Author's Note: This trilogy is a work of fiction based and/or adapted from the Screen Gems original movie, "Easy A", starring Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Hope you enjoy the homosexual twist!


Nerdy Jock






Cum-Guzzler. Queer.

Dick-Gobbler. Easy. Homosexual.

Tramp. Cocksucker. Cheap. Cannibal.

Floozy. Dickbreath. Temptress. Cum-Slut. Gay.

Let's just say that these are some of the very creative and wonderful adjectives that people coined me after a bitch named Rachel Smith spread word on the little white lies that I told my best friend about.

The rumors of my promiscuity have been greatly exaggerated. I used to be anonymous. Practically invisible to both sexes. If Google Earth were a guy, he wouldn't be able to find me if I were dressed up as a 20-storey building - even with glowing neon lights all around me.

I wanted my life to stay that way - small and simple.

But I guess you just can't have everything that you wanted. Something has to go wrong along the way.

And, boy, did it go wrong!

So, here I am - about to tell you a short story about a certain chapter of my life when I was 14. But don't worry. This is not the type of story that you usually read in books - the ones where the main character asks him- or herself the questions: Who am I? What does these all mean? Why am I here? Blah!

This is not that kind of tale. Though it sure started out that way. And then it changed pretty quickly when I started lying about some very personal stuff.

Sadly, I wouldn't tell you my name. I'm sorry. I just don't want you to know who I am and condemn me for all the things that I "said" I "did" but truly I "didn't".

But here are some of the things that I can tell you about myself.

My "friends" call me B. So, I guess you can call me that, too. I'm just your typical 8th Grader - who doesn't know either sport or exercise, eats more than what he needs, and has nothing special to make others like him. Like I told you, I was a no one. Invisible.

But I was glad to have my best friend, Amanda, with me. She's charming, fun to be with, beautiful, and all of the guys hated me for being the only one who can sit with her during lunch, walk with her along the hallways, and just . . . be with her. I really, really had the feeling that she was hot for me. If that was to be proven true, then I couldn't understand why. Because every time I look at the mirror, all that I can see is someone thin, repugnant, and utterly hideous.

Just kidding! I'm quite the cute guy, they say.

But enough with the talk.

They say that there are two sides to a story; well, you're here to hear mine - the right one - the truth behind the rumour-filled, totally false account of how I ruined my used-to-be straight and flawless reputation.


PART ONE: The Shudder-Inducing and Clichéd, However Totally False, Account Of How I Lost My Virginity To A Guy From The Public High School

"The offer is still on the table, you know." Amanda said as we were heading for first period. "Please. Just come. I beg you! I'll even pay you! Please, just come!"

She's been nagging me for weeks about going to this camping trip that she and her parents planned. They invited me. But, of course, I didn't want to. I don't know why. Maybe I just didn't want to spend my entire weekend with Amanda and her parents. I don't know. Or MAYBE because of last time!

I remember it like it was yesterday. The last time that I went with them, I swore to myself that I would never - EVER - go out on a camping trip with them! Ever again!

Her parents are freaks! Weirdos! They, including Amanda, were fully naked all throughout the weekend - and I saw hair sprouting from places where they shouldn't be. They said they were Nature-Lovers or something and that they like being one with her. GOD! It was utterly disgusting! I wouldn't mind if Amanda's parents looked like . . . well, let's say Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. . . but they were more like Broad Feet and Alienilla Moley! TERRIFYING! My eyes still burn . . .

That was the most horrific weekend that I had the misfortune to experience.

And me thinks that THAT'S the real reason why I didn't want to go.

"I'm so sorry, Amy. I told you. I can't." I said.

"You can't or you don't want to?" She snapped.

"Don't be like that!" I retorted, "I have. . . plans."

"Oh. Really? Plans."

"Don't mock me, Amanda Walters! I DO have plans. I have. . . I have a date."

As you have guessed, that was my first lie.

"Oh, really," she stopped walking, "A date? With whom?"

I felt more confident and turned to look at her, "You don't know her."

"And neither do you, you lying piece of shhhhpaghetti sauce!"

"Of course I do." I retorted, "And there's nothing that you, or your parents, or the United States of America can do to stop me from going."

I think I overdid it. She looked crestfallen.

"Fine! But remember, I hate you for this!" and she stormed off.

Couldn't she be more supportive? What is wrong with her?


So, here's how I really spent my weekend.

After breakfast, Saturday morning, I just vegetated in my room and waited for lunch to come.

After lunch, a package was sent to me from my Grandma. It was a card. Those kinds that play music once opened. And as I opened it, Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocketful of Sunshine" rang out in the room. Yuck, right? Well, at least Granny sent a dollar with it.

After dinner, I just laid the card open on top of my bedside table. Amazingly, I think it helped me fall to sleep.

So the evening and the morning was the first day.

On Sunday morning, my mom called me and told me to help my dad with his farm work.

Oh, that's right! I haven't told you where I lived.

Well . . . our humble family lives in the heart of the plain, dry lands of Texas. Thus, the toiling and the farm work.

I may hate playing sports or doing push-ups and curl-ups, but working in our farm with my dad is one of the few reasons why I loved living in the country. I love the feeling of freedom that the breeze brings. I love the coldness of the flowing water in the creeks. I love the chirping and the tweeting of the birds early in the morning. I then realized, "I'm a Nature-Lover, too! I guess, I should start getting naked now."

But, I didn't. Heehee . . .

My dad and I worked till dusk. It was bone-breaking, but at least I worked my body out.

The remaining hours after dinner was dedicated for school work. And by this time, I've played "Pocketful of Sunshine" for at least fifty times already. I even downloaded it from the net and played it for the whole house to hear. HAHA . . . So much for hating the song.

So, the morning and the evening was the second day. [Sounds like the Creation Story, right? HAHA]


Monday came and I was back at school. And the first thing I encounter is a hyperactive, over-talkative, and overly-stressed looking best friend - who pulls me into the Arts room and bangs the door shut.

"Okay! Out with it!" she demanded, "I want every juicy detail that you can remember!"

"What?" I asked dumbly.

"Details about your date?" she made air-quotes to emphasize the last word and crossed his arms.

"Well. . . it was great." I nervously answered.

"Great?" she plainly replied, "That's all? Your date was great?"

"Yes. That's all. We met at the mall, watched a movie, then we had dinner, and I took her home." I answered. "It was great!"

"Really?" she eyed me.

"What do you want me to say, Amy? I just took her to a date. That's all that I can say!" she's being pathetic right now and I was getting impatient. She was glaring at me like I was a fucking liar! [Oh, CRAP! I forgot - I WAS a fucking liar.]

"That's all that happened?" she asked suspiciously.

"Yes, that's all, Amanda. I took her out on a date. And that's all."

"Her?" she asked.

"What do you mean 'her'? Of course she's a 'her'!" I snapped.

"Don't you fucking lie to me, B!" she was tearing up now. What the hell is wrong with her? "You did not go out on a date. Just admit it!"

"What is wrong with you, Amy?" I spat at her, "Why the sudden drama?!"

"What is wrong with ME? You're asking what's wrong with ME. Why don't I ask you that, huh? What is wrong with YOU, B?!" she then attacked my chest with her closed-up fists, "I have been here for you for so long, but you haven't even noticed!"

She's confusing me now.

"Amy, what the fuck are you talking about?" I growled at her.

"I've ignored all my other suitors, just to spend more time with you and . . ."

"Amy, stop it! What are you talking about?"


OOOOOH SHIT! I was dumbfounded. So that explains her strange behavior last week. WHAT! THE! FUCK! This can't be happening. This CAN'T be happening!

She looked at me.

"What? You don't have anything to say?" She snapped, "You're just gonna stand there?"

Speechless. What the fuck should I say to something like that?

"Fuck! I knew it!" she cried into her hands and slumped onto the floor, "I knew it."

"Amanda -" I croaked, my throat was suddenly dry.

"I knew it." she repeated and glanced at me, "I've been around you for so long, I've been giving you vibes, signals, hints, but you didn't even notice!" she cried more, "I've been flirting with you, for God's sake and you didn't notice. . . you didn't notice. . .because you don't like me. Admit it, B!"

"Amanda, you're wrong! Of course, I like you!"

"You didn't notice me, because you don't like girls!" she snapped.


"Don't deny it, B!" she growled and stood before me again, "YOU'RE GAY! Aren't you? That's why you never noticed me, or Julia, or Katheryn, or even that fucking troll Edna, or any other girl that ever wanted to be with you!"

What the fuck! I never noticed that they liked me! I thought they were just being very friendly. FUCK!

"Amanda, you don't know what you're talking about!" I snapped at her.

"Oh, yeah? You think I haven't noticed the times when Anthony would pass by and you would stare at his crotch? You think I haven't seen you gazing at other guys' asses? Huh, B?"

Oh, Fuck! I thought I was doing it discreetly enough! SHIT!

"Amanda, please. . ." I slowly whispered.

"You're not denying it. . ." she whispered back, "You're not fucking denying it. . ."

"Amy, please. Please. No one has to know. Please." I was crying now, too. Why deny? When it's all out in the open already? And she's my best friend. My secret should be safe with her. "Please, Amy. No one has to know."

She laughed. It was an evil witch's kind of laughter. And she's starting to scare me now.

"Amanda, you're my best friend." I pleaded, "I love you, and you know that, but only as a friend should love his friend. Okay, I admit it. I am bisexual . . . or gay . . . or whatever. And I am scared, Amy. Very scared. No one has to know, Amy! Please, you've got to understand. I'm sick and tired enough when they would call me pig - how much more if they knew I was gay! Please, Amy. Please. . ."

She sat down on the tiled floor and muttered, "Fuck!" repeatedly. "I'm in love with a gay guy. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Minutes passed by after she calmed down and finally looked up at me.

"B . . . You know I can't hurt you like that." she smiled, "You're my best friend. And I fucking love you so much!"

And she stood up and hugged me. I hugged her back tight and cried my heart out. Thanking her for her love and understanding.

And then the unexpected happened, she moaned. [That's weird.] She hugged me tighter and humped her pelvis to mine. SHIT!

"Um . . . Amy . . ." she humped harder and moaned, audibly this time. "Amy, what are you doing?"

"Amy . . ." I tried to get her off but she was clinging for dear life.

"You know, I've always wanted to be your first time . . . even now that you're bisexual or gay," she slowly spoke. "Bisexual men still like girls, right?"

"Fuck, Amy, no!" I finally managed to break away from her before she feels my growing hard-on. Gay or not, when stimulated enough, my cock would definitely come to life. "We can't! I'm sorry."

"Why? Am I not pretty enough?" she shied away.

"No! It's not that!" I started, "You're the most beautiful girl that I know. It's just . . ."

"What? Don't you want to fuck me?" Shit! You don't know how pressured I was at that moment that words just came out of my mouth like an avalanche.

"Amy, I've already done it . . . So, you can no longer be my first."

She looked shocked. Surprised. But somewhat . . . delighted?

"Really?" she exclaimed, "Who was he?"

"I'm not telling you!"

"Name, bitch!" she demanded.

"Harvey." That was the very first name that popped in my mind.

"Harvey? That's not even a hot name! Is he from this school?" she pulled at my arms. "Is he?"


"Younger or older?"

"Older. Definitely older." I continued lying.

"Is he in High School?"

"He's a Senior." SHIT. SHIT. SHIT!

"Oh, my God!" she shrieked, "Is he hot?!"

"Well . . . let's just say he's a wrestler . . . and a wonderful football player."

Lies after lies.

"GOD! He sounds hot alright!" and then she looked at me with a mischievous grin.


"Did he do you? Or was it the other way around?"

Shit! How am I going to answer that? Hmmm . . . my fantasies were always filled with a football stud fucking me raw and hard.

So, I said, "He did me, Amy . . . he did me good!" I said dramatically.

Amanda just laughed and hugged me again, spinning us on the spot.

"You're no longer a virgin! You're no longer a virgin! You're no longer a virgin!" she repeatedly shouted.

"Hey! Stop it! Someone might hear you!" I laughed and covered her mouth. "Stop it!"

"Yeah, Amanda. B is right . . . Someone just 'might' hear you." and then I saw the face of Rachel Smith springing out of the refrigerator box that she was hiding from.

"RACHEL!" we both gasped.

"What are you doing inside that box?" I stuttered.

"Well . . . I was just painting the inside of this box when the door swung open and an admitted 'whore' and his best friend came in and started arguing. Nice conversation, though. Really moving lines. I almost cried." she said, "You should consider joining the Drama Club. I hear they're looking for actors and actresses who have . . . experience."

She then got out of the box. "See yah!"

And she got out of the room.

Amanda and I stood there for a while. No one dared to speak what was in his or her mind.

Finally . . .

"She's not gonna tell anyone, right?" I breathed.

"Who . . . Rachel?" Amanda scoffed, "She's just a pathetic Arts Club geek. No one will believe her if she does fess up."

I nodded. "Okay. . ."

I hope she wouldn't.

But this is Junior High - what could possibly happen?



PART TWO: The Accelerated Velocity Of Terminological Inexactitude, My Scandalous Choices, And A Tormented Gentlegay's Agreement

Phones were ringing. Lips were whispering. Ears were listening. Eyes were glaring. And I had the feeling that the rumor mill was churning.

I was passing along the hallways, with Amanda at my side, when I noticed these peculiar scenes. I felt weird. Suddenly, people are looking at us. No, scratch that, they were glaring at us. And once we get to pass them, they start chatting and laughing and horsing-around again like nothing happened. Weird.

Remember what I told you that if Google Earth were a guy, it couldn't find me if I was dressed up as a 20-storey building? Well, NOW it could spot me even if I was a tiny crack covered by a trash can on the sidewalk!

I walked along. It was the same scenario in the cafeteria.

"Am I dreaming or is everyone staring at you?" I asked Amy.

"Nuh-uh, brother, sister, er whatever . . . they're definitely looking at you!" she confirmed.

"That's crazy! Why would they be looking at me?" I asked, "Am I wearing something funny?"

She shook her head, "I don't think it has something to do with your hopeless fashion sense, B . . . Look!"

She pointed at something behind me. And I saw what she meant.

Robert (Bob) and Richard (Rick) Ashton, twins, and two of the school's top jocks, were standing on top of their table. Bob went behind Rick and begun humping his backside. Rick then went on all fours and Bob humped him again. And to complete the image, the both of them were moaning and shouting obscenities at each other.

I wasn't dumb enough to not get the meaning.

I was outed! And every-fucking-body knows it. SHIT!

Fuck you, Rachel Smith, you bitch!!!

"Come on, B. We should just leave." Amy hastily grabbed my arm and pulled me out of hell.

FUCK! I didn't mean for the entire school to know that lie! It was a fucking lie!

FUCK! How could this happen to me? At this rate, the whole town and some of its adjacent counties would know the lie by the end of the day.

And damn, did my velocity of terminological inexactitude accelerate!


"What, are you crazy? I'm not going back there!"

"Come on, B. Don't be stupid!" She exclaimed. "Just ignore them! They're nothing!"

"I can't just ignore them, Amy! Everywhere I look at, I see someone humping, I hear whispered conversations about how I would go to hell, about how fucking pathetic my 'species' was, about how everyone should avoid me to prevent infection - as if being gay is a fucking disease or something!" I shouted over the phone, "I should never have told you that fucking lie, Amanda! Fuck!"

"Wait . . . what? That was all just a lie?" She exclaimed, "Everything that Rachel Smith heard was all just a lie?!"

"Yes." I answered, "Well . . . most of it, anyways."

"Which part? The part where you admitted that you're gay, or the part where you went out with Mr. Senior Wrestler-slash-Football player and ended up with him fucking you in the ass?" she demanded.

"The latter." I breathed.


"Amy? You still there?"

"Fuck, B. . ." she sighed, "What have I done? This is all my fault!"

"No, Amy, if anything, it's not your fault. Don't be pathetic!" I answered.

"Of course, it is!" She insisted, "If I didn't pressure you to . . . to have . . . sex with me, then you wouldn't have made that lie, and . . . and Rachel wouldn't have heard and yapped it to the whole Student Body. . ."

"It's not just the Student Body, though." I whispered, "I heard some of the teachers 'talking' about me when I passed by the faculty the other day."

"See! This is all my fault."

"No, Amy! None of this is your fault. I was the one who made that story. I am the one responsible for this."

We both sighed at the same time.

"Listen, Amy, I'm going to hang up now. Okay?"

"Okay. But please go back to school. Now that it's out . . . well . . . are you planning on hiding forever?"

I just sighed and ended the call.

Dear God, what am I supposed to do now?


I decided to go to school the next Monday. Amy was right. I just have to ignore them. And I know that it would just be another day in hell, but, what the fuck! School has always been hell for me. Even before everybody knew I was gay.

As I walked along the hallway, the sense of being a "no one" was gone. I can feel numerous pairs of eyes following me. I was fucking visible now! Everyone was looking at me. And when before, I had to bump through the crowd to get to classes or to my locker, right now, they would part like the fucking Red Sea if I walked their way.

Hmmm . . . I really didn't mean for the lie to put me on the map . . . but I gotta admit, I kind of liked being on the map. I could get used to this!

As I turned the corner, I heard someone yell at me.

"Hey, B! I've got a 'juicy' surprise for you!" Bob wrapped a massive arm over my shoulders. "Wanna suck my cock?"

I was appalled by his bluntness. God! Where did this guy come from?

"Yeah, B! I know you want our identical cocks!" Rick added another arm. "Whaddya say, baby?"

Everyone was looking at us. Fuck! What should I do now? I can still run and find a vacant room and lock myself in till Bob and Rick would leave. I considered the idea. But, what then? Am I just gonna hide for the rest of the year?

Then I remembered Amy's words. She told me that I shouldn't run. I shouldn't hide. Not anymore!

The sense of power that I felt that time totally boosted my confidence up. But, weeks, or even days ago, I never would've believed what I did next.

I turned to the hunks, gave them a cute, little smile, and I traced my fingers across Bob's jaw line, "You know, Bobby . . . you and Ricky have been the subject of many of my jack-off fantasies, lately." My fingers went to his neck and to the ridge between his pecs. "I admit - you're both tall, handsome, muscled, and I hear you've got more than wonderful equipments down there. And I love tall, handsome, muscular studs with big, substantial tools - if you know what I mean." I traced Rick's neck in my other hand and whispered to him, lightly tracing my lips along his ear, "So," my hands were trailing their navels, "Do you really want me to do you both?" They both nodded foolishly, "Well . . . I need to be pleased by you first. Now, I wonder how you could do that." I coyly said as I brushed the tent forming in their jeans, "Ohhh . . . But you know what?" They looked at me, "Right now, you're really pissing me off. So . . ." I shrugged their arms off and gave them the finger - each - and walked off.

They identically laughed.

"You know, you wouldn't be able to hold off your lust for long, B!" Bob shouted as he stroked his cock. I can clearly see the outline of their cocks behind the fabric of their jeans. FUCK!

"You're gonna want to drain these motherfuckers soon, B!" Rick added, "Mark our words!"

"Yeah, right" I shouted back. And then I sighed, "Yeah, right."


I was at home listening to Grandma's card when my phone beeped.

Ooooh! A text message! I wonder who it's from.

'Hi B. I know what u did with that Senior. I want u to do it 4 me too. Call me if ur interested.'

The message bravely stated. What the fuck! Who does he think he is?

I replied, 'Fuck urself u fucking perv!'

This was his response, 'I'll pay u f u want. I just rily nid to clear my name. And f i wud get to fuck u, no one wud call me gay anymore'

WHAT THE FUCK! The only gay guy I know, or so what the rumor mill says, was this guy from 7th Grade named Jeffrey Burk.

'Jeffrey?' I took my chances.

'Yeah. This is me. Please B. We dont hav 2 do anythin' he texted.

This piqued my interest, 'What do u min?'

'Let's NOT . . . but say we DID. Get me?'

'Oh.' I give it to him, that's a very clever plan, 'But y do u hav 2 use me? Y don't u just say u did it wit imaginary this or imaginary that?'

I waited for a reply. But instead I got a phone call.


"Hey, B." a nervous reply, "It's me."

"Jeffrey, what the fuck, man!" I spat.

"B, please . . . Even if I say I did it with this certain girl, who would fucking believe me?"


"Please, B. You don't understand how hard it is, all right? I'm . . . tormented. And every day at school is like I'm being suffocated." I can imagine the tears threatening to fall as I hear his pleading, "Oh, sure, we can sit and fantasize all we want about how things are gonna be different one day . . . but this? This is today! This is today and it sucks! So, please just help me."

He sniffed.

"Because I can't take another day of this," he whimpered, "I don't know what I'll do."

I took a deep breath as I processed his words. Poor little guy. Must be so hard for him. Oh, shit! I hope I'm not gonna regret this!

"Fine. . . what do you have in mind?" I can't believe how fast I agreed. FUCK! What I getting myself into?

"So, you're okay with this?"

I sighed. "Well . . . yeah. I guess. I think so. I mean, the whole school now basically knows that I got fucked by a guy last weekend . . . this shouldn't come as much as a shock to them."

"Great!" he practically shouted, "Oh, my God! Thank you so much for this, B. I owe you."

"Yeah, alright. But . . . how do we convince them? I can't just spread the news that you fucked me like a . . . like a stallion and expect them to believe. We need to do something . . . dramatic . . . something realistic. . ."

We thought for a moment. Then I heard him take in a sudden breath.

"I have an idea!" he exclaimed, "The Ashton twins are having their 15th birthday party tomorrow. You want something dramatic, right?" he paused, "You and I both know that we're not invited, so we'll have to crash it! How's that for dramatic?"

"Yeah, but. . ."

"And once we get there . . . we'll use one of their rooms. And, once inside, we'll do the deed!" he finished excitedly.

I huffed. Plain and simple. But still - Genius!

"Hmmm . . . I think it could work."

"I know it will work!" he added.

"But we're NOT doing anything, alright? We're just going to say we did but we're not doing anything. Are we clear on that?"


And we ended the conversation.


As the door swung open, our act started. We walked confidently through the crowd and scanned for Rick and Bob. Once spotted, we grabbed them forcefully and pushed them into a corner.

An 'admitted' gay dude and an 'assumed' gay dude cornering a couple of hunks, twin hunks, matter of fact - I think we were making quite the scene. Which is what we were aiming for! The more the audience, the better!

"What the fuck, B!" Rick yelled at me.

"Let go, Homo! What do you want?" Bob yelled to Jeffrey.

"Shut up, Birthday Boys." I said loudly, then whispered, "So, Bob . . . Jeffrey here was just telling me this really funny story . . . but he got cut off by the noise as we got in . . . so, we need somewhere . . . private . . . so he can finish sharing his . . . story. If you know what I mean." and I gave him a sexy wink. [Well, I hope it was sexy enough.]

The twin's eyes were wide with shock and their mouths were gaping. [Yeah, I guess it was sexy enough.]

"You can join our . . . storytelling, if you want." I added for effect, looking at Bob then Rick simultaneously.

Rick cleared his throat, "Um . . . ah . . . you can . . . you can use our room." he stuttered.

"Perfect!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Upstairs. First door to the right," Bob added. "And please, please keep your . . . storytelling down. My folks are at the back by the pool. So, please keep it down."

"I don't know if B and I can 'keep it down', Bob." Jeff and I laughed. The twins were still quite shocked. Hmmm . . . I thought jocks were used to these kinds of things.

The people who saw - or heard - the scene just gaped at us as we made our way to the stairs and up to the twin's room . . . hastily.

Once inside their room, we locked the door, blocked the keyhole, and closed all the blinds. We then jumped onto one of the double beds. [The one closer to the door.]

I heard footsteps rumbling on the stairs. They stopped just outside our door. HA! Perfect!

"Let's do it?" I asked as I took my jacket off.

He nodded. "Yeah! Let's do this!"

"Game on! Let's give these fuckers something they'll never forget!" I told him.

And so we started.

"Now. . . I want you to groan."

He tried groaning - but he came out whining like an injured donkey.

"Groan, idiot, not whine!" I laughed at him. "Groan. Moan. You know, like sex noises! Make it sound hot!"

He tried again. Unsuccessful.

"Groan, Jeffrey, GROAN!" I slammed my hand onto his temple.

"AWWWW!" Perfect! That did the trick! He now groaned like he was being serviced.

For the listeners, I was now sucking his cock.

"Oh, Jeffrey! That thing is so big!" I heard audible gasps coming from our audience.

He looked confused.

"Go along with it, doofus! We're having sex, remember?!" I hissed.


And so we went back to work.

"Ohhhhhh. . . yeah! Suck my fucking dick, you cocksucker!" he groaned. "Take it all in, you bitch! YEAH! Oh, God! You're good!"

"Awww. . . Your cock tastes so good, Jeffrey! So hard and so fucking big! Oh, I can't wait for you to ride me, stud!" I made slurping noises for effect.

"We don't have to wait, B! I want to fuck you right now!" he growled, "Go on, bitch! Bend over that bed!"

We moaned then made slapping noises.

"Oh, stud! Take it easy! OHHHH. . . SLOWLY! OHHH GOD! You're BIG!"

"OH, SHIT! YOU'RE TIGHT! You like having your tight pussy fucked, B?" he shouted. We started bouncing up and down the bed. This caused the bed to creak and the headboard to slam rhythmically on the wall. Along with our moans, groans, and slapping noises - I know we were making great audio.

We did this for a few more minutes.



"Oh, God! YEAH, Jeffrey! FUCK ME, JEFFREY! Ohhhh . . . Those girls don't fucking know what they're fucking missing! OHHH! YOU'RE . . . UNGH . . . DEFINITELY . . . AWHH . . . NOT GAY!" I punched his guts, which caused him to groan even louder.

We both screamed "OHHHHHHHHH!" and there, ladies and gentlemen, goes our imaginary climax! "Ohhh, God! OHHHH. . ."

I ruffled Jeffrey's hair so he'd look like he really had wild sex. Then, we took heavy breaths and feigned our recuperation before opening the door.

Needless to say, Jeffrey got out of the room, greeted and congratulated by all the guys and looked upon differently by all the girls.

He's a stud now!

I, on the other hand, got out with everyone giving me nasty and disgusted looks. In their eyes, I was a harlot. A prostitute. A floozy. I was officially a fucking homo-slut!

I got out of the Ashtons' house before I died of shame.


PART THREE: How I Went From An Assumed Homo-Slut To An Actual Home-Wrecker

My life is a total mess. It's been two weeks since the party. And whenever I pass by the halls, someone would call me faggot - or cocksucker - or the usual shit that people say to people like me. Weeks ago they would just mutter it under their breaths. But now, they're shouting it for the world to know. And I hated myself for letting that happen!

Ever since Jeffrey Burk "accidentally" informed Evan Lenoby about what I did for him, and ever since Evan Lenoby "unintentionally" let slip what I was doing, and so on, guys have been coming to me for help - guys ranging from slightly ugly to ultimately deformed! Some were gay, some were straight. But all of them asking for the same favor: for me to tell everyone how fantastic they are in bed and how every girl should go and get fucked by them. And in return, they pay me in kind.

And, GOD, they tell me it fucking works! After having my imaginary bonk with those guys, they've been banging girls left and right! [Well, at least the straight ones.]

What the fuck! I felt like I was a fucking lucky charm for ugly, unfortunate guys or something!

For every imaginary bonk, I'd get Gift cards, Discount coupons, and sometimes a guy would even offer check and or cash. This made me feel good at first. Because of my "services", I could buy the things that I've always wanted and they got their reputations upheld.

But as the number of my customers increased, so does the pity and disgust that I felt for myself. Even though we were not really doing anything, I felt dirty and unclean. My day always ends with the same outcome - the guys who would 'fuck' me would become the "STUDS" that I claim them to be and I slowly but surely become more of the "SLUT" that I made myself into in the first place.

I felt down. Hopeless. My life was nothing but endless shame and humiliation. I've never felt so angry at myself.

Until . . . he bumped onto me.

"Oh, shit! Sorry, B. I didn't see you coming."

"Oh, it's you." I gasped, getting nervous. "How's it hanging, Anthony? No pun intended." I sexily added.

"Oh . . . Just, you know, I'm good. Hanging." And he chuckled. Fuck! He's such a fucking sexy stud!

"That's . . . well . . . that's good!" I stammered.

"Oh, listen. Since you're here, I would like to ask if you are free tonight?" he said, looking at me.

"Uh . . . why?" Butterflies in my stomach!

"Um . . . nothing . . . it's just . . . I was thinking of eating out tonight, but I can't find anyone free to come and eat with me."

"Oh . . . Really? A guy like you? Can't find a date?" I joked.

He chuckled, "Yeah, I guess I'm losing the touch."

"Then, why are you suddenly asking me?" I asked.

"Why not?" he chided as he gave me a lopsided grin.

FUCK! There goes the reason why I like him so much!

"Aren't you afraid of me?" I tentatively asked and I started walking.

"Huh? Afraid? Why would I be afraid of you?" he said as he strode beside me.

"Don't play dumb, Anthony. Or haven't you heard? I'm the school's new slut! Aren't you afraid of what I might do to your poor, innocent, defenseless body?" I teased.

"Hmmm . . . I don't think I'm that defenseless." he said, pertaining to the muscles that made him the jock that he was. "And what are you planning with my body, anyway?" he joked.

"Oh, I don't know. I might spike your drink, take you home and take advantage of your helpless form."

He just laughed.

"It's a date, then. 5 o'clock. Flag pole. I'll wait. See you." And he left without giving me the chance to respond.

I was gaping with shock. He's giving me the chance to choose. But it was quite an easy one! Have I ever told you that Anthony Corsino has been my fucking crush since third grade? So, come hell or high water, I am meeting that stud at the flagpole, 5 o'clock sharp!


So, that night Anthony took me to a restaurant. It was my very first date. And it was also the very first time that a guy invited me out.

Anthony was really a nice guy. He was really fun to be with. Not like those other jocks that he hangs out with. He's sweet, hilarious, and a really cute gentleman.

I think I was starting to fall in lust!

"So, B . . . It's still quite early. Do you wanna come to my place?" he suggested as we got out of the restaurant, "Um . . . we can play cards or something. I'm sure we can come up with something . . . fun."

I saw the glint in his eyes and I suddenly felt weak in the knees. But I managed to answer.

"Yeah, sure."

We arrived with their house empty. Wow! My loins were heating up like mad! FUCK! None of the guys that I have 'been' with, ugly or not, made me feel like this!

"I had fun tonight, B. Thank you for going out with me." he said as he sat beside me on his bed.

"I had fun, too, Anthony. Truth is, that was my very first time on a date. A real date. With a guy, at that." I smiled at him, "Thank you so much, Anthony. That was really sweet."

"Really?" he looked surprised, "Well . . . I'm glad I'm your first date, then."

"Well, consider yourself honored!" I joked. And he slightly punched one of my pecs - or man-boobs - or my ribcage - or whatever.

"But, seriously, Anthony. I really am very thankful." I held his hand. "I didn't think there'd still be people like you out there. You're really a great guy."

He squeezed my hand.

I smiled at him. This is my chance now. Six years of suppressed lust and admiration. It's now or never!

"Anthony? There's something that I want to try." I slowly spoke.

"Oh . . . what?" He nervously replied.

"I want you to . . . lay back . . . and I'll show you." I stammered.

He chuckled. I think he now has a very vague idea on what I was about to do. But he complied. And I stifled a gasp as soon as he completely laid down on the bed. It caused his bulge to tent. FUCK!

With shaking hands, I caressed the bulge in his pants. "Oh, fuck! What are you going to do?" he hoarsely asked.

"I think you already know that, Anthony." I whispered as I gazed at his handsome face.

I popped the buttons from his pants and realized he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Fuck!" I gasped as I released his throbbing manhood.

His is the very first cock that I have ever seen. And it looked so beautiful I wanted to look at it forever.

Fuck! What am I doing?

I gingerly took his cock in my hand and slowly jacked him off. I couldn't cover his girth with my fingers! He was thick!

"Shit, B, that feels so good!" he whimpered, "Yes! Jerk me off! OHHH!"

He was moaning like crazy and it made me so hot that I was able to give him so much pleasure just by that simple act.

I wanted to pleasure him more!

So, I slowly lowered my head and I engulfed his leaking cockhead in my mouth.

"Oh, shit!" he practically screamed. Thank God, the house was empty. "Oh, yeah! OHHH. . . Suck me, B! Suck my fat, juicy cock! OHHH! That feels so good. Your mouth feels so good. . ."

"Mmmm - mmmm. . ." I tried to say that I love sucking his fat, juicy babymaker, but he was filling my mouth with his incredible meat. I struggled with my pants and my underwear. But I eventually lost them. I was now half-naked - my cock pointing towards the ceiling as I lowered and eased up my mouth on Anthony's gargantuan cock. Because of his size, I can only take two-thirds of his masculinity.

I gobbled his cock like my life depended on it. I sucked him for over half an hour before he started squirming like shit!

"OH, SHIIIIIIIIT! OHHHH! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" he shouted, then he grabbed my head and begun face-fucking me hard. His forceful ministrations enabled his cock to plunge into my then virgin throat. I felt his cock enter and leave my throat mercilessly and a dozen more brutal strokes he came in my mouth, flooding my esophagus with thick, warm, salty cum.

"Mmmm!!!" I moaned with excitement. Torrents and torrents of his fresh, warm, boy-cum is now splashing all around my mouth and all the way into my throat. He was cumming so hard, and so fast, and so much, that most of it was leaking out of my hungry mouth. Fuck! I've got Anthony Corsino's sperms in my stomach! It made me so fucking proud of myself.

"Oh, shit, B!" he gasped as he slumped back down into his bed, his muscular torso gleaming with sweat from the exertion. "Oh, God! I've never had anyone take me all before! Not even the best from the girls couldn't take it! DAMN! I now know why those guys keep coming at you!"

I felt a twinge in my chest.

"Uhmm . . . Anthony?"


"You're my first."

He stared at me, disbelief crossing his godlike features.


"You're the very first guy that I've done this with." I meekly answered. "You're my very first sexual encounter."


I just slowly nodded.

"Oh, God!" he said, "So, all of those 'Let Evans Lenoby fuck you coz he's a tiger in bed' ads that you've been spreading are just . . . lies? Acts?"

I nodded again. I was feeling ashamed of myself now. "I'm so sorry, Anthony."

"Why are you saying sorry, B? Fuck!" he covered his face with his arm. "I never would've known!"

"Huh? Known what?"

"That you're a fucking virgin!" he said, and then he removed his arm and looked at me, "Fuck! That was the best blowjob that I've ever had, B! And I haven't even started fucking that virgin ass of yours yet!"

That brought me to my senses.


"I'm going to fuck you tonight, B. If you're still a virgin then I'm going to take that cherry of yours. You're gay! And you need to be fucked - for real this time! By real men!" he plainly stated as he gave me a devilish smile.

The idea of being fucked by Anthony hasn't even registered in my brain yet, but what he said after that made my skin ripple with fear . . . and anticipation.

"Right, boys?"

Boys? What does he mean by boys? And then it registered. He said I was gonna get fucked for real this time - by REAL MEN! Oh God!

"Anthony . . . I don't think I'm ready to be fucked, yet. Man, please . . . don't."

And then at that moment, two menacing laughs echoed around the walls of Anthony's bedroom.

"Oh, I think you're ready enough, B!" Bob stepped out of the closet.

"You're just not ready to admit it to yourself." Rick added as he sauntered out of the bathroom.


"Hello, B." they identically greeted, both of their cocks pointing menacingly at my naked body.

"FUCK!" I gasped at their display.

"That's right, B! That's what we're gonna do for the rest of the night!" Anthony exclaimed.


They fucked me, alright! They fucked my virginity out of me.

I want to say that they forced me into it, but they know that I wasn't fighting it too much. They knew that I liked it. That I needed it. And they used that curiosity to accomplish their goal. To fuck me for real - and by real men!

Anthony had an eight-inch gargantuan cock and the twins had seven-and-a-half-inchers each! So, I guess I had over twenty-three inches of fifteen-year old cocks brutally pounding my ass till way past midnight!

They were insatiable. And they had me screaming and yelling in so many different ways the words "Oh, God", "Harder", and "Faster" that I thought I was losing my mind!

They raped me bent in half. They fucked me doggy-style. They hammered me sideways. They pounded me as I supported myself on the headboard. They pummeled me as I hung onto their muscular shoulders. They ravaged my ass on the floor. They bent me over the bed and pulverized my ass from behind.

We were fucking like animals at its most primal stage!

But here's what I really think highlighted the night.

Anthony had Bob lie on the floor, and he let me lower myself onto Bob's long, veiny schlong. As I settled my ass onto Bob's crotch, Anthony instructed Rick to slide his cock alongside his twin. I then realized what he was planning. And I started to get worried. He wants the twins to double-fuck me!

"Anthony, I can't – Umph . . ." he shoved his eight-inched poker into my throat, right down to the hilt, and held my head in a very tight grip, stopping me from my protests. I could feel Rick's blunt cockhead probing for my well-used yet still pretty tight pussy. Oh God!

"UNNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" I screamed onto Anthony's cock as Rick finally managed to shove the head and a couple of inches of his absurdly thick shaft along with his brother's identical equipment.


"Oh, God Rick, this feels really great! OHHHH, I can feel you move against me, Bro!"

"YEAH, Bob! I feel you, too! Fuck this is so hot, brother! OHH, GOD!" Rick moaned, "Yeah, slide that hard slimy cock against mine!"

They were now moving in synchronized harmony; one cock was roughly plunging into the depths of my rectum, while the other one was brutally pulling my guts out. Both cocks made me scream and moan harder around Anthony's absurdly thick dick as he continued his attempts to choke me with his own massive cock.

Shit! I never would've imagined myself in this situation! It was too fucking good to hope for. . . But now, it's actually happening. A gorgeous stud and two, identical cuties were actually pounding my holes with their hard, insatiable cocks.

And I loved it!



What happened next were the darkest days of my life.

[Everything was moving so fast - too fast - that I couldn't keep track of what was happening around me. So, I apologize in advance if this account is not as detailed as I want it to be. But here is what happened next...]

I didn't know that Anthony, Bob and Rick had set up video cameras inside Anthony's room. So, the next day and the couple of days after, everyone finally had the chance to see me in action. Hardcore action! And not to mention, the whole world probably knows it now, too! The fucking bastards posted it on the Internet!

The Principal was enraged! Anthony and the twins got expelled for their actions. But at least their reputations were quite intact. They were still STUDS. They could live with this . . . issue. I bet they'd even laugh about it when they're older.

But me . . . not only was I expelled, I was also humiliated. Degraded. My reputation was tarnished. Destroyed. My mom was shattered. Broken. My dad was angry. Infuriated. My life was over. Done.

The sex footage and its numerous copies were destroyed, thankfully. But, then, I didn't care. The damage was already done.

It was then that my dad decided that we transfer. He called a few people from California and asked them to take care of the place where we would be staying. I don't fully remember how my dad - my 'farmer' of a dad - could have people on the phone just waiting for his instructions. But my mind was hazy during those days. I never speak. I hardly sleep. I barely eat. I was slowly killing myself. I can't face my parents. I can't even look at their feet. I was deeply ashamed of my actions. And I kept my distance.

We, my mom and me, took a plane to California the week after the incident. My dad, on the other hand, went to New York to settle a few 'things'. I didn't ask what. I didn't ask why. I just didn't care. I just wanted to get out of Texas. I just wanted to get away from the past.

After a few weeks of scolding and lecturing, my mom finally convinced me to start a new life. It was hard, yes, but it was better than living a life of shame and humiliation. It was better than facing monsters from the past. It was better than not living at all.

I ate a lot after our arrival in California. I slept most of summer. I didn't do anything besides play on my computer. I vegetated. I wanted to deface myself. I wanted to change my form in the most negative sort of way. I allowed myself to fatten. Besides getting taller, I got considerably wider and chubbier.

I know that it was ineffectual, but, again, I didn't care. I did all this to create an illusion. An illusion that would mask the truth that, once, I was a skinny boy; A boy who was trampled on. A boy who was ruined. A boy who was totally messed up.

I made an avatar - a mascot of some sort. So, that once people would see me, they would not see a small, geeky, nerdy guy that reeks of cowardice and self-consciousness, but they would see a towering, intimidating, hulk of a guy that comes with trouble, and thus, should be ignored and disregarded. I did this so they would not dare mess with me. I made this shell to protect myself, to guard me from the things that might hurt me, to shield me from the pain and the hurt and the suffering that this fucking thing called 'life' brings.

All I wanted was to start a new life. And Irvine High School certainly gave me that chance.

And on the very first day of school, I was eating inside my English class, minding my own business, when this crappy, old creature that they called 'teacher' sent me out to finish my food.

Fucker! I don't understand why I can't just finish eating inside the room where there are chairs to comfortably sit on.

As I opened the door to let myself out, this cute little guy bumps onto me and - BAM! - the hamburger, the fries, and the orange juice - that were supposed to go to my guts - were splattered all over my white shirt.

BUT I only promised you one story . . . and that one's a completely different one.

Well . . . I guess this is goodbye now. I hope you learned something from my story, tragic as it may have been.

Always and forever,





Nerdy Jock

[email protected]


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