It was early Saturday morning that I was enjoying an early morning after.

Having had awesome sex with My Andrew the night before.

God he was built like a "Greek God." I was laying in the bed next to Andrew, he was still lightly snoring, the aroma of his body, the sight of his manliness, his thick hairy pecs,those big nipples, that wash-board stomach, those obliques, the thick tree trunk legs, and then there was that awesome thick, uncut cock, with those lemon sized balls, his cock was standing at attention from morning wood.

As usual my desire got the best of me and I reached over and began just pulling, squeezing, sorta twisting on that uncut foreskin, covering the head of Andrews cock, it was beautiful.

I had played with it for a few minutes and then began stroking that rock hard, veiny slab of manmeat, I was in my heaven.

I heard a slight moan and felt the thrust of Andrew's hips upward. I knew it was time and I leaned over and took his dick to the pubic bush in my mouth and began working it over with my tongue...It still had a slight flavor of me mixed with cum from the night before, which made it even more delicious.

I sucked on his awesome cock untill I felt him raise his hips upward and push my head down, and I felt it spasming against my tongue, as it unloaded another fresh load of his nut cream, I slurpped and swallowed untill I had sucked all he had to offer, then he stopped and sorta fell back exhausted, totally spent.

"Damn Ken, you really know how to start the morning off right." Andrew said with a smile.

I lay back sorta stroking my cock a little, not really wanting anything in return,,I was just happy in the knowledge that I had brought satisfaction to Andrew.

"Ready for some coffee and breakfast?" I ask as I rolled out of bed and started dressing.

"Hey Ken!after that work out you just gave my cock, let me take you out to Denn'y"s for a nice hot breakfast, My treat." he said.

We went out to a local Denny's and enjoyed a great breakfast went back to the Apartment did some much needed house cleaning.

seeing Andrew in nothing but an apron, what a sight to behold, he walked around almost totally naked wearing only a boner and an apron all day.

I noticed he kept showing his hard on to me and asking me if I wanted it again and I told him "later sweetie' we got work to do."

Finally I was washing some dishes that were in the sink, when Andrew walked up behind me and began rubbing my ass, I have always loved that feeling, and as I washed dishes, Andrew pulled my briefs down to my knees and knelt behind me and spread my asscheeks apart and began eating my asshole, God it got me going.

After about fifteen minutes of rimming, that was it for him, he stood up, and I felt his hand go around my waist, I stopped washing dishes by then and I felt his cock head pressing against my asshole, then, "Ahh Shit man! I felt that feeling you only get when a thick cock is sliding to the full depths of your insides. I was stuffed full with horsecock, it was feeling awesome.

"Hey Baby, I love you," Andrew whispered in my ear as he began to fuck me deep and hard."

"Sorry Baby, I had to do something with this hard-on, it was at the point of hurting and needed some attention." he said, as he pumped my ass hard.

I just leaned over the sink and took it like a very happy camper, truth was I was enjoying it as much as Andrew, I felt his hand go around my body and pull me closer and deeper, and I felt his tight hand begin to stroke my cock, which was about to explode, We both shot our loads at almost the exact same time, fuck I had another mess to clean up in the kitchen, cum running down the cabnet doors from my own cock, and it was worth it.

It was about two weeks later, I had a dental appointment and went that morning, a Monday I think.

I got to the office, walked in, Andrew was setting there, he didn't smile or give me the usual "Hey Ken," with his usual awesome smile.

"There"s someone in your cubicle wanting to talk to you," he said with almost anger.

I was in a state of shock, sorta. "Who the hell is it?" I asked, "Go see for yourself," he snapped.

"O.K. Jeeze whats got into you sweetie?" I asked.

As soon as I rounded the corner of my cubicle My question was answered,,There in all his Glory was my former college Room-mate, Chad. I thought I would swallow my tongue. Chad jumped up happy to see me gave me a big hug and kiss.

"Wow Chad,what brings you here?" I ask.

"I wanted to come by while in town and see my old Room-mate. It's so good to see you," he said.

I was sort in that spot between a rock and a hard Place, Shit man, now what do I do? I thought.

We chatted and talked about old times, and I finally said. "Pardon me a minute Chad, I need to speak to Andrew our office Manager."

I walked out and noticed a tear in Andrew's eye, I leaned over and whispered in Andrew's ear, "He's just an old boyfriend, Your my baby now, I love you Andrew, I don't want Chad Back, sure man we had some great times at College, but I"m all your's man," he looked up like a little kid and smiled, "I love you Ken, and will always be there for you, you know that."

"Yes I do, Andy," I have never called him Andy before," I leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

"Dont worry, O.K." and looked up and there stood Chad.

"Damn Dude you already got a new Lover, that's fucking awesome" Chad Said.

"I hope you know Andrew you have one hell of a guy and a wonderful Lover. I know from first hand experience, I didn't come back totake him away from anyone,and you both have my blessing. Hah! Like you need it anyway." Chad said.

I Introduced Chad to Andrew and for some reason the tension was gone, I whispered a couple things in Andrew's ear and we invited Chad back to the apartment to have dinner and maybe spend the night.

"Do you think that is a good Idea?" Chad ask.

"HUMMMMM! never know," Andrew said.

Chad took us both to dinner, his treat at an "Olive Garden restaurant" Great food,and then to a movie, Chads Dad was a wealthy man, and Chad had credit cards comming out the "wazoo." we then went back to the apartment and had a few drinks.

"At Andrew's request Chad spent the night and what a fucking night it was, I watched Andrew as he slowly stripped naked and I watched as Chad's cock grew long and thick in his briefs, I remember Chad's sexual appetite.

"May I" said Andrew and he knelt in front of Chad and slipped his trousers off, lifted Chad's thick cock out and began sucking his cock like a hoover vacuum, Chad was really enjoying it and he called me over and had me drop my pants, then Chad leaned over and with a smile and sparkling eyes took my cock to the pubes with one swift suck. I was truly in heaven now.

Andy, Chad and I had on hell of a night that first night,I got fucked by both Chad and Andrew and Chad fucked me as I sucked Andrew. I watched them kissing each other as I took turns sucking both cocks, stroking on one as I sucked the other.

We awoke the next morning all entwined together in the bed, covered in dried cum smelling like a wild night of sex.

We all got up laughing at each other, Andrew had Chad's dried cum in his hair, I had someones dried cum on my chest, Damn we all needed a shower.

All three of us showered and washed each other off, Thank the lucky stars Andrew had a garden tub in his apartment, making sure our cocks were especially clean, they might be needed for later that day, which they were.

All in all that shock turned into a nice weekend. Chad left, promising to come again, and Andrew put out the welcome mat for Chad to come again.

I asked Andrew if he was Jealous of me and Chad,

"At first a little, but that all disappeared after getting to know Chad. Actually I enjoyed it a lot." he said.

After about a month, My Father called me into his office, "Close the door Son, I need to talk,"

"I want you to tell me the truth Son, Are you and Andrew Lovers, I have been watching you both and I just want to know," he ask.

"Dad I love you very much, but I don't want it to ruin our relationship. But Yes Dad, we are lovers, I love him very much. If you want me to leave I will. I don't want to cause any problems for Andrew hes a very good man, and a good worker."

"Leave, good God Son, what the hell for. Hey Son, I don't have any problem with your Love affair with Andrew."

"Let me tell you a story, Have you ever wondered why Mom's not in the picture, where she was all these years as you grew up.

Well it's because of a relationship that she found out about between me and Hal, one of our foremen.

She couldn't deal with it, so she took off with a guy from where she worked, didn't want the responsibility of raising you and that's why I got total custody and have raised you all these years. But Hal and I go way back, Nobody sucks dick like Hal. I will have to bring him around and let him meet you, now that the cats out of the bag, Hal and I are still very sexually intimate."

I was speachless, Damn My own Dad, I smiled and Said "DAD, I love you so much," and Dad and I Hugged the most awesome Loving a Father and son could give.

"Besides, you and Andrew might have to take over running the company in the not too distance future, I'm getting on in years, can't work forever you know." he said.

"Fuck no Dad! your gonna be around for a long, long time, I need you." I Said.

Dad called Andrew in and told him he knew about our love affair, Andrew blushed, "Don't worry son, I sorta was hoping you and Ken were getting along good, and now I know, guess this means a raise in pay for you both, I Love you both, Welcome to the family Son," He said.

Andrew and I and my father are truly a close family. Life is good,,,,,,,,Ciao My friends.



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