ground the entire crowd falls silent. Our fullback takes a solid defensive mark (catch) resulting in a resounding scream/cheer around the stadium. He wastes no time kicking it up the right wing, everyone stands up as our centre half forward takes a contested catch just out of the opposing forward 50, knocking his opponent down with a legal bump. He makes his way up the field, taking 2 running bounces and kicking inward to our full forward in the forward 50 who marks uncontested and runs in to kick a goal. The roar after the goal is one of the loudest I have ever heard and goes well with such a clutch victory. 12 seconds to go it is virtually impossible for the opposing team to win. We leave the stadium surrounded by thousands of smiling home town fans singing our team song on a perfect evening.

We need to calm down from the excitement of the footy game, so I suggest going for a drive as we approach my car. We drive a short way north out of the city and into the hills, I know of a perfect place we can relax.

“Where are we?” Billy asks, getting out of the car.
 “My favourite place” I respond shutting the car door.

We are on top of a hill where the stars are clear and unhindered by light pollution. We can see the lights of the city in the distance. I grab a couple of pillows and beers out of my boot and we both hop up on the roof of my car. Lying next to each other looking up at the stars we can talk more intimately, no-one else is here… its just me and him. His presence makes me feel warm and at ease.
 “So whats the deal with you and Steve?”
 “Huh” I respond, a little taken aback by the random question.
 What does he mean? How would he know what happened last night?
 “Oh.. I just mean… I’ve seen the way he looks at you and… well…” I can tell he is struggling to speak.
 “…he seemed… weird about me when we first met” says Billy.
 “That’s just him to be honest man” I reply, trying to divert the conversation.
 “Maybe… I jus-“ He stops and continues “Never mind”
 I should just tell him, he should probably know.
 “Well, I guess I can tell you”
 “Tell me what?”
 “Its nothing really”
 “Whaaaaat!?” he sits up and playfully hits me continuing: “You guys fucked didn’t you”
 Before I could answer he started talking again… “Let me guess you were both drunk and he was straight and wanted attention?”
 I briefly pause to think about what he had just said. Amused by how much of a cliché that was
 “No it wasn’t that, well not really” I’m struggling with words and don’t know how to best explain it.
 “What does that mean?” he asks puzzled and increasingly anxious.
 My silence encourages him to continue: “I don’t care if that’s what it was, I just like to know”. He laughs. “Well?”

 “It was a threesome” I blurt out, somewhat aggressively. “Also… it was a mistake”
 I can’t help but putting my face in my hands, almost embarrassed by the memory.
 “Oh, that’s pretty awkward… so what happened? I am assuming it was you, him and Jess”
 I reply with a muffled “Yeh” lifting my head out of my hands “But I’d rather not talk about it”
 “That’s fine, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about though, so feel free to” Billy says, encouraging me.
 “I guess not, I usually don’t live with regrets”
 “How did it work? I thought you were gay… if you don’t mind me asking”
 “You are a gossip queen aren’t you?” I ask teasingly.
 He smiles and I think I see him blush, under the dull moonlight.
 “It’s okay I didn’t mean that, I’ll tell you if you promise to keep it private”
 “Of course” he replies “This isn’t third grade”

 I try to keep it short “Basically… I was in the middle… nothing went in anywhere. Steve was playing with my ass a bit and getting into it” I explain. “He is pretty open and was at the time willing to try new things… Jess convinced both of us one summer night just before first year started when we had all just moved in together. It was hot as fuck, like 35 degrees and we were drinking”
 I continue “To cut a long story short we fooled around for a bit and all tried new things. We enjoyed it… don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t feel… ‘right’ if you know what I mean?”
 “Yeh I think I do” he replies.
 “After we all orgasmed and things calmed down, we talked for a bit. We were just lying there in a sprawl of arms and legs and decided unanimously to avoid it in the future”
 “Why?” asks Billy.
 “I dunno, we didn’t feel comfortable after… it was awkward”
 “Fair enough… I ain’t judging. Most people have these sorts of awkward sexual encounters during first year. I’ve heard it’s pretty common”
 Billy’s comment makes me feel more comfortable and less embarrassed.
 He continues: “Besides it’s a good way to bond and test friendship limits, you don’t need to be embarrassed at all”
 “Thanks Billy” I reply

An awkward silence follows my last comment.

“Basically he is jealous of you being so close to me, which reminds me…. He will be joining us next Thursday to play footy” I add, to break the discomfort.
 “Sounds good, I don’t want to interrupt your guys’ friendship at all, but know this…”
 at this point I can see that adorable smile growing on his face.
 “…I really like you Tommy, and want to spend more time with you… I really enjoyed tonight”
 I was smitten with Billy. “Don’t worry, the feeling is mutual… I really, really like you too”
 I add strong emphasis to the last ‘really’.

I hear annoying song lyrics in my head after saying that. Damn it.

I grab hold of Billy’s hand and lay there admiring the twinkling stars, feeling the cool evening breeze invade my clothing.

“I’m cold” I announce abruptly.
 “Me too” Billy adds
 “Time to go?” I ask.
 “Back to mine?” asks Billy.
 “Sounds good”

We arrive back at his place around 1:30AM, heading straight to his bedroom I strip down to the tighty whities billy lent me, I am slightly embarrassed. He turns around, looks at my unhappy face, and tries to contain his laughter before cracking up. They are too small and are super tight, he cat calls me and whistles intermittently with laughter.
 “Well fuck you” I sneer.
 I get under the covers without asking permission. At this point it seems mutually acceptable to feel at home with him, I am getting in bed with this handsome guy I met less than a week ago. It’s a great feeling. He jumps under the covers and snuggles up to me apologizing and chuckling. I quickly text both Jess and Steve to let them know I’ll be staying over another night. I drift off to sleep easily, content with who I am with.



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