"Marc Rivers, I assume,"he said as I entered his office.

"That's right," I said. "You must be Cody Burns."

"At your service," he said.

'If you only knew!' I thought.

I've gone over your list of 'must haves' and 'wants' Mr. Rivers," he began, "and I have a few houses to show you."

Knowing that I wanted the home search to continue s long as possible so I could attemtp to seduce him, I immediately said, "First off, I can assure you that this might take a month or more, so I suggest we drop the formalities ad go to a first name basis. Im Marc and you're Cody."

"That sounds good to me," he repied.

"Secondly, I am very determined to get exactly what I want so don't expect me to make a selection anytime soon."

"We'll look until you find exactly what you want regardless of how lng it takes," he said. "Shal we get started?"

"Let's go."

All through our short conversation, I glanced at his cock several times and i was positive that I saw his cock twich and sligltly stiffen.

We saw several houses but each one had flaws that I couldn't accept. We decided to meet again the next Saturday morning and try again. I left his office hornier than ever.

I arrived back at home just as my phone rang. It was Jake.

When I answered, he said, "Well, how did it go?"

"That son-of-a-bitch is hotter than hell," I said then told him about how he was dressed.

"I told you he was hot. He turns me on every time I see him."

"Wel, I'm hornier than hell right now. You got any plans for tonight?"


"Care to join me?"

"Hell yea. Be there in twenty,"he said before hanging up.

I quickly showered and turned back the covers on the bed. When he arrived he quickly stripped and we had a wild night of sucking and fucking. After he left Sunday morning, I called Billy and invited him over for the day. When he arrived the sex started all over again.

The following Saturday we met again. This time I wore a pair of tight cotton jeans and went commando. I noticed him doing a once over when I walked into his office.

As we checked out the diffetent houses, I noticed he kept looking at my crotch where my cock was nicely outlined.

At the third house, as he as showing me around, he passed in front of me in the hall way and as he did his hand brushed against my cock.

Once into the next room, I glanced at his crotch and noticed his cock slowly stiffening. He noticed me looking at it, smiled slightly and turned away.

I worked my way back in front of his to see his bulge again. It was at least eight inches long if not more and slighty thicker than average.

As we left the house he suddenly said, "Marc, I'm sorry but I just remembered another appointment I hve scheduled in a few minutes. I'm afraid we have to cut it short today."

"No problem," I said. "We still have next Saturday."

"Sure, and I'll make sure we have all day."

We ended our house hunt for the day and that evening I went to a local gay bar and met a hot sexy body builder that I took home and fucked silly. After depositing two loads in his ass he begged me to fist fuck him. I couldn't believe that this huge muscular stud wanted to get fisted, but I gladly oblidged him.

On Wednesday, Jake and I ent to the mailroom after work and had a hot three way with Billy. He was now twenty-one and still as hot as ever.

The following Saturday, I arrived at Cody'soffice in another tight pair of thin cotton pants and a tank top. I saw his eyes grow larger as he looked me over. He was dressed as equally seductive as I was. I knew it was time to stop playing cat and mouse games.

Just before noon, we were looking through a nice home on aa golf course. As we stood in the great room looing out at the course, I stepped in front of Cody and as I did I moved closer to him so that my right hand rested gently against the bulge in his pants. I immediately began feeling his cock stiffen yet he made no attempt to move away.

I turned to face him and as I did I cupped my hand around his rock hard cock and said, "Very nice."

"Marc, I've never done anything like this before with another guy."

"You must have been curious about it the way you brushed against my cock last week."

"Yea, I am but after that happened last week I lost my nerve. That's why I said I had another appointment."

I figured that. No appointments today?"

"No, none."

"Well then, why don't we go to my place and let me introduce you to some fun."

"I'm game."

We arrived at my place and went in. I looked at Cody and said, "Shall we get comfortable?"






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