Rick Nabors was my best friend.  We had grown up together since sixth grade and were like brothers.  When you saw one of us, the other was always close by.  Not only were we best friends, but also classmates and both on the football team.  We had double dated and at times gone out and after spreading a blanket in the bed of his pick-up, fucked our girlfriends side by side on the blanket.

The summer between out junior and senior years of high school, we celebrated our eighteenth birthdays which were two weeks apart.  We double dated and again out on a deserted side road, all four of us got naked and the girls looked at our hard cocks and smiled.  I noticed Rick look over at mine before I checked his cock out.  Soon, both our cocks were buried in our girls cunts, and to our surprise the girls turned their faces toward each other and started kissing passionately.  This turned Rick and I on big time and we soon busted our nuts deep into their hot cunts.

A week later, Rick suggested that he and I celebrate our birthdays by spending a week at his families lake house. I quickly agreed and plans were made.   His dad went up to the house ahead of time and made sure everything was ready for us.  Then the following Monday, Rick and I headed out.  Rick told me that the property was heavily wooded and that his dad loved his privacy.  He said that his dad had bought four lake front lots on a small cove shortly after his mom had died  and only cleared a small area in the center to build the house.  It was completely shielded from the other homes by the thick woods surrounding it.

Laughing, Rick said, "Hell, man, we could run around there naked all week and no one would see us." I laughed at the suggestion.

We arrived around noon and after unloading his truck we fixed a bite to eat.  I noticed a case of beer in the fridge on the porch and Rick saw me and said, "Compliments of dad."

We each grabbed a cold beer and headed for the grassy area next to the private cove.  We sat on the lounges looking at the glistening water ad a short time later, Rick stood and quickly stripped naked, saying, "I'm going for a swim.  Join me if you want to."

I watched as he entered the water and began frolicking around. A moment later I decided to join him. I quickly stripped and entered the cove.  Moments later we were wrestling around in the water and at times my hand brushed his hard cock and his brushed mine.  He finally called a truce and we headed for the grassy area both our cocks hard and pointing the way.  Having seen each other nude in the gym at school and nude with boners when we fucked our dates side by side, I thought nothing of it.

Once back ashore, we sat in two lounges that were side by side and after sipping our beers, Rick began slowly started stroking his cock. When I asked, "What the hell?" he said, "You remember when we were fucking the girls and they started kissing?"  

"Yea," I replied.

"Thinking about it turns me on big time. It was so hot to watch, but I've been wondering if kissing a person of the same sex is any different than kissing a person of the opposite sex."

"Good question," I replied, as I began stroking my own hard cock.

Rick then suddenly sat up and in an instant was pressing his lips to mine.  Before I could react, I felt him trying to insert his tongue into my mouth.  I found the kiss erotic and decided to see what it was like so I parted my lips and accepted his tongue.  Surprisingly, I was totally being turned on by the kiss and responded eagerly.

After a few moments, I felt Rick's hand begin stroking my cock and it was unbelievable.  Then, suddenly the kiss ended and in an instant, Rick turned and buried his face in my crotch, swallowing my cock as he did.  I let out a loud moan as his hot wet mouth engulfed my cock.  A couple of girls had attempted to suck me in the past but it never felt this good.

I began moaning in pleasure and for some reason, I had the urge to do the same to him.  As I began trying to get my mouth closer to his cock, he straddled my body, putting his cock right at my mouth.  Cautiously, I opened my mouth and slowly slipped my mouth onto his raging boner.  I heard him moan as he worked his head up and down on my cock.

I began working his cock in and out of my mouth and soon he took over and began fucking my mouth and I was enjoying it.  Moments later I felt myself getting close to my climax but with his cock in my mouth, I couldn't let him know.  Seconds later, my cock exploded into Rick's mouth and once my climax was complete, I felt him swallow my load of cum.  Then, I felt his cock begin to swell and in an instant, my mouth was filled with his cum.  I was shocked to find that it was semi-sweet and tasty.  After taking a deep breath, I swallowed the nectar.

As he climbed off me and returned to his own lounge, I managed to say, "Damn, man, what the fuck just happened?"

"Baby, we just had our first sixty-nine and I hope it's not the last."

"What the fuck do you mean?"

"Mark, I'm bisexual.  I love sex with men just as much as sex with women.  And to be honest, I've wanted to suck your cock for over a year and this trip was part of the plan. I hope it hasn't ruined a friendship."

"It hasn't, Rick, so don't worry about that. And I have to be honest and admit that I did enjoy it."

"Can we do it again?"

Smiling, I said, "I have no objections."

Coming over to me he said, "May I kiss you again?"

Without responding, I pulled his face to mine and just as our lips met, I parted mine and offered my tongue.  He immediately accepted and offered his.

After the kiss, we went and got a second beer as I said, "I have no idea why I didn't resist your advances.  At first I was shocked but it soon felt so natural."  I walked up to him facing him and we kissed again.  It felt natural, not nasty or repulsive.  

As we started preparing dinner, I asked Rick how long he had been bisexual.

He said he started having the urges a couple of years ago and started wanting my cock a year earlier.

"This is all new to me so I have questions," I told him.

"Ask away."

"Is kissing and sucking all you do?"

"Oh, no.  I also enjoy being fucked and fucking other guys."

"Damn! You take cock up your ass?"

"Sure do.  After dinner, if you want to see if my ass is as good as Pam's pussy, go for it. I'd love to have you fuck me."  I just smiled.

We ate dinner and after cleaning the kitchen, Rick said, "May I show you something else that feel great?"

"Sure," I replied, adding , "Why not try it all."

He had me lay on the bed and pull my legs up.   Then suddenly I felt his hot wet tongue licking and drilling my hole and it felt awesome.  After a moment, e stopped and said, "It's called rimming but the slang is 'eating ass'.  It is usually done before fucking the hole but some do it just because they like it.  If I'm about to fuck a guy, I'll rim him and leave some spit to use as lube."  He then leaned forward and kissed me again.

After the kiss, I rolled him onto his back and decided to try it.. As I began raising his legs, he took over and pulled then to his chest, totally exposing his hole.  Not sure if I could do it, I took a deep breath and buried my mouth in his hole, instantly licking and drilling him with my tongue.  My cock was rock hard, so I deposited a load of spit on his hole and instantly had the head of my cock against his hole.

"Go slow," he said.

I did and slowly my cock began to slide into his hole.  Seconds later the head slipped in and he let out a deep breath.

"Fuck yea. Now, add some spit to your shaft then go all the way in."

I did and seconds later I was fucking his ass the way I had fucked Pam's cunt but his ass was much better.

After several minutes of ecstasy and kissing, I told him I was close to shooting.  

"Shoot it in me.  I love feeling a cock erupt in my hole." 

I did and it was awesome.  Gently, I pulled out of his hole and he said how great it had been for him.  I told him it was great for me also i decided that if I was going to try out man sex, I should try it all.

Looking at him, I said, "Rick, now I want you to fuck me and show me what it's like. If I'm going to experiment, I might as well go all the way."

He explained that with it being my first time he would use regular lube and not just spit and that entry would hurt like hell but if I relaxed, the pain would turn to pleasure.

I said I understood and soon he was beginning his entry.  He was right and it did hurt like hell but as I relaxed the pain gradually diminished.  He began to piston in and out and before long I was saying, "Yea, fuck me Rick.  Shoot your load in me."

He did and the feeling was beyond belief.  I loved it. As he lay beside me I began laughing.

"What's so fucking funny?" he asked.

"In less than twelve hours, I have gone from being a straight high school senior to a bi sexual high school senior that enjoys cock in my mouth and ass."  He began laughing with me before we kissed passionately.

Then looking at me he said, "If the thought or idea of sex with another man hadn't been hidden in your subconscious, you would have resisted and not embraced it."

That night we, of course, shared the same bed and slept cuddled together.  Everyday we sucked and fucked each other and it was fantastic. On Wednesday, Rick walked away as he talked to his dad.  Then he returned and said that Jim, his brother that was in the Marines, was coming home on leave.

Then Thursday, he sat me down and said that his dad and Jim were driving up Friday afternoon. 

"So, no more sex," I replied.

"Mark, that's what I want to talk to you about.  My dad and Jim are both bi also and yes the three of us have sex together and share both cock and cunt. I have fucked both  my dads girlfriend and Jim's girlfriend. Dad knew I was wanting your cock and that I was going to try and get it on this trip.  He knows everything we have done and wants the four of us to have sex together."

The thought of having Rick's dads 45 year old cock and Jims 21 year old cock in both my ass and mouth was blowing my mind as was the idea of fucking both older men. 

I finally looked at Rick and asked, "So, do we dress or great naked?"

"We stay naked and I'm glad you agreed to them coming"

Friday afternoon about three, Clay, (as Rick's dad preferred to be called) and Jim arrived, both smiling broadly.  After hot kisses all around, which did seem strange, both men went in and stripped then returned to the sitting area. Their cock were awesome, and Jim's physique was beautiful.  Both their cocks were slowly rising and caused mine to do the same.

They stepped up to me and after Clay kissed me again, he knelt and began sucking my cock.  Rick began sucking Jim as Jim tongue kissed me for a moment then began sucking my nipples.  After a moment I stopped him and leaned over and started sucking his.  Then, I moved lower and took over sucking his cock.  Moments later I got Jim's thick delicious load which I eagerly swallowed as I fed Clay my load.

We rested and later I watched as Rick and Clay had a sixty-nine as Jim fucked his brother's ass.  It was hot watching a father and his sons enjoying each others body.  Before the weekend was over we had all sucked and fucked each other.  It had been awesome to feel both Clay and Jim shoot their loads in both my mouth and ass.

Sunday we returned home but for the rest of Jim's leave I was over at their house sucking his cock and fucking his ass.  And for the rest of my senior year I had regular sex with Clay and Rick.  

Then it was off to college where I found plenty of cock to suck and cunt to fuck.  Then during my senior year, I met Pam.  She stole my heart.  During the summer between my junior and senior years of college, I proposed to her, and agreed to visit and meet her family.

The date of the visit was set and I decided to fly in a few days early and check out the action.  I made reservations at a Holiday Inn near the airport and began going to an on line chat room to see about meeting guys from that city. I made excuses to not meet several much older men and finally a twenty-four year old man hit me up. We chatted and finally agreed to meet. He said his name was Don and I lied and said mine was Tom.

He gave me his phone number and I agreed to call him and meet for drinks when I arrived.  I checked in and called him and we met at five in the lounge at the hotel.  We had discussed our interest on-line and knew what we each liked, which was  basically the same thing.

He had described himself and when he entered the lounge I called his name.  He joined me and after a cocktail, I asked if he would like to go to my room.  He smiled and said "Definitely."

We sucked and fucked until midnight  and agreed to meet the next day.  We had sex daily and he took Thursday off and stayed with me Wednesday night and all day Thursday.  He knew I had plans for the weekend. 

Friday morning I drove to Pam's home and met her mother.  Her dad would be taking the afternoon off from work and would be home at noon. We had a great visit and her parents took us out to dinner where I would meet her two brothers.

The four of us arrived at the restaurant and was seated while we waited for her brothers.  Then it happened.

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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