I guided Cody to my bedroom where I turned to face him and said, "We'll start slow."

With that statement, I moved closer to him and as I began to slowly undress him, I leaned forward and gently pressed my lips to his. He didn't pull back so as I continued to unbutton his shirt, I began easing my tongue between his lips.

A second later he parted his lips and we began a slow deep throat tongue kiss. He seemed to really be getting into it by the time I removed his shirt.

I moved to his shorts and unbuckled and unzipped them, letting them fall to the floor as we continued to kiss. His briefs, however, got hooked on his rock hard cock as it protruded straight out. Soon they were on the floor also.

Without me telling him anything, he picked up on the action and began undressing me. Soon, I was totally nude also and guided him to the bed.

We lay down and began another hot tongue kiss as hour hands explored each others body. After a few minutes, I began working my way down his body with my tongue. As I did, he moaned softly. I caressed and sucked each nipple slowly and gently. Then I moved lower soon reaching his cock and balls and as I licked of the large clear drop of precum from his cock tip he gasped loudly.

I moved on to his balls and gently sucked one then the other into my mouth and caressed each with my tongue.

Now it was time for the 'main event'.

I moved back up and after lifting his cock from his stomach, I slowly swallowed all eight inches until I had my nose buried in his thick dark bush.

"MOTHER FUCK!!!" he exclaimed loudly.

I began sucking his beautiful delicious tool and before long I was being fed a huge sweet thick load of his cum as he said "Oh shit!" over and over.

I moved back up next to him and began kissing him again, letting him get a taste of his own cum that I hadn't swallowed.

After the kiss, he began doing the same thing to me as I had done to him, even licking off the drops of precum. He sucked my balls for a while then returned to my cock.

After taking a deep breath, he began taking my cock into his mouth. He began sucking my cock and ever so slowly he took more and more into his mouth until he buried his nose in my bush.

"Fuck, yea," I said softly. "That's the way."

He continued sucking my hard cock and soon brought me to a raging climax. As my cock exploded, sending the first huge stream into his virgin mouth, I screamed out in pleasure, "Fuck, yea. Eat it, eat it all."

And eat it all he did before coming back up to me and kissing me.

After the kiss, I asked "Well?"

He looked at me for a moment then said, "Getting sucked was awesome. I honestly think it was better that fucking a tight cunt. As fr the sucking it was definitely different but erotic. I admit that I did like the taste. Will I do it again, I don't know, but probably."

We kissed and cuddled for a while then began fondling each other. Soon we were both hard.

Then, without warning, Cody dove for my cock and again swallowed it and began sucking me. After a moment I stopped him and flipped around into a sixty-nine. Soon we were eagerly feeding each other our loads.

For the next several meetings, we sucked and kissed for hours. Then, I couldn't hold out any longer. After looking at houses until mid afternoon, we went to Cody's place. Once undressed and in bed, I looked into his face and said, "I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock up my ass."


"Hell yea."

I flipped onto my back and raised my legs. I hadn't yet introduced him to rimming so I spit onto my fingers and lubed my hole then sucked on his cock, getting it moist.

He got into position and began his insertion. Once the head was in, I grabbed his hips and pulled hard, forcing his entire cock deep into my hole. "Fuck me stud," I exclaimed.

And fuck me he did! His rhythm drove me wild and soon he filled my hole with his huge load.

After pulling out, he looked at me and said, "I guess it's only fair that I let you fuck me."

"Not at all if you don't want it. It's a personal preference."

"I'd like to at least see what it's like. You sure seemed to enjoy it."

I agreed to fuck him and retrieved my lube from my bedside table. I lubed my fingers and began working his ass with my fingers. Before long, I had my cock lubed and was ready to enter his virgin hole.

He got into position as did I and when my cock head entered his hole he yelled out, "HOLY SHIT!"

I asked if he wanted me to pull out and he said no. I let him adjust and after a while I began to slowly go deeper into his ass. After a few minutes he asked how much was left to go in.

"Baby, you've had it all for the last three or four minutes."

"Fuck me. I want to feel you shoot in me."

I did and as I fired my load up his ass he smiled and said, "Fuck yea. It feels fucking awesome."

From that day on we sucked and fucked regularly. I also introduced him to rimming and he took right to it. he soon admitted to me that he was totally into male sex and considered himself gay.

None of the houses he showed me gave me the privacy I wanted. He agreed to keep looking.

Then, one Wednesday morning he called me.

I know you're at work but a house just came on the market and it is perfect for you. It's an estate sale so it won't last long. I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes.

He did and as we drove to see the house he filled me in.

"The owner passed away about a month ago and her kids live out of town and don't want the house so it will probably go cheap. It has a formal living room and dining room as well as family room, kitchen, breakfast area, as well as four bedrooms and four and a half baths. However, the best part is that it sits on forty heavily wooded acres, so you will have plenty of privacy."

"Sounds perfect," I said.

Soon we arrived at the house and as we entered the family room, I looked through the large glass windows at a beautiful pool.

I turned to Cody and as he smiled he said, "I thought I'd surprise you."

We went through the house and it was perfect. I told him I wanted to put in a bid.

Anxiously, I waited for three weeks when Cody finally called me.

"I've got some news," he said with sorrow in his voice.

I knew I missed out on the house. "Well?" I said.

"May I list your townhouse when you move into your new home?"

"You mean I got it?"

"Yes, and there is more. They said you could keep what ever furniture you wanted."

I chose the furniture in the living room and dining room and in the three extra bedrooms plus the patio furniture.

Three weeks later, I signed the papers. I packed up and called the movers. Once they arrived and everything was unloaded, I called Jake and Billy to come out and help me unpack. They did and afterwards we all three stripped and hit the pool. I excused myself and went in to get us each a beer. I also called Cody.

I knew how Jake had the hots for Cody so with great difficulty I refrained from telling him that I had introduced Cody to male sex.

It was planned that we would all be by the pool nude when Cody arrived and joined us pool side.

Thirty minutes later, as the three of us sat by the pool boned from talking about having sex in the pool, Cody arrived and came through the house and onto the patio.

"Hello everyone," he said, with a beer in hand.

Both Jake and Billy attempted to cover themselves as Cody approached me and as I stood, began tongue kissing me.

"What the fuck?" Jake asked.

I just smiled as Cody removed his tank top and shorts. He was commando and his cock was half hard.

I had told him that Jake had the hots for him and he put our plan into action after sipping his beer. Very casually he waked over to Jake and introduced himself before quickly dropping and swallowing Jake's cock. After bringing Jake to a roaring climax, he did the same to Billy.

As Cody sucked both guys off, I told them all about how Cody and I began having sex and how he was originally a total virgin to man sex.

After Cody finished Billy, he walked back over to Jake and said, "I understand you have been wanting something I have." As he said it he waved his hard cock in Jake's face.

Jake wasted no time in swallowing Cody's cock and sucking like a wild man. Billy came to me and began sucking me as Cody and I kissed passionately.

After we climaxed, I prepared burgers on the grill. After eating, Jake looked at me and said, "I guess I'll forgive you for keeping a secret from me since I've kept one from you."

"And what would that secret be?" I asked.

"Three weeks ago I asked Billy to be my partner and he accepted. He's moved in with me."

Cody and I congratulated them and wished them well. I asked Jake if the boss knew that they lived together.

"Yes, he does. When Billy told him he was moving, he asked why and Billy told him he was moving in with me. then the old fart wished us well and admitted that he had seen Billy and I having sex a few months before. He said he hoped we would be as happy as his son and his partner are."

"Holy shit! His son is gay also?"

"It seems that way,"

All three spent the night and we had complete uninhibited sex in the den.

Every weekend the three would visit for dinner and sex.

A month later, I announced that Cody and I were now lovers. Jake and Billy were happy for us.

That was five years ago and we are all still happily committed. Every summer we vacation together.

Both couples will have sex with other singles and couples but never have one on one sex with single guys. We always have sex together.


Watch for 'MY BROTHER'S SON' coming soon



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