The last day was a marathon of sudden death games; we were broken up into teams and played games to a score of 5. This had been the longest week in my life. I felt like we were in basic training: up at dawn, working on drills and calisthenics all day, and then a late supper followed by coaching and bed. I think more than a few guys were ready to throw the tourney, and get a reprieve from the non-stop exertion. But the coaches were too clever for that. The first team to lose was made an example of. They performed jumping jacks and push-ups until the next game's score was close, where they were allowed to watch the final goal, and then in pity as the looser were marched over to the second field for their punishment.

Darrin and I were on different teams on the competition tree. Sometime about mid-way through the day (we were both completely worn out, but I refused to accept that his team would outlast mine) Darrin caught my eye and flashed me a wicked grin.

Just them he got blindsided by an opposing player, and I saw him double up and hit the turf, hard. The game paused while a medic was called over and I watched as Justin, our muscular EMT performed a thorough check on Darrin's leg, shin bones, and ligaments, and evidently decided that though injured, he was mobile. He lifted Darrin onto his feet gingerly. His strong arms supporting him, Justin helped Darrin limp off the field.

Justin was tall, a little taller than me at 6 feet. His frame was naturally wide, and by weight training he added muscles easily. He moved with a powerful grace and his near-zero body fat made every movement he performed as if he were posing for a bodybuilding contest. He was our medic, and trainer, when it came to weight lifting and off-field sports. His deep, low voice would instantly command attention. His quick, green eyes missed nothing. Sometimes, he looked at you as if he was picking out meat for roasting.

Once the game resumed, I located the opposing player that hit Darrin. They had to remove him from the game on a stretcher.

Later that night, I snuck out after showers to take a peek in on Darrin at the makeshift infirmary in the back of the old warehouse building. As I approached, I saw the coaches were just leaving the building and traveling down the path to where they stayed; so, I detoured quickly and hid in the shadows until they had passed. I then carefully let myself into the building, quietly closing the door behind me.

I don't know why I was hiding. Maybe I thought to take Darrin up on his offer, suck his big cock, and swallow his sticky load. Maybe I was ashamed of that feeling, and so I hid myself from the coaches eyes. I didn't care. I had to see his cock again, feel it swell up and get hard, throb and spew hot white cum onto my face, into my mouth.

The building was a small warehouse, where supplies were stored. There were some windows up high on the walls, a small door on the side facing camp, and larger trucking doors on the parking side. Most of the lights were out, but I was able to make out the cot and office of our volunteer EMT, Justin. I stopped for a second to spy on his lair. He had a cot and a makeshift desk made out of boxes. There were cartons of cold compresses, ACE bandages, and his medical kit with stethoscope. In the corner of the desk, under a reading lamp, was a small stack of muscle and physique magazines. I knew Justin was a body builder, his major was Phys training, which is why he was here.

What would Darrin think, if I tried to suck his cock? Would he call me out, expose me to the other players? Laugh at my attentions, my need?

I moved on, in the fading light I could see a lamp's glow at the far end of the old building, and I guessed that's where they had the injured players. I quietly moved in that direction, around stacks of boxes and crates, all arranged to suggest hallways and passages. I arrived at the infirmary "Room", expecting to see cots with sleeping players, but all the cots were empty save one.

The arrangement of boxes allowed me to peek inside, without giving myself away. Justin was wearing a set of old blue scrubs, and beat-up sneakers, he was helping Darrin to sit up in the cot, putting a few rolled up blankets behind his back.

Darrin winced at the movement, but was able to get into a semi-seated position while Justin worked on him. Justin removed his shoes, one by one, and then focused his attention on Darrin's injured leg. He started at the ankle, and using his strong fingers, tracing the tendons and muscles up his shin and calf to his knee. I watched as he massaged and explored each muscle group in turn, in an effort I guessed to determine if there were any tears or swelling. I could hear Justin's low, relaxed voice asking questions as he ministered to Darrin's leg, and then Darrin's pained responses.

Justin then moved his hands up past Darrin's knee, carefully feeling along the muscle pathways to his quads and inner thighs. He massaged Darrin's quads and lifted his leg to move the hip joint slowly, repositioning himself between Darrin's knees. Then, I watched as he started up Darrin's other leg, seemingly comparing the two.

I moved in closer, as close as I dared, no longer concerned with Darrin's condition, but instead watching fascinated as Justin's strong hands roamed up and down Darrin's muscular and hairy legs. Darrin let his head relax into the rolled up blankets, while Justin worked his magic.

I could hear them clearly now, Justin would ask "Does this hurt?"

Darrin would reply "It feels better now."

Justin was listing each muscle he checked, each tendon and ligament, as his hands rode up higher on Darrin's thighs. Justin reached under Darrin's soccer shorts to feel his hip joint, and using his free hand lifted and rotated Darrin's legs, one after the other, while explaining how each connective tissue was critical to movement and strength. I could see Darrin's eyes were almost closed, and he seemed to lose interest in the anatomy lesson, while a faint smile was forming on his face. Justin slowly moved his hand to Darrin's inner thigh, and up inside his shorts to his groin. I swear I could see Darrin's cock tenting the thin fabric, but Justin showed no signs of noticing.

Justin asked if Darrin if felt strong enough to continue, and Darrin nodded. Then, unexpectedly, Justin turned Darrin over onto his stomach, and helped him spread out on the cot.

Now, Darrin has a big, muscular frame, but Justin moved him around like a rag doll. Once positioned, Justin explained that he had a liniment that would help Darrin relax and get some sleep, and would he mind if Justin rubbed some into his body? Darrin mumbled something into the pillow, and Justin took a bottle off a nearby table and unscrewed the cap.

Then, Justin mentioned to Darrin that it might stain his clothes, and would he like to remove his shirt and shorts? Darrin must have indicated in the affirmative, because Justin then gingerly removed Darrin's shirt, and tossed it onto a nearby cot. Darrin then returned to his prone position. Justin stood up and tugged at Darrin's shorts until they were off. Justin then returned and similarly tugged off Darrin's jock. Darrin relaxed and offered no assistance.

Darrin, now naked, adjusted himself on the cot. Justin moved to the head of the bed, and poured some thick liquid into his hands. He started on Darrin's neck, massaging deeply into the taut muscles and carefully following each with his fingers. Then, he moved to Darrin's broad shoulders and down each arm to his fingertips. He worked Darrin's back and spine with strong, slow strokes, moving from one side of the cot to the other. Darrin responded with moans and whispered encouragement:

"Oh yes, right there."

"Deeper, harder."

And Justin marked his progress:

"Do you feel that knot? I'll rub it out."

"Is that the spot?"

Justin stopped at Darrin's lower back, and then removed his own shirt and pants, tossing them into the pile with Darrin's stuff. He stood there in nothing but a jock and sneakers for a moment, the nearby light tracing off his well-defined frame. He stretched and twisted, rocking his neck from side to side, then relaxed and got more liniment onto his hands. His back facing me, I watched him bend over Darrin's legs and begin his regimen from the calves again, moving up Darrin's thighs, probing Darrin's musculature expertly.

Watching an almost naked, well-muscled masseur work over Darrin's lean, fully naked and athletic body was having an effect on me. My cock was fully hard, and I was forced to release it from the confines of my jock, and out from under my own shorts, which I pulled up and over. I was dripping pre cum like crazy, and afraid the stain would show.

Justin's legs and tight buttocks were in full view. I licked my lips as he leaned over to work Darrin's glutes, first one, and then the other. I could see his heavy jock hanging between his legs, and I wondered what it would be like to see him naked, hard. Then Justin lifted Darrin's leg and exposed him completely. I could see his mostly hairless pucker, his large nuts lying on the cot. They moved and rolled as Justin gently lifted Darrin's leg though its range of motion. Then, he lowered it, with him in between Darrin's thighs, and I could see him trace his fingers from Darrin's tail bone, down across his tight puckered ass, and to the back of his ball sack.

I almost came right there, without even touching my cock.

Justin reached back and touched Darrin's calves, then traced his hands up Darrin's legs to his inner thighs and cheeks, stopping at the back of his sack, then he did it again, and again. I almost let out an audible gasp as Justin let his fingers stop at Darrin's ass, then slowly circle his anus. I felt my body shudder and a dollop of milky semen shot out of my cock involuntarily, and hit the floor in front of me.

"I know you're there" Justin said softly. "I've known since you arrived."

Fear gripped me instantly, and I lost my hard-on as I franticly tried to think of an escape plan.

"Don't be shy, come here" Justin said, commandingly. "I want to show you something."

Tucking my now semi-hard cock back into my jock, I stood up and obeyed. Justin never looked up, just kept massaging Darrin's ass and tracing his fingertips around Darrin's sphincter muscle.

"Darrin's out" Darrin explained, "Muscle relaxers must have kicked in, finally."

I could head Darrins's low snoring.

"Watch this" Justin instructed.

He then tightened his circle movements to center on Darrin's exposed rosebud, and then stopped at the slick, lubricated opening. Then, he gently applied pressure and his finger slipped inside to the first joint. Darrin's butt tensed up for a moment, and then relaxed. Justin pushed his large finger in slowly, to the knuckle. He seemed to be probing gently inside, then pulled it back and pushed it in again. Darrin's ass muscles responded to every motion, tensing and relaxing. My cock became hard again, and I tried to discretely adjust it to a less painful position, while I watched in fascination.

"His body is responding to external stimuli, even while he sleeps" Justin said, almost medically.

Darrin squirmed and started thrusting is hips into the cot, like he did when he fucked his mattress earlier.

"He wants it, bad". Justin said, matter-of-factly. "He wants to get fucked."

My cock was again rock hard and dripping like a loose faucet, making a huge spot on my shorts. Justin removed his finger from Darrin's asshole, and wiped his hands off on his towel. He positioned Darrin back on the cot, and covered him with a sheet.

"But" Justin continued, "He's too much of a douche bag."

I was extremely aware that I was hard, and my cock was completely exposed to Justin for the first time. Even though he was the one in only a jock, I felt like I was naked and vulnerable. It only made my cock throb and drool more. Justin looked me over, and ran his hands along my shoulders and arms. He stepped in and felt my back down to my waist. Kneeling in front of me, he felt each of my legs from my ankles to my groin, and then back along my cheeks and thighs.

Having a heavily muscled jock feel me up like a prize dog was dizzying. I felt my cock throb again and another small jet of creamy white cum shot out and dripped off the end. Justin was right at eye-level, and took notice; my cock was so hard it was almost hurting.

"Let's make you a little more comfortable" he said while taking my cock into his big hand.

His grip was strong but not too tight, and he started to pump my foreskin down and up and it slipped over my wet slick cock-head. I could feel his hot breath on my cock and balls, as he expertly ministered to my rod. It was too much, and I felt my orgasm rise up uncontrollably over my entire body. His face was only an inch from my hot ridged cock, the closest any man had been. Justin stared at my mushroom head as it swelled and throbbed, the foreskin glistening from my free-flowing pre cum.

I lost all control and my body shook, almost painfully. I felt the cum swell up in my groin and then shoot out in hot sticky white jets, past Justin's face and over his back onto the bare concrete floor. Six, seven, eight, and still coming, I reached out to his broad, muscular shoulders to keep from falling over, and inadvertently pulled his face into my throbbing, shooting cock.



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