evrything changed from my point of view since i knew i was gay. i started avoiding people cuz i was afraid they may find out but as time passed i was confident im my self n started opening up to some of my close friends n they accepted me the way i was without any judgement. everything was normal till my junior high but as i entered high school i started falling for my english teacher, his name is David - well built,6ft tall and the best part his sparkling green eyes which kills me every single time he passby.

for the first two month i wd go school early n check him out as much as i can n in his class i wd not mis any opportunity to see his mesmerizing green eyes. i was very much happy the way i was living until one fine day. while walking back from school to my home i saw him n started following him which gave me full acess to check his butt - oh boy what a nice sculpted body he has i said to myself n followd him. he might have felt someone folowing him so he turned around n boy i was bloddy afraid and i just smiled at him n he said arent u in my class(i was screaming inside thinking that he knows me ) i said yes in a gentle way n i walked to him n introduced to him n he said good to know your name finally ??? i was stunned he wanted to know my name n i just asked u wanted to know my name ??? he said ya cuz u r the only one who sits silently in my class but evry single day i forget to check ur name.

we walked for which seemed like hours n he asked me where i was going i said just moving aroud got nothing to do so. he then said mind if i ask u something n my heart skipped a beat i tot he might hv seen me checking him out. i said ok n we walked somemore but he didnt said anything instead i asked him , where he stays ??? to which he replied not very far from here.

david was thinking someting which i never tried asking as we reached his house he said this is it tats when i asked him what was tat yu want to ask. nothing he said i said ok n moved a bit further tats when he called my name 'johnson' and i turned back and he said if you need any help with my subject fil free to ask n went inseide. i kept wondering why wd he say something like that which was funny cuz my grades were ok.

next few weeks passed n tats my 17th birthday , me n my close friends went to movies had lunch n then with the help of our fake id we went inside a pub which was gay but tats what friends hv planed so we went straight to the bar n ordered our drinks n started having good time many guys winked at me n we were passing comments on each other then i noticed someone n he waved at me. my friends were busy checking the bar n then we decided to leave. we left the bar and siad goonight to eachother n went to own ways. next day at school i was not normal i felt like i hv been kicked out of somewhere. school finished n i was walking soo fast felt like i was running. then david came from no where n said mind if i walk with you. i didnt said anything but started walking he asked me was i filing emberessed ??? i said a bit, he then said no need boy infront of me iam gay n if iam not wrong u and your friends are too rite ??? then i quickly answered not them me alone. he laughed so u are out to them ??? yes was only i can say.

i said bye n moved very fast he was pissed for sure cuz next few weeks we avoided eachother n tis was ruining my life. but i kept thinking about david every single time and tis became more then thinking i wd play with my self everyday thinking about him playing with my body and making love to me. n i became very aware tat i was in love with him , one day after scholl i waited for him n when i saw him my heart started running fast n as he neared me i said hello , he was very kind to reply n said how r u doing today. i need to talk to you if you hv time he said ok walk with me then. as we walked i said i couldnt stop thinking about u n its very hard not talking to you , he smiled n said kid tat happens you dont have to worry. i then asked would u mind me taking you out tonight to which he laughed n said ya sure definetly but my treat i said ok. so how is 7 i asked perfect he said. ok then see you tonight i said n he kissed me on my forhead n said see u later. i was blushing all the way home , never felt this happy in my life n started deciding which n what to wear.

the time passed n i got ready in my best pair of jeans n boxer brief with blue shirt n left my house saying goodnight to my parents.as i reached his house inside my car i was wondering what sd i say ??? w'out deciding i left the car knocked his door n said hope im not late to which he said nope n welcomed me inside. we went to a gay bar not veryfar n had couple of drinks n had good time knowing eachother n i found out that he is single. and tats when he said i hv been checking u out from the first day of class johnson i know im older then u but u hv my heart from the first moment i laid m eyes on you and my brain stoped working n i asked a silly question hw many years older ??? n then he laughed n said im 27 tats like 10 yrs difference i said he got disappointed n said ya i know. we drank the remaing silently none spoke a word. he paid the bill n we lft n on way back he said im sorry to say all tat but just wanted to know u tat i like u very much n i burst out in tears n said even i hv the same feling for u but i was scared. he then comforted me on his chest n said we wil take everything slow, i agreed n he kissed me tis time on my lips it felt amazing n i kissed him back n when we broke our kiss he said i hv fallen in love with u tats for sure n i blushed , we went back to his house n started drinking but with sharing evry detail about eachother he imediatly started laughing when i told him tat i like wanking thinking about him :-) we started kissing n this time it was more soft and intimate , i broke the kiss n said im badly in love with u n a tear fel my eye to which he said i love you too baby lets take it slow he said n i said i may regret later but not gonna mis this for life n i kissed him n he opend his mouth to give me acess to his tongue and we kissed deeply. i started taking his shirt off n saw a nice toned body n started kising him all over his body and he was looking at me with his sparkling eyes.

he brought me up and started kissing me n said baby i love u. he took my shirt off n started playing with my nipple and i moaned happly , he hen undresseed me and i was standing their with my 7 and half rock hard cook he then got up and kissed me more we kissed again , while kissing i unbuckled his pant and boxer reveling a almost 8inch cock. he then pulled me to his bed n laid me down , we kissed for me n he got down on body n started playing my body n kissed all over then with my balls n i was on cloud no 9 for sure and started moaning with pleasure n i felt him playing with my hole tat made me jump a bit n he asked iam sorry baby , i said its ok n he kissed me again we kissed more n i started playing with his cock which was so inviting n i went down sucking he asked me r u sure n i said yes as i licked he moaned very loudly n said yay do it like tat ahhhhhh was only i heard later i was soo much in love tat i dint sucked his cock i love it n was taking great care with my tongue and thn he scread fuck iam gonna cum - im gonna cum but i kept sucking and he erupted like a giant volcano and filled my mouth in two shots i gulped it and shot after shot he emptied his cum n i hungrly gulped all of em and sucked him dry and he said tat was blody amazing n im definately gonna be addicted , i blushed n he said my turn n started sucking me i was soo horny by then within a minute i cumed all over his mouth n we kissed and cuddled n lay their.

we talked about us and tat was very cute and lovely cuz he said us n i was filled with tears n he asked anything wrong dear i said nothing just the sound of us made me cry n he kissed my tears off n said i love u baby this us wil be forecer if u allow me n i hugged him tight n we kissed more n i said i love u too n said make love to me he was shocked n said u sure , i didnt said a word but just kissed him more n wn we broke the kiss i said ihv never been sure. he then lift my legs n started working on my hole with him tongue which made me crazy like hell n i got hard instantly and he was caresing my hard cok with his hand n he asked me again are u ready bady i said yes baby n then i felt his head rubbing my hole n i shiverd like crazy this made him crazy n he started putting his cock in my hole n the pain was too much for me to bear but i kept silent he said if it hurts too much tell me i wil stop i didnt said a word just moaned n he took care of the rest , when he was fully under me he leaned n kissed me on my lips n while making love he kissed me like he hv never kissed anyone. he slowly fucked me first when i was well adjusted he started speeding which made my dick rock hard n he was shaking it n within no time i cumed again. he was very gentle n i was loving evry bit of it and evn i started moving my arse towards him and i noticed his face n knew he was about to cum n i kissed him n i felt the best thing under my hole n kissed him more n he empited every drop n when his cock was soft he let it out n we went to shower together n washed each other. and he asked me to stay the night which i gladly agreed n we slept cuddling each other n kissing. when i woke up the moring he was not in the room - i got dressed n went out to my amaze he got everything ready n said breakfast is ready my love , i ran to him n hugged him n said i love u and we kissed. we ate our breakfast n headed to scholl n i got a txt from him saying meet me at my house at 6 i replied and went to my house got ready n went to his place n knocked. he opened the door with his sparkling eyes n kissed me and said will u be my life partner n i cried again n said yes he gave me his ring n said lets spend the rest of the life together we kisssed n kisssed at night ,

still now david n i are together we r not married but love eachother like crazy.



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