I don't know how long I came, but I actually felt empty, as my cock softened and the semen just ran out onto Justin's chest and legs. He never released his grip on my cock, milking the last drops from me. My legs felt wobbly; I could barely stand up.

Justin rose up. His chest and neck were spattered with my cum. He released my cock and used both of his hands to steady me, while I caught my breath. Justin's semi-naked body was glistening with sweat from the heat. Even though I met his gaze, I was aware of his half-hard cock bulging against its confinement, only a few inches from my own softening cock.

"Now, we can relax" he said. I was speechless.

"Sit down over there" Justin indicated a second cot. "You might as well take those off too, it's not like you got anything left to hide." he grinned at me.

I removed my sweat-soaked t-shirt, shorts, jock and sneakers. Eagerly, I sat down on the cot he indicated, my chest was still heaving from the most intense orgasm of my life. Justin took a bottle from a nearby table, and moved a second cot near to mine. He slipped out of his jock and sat down across from me. His was knee between my legs. His semi-hard cock was thick; I thought at once I could wrap two hands around it, and still leave the fat head exposed easily. It bounced and swayed as he moved, nestled over two huge balls, the size of eggs. He had little body hair, mostly a dense patch right above his cock's root, trailing off to a thin line up to his abdomen. There was a light trace of hair on his chest, and on his arms and legs.

He poured a little of the oil onto his hand, it was clear, but smelled of cloves and spices. He rubbed his hands together and then started to massage my thighs, first one, and then the other. He had me lay down and repeated the routine I watched him perform on Darrin. He did my front, arms, and neck muscles only (despite the hardness returning to my cock) and then flipped me over effortlessly and hit my back, legs, and feet.

The whole time my head was spinning: He knew I'd watched him strip naked, get Darrin naked, and then massage his balls and tight pink pucker and he as much as jerked me off. What was happening?

The entire time, he was telling me about the muscle groups, ligaments and tendons, pressure points and stress points, until he finished. Although I was pretty hard again, I felt completely relaxed for the first time.

Then he said "Look, I've spent the entire week dealing with injuries, massages, and other guys' stresses. I need a little release, OK?"

I nodded. He was teaching me. It was my turn now. I had my energy back, and he had effectively given me permission to touch his body, anywhere and everywhere. I pushed him back onto the cot and started the routine exactly as he had showed me. The spicy oil mixed with his musky scent; it was intoxicating. I did exactly as I was taught, hitting each muscle group in order. I started with his feet, then his calves. I lingered on his glutes, using my thumbs and fingers to spread his cheeks and apply deep pressure from his sack, across his tight and muscled ass, and up to the base of his spine. Occasionally, he would moan his approval, or whisper for me to use more pressure.

I was really getting worked up again, my swinging cock hard as a baseball bat, leaving drips of pre cum along with the scented oils on his body. He didn't seem to mind. After finishing with his neck, I worked back down to the end of the cot. I moved myself between his legs and pushed them aside carefully, exposing his taint and ass to the night air. I moved my face in closely, using my hands and fingertips to trace the lines from his nuts and back to his hairless anus, watching it pucker and pulse with each stroke. I leaned in, and watched it respond to my breath, hot and cool, in and out. I felt incredibly alive, knowing that he trusted me, and opened his most protected area up to me.

I positioned a finger at the opening, and gently pushed. I stopped when I heard him gasp, and gently began to massage the ring of muscle as it tightened up around me. I used a little more oil, and slid my finger into him, to the hilt. I waited until he relaxed, then began to probe deeply. I found the tight, hard knot that must be his prostate, and tickled it with my fingertip. He gasped again, not from pain, but from pleasure.

I rolled him onto his side, to get a glimpse of his cock. He was fully hard now, huge, his foreskin pulled back over the head, and clear pre cum dripping from the piss slit. I moved alongside him, and put my face right up close to his hardness. I could smell the heat, mixed with spices and man musk. I needed to taste him. I touched my tongue to the massive head, tracing the line of his slit to his frenulum and down the thick root. I breathed in deeply, and exhaled my hot breath onto his shaft, watching it throb in response. Carefully, I moved into a 69 position, and pulled his legs up over my shoulders. We sank into the cot, our bodies pressed together, and I lifted my leg to let his head rest on my inner thigh. I could feel his hot breath on my nuts, his unshaven face against my cock.

I was semi-hard, but not interested in his oral attention. I wanted his cock, his ass.

I continued to probe his tight butt hole with one finger, then added two, making circles ever wider to his gasps and slowly thrusting hips. I tried to gulp down his cock, but only got the head in; so, I ran my tongue around his slit, then his corona, and into his retracted foreskin, making his cock jump with every motion. Now, I had four fingers in his ass, stroking in and out and I could make his cock pulse and jump every time I hit his swollen prostate. I pulled my fingers out slowly, rubbing his ass ring in gentle circles.

I moved my head in between his legs, and tasted his balls. I ran my tongue around his sack and then gently sucked one, then the other, then nibbled on his sack again. I moved down lower, to his taint, and danced my tongue under his sack and down to his pulsing hole, still clenching my finger.

Feeling no resistance, I drew my tongue across his hole, and teased along the outside, then across it again. It was hard, like the muscles surrounding it, and tasted like spices and musk. I repeated it again, this time lingering at the opening. Feeling braver, I pushed my tongue into him, my hot breath close against his skin.

Justin gasped and whispered "Fuck me" in an urgent tone.

At last he was loose enough, I moved him onto his back, and poured a little more oil onto my cock. His eyes were half closed as I lifted his legs up onto my shoulders and positioned my rod at his opening. I pushed, and felt my cock head meet resistance, then pop inside, where I held it. I could feel the heat of his body, his tight muscled sphincter, the involuntary pulse from his taint to his cock head. Justin moaned and thrust his hips up to meet mine, driving my cock past his ring and deep into his gut. He exhaled, and then drew in his breath deeply. I pulled almost all the way out, and then pushed in again, making sure we were both well lubed.

I put my hand on his huge, throbbing cock, my fingers just meeting, and used it like a handle, pulled him toward me and started fucking his ass.

"Do you feel me?" I asked.

"Yes, I feel you deep." He said.

"Do you want me deeper?" I asked.

"Deeper, faster." He managed to say.

I felt strong and powerful; I increased the speed of my hips. My foreskin glided back over my head with each movement, then exposed it again as I pushed deeper and deeper. Here I was, fucking this muscle-man, completely owning his body, making it move and quiver and shoot cum.

"Yes, yes!" he cried, his head rocking from side to side.

I felt his cock grow and pulse along with my thrusting. I rode his ass, harder and harder until I felt myself hitting bottom. I felt his strong legs clamp down against my neck, trying to pull me deeper. I looked down at his cock, little spurts of cum escaping each time my cock rubbed against his prostate. My hand became covered in another man's white hot spunk. I was fucking him.

He started grunting, too lost to concern anymore about being heard, or appearing as a wanton cock whore, just uncontrollable guttural sounds as his animal body took over. I fucked him hard, then I felt his ass tighten up and his body go stiff. I felt my own orgasm begin to take hold. It sent me over the edge and I started coming into his ass. My hot thick spunk filling his body and making him loose control. I squeezed his cock hard, until my own spurting subsided, and then I reached down and took his cock into my mouth, just in time for the first pulse to hit and the first ropey jet to rebound down the back of my throat. I almost gagged, but caught myself. I forced my throat to swallow and my mouth to suck his nob harder and harder. His body shook and jerked, as if he had completely lost control. I stayed with him, my mouth sucking up rope after hot rope as he shuddered and came.

My own cock had slipped out of his quivering ass, and I dumped load after load of my cum onto his buttocks and back, while I was still focused on gulping down his sticky load. He shot so much and so fast that my mouth was full, I was near choking and could hardly breathe.

I kept sucking until he started going soft. His semi-hard cock was easier to take into my mouth, so I took him deeper until he hit my gag reflex, then I sucked and rolled my tongue around his shaft and head until he pushed my head away, spent.

We both lay in each other's arms for a while, until our breathing slowed and I felt sleep coming on.



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