"Hey, Jake," I said to my co-worker and ocassional sex partner, "you know any good realtors?"

"Why? You looking for a new place?"

"Thinking of it. I'd like a place with more privacy. With everyone so close together at the townhouses, it's hard to have company and not arouse suspicion."

"Well, there is Cody Burns. He claims to sell more houses than anyone else. Besides, he's hot as hell. I'd sure take him to bed."

As Jake talked, I began to think back a couple years and remember how things started between Jake and I.

We are both lawyers and work for a large law firm handling numerous large accounts. The personnel had recently hired a new kid for the mail room. Billy was eighteen and had led a rough life the last few years.

At fifteen, his parents had been killed in an auto accident and with no other family, he was placed in a foster home. By the time he was eighteen he had been in four different homes, not because of his misbehaving but because of brutal assaults from his foster parents. Then when he turned eighteen, he was removed from the program and put out on his own.

The mail room had a small room connected to it where a former tenant of the building let the security guard live. It had a sleeping area, living area, small kitchenette and bathroom.

From our understanding, when Billy was interviewed, he told the personnel director about him attending night school and working during the day. He asked if there was a place close by that was cheap for him to move into.

The director went to the president and requested permission to let Billy live in the room . The president is a kind hearted man and gave his approval.

Billy was perfect at his job and liked by all. If you were expecting some urgent mail and told him about it, when it arrived he would make a special trip to your office to being it to you.

He worked hard during the day and went to night classes at the local college at night.

I wasexpecting some urgent mail from a client and went down to the mail room late one afternoon after I finished up for the day.

As I entered the mail room, I could hear sounds coming from his room. They were sounds I had heard before. They were moans of sexual pleasure.

I eased over to the doot between the mail room and his room and peeked in. I was caught off guard at what I saw. He ws sitting on a loveseat, his pants around his ankles and stroking his hard cock as he watched a gay video on his laptop.Two hot muscular hairy men were kissing then sucking each others cocks.

Billy paused his stroking and brought his fingers to his mouth, licking off the clear precum that coated them. I eased back to the door to the mail room and quietly locked it then returned to Billy's room. After unzipping my pants and extracting my balls and rock hard cock, I stepped in and asked calmly, "Mind if I join you?"

He jumped and tried to cover himself and the laptop screen.

"Hey, relax. It's cool. I love watching them also."

I could tell he was still scared and said, "Relax, Billy, this will be our secret. I have no plans on telling anyone what I saw."

I moved over closer to him and dropped my pants and briefs to the floor and sat next to him before starting to stroke my cock. As we watched the movie, I noticed him looking over at my hard leaking cock. I pinched off a larg drop of precum and brought it to my mouth. As I sucked it clean, he smiled.

"No need waisting it," I said.

"I agree," he said with a smile.

Looking over t his cock I said, "Very nice."

"Thanks," he replied. "Your's looks pretty good also."

I decided to go for broke and reached over and began stroking his cock for him. He moaned softly and seconds later he reached for mine. As we began stroking each other, we looked into each others eyes. Slowly, our faces moved closer to each other, and soon our lips met and a hot tongue kiss began.

Befoire long, we were undressing each other and as soon as we were naked we began a hot sixty-nine, bringing each other to a roaring climax before swalowing each others huge thick load.

As we dressed, Billy ask, "Can yu come back tomorrow?"

"Sure, why?"

"I want to feel your cock up my ass."

"Only if I get to feel yours up mine."

"You got a deal," he said with a smile.

Hw walked me tot he door and we kissed again before unlocking it. I couldn't believe what had just happened, because Billy worked out and was very muscular and masculine.

We had sex two to three times a week aftrer work and on weekends he would sometimes come to my place.

Then several months later, we had forgotten to lock the door and were in a hot sixty nine, not in his room but on the counter in the mail room when Jake suddenly walked in.

"HOLY FUCK!!" Jake exclaimed.

Jake and I scrambled off the counter, quickly grabbing clothes to cover ourselves.

"Jake, please don't say anything. Neither oone of us can afford to loose our job. I'll do anything you want if you keep quiet."

"Anything?" he asked.

"Yea, anything," I replied.

He reached for his fly and began unzipping his pants. I'm not into guys but I do love a good blow job. If you two service me whenever I need it, I'll keep my mouth shut."

By now his pants were down to his knees and his hard cock sticking out in front of him.

"You two finish what you were doing then you can share my cock," he said.

We did and soon were on out knees in front of Jake taking turns on his cock and balls. He soon feed us a huge load which we shared in a hot kiss.

We serviced Jake several times a week and he kept his word. We remained friends and one Saturday I called and invited him to dinner.

He accepted and said, "Why don't you invite Billy also."

"Sure," I said. I called Billy and he also accepted.

Billy arrived first an minutes late Jake arrived. We visited and soon ate dinner. Afterwards, as we sat and visited, Jake looked at us and said, "Why don't we all get comfortable?"

Billy and I looked at each other then at Jake. He stood and started removing his shirt. Billy and I followed and soon we were all three totally naked and on the floor together.

Jake motioned me over to suck his cock and a couple of moments after I began, he motioned Billy over and they began kissing. I was shocked and wondered what was going on. I continued sucking Jake's hard cock and noticed that they stopped kissing and watched in awe as Jake began sucking Billy's cock. Moments later Jake erupted in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed and looked at Billy. I could tell he was close and he began humping Jakes mouth as his cock filled Jake's mouth with his load.

To our surprise, Jake swallowed and when he pulled off he turned to me and began sucking my cock. I quickly reached my climax and fed him my load. Again, he swallowed and as he pulled off, I asked, "What the fuck brought all that on?"

He admitted that after we started sucking him he became curious. Billy asked him what he thought of it.

"Exciting. A real turn on. I can see why you enjoy it. Even the taste is good."

"Well, have we converted you or was it a one time thing?"

Looking at me he said, "I think you have probably converted me, but I'm sure I need more practice, so we need to get together more often."

"Anytime," I said.

Before the evening ended Jake had sucked eachof us again. After he left I invited Billy to spend the night and of course he accepted.

WE began meeting at my plae mid week and on weekends. Jake got more and more into it and finally wanted to get fucked. I let Billy take his cherry and it was awesome to watch. Later I had the pleasure of fucking him and adding my load to Billy's.

We assured Jake that the more he got fucked the less it would hurt.

Over the course of the next few months we sucked and fucked each other regularly and Jake finally admitted that he preferred men to women and was gay.

"Hello? You there?"

I came back to reality and said, "Yea sorry. My mind wandered for a moment."

"It must have been good from the obvious bulge in your pants. Want me to take care of it?"

"Sure," I said before following him into his office and closing the door.

I called Cody Burns and set up an appointment to meet at his office Saturday morning. When I arrived he was wearing an open collar polo shirt revealing a hairy chest and snug sport slacks revealing what appeared to be a nice bulge in his crotch.

I knew I had to find some way to get him in my bed.




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