Tomorrows Joy - Chapter 3

I awaken to find Billy with his arm over wrapped tightly  around me, his body is firmly pushed up against left side, one leg sprawled out  across my lower body. I've only known this guy for 2 days and we've already  slept in the same bed. Sure… we didn't do anything sexual. But it's unusual to  meet someone and cuddle half naked with them the 2nd night you've known them. I  guess we just felt the attraction and equally desired the comfort we provided  one another last night. I can feel my morning wood pushing against my boxer  briefs, in an attempt to adjust myself, I disturb Billy. He doesn't awaken but  stirs slightly and continues to snore. I can feel his cock pushing up  against my left outer thigh. I consider giving him a wakeup surprise, but  decide against it. Don't get me wrong I really want to, but I can't rush things  if I want this to last. If I play my cards right it will happen eventually, and  it will be perfect.
  Luckily neither of us have important classes today, I can stay in bed enjoying  being close to Billy for a while longer. Maybe I'll cook him a yummy breakfast,  I think he is the kind of guy who loves attention.
  I like that, because that’s the kind of guy I am… hopefully he will return the  attention I crave.
  I'm not high maintenance, but always striving to make others happy is a trait I  search for in people. The exchange of positive emotions is incredibly rewarding  and something that money cannot buy.
  After a good hour of peaceful cuddling, feeling Billy breathe in and out,  admiring his cuteness as he sleeps, I begin to get restless. I look at my  watch, 9:30 AM, I have to get out of bed. I walk downstairs to the kitchen  where Jessie is reading a book in front of the television. She hears me  approaching from the hallway and turns to me with the biggest grin on her face.  I know what she is going to say.

She attempts to mimic me with a deep voice: "Jess, we  are just friends"
  I reply "OH shut up" smirking "Nothing happened… I swear"  as I pull a carton of eggs out of the fridge.
  "Sure… whatever you say Tommyboy….. nice pull by the way" she replies,  winking coyly.
  "I know"
  "Are you making breakfast for him? better let me do it if you are trying  to impress"
  Now she is just taking jabs at me.
  "I happen to make a pretty good hot breakfast, thank you very much"
  I get out a large pan and place it on the gas stove top. A drizzle of olive oil  to avoid sticking. 5 rashers of bacon, 6 hash browns and 3 eggs. Does he like  tomato? I don't know. Baked beans… probably shouldn't.
  I love beans in sauce, but most people don't - I won't risk it. A quarter of an  hour later and everything is cooked. I put some toast on and head upstairs to  wake Billy up.
  I enter my room, to my surprise he is already awake staring at the ceiling… he  looks to me as I walk in and he smiles happily.
  "Morning, I've cooked breakfast if you are hungry"
  "I'm always hungry… thanks!" he replies, jumping out of bed and  slipping into the clothes I lent him last night. At this point I notice that he  has a pretty serious case of bed hair, but I don't mind, mine is likely in the  same messy state. I take the lead downstairs and grab the toast to butter up.
  "Take what you want" pointing to the frying pan full of delicious  smelling food "Im not very hungry"
  "Thanks Tommy"
  "I'm not gonna lie that smells pretty good" says Jess, still sitting  in the lounge room.
  Cockily I reply again with "I know". I imagine she is rolling her  eyes at this point.
  "You and Steve can have some too if you want Jess"
  "I would love to, after this chapter, Steve is at work already  though"
  Meanwhile Billy is on his way to the lounge as I grab my food and cook beans. I  hear Billy and Jess talking in the lounge room but I cannot make out the words.  I already find myself feeling incredibly protective.
  Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
  The beans are finished, without thinking I dump the entire quantity over my  meal… YUM.
  I make my way to the couch and sit down next to Billy, who has almost finished.
  "Aww you didn't tell me you were cooking beans!?"
  "Here have some of mine!"
  He certainly was hungry. I guess he needs a lot of protein and energy being a  tall footballer.
  "So what are you boys going to get up to today?" asks Jessie.
  "I dunno, got any ideas Billy?"
  "Ummmm…. we could go see that new Terminator movie"
  "Sounds like a plan to me, I've wanted to see that for a while now…. I can  take you home first so you don't have to wear my dorky clothes all day"
  "Hey I like this shirt" says Billy "It's got serious swag"
  "HEY" says Jessie louder "I bought you that 'dorky' shirt you  know"
  "And I adore it, but it's not something you would wear in public"
  "Watch out for Mr. Cool, Billy, he’s got swag" says Jessie jokingly.
  He giggles. Slightly embarrassing Jess, but I appreciate the attention.
  I look toward Billy. "If you are done, we can head out now and let Jess  enjoy her morning"
  "Awesome, let me run and grab my stuff" He runs to the kitchen and  quickly cleans his plate.
  Good hygiene and cleans up after himself… Nice, I think to myself, somewhat  judging his every action. A few moments later he returns with his pack and  sweaty clothes from yesterday’s training.
  "Let’s go" he says enthusiastically "See you Jess, thanks for the  delicious dinner last night… it was nice to meet you"
  "See ya bud, don't turn your back on Tom " She replies.
  Rolling my eyes I farewell her "See ya later tonight Jess"
  "Don't be back too late honey" she says teasingly.
  Billy has an excellent sense of space and direction; he is able to direct me to  his house clearly without error. He is a short 5 minute drive from my place; we  are both surprised by how close he is.
  It's perfect, we share so much in common: we study together, play football in  the same competition and live near each other. Oh and don't forget the best  part, we are attracted to one another. 

I can't help but imagine myself with him for the rest of my  life. Jumping the gun a bit, but it's impossible to control my emotions, lust  blinds all.

"My mum lives  here with me on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays by the way, cause she flies in  an out of Melbourne for work over the other 4 days of the week"
  "Ah cool, so you live by yourself most of the time?"
  "Yeh, it's pretty lonely"
  "Aww that sucks, you can come over  to mine or invite me over if you ever want company" I tell him, with a  genuine smile.
  "She flies out tonight but is  probably home now. If it's alright with you I want to introduce you to  her"
  "Sure that's fine"
  This conversation brings my mood down, because I'm not very close with my  family anymore. I miss the comfort of my parents and home.
  "Hey Mum, im home!"
  "Welcome back sweetie" I hear from a distant.
  "She must be in the garage" says Billy.
  She has a very strong Australian accent, much like the people back home. Her  voice reminds me of my mother.
  "T'was good" she approaches the front door wiping her hands clean of  car grease.
  "This is Tom, my friend… we are about to go see a movie with some friends,  I’ve just come home to get changed quickly"
  "Nice to meet you Tom" she smiles warmly and reaches out her hand  inviting a handshake.
  "Glad to meet you too, Mrs…"
  "You can just call me Carol" she replies, with the warmest motherly  smile
  "Nice to meet you Carol" I reply, grinning shyly
  Billy doesn't hesitate to take me to his room, the house is very small,  suitable for one or two people. Two bedrooms upstairs, and a small kitchen and  living area downstairs. It’s basically a suburb apartment block.

His room is vibrantly decorated with the state’s football  team colours. A comfortable looking bed in the middle of the room with a neat  study desk in the corner and a TV mounted on the wall opposite his bed. I think  to myself hmmm… perfect for Netflix and chill…. I sit down on his bed and smile  at him. It doesn't take me long to realise that I might be intruding.

"Sorry I’ll give you some privacy, I forgot you needed  to change"
  "Don't go" he whispers, winking
  I swear I just saw him bite his lower lip slightly. Damn this boy is my type…  His wild eyes are locked to mine as he places his hands on his chest and slowly  drags his hands over his shirt, outlining the light tone of his torso. He moves  his hands to the opening of his shirt and seductively pulls the material over  his head, curving his back; I see his tight, smooth and hairless stomach. I  can't control my urges, I reach out to feel it but he slaps my hand away in an  instant, continuing to pull the shirt up over his young and sexy body. He throws  the shirt against the wall and runs his hands from his chest down to his waist  once more, pausing briefly to play with his nips. 

I feel my heart rate increasing and my body becoming  increasingly intoxicated with sexual desire. I feel my dick twitch in my jeans,  resulting in an incredibly uncomfortable sensation. He continues to tease me as  he hooks 2 thumbs under the elastic shorts. Quickly flashing the black and red  boxers I had lent him the previous evening. He grabs his junk through the  fabric of the shorts and shows off the outline of his hard member. It must be at  least 7 inches long, I hope he is proud of it. He reaches down with his other  hand to cup his balls, creating even more of a bulge visible through the fabric.  I feel sticky and warm pre-cum oozing from my cock at this point. He reaches  down to quickly take off his socks and shoes.
  Standing back up he walks toward me seductively, wraps his hands around my neck  and sits down on my lap, facing forward; he wraps his legs tightly around my  waist. I giggle as he starts slowly gyrating his hips… his bubble butt rubbing  and pleasuring my hard cock. I close my eyes, moving my mouth toward his neck, gently  biting him. This drives him crazy. He begins to thrust his butt into my crotch.  I move my hands down to his gyrating hips and guide his movements on my lap. I  whisper into his ear "You are so fucking hot". This seems to  encourage him even more as his thrusts become faster. He grabs my waist and  moves his hands up the front of my torso, pulling my shirt over my head,  stopping intermittently to touch my body. His hands make my skin tingle  wherever he touches.
  I reach down to his boxers to start undoing his boxers. He stands up to  awkwardly jump out of them, leaving him in nothing but the red and black  boxers. He teases me again, grasping his member through the thin fabric; I can  see a patch of dampness near the glans. Well at least I know he is getting off  to this as well. He places 2 fingers under the elastic and pulls the corner  down revealing a tuft of light brown pubes. He continues to pull them down  until his hard cock is pushing against the top of the boxers, bending his  member downward. The elastic slips over the end of his dick, allowing it to  spring to life and slap against his almost hairless 19 year old tummy, he has nothing but a light brown 'snail trail'.
  The first thing I notice is the sticky wad of precum oozing out of the sheathed  foreskin. I have a powerful urge to lap it up, but he has made it clear that I  am not to touch. His will is my command.
  He pushes me flat on my back and throws a pillow over my face. Just when I  think it’s starting to get good, I hear the sound of underwear snapping against  skin. He is putting clothes on. I was foolish to expect fair game from him.
  With pure frustration I grab the pillow and toss it toward his face.
  “You are such a tease! Playing hard to get is not fair.”
  “I’m just keeping track of time, we don’t want to be late for our movie do we?”  he replies, sneering.
  Beaten and frustrated I manage a half groan. Yeh. That’s a suitable response.
  I can’t help but smile, he’s gonna drive me to want him so bad that I will do  anything for him.
  Maybe it was a good idea that he cut the fun off early, with his mother home,  things could have been awkward. He gets dressed in some neat casual clothes.  He’s wearing an open shirt with a white long sleeve T underneath… maroon jeans,  a necklace of some sort and carrying a casual black jacket.
  He was looking as cute as ever.
  “Do you want me to wash your clothes? Otherwise I can put them in your car.”
  “Nah its fine, I’ll wash them”
  Awesome I get to keep the boxers he was wearing.
  “If you’re ready, then let’s go” I demand, slapping his ass for revenge.

I like how chilled he is about things. How soon he showed me  affection. How cute he is. How nice he is. The way he dresses, walks and talks.  I’ve known him for three days and I feel warmed by his presence already. I feel  like that I could tell him anything and he wouldn’t care.

We enjoy the movie, in public we don’t flirt or tease each  other. Just two guys enjoying each other’s company watching a movie … that’s  cool. I drop him home around 4 and head back to my place to attend to my  neglected study. The last 3 days have been fun, but I don’t have a clue where  he wants to go. Is he just fooling around or does he genuinely like me? I don’t know. I guess I will know when I ask him out for a dinner date.




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