From Part 2...........................

As we slipped into bed, I looked at him  and said, "If you wake up and we're spooned, feel free to stay that way.  i don't mind."

Before long we were both sleeping soundly.  Then, during the night, i awoke and again he was spooned in behind me and his arm over me.  I immediaely began getting a boner.  As my cock grew, it pressed against his hand.  Moments later, I felt his own cock begin  to stiffen and press against my back.


Part 3............

I so wanted to turn to him and wrap my hand around what felt like a nice sized tool.  Instead, i simply enjoyed the pleasure of having his hard cock agains me ad evetually drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, we both acted as if nothing had occured.  After breakfast, Hank slipped on his jeans and work boots and began his task of completing the work that had begun.  I however, remained nude and after ceaning the kitchen, went to my office and began making some necessary calls.

Mid-morning, I went to get a fresh cup of coffee.  Not seeing Hank, i began a silent search, checking  several partialy private  areas.  As i neared one area hidden by stacks of lumber and sheetrock, i heard some soft moans.  Easing around so that i could see better, i saw Hank, his jeans around his ankles, rapidly stroking his huge cock.  It looked to bener seven or seven and a half inches, thick, and with a large head.  Instantly, my own cock became rock hard.  I slowly stroked it as i watched Hank draw near his own climax.

Suddenly, he jerked hs body and at the same  time hube streams of thick white cream erupted from the beautiful enlarged head of his cock.  After five or six huge volleys, they began to subside and as they did, Hank began to regain his composure.

I quickly returned to the kitchen, grabbed my coffee and returned to my office, where i took matters into my own hand and did what Hank had just done.  However, being one that hated waste, when i climaxed, i collected my cream and hungrily ate it.

The day passed and in the late afternoon i began to prepare dinner, and as i did, Hank came in and said he was heading to the shower.  When he returned, he was again nude and fresh.  I walked over and after casually putting my arm around him i complimented him on the amount of work he had accomlished, ad gave him a slight squeeze.  

He turned to me and smiled, our faces just a mear inch or so apart, and said, "It's easy when you like your work and the person you are working for."

I smiled  and as i stepped away, i casually patted his bare ass and said, "I consider you a good friend."

After  dinner, we settled poolside with a cold beer, and as we relaxed, I casually began to fondle my cock.  Gradually, it began to stiffen and i could see Hank wathing it.  Once it was over half hard, i said, "I hope i don't offend you but i'm horny as hell ad need some release."  I began to steadily stroke my now rock hard cock.  Ater a moment, i looked over and said, "Feel free to join me if you want to,  but if you tell me you don't jerk off, i'm going to call you a fucking liar."

"Hell, man,"he began as he reached for his semi-boner, "every male doesit at  some stage in his life and most for their entire lifetime." 

"So true," I replied as i watched him stroke his beautiful  cock as fast as i worked on mine.

Moments later, I spread my legs wide and sprayed my load out onto the concrete around the pool.  Just as my climax began to subside, Hank reached his and fired his load into the direction of mine.  I watched as someof his cum shots mixed with mine.

"Let's clean up," I said as i dove into the pool.  He immediately followed and as he  surfaced near me i said, "We both have our needs so shall  we agree to get some pleasure and release  whenever we want, even in front of each other?"

"Agreed," he said with a smile, then asked, "Mark, have you ever jerked with another man before?"

"Yes, i have since i was  a teen."

"I have to confess that i wanted to as a kid but was raised by parents that considered  masterbation a sin.  I disagree and find it fucking enjoyable."

"Hey man, do it whenever you want,"  I replied, but could tell something was still bothering Hank.  I figured that he would say something when he was ready.

That night, once  in bed, I turned onto my side facing him and as i lay my hand on his chest, I said, "I'm glad your here.  I like having you around."

"I feel the same way," he replied as he placed his hand over  mine. After a short moment, i pulled my hand back and said, "We need to get some rest."

I turned over with my back to him and heard him sigh softly.  Wehadn't been in bed long when he turned and spooned in behind  me, throwing his arm over me.  i smiled in the darkness and took his hand in mine and held it.  With his body pressed against mine i could feel his heart beating rapidly.

The next morning, he was up before me and as i entered the kitchen,  he smiled and said, "Morning bud," and as he passed  me he gently rubbed his hand across  my chest.  I loved it.  I noticed that as he headed over to begin his work he remained nude.

Later in the morning, i took him a large glass of water, and after taking a drink he looked  at me and said, "There is something i would like to ask you but it's very personal ad i hope that it won't get me fired."

"Ask away," I said,then added, "The way you work, nothing could get you fired."

"Well, you are so open about sex and being nude, i was uh, wondering, ....."

"Am i gay?" i said, finishing his question.  "Yes Hank, I am but i  do not believe in flaunting it or forcing it onto others.  I am just who i am.  Does my being gay make you uncomfortable?"

"No, definitely not, but i might have questions later."

"Feel free to as me anything. I'll answer honestly."

"Thanks," he replied then shocked the hell out of me by giving me a tight hug.

After that day things were much more relaxed between us and we openly jerked in front of each other  and then one day he said, "i did jerk a few time with some buds and always wanted to jerk them off.  Would you let me jerk you off?

"Anytime you want, just reach for it." He  smiled then i added, but know that if you do i get to jerk you off.  We can pretend that we are  teens."

That evening, he came over to me and after sitting down,gently grasped my soft ock and began stroking it as  it stiffened.  I noticedhis begin to stiffen and grasped it and began stroling him.  We took our time, and eventually brought each other to massive orgasms.

"Fucking awesome," he said after we had both shot  our loads.

For a week, we jerked our own cocks  and each  other without any reservations.

Then that Friday evening, he got a call.  After he hung up he came to me and said, "That was Buck.  He said he needed to talk  to me so i was wondering if i could take tomorrow off."

"Of course.  Friends should help friends when needed."

Saturday morning he went into town and when he returned, he was serious when he said he needed to  talk to me.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Well, it's Buck.  Because of the economy and all, construction is down and his company only needs one driver.  He was  laid off and was wondering if you would hire him to help me out."

"Sure if you think he can do the work, but what about the fct that i'm gay and what we do together?"

"I hope your not upset but i told him everything.  Besides, I have a confession  to make  to you.  When Buck and i have  been at the gym  we became close and found out that we have both been curious about gay life.  He has no problen with living nude or jerking with us.  Mark, we  might both decide to experiment."

"Mother fuck!!  I never expected this to happen.  Are you both sure?"

"Yea, but at our own pace." 

"If you want him here and he can do the job then call him and tell him to come on out.  I'm agreeing to this because you say he can do the work, and NOT because of the possibility of sex."

"I understand."  Immediately he grabbed his  phone and called Buck,teling him to "pack a few things and get your ass" to the job site.

Within about an hour and a half, we heard Buck's truckcoming up the drive.  Hank walked out, nude, to greet Buck. A moment later, they entered the kitchen and I welcomed Buck, he immediately asked if we minded if he 'got comfortable'. 

 Hank and i watched as Buck stripped off hisshirt and jeans and shoes.  He was as muscular as Hank.  his chest and stomach were covered in black hair but it wasn't as thick as Hanks red hair.  Bucks cock was slim, long, and uncut.

I suddenly realized something that Hank and i hadn't thought about or discussed. 

"I just realized that we never discussed his sleeping arangements,"I said.

"I thought about it, Hank replied.  "There is plenty of room in your bed. I discussed it with him  and he has no problem sharing it with us."

'Well then, i guess it's settled,"I said,  then added, "It's not the first time there has been three men in that bed,"wanting to see their reaction.  They both began laughing.

After we had eaten dinner, I told them to take Sunday off so that we could all get better  acquainted.  We went out to the pool and as we sipped our beers, conversation was casual.  Then, I noticed that Hank had begun to fondle his cock and it as gradually stiffening.  At the same time, Buck began to fondle his, so i decided to join in.  Howeve,  what i really wanted was to get on my knees and alternate them fucking my mouth.  I hoped that would come in time.

As  we stroked, Buck confessedthat it was the first time he had jerked in front of anyone,but he found it exciting.  I knew that watching these two hot studs jerking was turning me on.  

When time for bed, I made sure that i was in the middle.  Then in themiddleof the night i awoke onmy back and realized that they were both fondling my cock and i loved it  I soon reached out and had a hard cock in each of my hands.  Then  without warnig, Hank began to slide lower in bed and my heart raced.  Then, my body stiffened.

TO BE CONTINUED.................................



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