I wasn't excited about heading home to study; it always ends the same way. I drain myself of all energy and lose track of time - although on this particular occasion, getting the assignment done early prevents work from building up. People are always bragging about how all they do is cram.
 I can't imagine what that would be like - it’s completely inefficient… I guess studying while distracted is similarly inefficient.

I manage to distract myself from him for a while… I was struggling, but I love nothing more than a challenge. I hear the car door slam twice outside, breaking my concentration. Steve and Jess must be back from the City. I look at my watch 5:45… shit I haven't started cooking. I dash down to the kitchen pull out a few ingredients at random, quickly calculating the meal possibilities I decide what I can cook.

I manage to cook a rice meal with bacon and chicken (we had left over bacon from breakfast). Everyone is happy with the simple meal and before long it is 8:30, time for a solid 2 hour study session to finish this essay.

I take 2 hours longer than expected on my essay and am ready for an evening shower and sleep. With Billy on my mind the entire time studying, I know exactly how to relax myself. I quietly creep back upstairs assuming my roommates are fast asleep by now. I get undressed in my room and walk into my own personal bathroom. It's a total and complete mess… the benchtop scattered with a variety of moisturizers, colognes, shampoos, conditioners, razors, shaving creams and of course hair styling products. Oh my gosh don't get me started on the hair products.

I gaze at myself in the mirror, content with what I see… I'm 6ft2 with a slightly built upper body, slim torso and unshaved, lightly toned legs. I have a slight tan around my neck, on my face, lower legs and up to my elbows. It can still be quite sunny during winter in Australia. I look at myself directly in the mirror… at the moment I have short, neat, darkbrown hair which I have crafted into a wavy fringe style. Normally I keep my hair at medium length and sweep it all to one side - it grows back so fast and so quickly that I've given up getting fortnightly haircuts… it's too expensive and time consuming for something so trivial. I love how the colour of my hair matches my deep brown eyes and I've been told my nose and eyebrows are bold but cute and make me look like my sister (who is a model) I quickly became known as the 'pretty boy' or 'brother of the hot model' in high school, which was annoying to say the least. I like to keep my face clean shaven and the rest of my body hair intact… I don’t know why so many guys shave their legs, armpits and pubes. I mean, don’t get me wrong it can be very hot and attractive… but I prefer it looking natural.

I twist the taps of the showers on. Steam fills the room in an instant, warming my naked body and making my nips hard. I play with my flaccid penis, tossing it between my two hands, peeling back its foreskin… tugging, pulling and rubbing on it gently, I feel my smooth cock swell in my warm hands, the purple head poking out the tight foreskin.

 Letting go, I step under the soothing warm water, my semi-erect dick bouncing from side to side slapping my legs as I do so. It's a strange yet slightly pleasurable feeling; this is enough to grow my dick to its full length. By now it is rock solid. I need to pleasure myself. I breathe in the steam and run my fingers through my hair and down my chest to twist and play with my nips. This makes me even hornier; my dick is so stiff that it begins to twitch in beat with my heart. I soap up my hands to clean my crotch, ass and underarms. I feel satisfied and I'm clean now… It will be more comfortable on my bed.

Now clean and relaxed I hop out of the shower, dragging the towel over my soaking body I dry myself as I make my way back into my room and onto my bed. I position my head up the other end of the bed and sprawl my legs out on the bed head, giving me easy access to my dick and ass. I reach over to my bedside drawer to pull out a small bottle of lube. Squirting some on my hands I get my dick slippery with lube, shivering as my fingers slip over my tip. I squirt some more on my hand as my dick goes back to twitching and begging for attention. I lube up my clean ass and tease my hole slightly, just to relax the muscles and loosen me up. The feeling is sensational; I shiver with pleasure as my hand at work on my ass keeps sliding across the tip of my cock unintentionally. I poke into my tight hole a little further each time, after a few minutes I insert a second finger, no discomfort at all. Taking it slow… a third and fourth finger follow, until I am loose and ready for something bigger.

Adjusting slightly, I reach under my bed to grab the box containing my dildo; I reach in and grab it… I squirt some lube over it along with some more on my ass. Wasting no time I place the head of the dildo at my smooth entrance. My left hand reaches for my slick cock, with everything so slippery wet I am in a state of pure bliss, sliding the glans of my cock against my belly, it almost reaches my belly button. This sends a powerful shiver up my spine, giving me goose bumps. The intense pleasuring session gets me to start writhing and squirming in my bed sheets. Shoving the thick dildo all the way to base, I begin to fuck myself with it, letting out soft moans and short breathes. I imagine Billy behind me romping me passionately. I want to know what his cock feels like in my ass, I want to feel him breathing against my neck and biting my ears.  

I feel my orgasm building, I pound the dildo into myself harder and faster as my hand moves lightning fast jerking my cock. I slip my thumb over the end of my member which sends me over the edge. My ass clenches tightly around the slightly soft dildo deep in my ass. I lift my ass off the bed, pushing my feet hard against the wall I create a sort of inverted arch as I release stream after stream of hot spunk over my chest. The 4th and 5th ropes hit my nose and lips, dribbling down into my mouth. I enjoy the taste of my own cum as I spurt the 8th and 9th ropes over my hands. My legs give way, collapsing me back down onto the bed with a loud thump and bang. I'm still holding onto my lube, precum and cum soaked cock, my entire body twitching as I let out the last few drips, I let go as it slaps against my belly and splashes the mix of fluids over my chest. I lay there breathing heavily, dildo still 6 inches deep in my ass, completely dazed by the pleasure I just experienced. That was amazing. I drift peacefully to sleep.

I awaken to the sound of knocking on my door. Fuck. It’s Thursday morning and I didn’t set an alarm.

 I hear Steve’s muffled voice “Are you alive in there?”
 I reply with a drowsy sounding “Yehp”
 I’m stark naked on the bed, dildo next to me, lube bottle open, clothes all over the floor.
 It is not a pretty sight. My room quite literally looks like a mini brothel… lucky no-one can see it!!
 I hear the footsteps getting progressively quieter as Steve makes his way down stairs.

 I look at my watch 8:32… welp… I’ve missed my train; I guess I will just drive myself to school today.
 I quickly clean up with a short shower, get changed into some casual ‘throw on’ clothes and make my way downstairs, grabbing a banana as I walk out the door.

I turn the heater right up in an attempt to dry my damp hair before I arrive. The fuel and parking cost comes to mind… $20 for a full day. Ugh…. more money wasted. I need to save up so I can take Billy somewhere nice… I want to be able to pay for it. I want to make him feel special… how can I do that without money?

It takes a few seconds for me to realise how vain I sound. MONEY IS EVERYTHING?
 Money isn’t everything… it’s the simple things that count when courting a potential mate.
 I’ll be like a peacock, except I’ll display my vibrantly colourful personality in place of a colourful tail.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with Billy today – I’ve got a lot of breaks which means he probably does too. The campus is literally a 1 minute walk from the CBD and a 5 minute walk to ovals and the park lands. I always keep a footy in my bag in case I feel like having a kick around. I start planning in my head, we will have a few kicks and I’ll casually ask him out for tomorrow night. Doubt begins to creep into my thoughts and I try to reassure myself. It can’t be that hard… Can it? Everyone does it… ‘you’ll be fine’… now talking to myself… ‘it’s not the first time you’ve asked someone on a date’.

I pull up to my favourite parking spot which is not yet taken, pay the $6 and walk for 40 seconds to class. Unfortunately this class is the one I do not share with Billy. I get through it, almost falling asleep due to my fatigue. I must have been up too late last night.

Billy doesn’t turn up to the 10am Lecture we share… Maybe he has pulled a sickie and decided to wing it… or maybe he was up late last night too. I hope he is just super late… I feel so drawn to him and feel like I cannot concentrate with him away from me.

Most people I know have a ‘bestie’ from first year… you know… those two people who cannot be separated and who are always seen together. I never had that, a single person I can complain and bitch to about stuff, someone I can talk to, someone to study with. Part of me wants Billy to be that best friend I’ve needed since first year… but most of me wants more out of our newly blossomed friendship.
 Nevertheless, I wish he were at every single lecture and class, just to be there, keeping me content.

To my surprise he turns up at 11am tutorial, walking in a minute late with a smirk.
 “Sorry I’m late”
 When he is close enough to hear me, I mumble “typical” just loud enough for him to hear.
 He responds by extending his smile and nodding his head.

He is a complete smart ass the entire lesson, answering every single question with a sort of cocky tone in his voice. He impresses me whilst frustrating the other A-grade students in the class. I could feel the tension building in my classmates… equally I could feel a similar tension building me. Discovering his cockiness turns me on; I quickly brush the feeling off and return my focus to the tutorial.

During a short break in the middle of the tutorial I sneak in a question, hoping he will forget about it later.
 “What is your favourite type of food”
 “Like international cuisines?” he asks.
 “Well anything really” I respond
 “Well I like everything but if I had to choose, it would have to be Mexican or Thai”
 I have the answer I need, but I’ll continue the conversation anyway.
 “I love Mexican too… its sooo goood”
 At this point he starts trying to mimic some Mexican style trumpet tune.
 “Da da da da daaa, na da da da da daaaa, da da da da da da daaaa na da na da na”
 He quietens to a dull hum when he realises everyone is looking at him.

I open my mouth to give him a hard time just as the tutor recommences talking.

We leave class with the other students glancing at Billy with eyes of envy… as if he were some sort of demigod.

We grab a bite to eat in the city and walk to the parklands to enjoy another sunny winter day. Its 21 Celsius and warmer than average for this time of the year.
 “Hey after our lecture do you wanna go kick the footy around for a bit?”
 “Oh you’ve brought a football?” he asked, sounding surprised
 “Yeh I always have one in my bag”
 “Oh cool… that’d be great”
 “We can use that space over there” I tell him, as I point to the far corner of the park… it’s a green patch of grass surrounded by trees and on a slight slope. The fence to the South is consumed by purple lavender plants and pink flowered climbers. The keepers really keep the park lands in perfect condition… the City botanical garden is just a 2 minute walk away, boasting a huge array of beautiful and unique native flowers this time of year. That would be a nice place to relax with Billy, lots of quiet corners too.

We walk back to class, casually chatting about our high schools and where we grew up. It’s a slight uphill slope away from the river toward the CBD and Uni. Bouncing the ball to each other on the pavement – we have a perfect view of the towering buildings through the trees. It’s not a very vertical city – but looking up at it from the river makes it seem taller. When I was younger I lived in 2 other cities, in terms of beauty, nothing compares to this one. Then again, nothing compares to the 10 years I spent living rurally it was peaceful, easy to breathe and there was no light pollution.

I find myself enjoying study more, being with Billy focuses and relaxes me, I didn’t fall asleep, I was taking notes and I have that first year motivation back.

“…alright that’s all for today, see you next week Tuesday at 9am.” The lecturer concludes the week.
 “Hey I’m gonna go change” I say to Billy.
 “Okay, no problem!”
 It’s a short walk to the sport centre change rooms, I run in and quickly swap my jeans for shorts and slip on more comfortable shoes. Billy is waiting out front for me.

“Let’s go”
 “I’ll beat you there!”
 “No you won’t!”

I place my hand flat on his chest, pushing him back as I lunge forward, sprinting to a head start. I get into the rhythm of a well-paced jog, looking over my shoulder, seeing Billy gaining on me with a determined expression. People are looking at us like we are the biggest tools in the world. I don’t care, I have to beat him!
 I look ahead.  Oh shit. I forgot about crossing. Slowing down to conserve my energy.
 “We didn’t plan this well” I manage to breathe out…
 “What’s the matter? Gonna give up?”
 “You wish”
 The pedestrian sign goes green as we carefully dash to the other side of the road, returning to full speed when we are safely across. I can sense that he is only half a meter behind me. He is so close to me, breathing heavily; I can almost feel his breathe on my neck. I speed up to challenge him a bit.
 That wasn’t a good idea; he matches it and then some. I’m already exhausted and ready to give up.
 The oval is only around 200m away… that’s only 40 seconds more I think to myself. Keep going.
 I catch up to him and we are jogging side by side, pushing the maximum out of our bodies. Legs striding out as sweat rolls down both our faces. We continue side by side until just before the oval, he reaches over, places a hand on my chest and gives me a light shove. This puts me off balance and I trip and roll into the grass. Quickly bouncing to my feet I sprint over to a now celebrating Billy.
 I hold my arm out, and charge into him at full speed. I can feel the impact wind him as we both hit the floor. Gasping for air I tackle him into the ground and pin his arms down with my knees.
 He manages to speak between breaths “I… still… win” as he lets out that cute laugh
 “Yeh but who has... got you... pinned down?” I boast with a smug voice, gasping for air between words.
 “A loser” he replies, laughing even harder this time, almost choking trying to catch his breath.
 I can’t help but smirk.

I’ve got him pinned down… I know! I’m gonna take advantage of this.
 “You ticklish?”
 Before he can respond I reach for his underarms and start tickling. He begins to laugh uncontrollably… and loudly.
 I pause for a brief second.
 “What about here?”
 Reaching for his neck, all he can do is squirm and screech while trapped under me.
 I pause again, the laughing stop, but he knows it’s not over yet.
 I reach for his stomach and start tickling. The uncontrollable laughing starts again.
 A thought crosses my mind… this must look pretty gay to random people.  This is probably the gayest thing I’ve ever done in public.... tickling another guy on the ground.
 I’m enjoying this too much, I know it’s not the most pleasant experience for Billy, but it seems to be somewhat joyful. He is smiling and laughing. I wrap it up anyway, letting Billy roll away as he continues to laugh.

 Completely exhausted, I release him and roll to the side to allow a few moments to catch my breath.
 Both of us are lying on our backs, our chests heaving. My head is totally clouded and dizzy. Billy has his tongue out like a puppy.
 I sneer at him “Cheater”
 “It was payback, loser”
 “Do you want me to pin you down again?”
 He laughs and shakes his head “Ok ok… you are stronger, but I am faster”
 I won’t argue with that, he's pretty fast. I nod my head in agreement, too exhausted to do anything else.

I let a few more minutes pass and grab out the footy, chucking it over to billy, who is still lying flat on his back a couple of meters away. I know his reflexes are good enough… he catches it and throws it back to me

Now is a reasonable time to ask.

“Hey Billy, wanna grab dinner together tomorrow night?”
 “I’m down for that, did you have somewhere in mind?”
 “Mexican at that place on North Street?”
 “It’s a date” he replies smiling.
 “Does 6 sound okay? I can pick you up from your place at half past 5” I suggest
 “Just drive to my place, we can take my car – it’s only fair after driving me yesterday” he replies.
 “Thanks man”

I appreciate the gesture; it saves me money.

“I bet you can’t kick a 60 meter goal” says Billy, challenging me.
 “I’m a full back, of course I can’t”

We get into a lengthy competition of kicking distance; some kids just out of school come over to join in at one stage – which is a pretty regular occurrence in this area... everyone is super friendly in this City. We continue kicking the ball around until the sun sets, taking breaks intermittently to chat.

Making our way back to the train station after dark we admire the full moon lighting the walkway for us. I can feel my stiff back hunching, my sleepy legs dragging and my feet swelling (I took my shoes off to kick the footy around). I can't wait to get home to enjoy a warm shower.

I find it so easy to talk to Billy on the train ride home, I open up to him about my family. I miss everyone, my parents, my sisters and even my brother. I don't have the comfort of having my family around me. It is hard being a 2 hours drive from your family, not seeing them for extended periods. He can somewhat relate to that with his father, and his mother being away 4 days a week leaves him pretty lonely. I mean, at least I am living with friends who moved to the city with me.

Time passes quickly as we chat – his stop is coming up as he gets ready to head home.

"See you tomorrow morning " I farewell him with a wink.

Laughing, he replies with "See you then" followed by a cute smile.      



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