A moment of solitude. I was just laying on my bed, letting my mind wander over the events of the past. In a few days, the campus would be buzzing with people, there would be assignments, study groups, lab sessions late into the night, and the constant rush to finish papers and practice for the next game.

I had just returned from the pool, and even though I'd showered my skin had that great scent of chlorine and water. I closed my eyes and inhaled, imprinting the subtle smells and sounds of my dorm room into memory. My breathing was slow, deep, I could feel my heart beat gently inside the thick muscles of my chest.

I caught the sound of tiny cries of delight and then giggling drift in from the wooded area outside, and after a few moments of wondering, decided to go take a look. A little exploring later, I passed two flushed, gigleing girls, whispering and making "size" gestures to each other, passing me without looking up. A few steps later and I found Darrin sitting under a tree, smoking and absently stroking his very visible semi through his ripped, ragged cut-off shorts. This guy always had women orbiting him, following him to games, hanging outside his dorm room door. Even though we grew up together, I rarely these days saw Darrin alone. After the events at Soccer camp, I expect him to dog me like mad. I approached him easily. He glanced up, disinterested, and snorted.

I sat down close, he reverse the stub in his lips pulled my face to his, almost as if to kiss me. I inhaled deeply, letting him shotgun the thick smoke into my lungs, and holding it there for as long as I could, then exhaling slowly. After we'd finished it off, Darrin said "Let's go swimming" and got up unsteadily, and started off. I shrugged and followed. I expected to head towards the pool center on the grounds, but instead we headed off to the old, abandon pond. This was the original pond on the property from before the school was built, it was spring fed, but had a grassy "beach" area. There was still an old clubhouse and dock, but it was rarely used. It had no electricity, or phone, and the windows were shuttered closed. Seniors called it the old party shack, it was an out of the way location for discrete drinking and hook-ups.

We kicked off our shoes and waded into the cool water, disregarding our shorts and t-shirts. I felt the soft squishy mud and rocks against my feet, until the water got deep enough to swim. I turned over and floated on my back, feeling the sun's warmth on my chest and face. Suddenly, Darrin splashed at me, and when I looked over, put his finger to his lips, indicating I be silent. He leaned in close, and said "We're not alone..." and pointed to the old club house. We left the water, and still dripping, made our way over to the old door. Darrin pushed it open suddenly, and strode in, with me following close behind.

Mr. Bussell, my physics professor, was naked, sitting in an old lawn chair, his shorts and jock in a pile at his feet, one foot still in the leg of his shorts, the other propped up on the old counter top. He was leaning back, holding an old swinger's magazine in one hand, his semi-hard cock in the other.

Mr. Bussell was about 40, but in excellent shape. He reminded me of an old-school body builder, in class his solid frame moved with a powerful ease. But now, I could see his heavily muscular body, almost no body fat at all, his cut abs rising and falling with his deep breathing. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat, from the afternoon heat, and it made his body look polished and shiny.

Darrin closed the door behind us, and I found myself standing in-between Mr. Bussell's spread legs.

Mr. Bussell was the most unflappable professor I've ever had. He was 100% business, teaching the material as if introducing an old friend to his family. I knew he was a runner, and would see him at the gym most mornings when I had early classes. Other than that, he kept to himself.

When we entered, he dropped his magazine and tried to cover his exposed cock with both hands, but failed. It was huge, riding up past his belly button and leaving a trail of precum running down his abs.

His egg-sized balls rolled around in his hairless sack as he moved. With his leg up on the counter, he was completely exposed.

Darrin moved over to the stack of old porn magazines, and started paging though them, whistling or commenting on the pictures as they caught his attention. He quickly, almost absently, pulled his shorts aside and let his cock fall out, swelling up to the thick meaty rod I remembered. I watched for a second as he brazenly started jerking off in front of us, his massive, thick cock bouncing only inches from Mr. Bussell's face.

"Nice to see you here" Mr. Bussell said to me, but glancing over at Darrin.

Darrin grunted something like "He's cool" and returned to his porn magazine.

His fire-hose sized cock bouncing as he stoked it, only semi hard but still massive. I guess Mr. Bussell figured there was little use in modesty at that point, he uncovered his softening stick and reached again for the magazine he dropped, an old paper-copy of a local swingers club. I glanced over and it was filled with still photos of couples, singles and groups posing or showing off for the camera. It was so amateur, so unafraid, that I became turned on instantly. That, and I was dripping wet, half-naked, standing in-between the legs of my completely nude professor. It was an incredibly erotic moment, so open, and unashamed. I don't know why, but I reached out and touched his calf, feeling the hairless skin, and rippling muscle of his veiny leg.

He let me continue while he studied the magazine, imperceptibly spreading his legs apart even further. His cock got a little thicker, much longer, he reached down and pulled it up onto his abs again, making his balls jiggle a little. It was huge, not as thick as Darrin's, but longer, with a torpedo shape, and a little downward bend in the lower third. As he got harder, the head poked out of his foreskin, dribbling a little clear drop of precum with it.

"Mr. Bussell.. " I started.

"JD" he interrupted. "I think we're past 'Mr. Bussell' at this point".

He was right, and unshakable as always. Once, a girl in the front row as much as flashed him her tits, to get favor on a test. He never even missed a beat, but continued his detailed description of orbital mathematics.

I moved my hands up his leg, past his knee, and lightly traced the veins in his inner thighs. He turned the page in his magazine, and read the new page with deep interest. Tentatively, I ran my other hand up and cupped his heavy sac, gently rolling the nuts around, tugging and feeling their heft in my hand. JD inhaled quickly, but then grunted an approval and re-adjusted his seat to provide access.

I looked up for a moment, to watch Darrin lazily stroking his rock-solid hard rod, a puddle of precum on the counter below his fat mushroom head. The magazine he settled on was men looking for men, so it was page after page of hard bodies and hard cocks, with graphic descriptions of the sexual preferences and desires. My cock was tenting the wet fabric of my shorts, its outline clearly detailed, I quickly stepped out of them and let them drop to the floor with a wet slap.

JD turned the page again, and began studying the adverts and photos of swingers there, as if a naked student of his was not just inches from his exposed, hard cock. I moved in closer, my own rod touching his hardness, and started stroking his cock lightly, from the base to the wet, glistening head. It felt hot, hard, like soft cloth over a smooth, knotty walking stick. His foreskin glided effortlessly over his head, then tugging it gently, back down his shaft, like drawing the wrapping of a prized knife. While he read each page, I kept up my slow pace, letting my cock touch and rub against his.

After a few moments, or maybe longer, JD looked up, turned his head toward Darrin and watched him stroke for a little while, then leaned over and put his mouth near Darrin's mushroom head. Darrin slowed his stroke and aimed his cock at JD, pushing his hips forward, pushing his cock up to JD's lips. JD seemed to kiss it for a long few seconds, then licked the head clean of precum. I took that as a message to continue, so I bend down to JD's cock, and licked the head, as he had done to Darrin. JD smiled at me, and returned to his magazine.

The first time I'd sucked a cock, it was in the heat of an orgasm, and I just caught the load at the last moment. This time, I was determined to make it last. I licked down the shaft, and tasted his sweaty, salty sack, chasing his balls around with my tongue and lips. I teased the base of his shaft and slowly ran my mouth up the underside to the tip of his foreskin. I moved forward, and pushed my tongue into his foreskin, pushing against his piss slit, and around the glans. Leaving his foreskin in place, I sucked his head into my mouth, just to the edge of his glands, and danced my tongue round it.

Carefully, I sucked it deeper, tasting his sweat, his musk, and feeling the silky skin against my tongue and lips. JD seemed unaffected, not responding in the slightest, just reading his magazine. His non-reaction made me incredibly hot, it was like his cock was mine to play with, I could do anything to it. I tried sucking it deeper, into my gag reflex point. I bobbed up and down, slowly edging it deeper and deeper each time. I felt his cock head on the back of my throat, blocking my breathing. I tried to inhale and only sucked it in further.

At last, I pulled off, licking the saliva and precum off the shaft and caught my breath.

Darrin must have been close, he was breathing heavily and starting to moan. JD looked up from his reading, and watched Darrin stroke away, his legs tensing and relaxing, thrusting his hips forward involuntarily as the semen backed up and got ready to shoot out.

JD said to Darrin "Hey, do your trick."

Darrin looked up from his daze, and grinned back at us. Then, he moved over to a corner of the counter, right near JD's head. He sat on the corner, hooking his legs underneath, and bent over, taking his own cock head into his hungry mouth. We both watched as Darrin started bobbing up and down on his rigid rod, in time with his strokes. He could barely get the head past his teeth, but he sucked on it greedily, his breath coming in gasps and gulps. Then he started to cum. From this angle, I could see his fat cock shaft pulse and pump his hot load up and out, while Darrin let a low moan escape his throat. He started swallowing, but his cock spewed and pumped so quickly that drops and rivulets of semen ran down his shaft and stoking fist, to pool on the counter.

He pulled off for a second to grunt and breath, and jet after jet hit him in the face. Again, he bent down to swallow his knob, sucking and swallowing over and over. At last he pulled up, and his throbbing cock fell forward, cum still running out. Darrin shook and tried to catch his breath, looking over at me for the first time since we arrived, and grinned, his own cum dripping off his face and chin. The entire time, I kept stroking JD's hard shaft, but now his body was responding by tensing up and flexing, his hips thrusting in time to my strokes. I knew he was close. I gobbled his cock up again, eager to taste his load. My own cock was pulsing, dripping gobs of precum, aching for release.

Darrin came over and sat down next to me, between JD's legs, and watched me suck JD's prong from point-blank range. He reached around to my own throbbing, slick rod, and started stroking me in time to my bobbing motions. I must have dripped a large amount, since his hand felt slick and slippery on my hot pole. I pulled JD's foreskin back, and licked the exposed sticky head directly, tasting each tiny pulse of precum as it spurted from his slit. His body tensed up and he grabbed the chair with both hands, his huge muscular frame rigid and almost stone like, then he burst like a dam, hot jet after jet hit he back of my throat. I swallowed and sucked like mad, but could not keep up with the load his massive tool was pumping out. I pulled up to breath, and cum shot everywhere. I gulped and swallowed his head again, feeling his spurts on my tongue, it was the most erotic thing I'd ever felt, and I came.

I could feel Darrin's awkward strokes speed up, as I shook and trembled, my cock exploding into a white hot, sticky mess. Ropes of cum covered my chest, Darrin's hand and the floor at our feet. I shook involuntarily, my breath came in desperate gulps and gasps. Darrin kept up his stroking, and I had to physically stop him, as I became too sensitive to continue.

JD leaned over and kissed the head of my dripping cock, then me, fully, his tongue darting deep into my mouth, tasting his own cock and semen on my breath.

"Now we are brothers," he said. Darrin was licking my dripping cum off his fingers, still grinning.



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