Chapter 2 of Tomorrow's Joy     

If it was first year, I wouldn’t be complaining about  physics at 9am, but 2nd year physics is incredibly tough in  comparison. Part 1 of the specific class was in semester 1 and a 1 hour session  generally rendered me brain dead for a good few hours. I imagine semester 2  will be quite similar.
  The lecturer is funny in an awkward, nerdy kind of way and fails to stay on  track. He keeps mentioning yesterday’s lightning storm. This was puzzling  considering the topic he is covering is condensed matter. I think to myself:  Get through this and I will get to see Billy at the Ecology lecture. Yeh, it’s  a total bludge comparatively.

Dazed by the overwhelming knowledge forced into my mind, I  make my way through the beautiful campus admiring the white roses absorbing the  rays of the morning winter sun. I recognise Billy as soon as I walk into the  room, distinctive light brown hair with that cute angular fringe. He is sitting  alone up the back, pen and pad already out. I quickly move to take the seat  next to him.
  “Hey Billy”
  “Oh hey!” he replies, somewhat surprised. “I forgot… you told me that you were  in this class”
  “Yeh, honestly, I took this class to reduce my…”
  I’m interrupted by the beginning of the lecture “Hi guys welcome to Ecology….”
  “Well, get ready for a boring 2 hours of learning about community distribution”  he whispered, letting out a slight laugh.

  His laugh was so cute, it was almost a giggle. I couldn’t stop myself from  grinning.
  His giggle had triggered my gaydar – though I wasn’t confident in its accuracy.

  Thinking quick to change the subject I whisper back “Hey are you free after  this?”
  “Yeh I’ve got a 2 hour break” he replied
  “Ah cool, wanna grab a bite to eat?”
  “Sure sounds good, I’m gonna need it after this”

  Surprisingly I actually enjoyed the lecture, it was somewhat interesting and  with my mini date locked in, I was happy and time seemed to pass quickly.  Thinking to myself: I’ve gotta keep the discussion bro focused so I don’t seem  like I’m trying to get in his pants.

  We make our way to a nearby food court in the City. I can tell he is nervous  around large crowds, continually fixing his hair and looking into his phone to  see his reflection. He reached into his pocket at one point and all I could think  to myself was: ‘Shit. He is gonna grab out a comb and start singing Grease’. We  both grab a sandwich from a sandwich bar and I, taking note of his obvious  discomfort, suggest heading back to Uni to eat on the lawn under the sun.

We start talking, mostly about footy and how much we enjoy  playing and watching the game. We play in the same competition in different  grades – and have never met before. I find out that he plays forward pocket, so  I cheekily mention that if I was playing on him he’d never manage to get a  goal. I was flirting, but to him it would not seem like that.

  I can’t take it any longer, I need to know if he is gay.

  “So do you have a girlfriend?”
  “Nah man, I don’t bat for that team”

Alright then, he’s just gonna give it to me straight like  that. That was easy. Gaydar reliable.
  He may as well have just said to me “Im gay”
  Surprised by his response, I play dumb, I want to make him say it.

  “Ive got no idea what that means” I reply, fake laughing somewhat
  “Oh you’ve never heard that expression before? Haha. It basically means I like  dudes”

  Well he is clearly more open about his sexuality than I am. That takes balls.

  “Ah cool, so do you have a boy in your life then?” I reply, smiling.

Please say no…

“Nope, I’m enjoying the single life for now”
  “Ah cool, you will find someone pretty easily” I reply, baiting him to ask me  my status.

I hope he finds me attractive too.

  He asks me the same question: “Do you have a girlfriend?”
  I try to keep a straight face as I answer “Nope, I’m gay too”
  We both burst into laughter.
  He calms down and asks “Aww man you were holding that back weren’t you?”
  “Yeh I wanted to see how long I could make you feel awkward!” I reply, letting  out a massive grin.
  “You troll”
  “That’s me!”
  “And that ‘I don’t know what that means’ bullshit, you were trolling me then  too?”
  “Yep” I reply, laughing loudly.
  He pulls a goofy face and punches me solidly on my right shoulder, pushing me  onto my back.
  “You deserved it”
  “Yeh I kinda did deserve that” I respond, smiling.

We start to talk about our previous relationships and the  toughness of gay life. Another thing we share in common. He doesn’t flirt, and  I am now too afraid to flirt, I don’t want to come off strong.
  Time passes quickly as we both enjoy conversing for another hour.

“Shit dude, you’re  late for class!” I exclaim
  “OH fuck yeh I am, sorry dude, ummm… meet  up at 3 for biochem lecture?”
  “Sounds good, see you then mate”

  I’m free for an hour, and I can’t wait for biochem. Considering my good mood, I  decide to get started on my first assignment. Hopefully my favourite study  corner in the social sciences building is free. It is always perfectly quiet  there with plenty of super comfy chairs and pillows. The hour passes fast; I’ve  typed 519 words, awesome! Time for biochem… I’ve never been so  excited for a class.

  As I approach the building I see Billy already waiting out front, he spots me  and waves to me.
  “Hey thanks for waiting up for me”
  “No probs, what have you got after this class?”
  “Ive pretty much gotta head out straight away, need to walk to Vic park for  practice”
  “Im not busy, can I come watch? To see if you are as good as you claim to be.”
  “Sure, challenge accepted!” I reply

  He wants to spend time with me; I’m pretty excited by that.

The lecture was more interesting than I expected, also more  complicated. This is going to be a tough class to pass.

  We start walking to the oval, it’s a good 30 minute walk away and walking is  perfect warm up for training.

  I glance over, Billy is looking at his phone.
  “I need to catch a train now, otherwise I don’t have a lift home… my Mum has  been called in to work for an emergency meeting at six” he continues, looking  incredibly disappointed.
  “Come back with me if you want, I’ll give you a lift home in my car” I suggest,  smiling
  “That would be great, I’ll pay for the fuel”
  “Nah it’s all good, don’t worry about it, I enjoy driving”
  “Aww thanks Tom!”
  “Happy to help, no need to thank me!”

I think to myself: Well I am trying to spend more time with you… sooo no need to thank me!!!

 Training kicks off at 5 pm on the dot with a short 1km jog  around the parklands. The jog is followed by; kicking and marking, goal  shooting, handpassing exercises and my personal favourite: tackling.
  The main method of contact and physical pressure in a game, a player is allowed  to grab another with the ball, above the knees but below the shoulders in order  to drag them to the ground or dispossess them. On return from the jog, coach  does a quick count… 23. An odd number.
  Jackson hasn’t turned up for the second week in a row, we are a man short for  the pairing exercises.
  Good at thinking on my feet I shout out:

  “Coach! My mate is here, he plays C grade for the Razorbacks, sub him in for  training?”

Coach is a pretty chilled guy, passionate about the game. He  doesn’t hesitate to let Billy in on the training session. I call him over and  tell him to throw on one of the spare training vests. He doesn’t need to ask  questions; with no words he is ready to go. Just how I like it.

Marking and kicking practice. 8 teams of 3… 1 person kicking  to the other 2 who will compete to catch, rotating each time the ball is  marked. I get completely demolished by Billy, he marks it every time and I  cannot position myself. Fuck this is annoying!
  “You’re shit Tommy boy!” he teases
  “Hey marking is not my job you bitch!”
  I decide to play my game, go for the body use and spoiling the mark. I push him  around a bit and fist punch the ball instead of catching. Let’s just say it  works. That has shut him up for a bit.

  By the time we were tackling it was getting quite dark, we were pinning each  other down and punching one another playfully. I could tell he was going for my  waist each time he tackled me. I liked that quite a lot and gave him the same  attention. Coach called time to pack up equipment and head home. I reached my  arm out to help Billy up and slapped him on his bubble butt when no-one was  looking, shooting him a childish smirk. He let out one of his cute giggles.

  I get changed back into normal clothes and we start walking back to the City  train station to head home.
  “That was fun. I wish I was on your team,  all those guys were friendly and talented”
  “Our team is the best! You should apply next season!”
  “I might just do that” he replies with the most adorable smile.

  Far out he is so cute! I wish I could build up the confidence to ask him out on  a date.

On the train we talk to each other more about our interests  and plans for the future, I don’t have much to talk about but I enjoy listening  to him, he is incredibly passionate about conservation and science. It’s  incredibly soothing just listening to his voice. I am totally and absolutely in  love with this guy I’ve known for 2 days. I’m not usually religious but… Lord  save me.

As we hop off the train I decide to go out on a limb.
  “Wanna come back to my place for a bit?  My roommate is most likely busy cooking an amazing meal, and she loves to show  off to new people… I can take you home whenever”
  “I’d like that” he says.

OK… is that indirect flirting? ‘I’d like that’? 

“Hi guys im back!”
  No response
  “And ive brought a guest!”
  Thump. Thump. Thump. I hear hasty footsteps coming from upstairs.
  “We will be down in a second” I hear Steve shout

  Oops probably interrupted them. I take Billy up to my room.

  “Just dump your stuff anywhere Billy, and feel free to use the shower”
  “Thanks, I might have to, I’m sweaty as fuck”
  “You can borrow some of my clothes, hold on a second”

  I scramble through my drawer looking for some casual clothes to lend Billy.

  “Here take these, I’ll be downstairs when  you are done”
  “Thanks, I won’t be long!”

  I make my way downstairs where I find Jessie and Steve serving dinner.

  “Sorry if we interrupted something guys”
  “No don’t be we were just watching TV” replied Jess

  Steve smirks as we all sit down at the table. I instantly know what’s up.

  “So who is this guest and where are they” says Jess
  “Just a classmate who filled in at footy training for us today, he is using my  shower”

  At this point Jess looks across at me with ‘that look’ and winks.

  “No! no! no! we have only known each  other for a day, he just didn’t have a lift home and really needed a shower…  that’s all… jeez Jess”
  “Aww come on Tom… I know you well enough… that’s just a typical Tommy excuse… I  see through your lies! ....... so… Is he hot?”
  Evidently defeated, I reply with  “Yes, very, very, very hot… probably out of my league in fact….. but please  don’t say anything, we are just friends and I don’t want to ruin that”
  “Is he gay?” she asks.
  “Yes he is” I answer, smiling  contently.
  Steve cuts into the conversation with a mouthful of food: “You are such a  pussy… just ask him out to dinner for this Friday, dudes dig  straightforwardness”
  “I might, just let me manage it alright,  please please please do not embarrass me”
  Billy walks down the stairs wearing my favourite shirt, this makes me smile  inside. I sense Jess looking at me with that look again, she knows that’s my  favourite shirt.
  “Guys, this is Billy….. Billy, this is  Steve and Jessie”
  “How you doin?” asks Steve with a  seedy face.

    I slap my face with my hand and laugh uncomfortably  to make Billy feel comfortable.

  “Grab that plate over there Billy, I  served an extra plate for you”

  “Aww thank you Jess, it smells delicious”  he replies

  “You are gonna love Jessie’s cooking mate,  its why I love her so much”

  Jess punches Steve in the arm, causing him to squeal… everyone laughs as he  turns bright red.

  After everyone is finished with dinner, I volunteer to clean up (since I  haven’t helped meal prep for a while) I tell Billy to let me know when he wants  to go home. But he seems keen to stay for a while.

  We go upstairs to my room for me to shower and to play some games on my  outdated PS2, we play some Battlefront II for a while. 10PM passes, 11PM, 12AM,  1AM.

  “Want to go home? Its 1AM!!” I  exclaim, laughing.

  He replies with a simple “Nope” and  looks at me for a short period before putting down the controller and sliding  closer toward me. He moves until our shoulders are firmly pressed together. He  continues to look deep into my eyes the entire time. A wave of sickening desire  overcomes my body as I realise what he is doing. He leans in toward me and I  close my eyes to let him kiss me. His lips are soft and smooth and I feel  totally overcome with joy and lust… I want him so bad. The kiss lasts for what  seems like an eternity. I’m completely lost in him. He breaks the kiss and  pulls away slightly.

  “Sorry, I don…”

  I cut him off by swiftly leaning back in to kiss him as he did me. Breaking  the kiss I notice the gleeful look on his face.

  “Wow” he says, with a chuckle “I couldn’t tell if you were attracted to  me”

  “Now you know! ……hey do ya you wanna stay over? Ive  only got 1 bed, but something tells me that won’t be a problem.” I reply, smiling in anticipation

  “I’d like that”

  I reach toward the base of his shirt and lift it over his head, admiring his  slim, tight body as I do so.

  He returns the favour. We shake off our pants and jump under the covers to stay  warm. I turn the lights out as he curls up in little spoon position. I cuddle  him until he is asleep and I allow myself to pass out with my arm around his  almost-nude body.   



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