The Italian was pissed, "Why didn't you say anything about being Tony's bitch?

"He's not here, what does it matter?"

"What does it matter? He finds out about this, and he will, we're fucked, and I mean fucked by that big ass friend of his, Bull and then probably something worse. Tony ran this place when he was here and Bull was his enforcer. That guy wasn't too smart but when Tony told him to cut someone or fuck someone, Bull did it. Neither of us have ever been fucked and we sure as shit don't want Bull beating the shit out of us just because of a piece of ass."

The Swede was pacing and then said, "Maybe we can get out of this. We didn't really fuck him, technically, right? We may have had our cocks in him but nothing happened, right? The bitch didn't take any of our cum, right? What if? What if? What if we got some of the other guys to pump his mouth and ass? Then everybody would be a part of it, right? Tony couldn't have Bull come after all of us, right? He needs some of these guys, right?" The Swede kept pacing. "Whadda ya think?"

"How the hell do we do that? They all think he's our bitch now."

"Both of us have traded our bitches when we needed something from them, right? We can trade him for cigarettes and maybe a joint or two. We could even see if some of them have some cash. We could probably even get them to work the guards to get us some special treatment. We can do this, right?"

"Okay, okay, but how do we get this pussy not to say anything to Tony?"

I finally spoke up, "You guys get my cellphone from the guards and I swear I won't say anything, really." I needed to call Patrick to see if he could bail me out since it looked like Agent Taylor was MIA. There was a pay phone in the main area but I didn't have any money. I guess I could call collect but I didn't know Patrick's phone number, it was in my phone. If I got his home number from information, I couldn't call collect and have his parents pick up the phone and hear it was a call from me from prison.

"We'll see what we can do. You probably will have to give head to one of the guards, but I'm sure you won't mind that since you seemed eager to have our cocks up your pussy."

"Okay, let's do this."

The Italian walked out into the main room, "Everybody, listen up. PB is one primo piece of ass, and you know my brother and I have had most of the ass in here. We thought he was too good to keep to ourselves, we all deserve some fun every once in a while, ain't I right? Any of you want to bust your nut down his throat or up his ass, it'll be a pack of cigarettes or a couple of joints. Who's going to be first?"

One of the other prisoners spoke up, "Why the hell should we give you anything? We could just have us one of the other bitches 'round here."

"That's your choice, but you'd be passing up the best that has ever been in here with us."

The Swede made sure that I didn't leave the cell, "Put your t-shirt back on and keep it on. If they make you take it off, you tell 'em that bitch mark was put on you by the two of us, got it?" I nodded.

The Italian called out, "Who wants the first crack at him?"

The old guy, whose cell we were in yelled above the noise, "I don't care what you sons o' bitches do, but I want my cell back, now."

The Swede grabbed me and I grabbed my jeans and he hauled me out into the main room. "Go into your cell Old Man, and shut the fuck up."

"Shit, we'll give the first ride for free just so that someone can verify what we're saying", the Italian offered. "How about you Big Dick, you show these guys that he can take you and they'll all know that he was able to take the three biggest cocks here and will still be begging for more."

A guy, who I assumed was Big Dick, moved closer to us. He wasn't as large as the Swede or the Italian but he was still a large man. He was about 6"1" with brown hair and amber eyes. While he was getting closer he pulled off his shirt showing an upper body that must have been from whatever work out equipment that they had access to, plus a whole lot of push up and crunches. His baseball mitt size hand reached for my shoulder, "Let's go."

"Since it's freebie, why don't you do him right here so that everyone can see he's worth the price of admission."

"Works for me." When his hand reached my shoulder he pushed me to my knees. "You want it, show us."

I knew if I wanted to get my hands on my phone, I needed to make sure I was good and that I put on a show. I undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. He was wearing a pair of tighty whities which validated his nickname. The outline of his cock went up to the right almost all the way to his hip. I started chewing on the outline. I started at the base and worked my way up to the head where I started to suck through the material. His cock started to grow longer and harder until the head of his cock was pushing through the waistband of his briefs. When that happened I turned all my attention to the exposed head. I tickled the V with my tongue while I played with his still cotton covered balls. When I was sure everyone was watching, I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and suckled it, moaning as I did. Big Dick moaned "Fuck yeah."

I guess a couple guys that were standing around had pulled their cocks out and were beating as they watched. The Italian screamed, "Put your little dicks back in your pants assholes. If you want to get off, you're going to have to pay if you want to watch."

I pulled Big Dick's briefs down farther. I pulled off his head and started to lick the large vein on the underside of his shaft. I continued to lick it until his briefs were down far enough so that only his balls were still in them. I started to suck his balls through the white material as his cock bounced against my forehead. I finally freed his balls and began licking them. I felt some liquid on my forehead and realized that Big Dick had started leaking precum. I left his balls and worked my way back up his shaft until I reached his head. I grabbed his stalk so that I could hold it still. I started to flick my tongue at his piss slit getting drops of precum with each flick. Once I got all of it, I started to tease the V again and then started working my way down the vein for a second time. By now my cock was hard and leaking in anticipation of what was going to come.

Big Dick pulled his cock away from me, grabbed my hair to hold me still and started to rub his still leaking cock across my lips and around my mouth, making both slick. He told me to keep my lips together. He put the head of his dick against my pursed lips while still holding my head in place. He pushed his cock trying to get into my mouth. He wanted to be in charge. He kept applying pressure until he succeeded in parting my lips. "That's right bitch, Big Dick takes what he wants when he wants it." Once he breeched my lips he kept pushing forward, it wasn't long before he was not just touching it, but was pushing against the back of my throat. If I was going to take more, I needed to stand up. I struggled to get up on my feet so I could get a better angle with my throat. Due to the curve of his cock, I still couldn't swallow it all. It was frustrating for both of us. He started to roughly try to pull my head farther onto his cock but he must have realized that it was not going to happen. He pulled my head backwards until just the head and part of the stalk was still in my mouth. He started to move my head back and forth over just that part of his dick. This went on for a while until my neck started to hurt. "Don't swallow", he commanded. His thick load of cum filled my mouth. I kept what I could in my mouth but some went down my throat and some oozed from my lips. He pulled his cock from my mouth.

"Spit my cum into your hand." I did. "Now lube up my cock and then stand up." I did. "Now wrap your arms around my neck." He put his big hands on my waist and hoisted me up. With one arm wrapped around my waist, he used his other hand to line up his cock with my hole. When he had it in place, he loosened his grip around my waist which resulted in my dropping enough that his cock head burst into me. "Wrap your legs around my waist bitch, maybe your mouth can't take my big dick, but your pussy is going to." I wrapped my legs and this time the curve of his cock was helpful. He was now using his hands to push me down his cock, I loosened by grip around Big Dick's neck to let gravity help. It wasn't long before he was completely inside of me and it felt great. The man was incredibly strong. He started moving his hips and moved my body so that he was rubbing up and down the walls of my ass. I unlocked my hands and moved one to his shoulder and then the other. Holding on as tight as I could I leaned back as far as possible resulting in feeling each of his movements even more but I wanted even more. I moved one hand down to behind one of his biceps and then did the other hand, now that I had a good grip, I could pull myself and then slide back down. I'm not sure who, but someone put their hands on my back, I trusted them and let go of Big Dick's arms and leaned all the way back. Holding my body still with his hands and with the help of another prisoner, he started to piston into me. "Take it bitch, take it!" When I couldn't take it anymore, my cock let loose with several strings of cum that landed on my face, my neck and my chest. When I came, my ass tightened up providing more friction for Big Dick's dick. His second load shot into me. I swear I could feel it up to my throat. When he was done, he pulled me from his cock, "Lick me clean." I got back on my knees and cleaned his cock getting every bit of cum.

He stood there, cock starting to go flaccid, like he was waiting for something. I pulled his briefs back up and worked them around until his cock was enclosed again and then I pulled up his jeans and refastened them. I couldn't help myself, I reached up and ran my hand over his sweaty chest and abs.

The Italian voice rang out, "Well, BD, whadda ya think?"

"Best piece of ass I've had in a while." Well, I guess I'll take that as a compliment. "Definitely worth a pack of cigs or some joints." Big Dick walked away and the bidding began.

Even when some guard said "lights out" over the speaker system, I kept being moved from cell to cell. I guess this was the type of prison that didn't lock down all the cells, that or something had been worked out with the guards. I lost track of how many cocks and loads I got, but was sure that the Swede and the Italian had taken in quite a load of goodies.

When there were no more men waiting and without any sleep, I went in search of my jeans. My t-shirt was full of sweat and cum. I went back to my cell and grabbed my second t-shirt and went to the shower room and had a hot shower. When I emerged, the Italian was waiting, "Wasn't able to get your phone", and he walked away. God damn it.

I followed the prisoners from my cell block to a mess hall. While I was in line, someone walked by me and shoved a piece of paper in my hand, I stuck it in my pocket and got something that must have been powdered eggs, one piece of toast, an orange and something that was similar to coffee. After finishing, I went back to my cell. I opened the note, 'SHOULD HAVE YOU OUT BY 9 - ST'. Who the hell was ST? While I wouldn't mind a round two with Big Dick and some of the others after I got some sleep, I was glad to know I would be out soon.

Maybe an hour later, a guard came in the main room and called out "Cartwright - grab your stuff, were moving you", I assumed he meant for me to grab the linens and clothes.

The Italian walked beside me, "Tony must have arranged a transfer for you. He probably wants his bitch with him. Remember don't say shit." I wanted to remind him that the deal was my phone for that, but I let it slide.

We made it back to the room that had the half door. A different guard handed me my clothes and told me I could change, which I did quickly, I was then led to another room and given back my personal items, including my phone. I was then led to the lobby of the jail. I looked around and there was no one that I knew. As I walked out into the sunshine I was already calling Patrick to come pick me up when I heard the honk of a horn. I looked around and at the end of the block was Agent Taylor's car. I walked over and opened the door. "Get in, I'll take you back to your car." It was Saturday but I was still surprised to see that Agent Taylor wasn't in one of his usual finely tailored suits. Instead his was in a pair of jeans and a Polo shirt. The shirt stretched across his chest just as his dress shirts had done. The jeans looked tight and showed the impressive bulge that had been visible in his suit slacks.

After putting on my seat belt, I asked, "Are you ST?"

"Yes, Stephen Taylor, I'm glad you got the note. Had to use one of our informants that's inside. Are you okay? I'm really sorry about the screw up yesterday. I feel bad that you had to spend the night."

"Don't worry about it, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, actually it was pretty interesting." Agent Taylor gives me a strange look.

"I wanted to let you know that it's pretty much over. We've still got some evidence we need to gather but you don't have to be a part of it anymore. I've taken care of things so that you don't have any criminal record, the FBI made it disappear. It looks like you'll need to find a new job though."

"I'm fine with that, it was just a temp job. I'll start my search again on Monday. What's going to happen with Stan?"

"He was helping us from the beginning. He didn't like how Tony and G had muscled their way into his business to use it for other reasons. He came to us but got more nervous. We were afraid he was going to say something so we had him stay away from the garage once you were onboard. He's going to be fine, we'll help him get things back in order."

We were silent until we pulled into the parking lot of the garage. I turned to Agent Taylor, "I've wanted to do something since we first met?"

"What's that?"

I reached over and put my hand on the bulge in his jeans. "I want to do this." I moved my hand.

He didn't push my hand away, "Chad, I don't want...."

I moved my hand and could feel his cock come to life, "Don't want what? If you didn't, you could have had someone else pick me up. I know you saw me give head to Luis and I'm sure you know that Tony and G used me."

"Yes, but....."

"Don't worry about it, I like doing it. From what I'm feeling I think you'd like me to do you too."

I reached over Agent Taylor and moved the button to recline his seat. I could feel his bulge press into my stomach as I did.


"Shut up." I unfastened his jeans and he helped me slide them down. I finally got to see Agent Taylor's cock up close and personal, it was more than I expected and I treated it right. If Big Dick thought I had brought my A game, Agent Taylor was getting my A+ game and I savored every moment. Agent Taylor finally got into it when he started holding my head down until I had to come up for air. I made sure to get every drop of cum he finally fed me. I kissed the head of his cock when I had drained him, "I hope we meet again."

I got out of Agent Taylor's car and headed to mine, licking my lips. When I started my piece of shit Chevy, I remembered the party at Bryce's house that night and the promise of $18,000. I got some sleep before I got ready, picked out a good outfit and messed up my hair the way I like it.

As I walked out to my car, I thought, "Tomorrow, you are going where old cars go to die, you piece of shit."


Be Well,


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